Father Cox Papers

Visual images from 1930 of the Great Depression, Jobless party activities, and Father Cox, a Pittsburgh Catholic priest and political and social activist.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

First Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh, Pa. Records

Records of First Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church (Pittsburgh, Pa.), including minutes, church registers, publications, and baptismal, confirmation, marriage, and burial records.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Flood Commission of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Maps included in the Report of the Flood Commission of Pittsburgh, PA published by the Pittsburgh, Murdoch, Kerr & Company in 1912.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Frank B. Fairbanks Rail Transportation Archive

Visual images from the 1940s-1980s which visually document train engines and stations in the western Pennsylvania area.
Contributor: Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation

Frank Plumpton Ramsey Papers

Consists of autograph manuscripts documenting the philosophical work of Frank Plumpton Ramsey between the years 1920 and 1930.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Fred Wright Cartoons

Fred Wright, an American labor cartoonist and activist, created thousands of cartoons from 1939-1984 reflecting the politics and labor issues of the day, which were featured in newspapers, union publications, and overseas union activism.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh