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About the Collection 

ULS holds the largest collection of campus newsletters of overseas Chinese students, which was donated to the East Asian Library by various anonymous donors in the past decades. The contents are very rich and colorful, reflecting the Chinese overseas students' life on campus, their enthusiasm and participation in community activities off campus, their literary and artistic creations to enrich extra-curriculum life, and their thoughts on and involvement in social, economic and political issues in domestic and international affairs in 60s and 70s of the 20th Century, such as P.R. China’s entry into the United Nations, the establishment of diplomatic relations between PR. China and the United States, Taiwan issues, and the social movement of Senkaku Islands issues among overseas Chinese students and local Chinese communities. The majority of the collections are newsletters published by overseas Chinese students in the United States, with a few published in Canada, Hong Kong, and several other countries. Most of them are in Chinese. Those Chinese oversea student newsletters are not only important historical records of Chinese students’ life, more importantly they are primary sources for research on East Asian politics, economics, sociology issues as well as relation between P.R. C and U.S, P.R.C and Taiwan, P.R.C and Japan, etc.

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