CONSOL Energy, Inc. Mine Maps and Records

Visual images from the 1930s-1940s depict the Consolidation Coal Company (the forerunner of CONSOL Energy Inc.) and its operations, including miners at work, mine construction, interiors of shafts, mine cars, barges carrying coal, and railroad cars filled with coal. Also includes hand-drawn above-ground maps and annual reports.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Carl Gustav Hempel Papers

A philosopher of science who played a central role in the development of logical positivism, Hempel is primarily associated with the concept of deductive-nomological explanation and with the Raven paradox.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Charles C. McGovern Papers

Contains speeches given by Charles C. McGovern between 1924-1948. They include Square Deal Party speeches made during the McGovern/Barr for County Commissioners re-election campaign and WJAS weekly broadcast speeches.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Charles R. Martin Photographs

Visual images depict the march in Pittsburgh on the National Day of Mourning on April 7, 1968, three days after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Charles Richardson Photographs

Visual images by Charles Richardson which depict life in Pittsburgh, including Downtown, steel mills, and neighborhoods between 1952-1954.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Chartres: Cathedral of Notre-Dame

Comprehensive collection of visual images and detailed descriptions of Chartres Cathedral (France).
Contributor: Professor Emerita M. Alison Stones, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Children's Aid Society of Western Pennsylvania Records

Founded in 1885, the Children's Aid Society of Western Pennsylvania was the first organization to provide services for underprivileged children in Western Pennsylvania; they starting the area's first foster care program. From 1893-1948 it operated as a coordinating agency for local chapters, helping them fundraise and holding an annual conference. These records consist of ten annual reports from 1936-1947.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Children's Service Bureau Records

The Children's Service Bureau provided adoption and foster care services, and in-home counselling for underprivileged children in Pittsburgh from 1908-1948. These records contain annual reports from 1931-1944.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

China's Cultural Revolution in Memories: The CR/10 Project

This collection contains video interviews with people who experienced China’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). The CR/10 (Cultural Revolution: 10) Project also includes interviews with young Chinese people born after the Cultural Revolution, who discuss how they learned of this historical incident. The Cultural Revolution lasted 10 years, and each interview lasts approximately 10 minutes, hence the name of the project, CR/10. Most interviews were conducted and recorded in person, while some were recorded via Skype. Most of the interviews were collected in the United States, while others were recorded in China, Canada, or elsewhere. Collection of interviews began in 2015 and continues to the present.

Chinese Land Records

Records reflect the land ownership in different historical periods, land tenure changes and land management system of China between 1584-1978.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Chinese Marriage Documents

Contains Chinese marriage documents from 1909 to 1997, including marriage certificates, wedding and engagement invitations, child bride agreements, uxorilocal marriage documents, remarriage agreements, divorce certificates and documents of marriage law.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Chinese Overseas Student Newsletters

Contains Chinese student newsletters from 1970 to 1998. The majority were published by overseas Chinese students in the United States, with a few published in Canada, Hong Kong, and several other countries. Most of the newsletters are written in Chinese.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Chinese Political Prisoner Photograph Collection

Visual images include small photographs of 104 Chinese political prisoner taken between 1924 and 1946. The names of the prisoners are written on the back in French.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Christopher Gist's Journals by William M. Darlington

Contains manuscript drafts of William Darlington's book, Christopher Gist's Journals, published posthumously in 1893 by J.R. Weldin & Co. in Pittsburgh, Pa.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

City Directories

The City Directories contains directories published between 1815 and 1945 by J.F. Diffenbacher and R.L. Polk & Company. While most of the directories cover Pittsburgh and Allegheny City, a portion includes Homestead and nearby boroughs.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

City of Pittsburgh Geodetic and Topographic Survey Maps

Maps prepared by the City of Pittsburgh Department of Planning staff beginning in 1923 and maintained into the 1960s. Relief shown by contours and spot heights. Includes grid index and legend.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Communist Collection of A.E. Forbes

Contains hand-rendered and mimeographed broadsides, newsletters, and flyers that present a local snapshot of Pittsburgh's radical politics during the 1930s and 1940s.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Conference between the Six Nations and the Quakers Minutes

Records partially document a conference in April of 1756 in Philadelphia between the Six Nations of the Iroquois and the Quakers in an attempt to create peace for innocent inhabitants during the French and Indian War.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Coroner's Office Records, Allegheny County, Pa.

Inquest files dating between 1887 and 1976, which reflect coroner’s verdicts for over ninety years.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh