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China's Cultural Revolution in Memories: The CR/10 Project

What’s online?

The entire collection of Chinese video interviews with English subtitles is available online. While this collection contains just the video recordings, please see The CR/10 Project site for more information.

What is the Cultural Revolution?

The full name of China's Cultural Revolution is the "Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution." Chairman Mao Zedong initiated this "Great Revolution" to prevent capitalism's return to China, protect the purity of the Communist Party of China, and seek a path for further developing socialism in China. This "Great Revolution" was called a "cultural" revolution because it started from criticism of the intellectual and cultural arena. The 10 years of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution have become the heaviest page in contemporary Chinese history. Since the conclusion of the Cultural Revolution, research into how this movement emerged, developed, and affected the course of China's history has been continuous, and controversy over these questions has been unceasing.

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