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CONSOL Energy, Inc. Mine Maps and Records

What’s online?

The online collection is composed of photographs depicting the Consolidation Coal Company (the forerunner of CONSOL Energy Inc.) and its operations during the 1930s and 1940s. The images document mines and mining operations in places such as the Nickeson Mine, Vesta No. 4 Mine, as well as others from the Keefover, Greenlee, and Shannopin areas. Also included are views of miners at work, mine construction, views of the interiors of shafts, mine cars, barges carrying coal, and railroad cars filled with coal. Selected CONSOL annual reports and surface maps are also online.

What’s in the entire collection?

The CONSOL Energy, Inc. Mine Maps and Records held by the Archives Service Center (ASC) at the University of Pittsburgh contains coal mine maps, related documents and topographical information, as well as surface maps and detailed information on mine accidents. Additionally, there are technical drawings, outside notes on multiple mines, traverse and survey books, information on companies and railroads with which CONSOL conducted business, and a variety of non-print materials including photographs, negatives and aperture cards.

About the Consolidation Coal Company

Consolidation Coal Company was founded in 1860 by a charter from the Maryland legislature. However, the company did not begin operating as such until April 19, 1864. Through various land acquisitions and purchases of mines, Consolidation Coal Company grew to become one of the largest producers of bituminous coal in the world. In 1933 it boasted 9,000 employees and produced 7,315,044 tons of coal. At one time Consolidation Coal had mines located in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland.

CONSOL Energy Inc. continues to be one of the largest suppliers of bituminous coal in the United States.

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