V.F. Wachsmuth Treatise

Compiled by V. F. Wachsmuth in May 1858, this treatise contains information on the dissemination of tea, coffee, and chocolate, as well as a glossary of utensils used to make and serve tea, coffee, and chocolate.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction

Visual illustrations drawn in 2004 designed to support foreign language instructional tasks, such as describing objects and people or describing events and situations.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Vézelay: Benedictine Abbey of Sainte Marie Madeleine

Visual images of the Benedictine abbey church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine at Vézelay photographed by Dr. Alison Stones and Jane Vadnal.
Contributor: Professor Emerita M. Alison Stones, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh