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Conference between the Six Nations and the Quakers Minutes

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This record contains partial minutes from the April 1756 meeting between the Quakers and the Iroquois, with speeches from both Israel Pemberton and Scarryada, the representative for the Iroquois. The records also contain five more pages of complete notes of the conference held on April 23, 1756. There are a list of the names of the Quakers and the Indians present, along with the names of three interpreters.

About the Six Nations of the Iroquois & Quakers and the April 1756 meeting

The Six Nations of the Iroquois, located in the northeastern United States and southern Canada, were allied with British and American colonial forces during the French and Indian War, from 1754 to 1763. During this period of violence, the Quakers sought to keep the peace with the Indians and convened a conference to establish an agreement. Israel Pemberton, a merchant and politician, presided over the conference, which was held at his estate in Philadelphia. He made a speech focused on the necessity of maintaining peace in Pennsylvania for the safety of all inhabitants. Another instrumental figure at the conference, Andrew Montour, a lead interpreter and negotiator in Pennsylvania, assisted the Quakers and Indians in reaching an agreement. This effort ultimately failed. During the French and Indian War, Montour sided with the British in Pennsylvania and Virginia. He was later murdered after the French put a price on his head due to his influence with the Indians.

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