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UE Radio Broadcasts and Film Records
United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America.
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25.85 linear feet (27 boxes and 121 film reels)
This subgroup of the Education and Publicity Department Record Group contains correspondence, scripts, film, tapes, and other non-print media produced by the UE. The materials in this subgroup provide information on labor issues and UE conventions, in addition to an overview of how the UE interacted with the public and union members through film and radio programming.

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UE Radio Broadcasts and Film Records, 1941-2002, UE.8.2, Archives & Special Collections, University of Pittsburgh Library System

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The United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America (UE) Education Department is designed to educate members and workers about the union and labor issues. In addition to producing several publications throughout the year, the Education Department is responsible for the creation of informational films. In the past, the department produced radio programs that provided commentary on world events and labor issues. These programs were successful but, like many of the union’s efforts during the 1950s, fell victim to budget cuts as the UE battled the CIO’s International Union of Electrical Workers (IUE) for members.

Film was also acquired by the Research Department of the UE. Informational film produced by other unions and organizations about union committees and labor issues were kept for educational and research purposes. Footage of UE National Conventions and local events were also maintained by the union for future reference.

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Scope and Content Notes

This subgroup of the Education and Publicity Department Record Group contains correspondence, scripts, film, tapes, and other non-print media produced by the UE. These may include locally produced items that the national office collected for research or national office productions. The materials in this subgroup provide an overview of how the UE interacted with the public and union members through film and radio programming. Film and video regarding labor issues such as sexism, automation, and workers rights indicate how the UE informed union members of problems they were facing. Audio reels and videos also record activity at several UE National Conventions.

There is a lot of content overlap between formats and series in this subgroup. Several film shorts, such as “Free Riding Rufus,” “Keeping Up with the Van Jones,” and “Sister UE Goes to Washington” are present in both U-Matic and reel to reel formats. Film and audio regarding Arthur Gaeth is found in the film and audio series.

Materials regarding renowned radio journalist Arthur Gaeth are processed to the folder level, otherwise material is processed to the series and box levels.

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This subgroup has been divided into five series as follows:

Series 8.2.1. Arthur Gaeth Collection

Series 8.2.2. Other Radio Programs and Scripts

Series 8.2.3. Audio

Series 8.2.4. Film

Series 8.2.5. Slides

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 Film titles were included to Series UE.8.2.4. August 2011

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The records of the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America are closed for a period of twenty-five years after their creation.


The University of Pittsburgh holds the property rights to the material in this collection, but the copyright may still be held by the original creator/author. Researchers are therefore advised to follow the regulations set forth in the U.S. Copyright Code when publishing, quoting, or reproducing material from this collection without the consent of the creator/author or that go beyond what is allowed by fair use.

Acquisition Information

Gift of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America in 1986, 1997, and 2004.

Processing Information

This collection was processed by Zachary Brodt in June, 2008.

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Related Materials

Related Material

Red Channels: The Report of Communist Influence in Radio and Television can be found at the Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh, call number HE8698 .A512.

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  • United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America. Research Department.
  • United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America.
  • United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America. Publicity Department.


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  • Gaeth, Arthur, 1905-1984


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Previous Citation

UE Radio Broadcasts and Film Records, 1941-2002, UE.8.2, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

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Collection Inventory

Series  8.2.1. Arthur Gaeth Collection 

Scope and Contents note

Arthur Gaeth was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1906. He became a reporter well known to radio listeners for his liberal views on world events. Gaeth was one of two American reporters covering the execution of Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg and was the first reporter to broadcast from a hearing of the United States Senate. In 1947, Gaeth began to broadcast for the UE on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) network. In addition, Gaeth also participated in lectures and submitted articles for publication. In January 1950, the UE could no longer afford to sponsor Gaeth's radio program due to their battle with their emerging CIO counterpart, the IUE. By June of the same year, he was denounced as a Communist in Red Channels: The Report of Communist Influence in Radio and Television and subsequently blacklisted within the entertainment industry.

This series contains materials on the radio program On the Air with Arthur Gaeth, which was supported by the UE. Included are numerous files of correspondence by both UE and non-UE members requesting information on Gaeth or program scripts. In addition to correspondence, there are also several lists of stations that carried the Gaeth program during the late 1940s. Original and copied scripts of the Gaeth program from 1947-1950 discuss the American economy, labor union news, and foreign affairs, among other topics. Finally, the collection contains a short biography of Gaeth, printed broadcasts from 1947 to 1950, sample radio spots, and releases pertaining to the program. Audio of Gaeth can be found in Series 8-2-3 and film regarding Gaeth can be found in Series 8-2-4.

Biography, 1949 11
Correspondence Within the UE, 1947-1950 02-08
Correspondence Outside the UE, 1948-1949 09-15
List of ABC Stations, July 3, 1949 16
List of Newspapers where Ads are to be Placed, 1949 17
List of Stations Carrying UE Program, 1947 18
Original Scripts, 1949 19-21
Printed Broadcasts, 1947-1948 22
Releases: Gaeth Tour, July 3, 1949 23
Releases: Labor Press, New Network, April 9, 1948 24
Releases: Papers and All UE, New Live Stations, December 26, 1947 25
Sample Letter for Community Use, 1947 26
Sample Radio Spots 27
Sample Spot Radio Announcement, 1947 28
Scripts, 1949-1950 29-31

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Series  8.2.2. Other Radio Programs and Scripts 

Scope and Contents note

This series contains materials regarding various UE radio programs, excluding that of Arthur Gaeth. Scripts for the UE shows Report from Washington and  News of Labor are represented as well as scripts from locally produced shows in Erie, Pittsburgh, Dayton, Schenectady, Johnstown, and Sunbury. Scripts used for television spots and UE produced movies are also present in this series. Many of these scripts contain information on local troubles and events, in addition to national union and labor issues. Correspondence regarding the union’s search for radio stations to broadcast shows and requests for scripts are present as well.

"Report from Washington," "News of Labor," and Other Radio Scripts, 1950s 2
“Report from Washington” Scripts, 1953-1956 3
Movie and radio scripts, local publications 4
Scripts from Erie, Pittsburgh, Dayton, Schenectady, Johnstown, and Sunbury 5
Local Television and Radio Scripts 6
Radio Scripts 7
Correspondence Regarding Broadcasts 8

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Series  8.2.3. Audio 

Scope and Contents note

The reels in this series contain audio recordings of various UE programs and presentations. Included are tapes of Arthur Gaeth radio programs, UE National Convention speeches, and informational programs on labor issues. A variety of other radio programs were recorded to preserve interviews with a variety of UE and labor leaders for future research. The names of these programs are not known due to a lack of identification on the boxes. Many of the reels are not labeled and have not been subsequently identified.

Audio Reels 9-11
Audio Reels of Radio Programs 12
Audio Cassettes 13

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Series  8.2.4. Film 

Scope and Contents note

This series contains short films, news, and convention footage regarding the UE. These include VHS, U-Matic, and reel to reel UE and locally produced films. The film in this series has been arranged by format and contains a variety of subject matter. Many of the reels contain short films on labor issues such as automation, while many of the VHS and U-Matic cassettes contain footage from UE National Conventions, Labor Party events, and local productions. Some of the short films exist in U-Matic and reel to reel formats. Inventories of the reel to reel, VHS, and U-Matic films exist and are accessible at the Archives Service Center. Several boxes of material from the UE local at the Westinghouse plant in East Pittsburgh are included in this series as well. These boxes contain film concerning specific events of the local.

VHS and U-Matic Cassettes 15
 1. Fred Wright, U-Matic 
 2. Transferred UE Films: “Free Riding Rufus” “UE Goes to Press” “Keeping Up with the Van Jones” and “Sister UE Goes to Washington”, U-Matic 
 3. Convention, Organizing Session, VHS, 1996 
 4. Convention, VHS, 1996 
 5. Labor Party Founding Convention, VHS, 1996 
 6. Michael Parenti Interview, Bernie Sanders Speech, Bertha Lujan Interview, VHS 
 7. ABQC/Steeltech/Ace Co/ELBEE CESCO Convention, VHS, 1995 
 8. Hugh Harley and Jim Kane Convention, VHS, 1995 
 9. Convention, Bob Wages, VHS, 1995 
 10. Convention, Rally Committee Meetings, VHS, 1995 
 11. Convention, Red Block Independent Political Action, VHS, 1995 
 12. Convention, QC Workshop, VHS, 1995 
 13. Parenti Interview, Beacon, Ron Daniels Speech, Friction, VHS 
 14. Ed Workshop/Erie, VHS, 1995 
 15. District 11 Council Meeting, VHS, June 1996 
 16. “Haiti Unchained”, VHS 
 17. Labor Party Founding Convention Raw Tape, VHS, 1996 
 18. Labor Party Interview with Tony Mazocchi, VHS, 1996 
 19. “Labor Party Spot”, VHS 
 20. Convention, Organizing Session 1 and 2, VHS, 1996 
 21. Convention, Tuesday Morning International Affairs, VHS, 1996 
 22. Convention, International Thursday Morning, VHS, 1996 
 23. Convention, Monday Organizing Session 2, VHS, 1996 
 24. “UE Goes to Press”, VHS (""UE Goes to Press", VHS" online pending)
 25. Rallies and Demonstrations- Circuitwise at Woolsey Hall, VHS, 1989 
 26. Plastic Workers Organizing Committee - “Dub of Raw Footage”, VHS 
 27. Plastic Workers Organizing Committee - “Erie Blitz Newscasts”, VHS 
 28. Plastic Workers Organizing Committee - “Double R Charter Pittsburgh, PA”, VHS, 1989 
 29. Plastic Workers Organizing Committee - “TULIP Meeting”, VHS 
 30. Plastic Workers Organizing Committee - “Ft. Wayne PWOC8902 Rally (Original)”, VHS, 1990 
 31. Plastic Workers Organizing Committee - “Plastek on UE Effort”, VHS, 1990 
VHS Cassettes 16
 1. GE/Morristown “Recognition Song”, VHS, 1988 
 2. Local 168 Message to Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendall, VHS, 1994 
 3. Vote Count and Victory KGAN News Channel 2, VHS, 1996 
 4. Vote Count and Victory KGAN/Workers Memorial Service, VHS, 1996 
 5. Ohio Turnpike Public Sector Workers Interviews (Raw), VHS, 1995 
 6. Convention, Thursday Morning Speaker, VHS, 1990 
 7. Convention, Wednesday Afternoon Speaker, VHS, 1990 
 8. Convention, Thursday Afternoon Speaker, VHS, 1990 
 9. Convention, Opening Video, VHS, 1990 
 10. Convention, Organizing Report, VHS, 1990 
 11. Convention, Tuesday Morning Speaker, VHS, 1990 
 12. Convention, General Video Tape 1, VHS, 1990 
 13. Convention, Tuesday Afternoon Speaker, VHS, 1990 
 14. Convention, Wednesday Morning Speaker, VHS, 1990 
 15. Convention, GE Tape 3, VHS, 1990 
 16. Convention, Rally and Demonstration, VHS, 1990 
 17. Convention, Jan Pierce, VP CWA, VHS, 1991 
 18. Convention, Opening Monday, VHS, 1991 
 19. Convention, Rally, VHS, 1991 
 20. Convention, Opening: General President John Hovis, VHS, 1991 
 21. Convention, Jan Pierce, VHS, 1991 
 22. Convention, Organizing Session 1 and 2, VHS, 1991 
 23. Convention, Eugene Carol/Ann Wilson, VHS, 1991 
 24. Convention, Bernie Sanders, VHS, 1991 
 25. Convention, Admiral Eugene Carol Jr., VHS, 1991 
 26. Convention, Ann Wilson/Jobs with Peace, VHS, 1991 
 27. Convention, Interviews Part 4, VHS, 1988 
 28. Convention, Speech Part 1, VHS, 1988 
 29. Convention, Camacho, VHS, 1988 
 30. Convention, Pridgen/Camacho/Ramirez/Romero/Johnson, VHS, 1988 
 31. Convention, Proceedings Part 2, VHS, 1988 
 32. Convention, Chicago Convention Demonstration, VHS, 1989 
 33-34. Convention, Organizing Session, VHS, 1989 
 35-36. UE Conference Meeting in Beverly, MA, VHS, 1991 
 37. UE Conference A Quality Circle/Seminar Discussion UE Local 274, VHS, 1990 
 38. Steeltech Workers Rights and Public Accountability, VHS, 1995 
 39. Labor Relations Board Incident in Memphis, TN, VHS, 1993 
 40. Plastic Workers Organizing Committee - Chicago, VHS 
 41. Plastic Workers Organizing Committee - Erie Tad Tempo Demo, VHS 
 42. Plastic Workers Organizing Committee - “Double-R Presentation (Main Audio)”, VHS 
 43. Plastic Workers Organizing Committee - Erie Blitz TV Spots, VHS, 1990 
 44. Plastic Workers Organizing Committee - Miami Valley (Ohio) Charter, VHS 
 45. Plastic Workers Organizing Committee - Interviews (Chicago or LA), VHS 
 46. Plastic Workers Organizing Committee - Erie Newscasts, VHS, 1990 
VHS Cassettes 19
 1-2. District 11 Council, 8mm MP, June 22, 1996 
 3. Convention, Monday Morning Hightower Garvey Resolutions, VHS, 1997 
 4. Convention, Monday Resolutions and Rally Photograph, VHS, 1997 
 5. Convention, Organizing, VHS, 1997 
 6. Convention, Organizing/International, VHS, 1997 
 7. Convention, Tuesday Workshops, Racism, VHS, 1997 
 8-11. Convention, Unlabeled Tapes, VHS, 1997 
 12. Convention, Opening Workshop and Cutaways, VHS, 1997 
 13. Convention, VHS, 1999 
 14. Convention, Opening Photo, VHS, 1996 
 15. Convention, Opening with Hovis and Hargrove, VHS, 2000 
 16. Convention, Organizing Report, VHS, 2000 
 17. Convention, Rally and Ralph Nader, VHS, 2000 
 18. Convention, Organizing Report and Bourgeois, VHS, 2000 
 19. Convention, Monday Morning Aggressive Struggle, 506 Stewards, and Cutaways, VHS, 2000 
 20. Convention, Wednesday with Nader, Hill, and Roberts, VHS, 2000 
 21. Convention, International, VHS, 2000 
 22. Guastic and Labor Party Rallies, VHS, 1999 
 23. GE Contract Rally, VHS, 1997 
 24-26. Unfinished Business- Fight for Rights Under U.S. Labor Law, VHS 
VHS Cassettes 17
 1. Plastic Workers Organizing Committee - Charter Interviews, Cutaways, and RR Recognition, VHS 
 2. Convention, Local Interviews, VHS, 1994 
 3. Convention, Cutaway, VHS, 1994 
 4. Convention, Organizing Session, VHS, 1994 
 5. Convention, Workshop Dealing With Sexist Bosses Parts 1 and 2, VHS, 1995 
 6-8. Kerr Management Seminars Management Meeting Tapes 1-3, VHS, 1991 
 9. Political Action, VHS, 1995 
 10. Leadership Institute Bob Supansic, VHS, 1995 
 11. National Archives Video, VHS 
 12. Fairness at Friction, VHS, 1994 
 13. Friction Workers Solidarity Tour - Intro and Ending, VHS, 1995 
 14. Friction Workers Solidarity Tour - Worker to Company 
 15. Friction Workers Solidarity Tour - Chicago and Introduction, VHS, 1994 
 16. Friction Workers Solidarity Tour - Echlin Worker to Worker 1994 
 17. Friction Workers Solidarity Tour - Trip 1 Virginia, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, VHS, 1994 
 18. Friction Workers Solidarity Tour - Worker to Company 2, VHS, 1994 
 19. Friction Workers Solidarity Tour - Worker to Worker, VHS, 1994 
 20. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - Cutaways, VHS 
 21. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - Coggeshall, VHS, 1992 
 22. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - Burkville GE Firing Story, VHS, 1992 
 23. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - Production Slides, VHS, 1992 
 24. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - Big Interview Tapes, VHS, 1992 
 25. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - Bert Greene/Corey Preston, VHS, 1992 
 26. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - Bobby Sprouse/Larry Stoops, VHS, 1992 
 27. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - Tape Ending 2, VHS, 1992 
 28. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - “Which Side Are You On” Instrumental for Music, VHS, 1992 
 29. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - Frankfurt GE Sale Newscasts, VHS, 1992 
 30. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - Cutaways/Community Shots, VHS, 1992 
 31. Parkersburg Woodmar Video -- Video Cutaways Woodmar News, VHS, 1992 
 32. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - Nigel Andrews Slides, VHS, 1992 
 33. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - 25th Hour Anti-Union Video, VHS 
 34. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - Actual Meeting Parkersburg Workers, VHS, 1992 
 35. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - UE Rank and File Express, VHS, 1992 
 36. Parkersburg Woodmar Video - Dub Saturday Meeting Edit “Erie Express”, VHS, 1992 
 37. What Every Worker Should Know #2 Cogs Victory, Detroit Strike, and Mouseland, VHS 
VHS and U-Matic Cassettes 18
 1. UE National Convention, U-Matic, 1957-1960 
 1958 ("1958" online pending)
 2. Non-UE Productions, U-Matic 
 3. Miscellaneous Film, U-Matic 
 4. Women, VHS, 1953-1962 
 5.  The Un-Americans, VHS 
 6.  Keeping Up with the Van Jones, VHS ("Keeping Up with the Van Jones, VHS" online pending)
 7.  Free-Riding Rufus, VHS ("Free-Riding Rufus, VHS" online pending)
 8.  Dirty Business, VHS 
 9. UE National Conventions, VHS, 1957-1960 
 10.  Mouseland, VHS ("Mouseland, VHS" online pending)
 11.  Deadline for Action, VHS, 1946 ("Deadline for Action, VHS," online pending)
 12. “Drawing on Worker Culture” by Norman Wright, First Edit Rough Draft, VHS, 1994 
 13.  Sister UE Goes to Washington, VHS ("Sister UE Goes to Washington, VHS" online pending)
 14-15. Non-UE Productions, VHS 
 16-17. Arthur Gaeth Reports, VHS, 1949 
 18. Fred Wright, VHS 
 19. Miscellaneous Film, VHS 
 20. UE Freudenberg, VHS, 2002 
 21. 63rd National Convention, Thursday, VHS, 1998 
 22-24. 63rd National Convention, Wednesday, VHS, 1998 
 25. 63rd National Convention, Tuesday Morning Sessions and Workshop Cutaways, VHS, 1998 
 26-27. 63rd National Convention, Monday Afternoon Organizing Report , VHS, 1998 
 28-29. 63rd National Convention, Monday Morning, VHS, 1998 
 30. 63rd National Convention, Sunday Morning Cutaways and Committee Meetings, VHS, 1998 
UE Film Reels 1-121
Free-Riding Rufus 10
("Free-Riding Rufus" online pending)
Keeping Up with the Van Jones 14
("Keeping Up with the Van Jones" online pending)
Time to Come Back, 1960 54
("Time to Come Back," online pending)
Chug Chug 89
("Chug Chug" online pending)
Shorter Work Week: One Answer to Automation, 1957 90
("Shorter Work Week: One Answer to Automation," online pending)
The Myth, the Money, and the Many, 1959 94
("The Myth, the Money, and the Many," online pending)
The Use of Stenofax Cartoons 121
("The Use of Stenofax Cartoons" online pending)
William Sentner Story ("William Sentner Story" online pending)
Leading the Fight: A History of Action 

A history of the United Radio and Machine Workers of America.

("Leading the Fight: A History of Action " online pending)
Westinghouse U-Matic Cassettes and Film Reels 20-24

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Series  8.2.5. Slides 

Scope and Contents note

The slide shows present in this series cover a variety of topics. Included are informational slides regarding the UE, labor issues, and government initiatives such as President Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” program. Also present are photographic slides depicting UE National Conventions and District 11 meetings. These slides were used during presentations by members of the UE.

UE Slide Shows 25-27

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VHS and U-Matic Cassettes 14
 1. PTP Workers- Raw Footage, VHS, 1995 
 2-3. We Can Do It at PTP, VHS, 
 4. March Against Police Brutality, Pittsburgh, VHS, 1996 
 5. Cox Creek- Free Forum in Baltimore, VHS, 1989 
 6. Convention Video- Local Interviews #3, VHS, 1994 
 7. Convention Video- Rally Interviews, VHS, 1994 
 8. UE History- Slides, VHS 
 9. UE History- Statements for History, VHS 
 10. Global Economy Workshop Part 1, VHS 
 11. IATSE Exposed, VHS 
 12-13. UE+IUGA=A Good Contract!, VHS 
 14. 50th Anniversary Slide Show, VHS 
 15-16. Woodmar: Our Future, VHS 
 17. Litton Corporate Campaign, VHS 
 18. Organizing Video- We Can Do It, Bob Kingsley, VHS 
 19. Pittsburgh Demonstrations- Heath Care Rally, Jobs With Justice on Channel 4 News, VHS, 1991 
 20. Pittsburgh Demonstrations- Heath Care Rally, Jobs With Justice on Channel 11 News, VHS, 1991 
 21. Rallies & Demonstrations- Local 1421 Program and March, Compton, CA, VHS, 1995 
 22. Rallies & Demonstrations- GE Plant and Gate Rally, VHS, 1988 
 23. Rallies & Demonstrations- ACE Co. Rally, VHS, 1995 
 24. Rallies & Demonstrations- JWJ WRB Hearing Workfare, Albany, NY, VHS, 1997 
 25. Rallies & Demonstrations- GE Walkouts/Membership, Warner Theater, VHS, 1995 
 26. Rallies & Demonstrations- Friction Demonstration, VHS, 1994 
 27. Rallies & Demonstrations- Several Postal Workers Picket, California, VHS 
 28. Rallies & Demonstrations- Rally at Federal Building, VHS, 1990 
 29. Rallies & Demonstrations- Workers Rights/Bedford Leadership Meeting, VHS, 1991 
 30. Rallies & Demonstrations- Bob Kingsley- Generic Anti-NAFTA, VHS 
 31. GE/Parkersburg, VHS 
 32. Parkersburg Woodmar Video, Harold Lockhart, U-Matic, 1992 
 33. Miscellaneous Reel 3 of 3, U-Matic 
 34. Arthur Gaeth Reports, U-Matic 
 35. Women, U-Matic, 1953-1962  
 36. Women Conference Footage 2 of 2, U-Matic, 1953 

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