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The entire collection is scanned and online.

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This collection contains marriage documents from 1909 to 1997, including marriage certificates, wedding and engagement invitations, child bride agreements, uxorilocal marriage documents, remarriage agreements, divorce certificates and documents of marriage law. These marriage documents reflect the situations and transitions of marriage from the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911) to Republican China (1911-1949), and to the PRC period. They are precious and important primary sources to study the history of marriage in China and its relationship with Chinese economic and political evolution. Some documents possess interesting historical contents, which have been translated into English and attached to each entry.

本收藏中的婚姻文件包括1909至1997年之間的結婚證書, 婚禮'訂婚請柬, 童養媳協議, 招婿入贅文件, 婦女再醮協議, 離婚證書, 以及婚姻法的相關文獻. 這些婚書展示了自清代至民囯以至於中華人民共'國時期中國的婚姻狀況以及變化. 它們是研究中國婚姻史及其與經濟政治发展之關係的珍貴而重要的一手文獻. 文獻中具有歷史價值的內容已被譯為英文附在每份文件之後.

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