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Chartres: Cathedral of Notre-Dame

Chartres Cathedral is among the best preserved of the major French cathedrals, with extensive programmes of sculpture and stained glass.  It was a major site of pilgrimage in honour of the Virgin Mary, to whom the cathedral is dedicated. This website provides access to a comprehensive collection of images and detailed descriptions of Chartres Cathedral. The images depict the stained glass windows, floor plans, and sculptural details of the monument.

For a more structured exploration of the monument, including interactive diagrams of windows, floor plans, and sculptural details, please see the related: Chartres Cathedral on MEDART Website

This collection is hosted by the University Library System at the University of Pittsburgh on behalf of Professor Emerita M. Alison Stones, Ph.D.

Permission is granted for educational use only, provided the appropriate copyright is acknowledged on every image used (see the copyright link on every image). Any other use of these images without the express written consent of the copyright holder is prohibited.

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