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 Series XI. Governor of Pennsylvania, 1979-1987

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Dick Thornburgh Papers, Series XI. Governor of Pennsylvania
Thornburgh, Dick, 1932-
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691.25 linear feet
Dick Thornburgh's eight years as Governor of Pennsylvania include the handling of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident only seventy-one days after Thornburgh's inauguration on January 16, 1979. Other topics of interest: eight years of budgets holding spending increases to less than the rate of inflation, new code of conduct for state officials, welfare reform, anti-crime legislation and mandatory sentencing, economic and job growth, Ben Franklin Partnership, reduction of the state's bureaucracy, improving state's educational system, and cutting personal and business taxes. "Weekly Reports" by the cabinet to the Governor provide insight to departmental goals and accomplishments. The successful tourism campaign, "You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania," is included in files and in audio visual items. Thornburgh's fellow Governors elected him to the Executive Committee of the National Governors' Association and to chair the Coalition of Northeastern Governors (CONEG) and the Republican Governors Association (RGA). President Reagan appointed Governor Thornburgh to the Advisory Committee on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR). Of particular note regarding all issues are the extensive files from the Office of Policy Development (OPD). The Governor files are divided into twenty-six sections, as follows, each with informative introductory notes: Speeches; News Releases; Transcripts; Executive Orders; Administrative Achievements; Office of Budget and Administration; Three Mile Island (TMI); Office of Policy Development TMI; Office of Policy Development, Plosila; Office of Policy Development, Miller; Office of Policy Development Analysts Reports; Press Secretary; General Counsel; Governor, Staff and Ginny Thornburgh (VJT); Committees and Commissions; National Governor Organizations (NGA, CONEG, and RGA); Appointive Positions (EXIM Bank, and ACIR); Departmental Weekly Reports; Scheduling; Events; Foreign Trips; County Books; Correspondence; News Clippings; Transition '87; and Reports. Digital reproductions of portions of the collection are available online.
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This finding aid is available on line as result of a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania grant to the University of Pittsburgh and with collaboration of the Archives Service Center and the Digital Research Library.

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  • Ben Franklin Partnership.
  • General Public Utilities Corporation.
  • Kirkpatrick & Lockhart.
  • Metropolitan Edison Company.
  • National Governors' Association.
  • Pennhurst Center (Pa.).
  • Pennsylvania. Department of Transportation.
  • Pennsylvania. Governor (1979-1987: Thornburgh).
  • Pennsylvania. Liquor Control Board.
  • Pennsylvania. State System of Higher Education.
  • Republican Governors Association.
  • Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant (Pa.).
  • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Pennsylvania -- Appropriations and expenditures
  • Pennsylvania -- Economic conditions
  • Pennsylvania -- Politics and government -- 1951-

Personal Name(s)

  • Denton, Harold
  • Scranton, William W. (William Warren), 1947-
  • Thornburgh, Dick, 1932-
  • Thornburgh, Ginny (Judson)


  • Business and Industry
  • Civil service reform -- Pennsylvania
  • Economic development projects -- Pennsylvania
  • Education
  • Education -- Pennsylvania
  • Environment
  • Factory and trade waste -- Environmental aspects
  • Government
  • Industrial promotion -- Pennsylvania
  • Judges -- Selection and appointment -- Pennsylvania
  • Personal papers
  • Politics
  • Pollution -- Law and legislation
  • Public schools -- Pennsylvania
  • Public welfare -- Pennsylvania
  • School improvement programs -- Pennsylvania
  • Social action
  • Tourism -- Pennsylvania
  • Urban renewal -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh
  • Women

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Dick Thornburgh Papers, 1932- , AIS.1998.30, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

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Collection Inventory

Series  XI. Governor of Pennsylvania, 1979-1987 

Scope and Contents note

Simply noting the 691 linear foot extent of this Governor section should serve as an alert to the importance and depth of these files. Thornburgh's eight years as the 41st Governor of Pennsylvania, 1979-1987, are what many people recall most, or perhaps the handling of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident which occurred a mere 71 days after Thornburgh's inauguration on January 16, 1979.

Thornburgh's inaugural address (video here online) describes his goals and concludes by stating that he sees a Pennsylvania where "the scope for new jobs and industry matches the breadth of talents and skills of our diverse people ... the prospects for growth and opportunity equal the power of our resources ... the dreams and the hopes for the future are as great as the pride in our past [and] the character of its leadership reflects the compassion and wisdom of its people" (Evidence draft, p. 334). After eight years as Governor, including a re-election campaign in 1982, Thornburgh left office with a remarkable legacy of accomplishment.

Understandably, the Three Mile Island nuclear accident is a major subject in these gubernatorial files. This unique and notable emergency brought worldwide attention to the leadership of Pennsylvania's Governor Thornburgh and his new administration, with problems "that no governor, anywhere, had ever had to face" ( Evidence, p. 112). Not only is there a section specifically entitled TMI, but also other detailed files which include the accident itself, the legal aftermath, emergency preparedness, cleanup problems and plans, energy and environmental concerns, and health and economic issues. See the following additional sections: Governor and Staff; Press Secretary; General Counsel; and Office of Policy Development (TMI and Plosila). The importance and depth of the files on Three Mile Island cannot be over-emphasized. Of special note, too, are available case studies on Three Mile Island. The facts of Thornburgh's overall accomplishments are well summarized in  The Thornburgh Years: A Legacy of Excellence:

"Thornburgh brought a combination of tough-mindedness and compassion to the governorship. He moved aggressively to restore fiscal integrity, to cut waste and drastically reduce the state's bloated bureaucracy, while improving the delivery of services.

"For eight straight years, Thornburgh's budget proposals held spending increases to less than the rate of inflation. To combat the corruption and mismanagement which had plagued Pennsylvania in the 1970s, Thornburgh imposed a tough new code of conduct for state officials. He cut regulatory red tape, and pioneered programs to assist new and expanding businesses [via the Ben Franklin Partnership].

"He reformed the state's runaway welfare system, removing hundreds of thousands of able-bodied recipients from the rolls while increasing funds for job training and aid for those truly unable to work. He won passage of some of the toughest anti-crime legislation in the nation, including mandatory sentences for repeat and violent offenders.

"Thornburgh moved effectively to generate economic growth and create new jobs. He implemented widely acclaimed and imitated job retraining programs and initiatives to promote the service and high technology enterprises of the future.

"Employment in the state reached an all-time high in 1986, [despite the loss of the steel industry in the early 1980s.] His 'Excellence in Education' initiatives are improving all aspects of the state's education system. And Thornburgh cut personal and business taxes by over $1 billion!"( The Thornburgh Years, A Legacy of Excellence, p 3).

Over the years Thornburgh was recognized nationally by respected columnists such as David Broder of The Washington Post who noted in 1985 that Thornburgh's "changes in taxes, education, welfare, unemployment compensation and economic development programs are beginning to produce visible evidence of economic transition" (  Legacy, p. 18). His fellow governors elected him to the Executive Committee of the National Governors' Association (NGA) and to chair the Coalition of Northeastern Governors (CONEG) and the Republican Governors Association (RGA). President Reagan appointed Governor Thornburgh to the Advisory Committee on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR), and to the Advisory Board of the U.S. Export-Import Bank (EXIM) and praised him as "a man of merit, a leader who has certainly earned my respect and the admiration of people across the political spectrum. He is a man of principle, impeccably honest, and cool under pressure" (  Legacy, p. 18).

When Thornburgh left office, in January 1987, he had a 72 percent approval rating and his fellow governors, Republican and Democrat, placed him among the most effective big-state governors in the nation. "[Ginny and I] departed [Harrisburg] somewhat sadly, to be sure, but with a real sense of accomplishment and a genuine excitement about what the future might hold for us and for our family" (Evidence draft, p. 365).

Also included in this section are the files of First Lady, Virginia Judson Thornburgh, known to all as Ginny. It was common to hear the Thornburghs referred to as the Governor and Ginny. As Dick Thornburgh states in his book: "Ginny, of course, continued working on the issues closest to her heart throughout my terms as governor, engaging in advocacy for persons with disabilities throughout Pennsylvania ... She also served, by appointment of President Reagan, on the President's Commission on Mental Retardation" ( Evidence, p.195). Files reflecting her activities exist not only with Governor Staff Files but also in the Press Office Files. For sure, Ginny was not a saver like her husband, and her files accordingly are slim. However, together her files, at least in small measure, reflect the daily participation of this notable "First Lady of Pennsylvania" in the actions and achievements of the administration.

Researchers should note that the files in this section are widely annotated by the Governor with his notable red pen, something increasingly unique in our now highly computerized society. Drafts of speeches and issue papers are also to be found. Of particular note regarding all issues are the files from the Office of Policy Development (OPD). Every subject of note will be found in these extensive files. Walt Plosila was the first Director, and later Harold Miller, both of whose files are invaluable. In addition, the "OPD Analysts Reports" cover many subjects in great detail (an overall list is available online). There also is a separate OPD TMI. It will be prudent when researching the OPD files to use the finding aid search capability on selected topics of interest.

Furthermore, the depth of this collection, throughout, is notable. "Events," just for example, contain not only invitations, correspondence, and schedules, but also significant background on the organization, the issues involved, and the participants. The "Weekly Reports" are a useful system of reporting to the Governor of both successes and problems in response to a "no surprises" admonishment by Governor Thornburgh to his cabinet, thus providing much insight to each department's goals and accomplishments. The successful travel campaign, "You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania," is included in the files and A-V items. Lastly, the foreign trips are intriguing and relate in several cases to Pennsylvania's economic development efforts, one to Russia has interesting mention of nuclear preparedness issues relating to TMI and Chernobyl, and others are good-will visits sponsored by the National Governors Association and the United State Information Agency (USIA). These files generally include the Governor's personal diaries with his reflections and comments as well as extensive background material and colorful ephemera.

In conclusion, the Governor files are both lengthy and rich in content. All speeches, news releases, transcripts, and Executive Orders are available here online, in addition to selective reports and other digitized text. The files are divided into 26 sections, as follows, each with significant and informative introductory notes: Speeches; News Releases; Transcripts; Executive Orders; Administrative Achievements; Office of Budget and Administration; Three Mile Island (TMI); Office of Policy Development TMI; Office of Policy Development (OPD), Plosila; Office of Policy Development, Miller; Office of Policy Development Analysts Reports; Press Secretary; General Counsel; Governor, Staff and Ginny Thornburgh (VJT); Committees and Commissions; National Governor Organizations (NGA, CONEG, and RGA); Appointive Positions (EXIM Bank, and ACIR); Departmental Weekly Reports; Scheduling; Events; Foreign Trips; County Books; Correspondence; News Clippings; Transition '87; and Reports (available here online).

Subseries  1. Speeches and Testimony 

Scope and Contents note

There are 761 speeches that were given by Governor Dick Thornburgh during his two term, eight year, tenure as Governor of Pennsylvania, 1979-1987. All of these speeches are available here online. These speeches are varied in content, in the occasion of delivery, and in many cases drafts are included in the collection. It is fair to say that virtually all noteworthy topics are included in these speeches, many in great detail. Searching on topics of specific interest, or dates, or organizations and/or cities is all possible and will be fruitful.

Included in this group of speeches is testimony, since such occasions merited prepared remarks similar to speeches. Since "testimony" is included in the relevant titles, researchers can readily search on that word, if testimony items are of particular interest.

Inaugural Address, Harrisburg, PA. January 16, 1979 1571
1979-1980 Budget Address Before the General Assembly, Harrisburg, PA March 7, 1979 2
PA Association of Intermediate Units/State Board of Education, Grantville, PA March 8, 1979 3
"Dinner of Champions," Jaffa Mosque, Altoona, PA March 10, 1979 4
Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, Wilkes-Barre, PA March 17, 1979 5
Capitol Prayer Breakfast, Harrisburg, PA March 20, 1979 6
Bank Leumi Le-Israel, Philadelphia, PA March 22, 1979 7
Travel Industry Legislative Reception and Dinner, Hershey, PA March 26, 1979 8
"A Report to the People on the Three Mile Island (TMI) Incident," Harrisburg, PA April 6, 1979 9
University of Pittsburgh Engineering Alumni Dinner, Pittsburgh, PA April 19,1979 10
Testimony before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Nuclear Regulations regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), Washington D.C. April 23, 1979 11
Lancaster Association of Commerce and Industry, Lancaster, PA April 24, 1979 12
Friends of Independence National Historic Park, Philadelphia, PA April 27, 1979 13
Ripon Society Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA April 28, 1979 14
Shippensburg State College and Lincoln University Commencements, Shippensburg and Lincoln, PA May 5 & 6, 1979 15
35th Annual Dinner Meeting of the West Branch Manufacturers' Association, Williamsport, PA May 9, 1979 16
Testimony to Select Committee on Three Mile Island (TMI), PA House of Representatives, Harrisburg, PA May 10, 1979 17
"Retrenchment and Reform: Realities of the Eighties," American Society for Public Administration, Central PA Chapter, Hershey, PA May 16, 1979 18
County Maintenance Managers, Department of Transportation, Mechanicsburg, PA May 16, 1979 19
Testimony: President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island, Middletown, PA May 17, 1979 20
Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, Philadelphia, PA May 26, 1979 21
Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce, Wilkes-Barre, PA May 29, 1979 22
Milton Hershey School, Hershey, PA June 4, 1979 23
Annual AFL-CIO Convention, Philadelphia, PA June 5, 1979 24
Opportunities Industrialization Centers, Washington D.C. June 12, 1979 25
Eastern Regional Council on Welfare Fraud, Harrisburg, PA June 18, 1979 26
Associated Press Managing Editors, White Haven, PA June 22, 1979 27
Greater Johnstown Chamber of Commerce, Johnstown, PA July 12, 1979 28
Testimony: U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Washington D.C. July 16, 1979 29
American Correctional Association, 109th Annual Congress, Philadelphia, PA August 20, 1979 30
AG Progress Days August 22,1979 31
Annual Gridiron Show and Dinner, Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondence Association, Harrisburg, PA September 17, 1979 32
Philadelphia Distinguished Republican Award Reception and Dinner, Philadelphia, PA September 25, 1979 33
Legislative Agenda for 1979-1980, Harrisburg, PA October 2, 1979 34
6th Annual Pennsylvania Conference on Aging, Philadelphia, PA October 3, 1979 35
"Priorities for Progress in PA," PA Congressional Delegation, Pennsylvania Day, Washington DC October 17, 1979 36
Pennsylvania Public Executive Directors' Conference, Valley Forge, PA October, 26, 1979 37
Pittsburgh Distinguished Republicans Award, Pittsburgh, PA October 31, 1979 38
National Association of Realtors, New Orleans, LA (TMI & energy) November, 9, 1979 39
American Legion, Dedication of the World War I Doughboy Statue, Wormleysburg, PA November 11, 1979 40
National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employee's Union, National Association of Hospital Workers, New York, NY December 8, 1979 41
Pennsylvania Society Dinner, New York, NY December 8, 1979 42
Eisenhower Convocation, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA January 22, 1980 43
Governor's Coal Conference, Harrisburg, PA January 23, 1980 44
West Virginia Republican Legislative Task Force, Charleston, WV January 29, 1980 45
United Steelworkers of America: 22nd Annual Statewide Legislative Conference, Philadelphia, PA January 30, 1980 46
Budget Address Before the General Assembly, Harrisburg, PA February 5, 1980 47
Keystone Bituminous Coal Association, Hershey, PA February 12, 1980 48
Lebanon Valley College, Founders Day, Annville, PA February 19, 1980 49
Lincoln Dinner, Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA February 28, 1980 50
"Report to the People Dinner," Citizen's Crime Commission, Philadelphia, PA March 25, 1980 51
Delaware Chamber of Commerce, Chadd's Ford, PA April 2, 1980 52
75th Anniversary Rotary International Dinner, Altoona, PA April 9, 1980 53
75th Anniversary Ceremony, Villanova College of Engineering, Philadelphia, PA April 15, 1980 54
Amen Corner's 54th Annual Dinner Honoring Retiring President, The Honorable Hubert I. Teitelbaum, Pittsburgh, PA April 23, 1980 55
Pennsylvania Environmental Council Dinner, Philadelphia, PA April 24, 1980 56
Presidential Inauguration, College Misericordia, Dallas, PA May 3, 1980 57
St. Francis College Commencement, Loretto, PA May 4, 1980 58
31st Annual Engineering and Science Day, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA May 8, 1980 59
Governor's Conference on Crime and the Elderly, Philadelphia, PA May 15, 1980 60
Allen High School, Allentown, PA May 15, 1980 61
"Salute to the Lehigh Valley the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania," Bethlehem, PA May 15, 1980 62
Teleconference Script, P.P.T.N. Taping, Harrisburg, PA May 16, 1980 63
Clarion State College Commencement Address, Clarion, PA May, 18, 1980 64
Advertising Campaign Reception, Economic Development Advertising Agency, Camp Hill, PA May 20, 1980 65
75th Anniversary Dinner, Manufacturers Association of Erie, Erie, PA May 21, 1980 66
Penn State University Commencements, University Park, PA May 31, 1980 67
Pennsylvania Bankers Association, 1980 Annual Convention, Washington, DC June 3, 1980 1581
Pottstown Senior High School Commencement Address, Pottstown, PA June 9, 1980 2
Anti-Defamation League, Bonsai B'rith, Americanism Award, Pittsburgh, PA June 12, 1980 3
National Republican Legislation Association Executive Committee, New York, NY July 9, 1980 4
Human Relations Tribute Dinner of the Soviet Jewry Council, Philadelphia, PA September 7, 1980 5
Annual Gridiron Dinner and Show, Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondents Association, Harrisburg, PA September 15, 1980 6
102nd Annual Founder's Day, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA October 12, 1980 7
PA Rail Policy Seminar, Altoona, PA October 23, 1980 8
"Pennsylvania Transportation Conference: Governor Dick Thornburgh on Transportation and the Economy," State College, PA November 7, 1980 9
Pennsylvania State Conference on NAACP Branches, Philadelphia, PA November 8, 1980 10
The National Municipal League Keynote Address, 86th National Conference on Government, Houston, TX November 15, 1980 11
Salute to Pennsylvania's Contribution to Aviation Research, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA December 4, 1980 12
"East is East and West is West, But It's ALL Pennsylvania," Pennsylvania Society, New York, NY December 13, 1980 13
College of the Electors of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA December 15, 1980 14
Induction Into Office of Judges of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA December 16, 1980 15
"God Bless America," God Bless America Rallies, Harrisburg, PA December 19, 1980 16
1981 General Assembly, Harrisburg, PA January 6, 1981 17
Pennsylvania Farm Show Opening, Harrisburg, PA January 11, 1981 18
Opening of Harrisburg Veterans Outreach and Assistance Center , Harrisburg, PA January 13, 1981 19
38th Graduating Cadet Class, Pennsylvania State Police, Hershey, PA January 29, 1981 20
1981-1982 Budget Address before the Pennsylvania General Assembly, Harrisburg, PA February 3, 1981 21
David L. Lawrence Center, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Pittsburgh, PA February 7, 1981 22
Golden Triangle Association (GTA), Pittsburgh, PA February 11, 1981 23
Johnstown Chamber of Commerce, Johnstown, PA March 19, 1981 24
White House Conference on Aging, Hershey, PA March 23, 1981 25
Tri-County United Way, Camp Hill, PA March 27, 1981 26
Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors, Pittsburgh, PA April 6, 1981 27
Shenango Valley Urban League 13th Annual Banquet, West Middlesex, PA April 20, 1981 28
Hazlett Memorial Awards for Excellence in the Arts in Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA May 5, 1981 29
United Way Of Pennsylvania, Camp Hill, PA May 6, 1981 30
"Merit Selection of Judges, What It Is and What It Isn't," Pennsylvania Bar Association, Pittsburgh, PA May 16, 1981 31
Philadelphia Gridiron Show, Philadelphia, PA May 29, 1981 32
Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Convention, Philadelphia, PA June 2, 1981 33
Jewish National Fund, Downingtown, PA June 10, 1981 34
Yale Club, Gotham Luncheon, New York, NY June 11, 1981 35
Williamsport Chamber of Commerce, Williamsport, PA June 22, 1981 36
Pennsylvania Federation of Teachers, Pittsburgh, PA June 27, 1981 37
American Legion, Pittsburgh, PA July 11, 1981 38
95th Annual Convention of the Pennsylvania State Association of County Commissioners, Pittsburgh, PA August 3, 1981 39
Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania, Camp Hill, PA September 19, 1981 40
Annual Gridiron Show and Dinner, Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondence Association, Harrisburg, PA September 21, 1981 41
Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers Association, Harrisburg, PA October 1, 1981 42
National Association of Governors, Highway Safety Representatives, Hershey, PA October 13, 1981 43
Pennsylvania Citizens for Better Libraries, Harrisburg, PA October 15, 1981 44
75th Anniversary of the Pennsylvania Capitol, Harrisburg, PA October 19, 1981 45
Testimony before a Joint Hearing of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and the Senate Subcommittee on Nuclear Regulation of the Committee on Environment and Public Works, Washington, DC October 20, 1981 46
Indiana County Chamber of Commerce, Indiana, PA October 21, 1981 47
Brandywine Valley Association, Longwood Gardens, Philadelphia, PA October 26, 1981 48
Pennsylvania State Grange, 109th Annual Session, Altoona, PA October 27, 1981 49
Republican State Committee, Pittsburgh, PA October 28, 1981 50
65th Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce, Pittsburgh, PA November 5, 1981 51
Pennsylvania Medical Society, Pittsburgh, PA November 6, 1981 52
Washington County Chamber of Commerce, Washington, PA November 6, 1981 53
Pennsylvania Education Congress Teacher of the Year Awards, Harrisburg, PA November 13, 1981 54
5th Annual AG-Industry Banquet, Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lancaster, PA November 18, 1981 55
75th Annual Anniversary of the Manufacturers Association of York, York, PA November 30, 1981 56
Coalition of North East Governors' Economic Summit, Saratoga Springs, NY December 6, 1981 1591
Governor Brendan Byrne Roast, Saratoga Springs, NY December 7, 1981 2
Pennsylvania Transportation Conference, Pittsburgh, PA December 9, 1981 3
Pennsylvania Society, New York, NY December 12, 1981 4
Graphic Arts Association, Reception & Dinner, Philadelphia, PA December 15, 1981 5
Public Officials Reception Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, Duquesne Club, Pittsburgh, PA December 17, 1981 6
Pennsylvania Farm Show Opening, Harrisburg, PA January 10, 1982 7
Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Birthday Celebration, Harrisburg, PA January 14, 1982 8
Greater Pittsburgh Development Corporation, Awards of Excellence, Pittsburgh, PA January 28, 1982 9
1982-1983 Budget Address before the General Assembly, Harrisburg, PA February 9, 1982 10
Bucks County GOP Dinner March 5, 1982 11
Polish-American Citizens League of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA March 14, 1982 12
Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Harrisburg, PA March 24, 1982 13
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Trade Fair on Minority Business Enterprises, Harrisburg, PA March 27, 1982 14
Fireman's Legislative Federation of Pennsylvania, Carlisle, PA March 27, 1982 15
Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast, Harrisburg, PA March 30, 1982 16
Pennsylvania State Fish and Game Protective Association, 100th Anniversary Reception, Levittown, PA April 8, 1982 17
Annual Tourism Legislative Dinner, Hershey, PA April 13, 1982 18
Bus Association of Pennsylvania, 33rd Annual Driver of Distinction Awards, Harrisburg, PA April 14, 1982 19
National Federation of Independent Businesses, Harrisburg, PA April 19,1982 20
Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors, Hershey, PA April 19, 1982 21
Hospital Association of Pennsylvania's 5th Annual CEO Invitational Forum Breakfast, Hershey, PA April 23, 1982 22
Cambria County GOP Dinner, Johnstown, PA April 29, 1982 23
Pennsylvania International Trade Conference and Awards Dinner, Hershey, PA May 3, 1982 24
Chester County Republican Committee, Downingtown, PA May 6, 1982 25
Delaware County Republican Committee, Springfield, PA May 10, 1982 26
Franklin County GOP, Chambersburg, PA May 27, 1982 27
Mining and Mechanical Institute, Freeland, PA June 3, 1982 28
International Management and Development Institute, Semi Annual Meeting, Washington, DC June 7, 1982 29
Catholic War Veterans of the United States, Williamsport, VA June 11, 1982 30
Jewish War Veterans of the United States, Tamiment, PA June 12, 1982 31
Small Business Procurement Opportunity Conference, Harrisburg & Pittsburgh, PA June 22, 1982 32
Pennsylvania State Association of Township Commissioners, Tamiment, PA June 22, 1982 33
Veterans of Foreign Wars, Monroeville, PA June 24, 1982 34
Pennsylvania AAA Federation, Hershey, PA June 30, 1982 35
Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association, Champion, PA July 8, 1982 36
Pennsylvania American Legion, Philadelphia, PA July 15, 1982 37
Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association, Philadelphia, PA July 27, 1982 38
United Transportation Union, Mid-Atlantic Region, August 6, 1982 39
Fraternal Order of Police, Erie, PA August 11, 1982 40
Keystone State Games, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA August 13, 1982 41
First National Convention of the Vietnam Veterans Organization, Philadelphia, PA August 16, 1982 42
Annual Gridiron Show and Dinner, Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondence Association, Harrisburg, PA September 20, 1982 43
First Annual Conference on Travel, Harrisburg, PA September 21,1982 44
GOP Fundraising Dinner and Reception, Lancaster, PA October 7, 1982 45
Holocaust Conference, Philadelphia, PA October 25, 1982 46
Inaugural Address, Harrisburg, PA January 18, 1983 1601
National Prayer Breakfast, Harrisburg, PA February 3, 1983 2
1983-1984 Budget Address Before the General Assembly, Harrisburg, PA February 8, 1983 3
Testimony before the Public Assistance and Unemployment Compensation Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee February 9, 1983 4
Pennsylvania Timber Conference, Hershey, PA February 23, 1983 5
Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Harrisburg, PA March 23, 1983 6
Testimony submitted to the Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations and Human Resources of the Committee on Governmental Operations, U.S. House of Representatives, Lancaster, PA March 25, 1983 7
Youngstown State University Commencement Ceremony, Youngstown, OH March 26, 1983 8
Centre County GOP Fundraising Luncheon and Reception, Boalsburg, PA March 28, 1983 9
American Federation of Teachers, National Quest Conference, Washington D.C. April 8, 1983 10
National Association of Former U.S. Attorneys, Annual Convention, Coronado, CA April 11, 1983 11
Michigan House Republican Caucus, Lansing, MI April 28, 1983 12
U.S. Savings Bond Drive, Harrisburg, PA May 2, 1983 13
Widener University Commencement, Chester, PA May 21, 1983 14
Susquehanna University's 125th Commencement, Selinsgrove, PA May 22, 1983 15
National Bridge Conference, Pittsburgh, PA June 1, 1983 16
West Virginia Republican State Committee, Charleston, WV June 3, 1983 17
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA June 4, 1983 18
Veterans of Foreign Wars, Philadelphia, PA June 16, 1983 19
Disabled American Veterans, Valley Forge, PA June 24, 1983 20
GOP Speech July 8, 1983 21
Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police, Monroeville, PA July 13, 1983 22
Pennsylvania American Legion, Pittsburgh, PA July 14, 1983 23
Pennsylvania American Legion, 65th Annual State Convention, Pittsburgh, PA July 14, 1983 24
Annual Gridiron Show and Dinner, Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondence Association, Harrisburg, PA September 19, 1983 25
"States and Small Business: Issues, Initiatives and Innovation," 5th National Conference on States and Small Business, Minneapolis, MN October 13, 1983 26
"Turning the Tide," Annual Conference of the Pennsylvania Association of Elementary and Secondary School Principals, Pittsburgh, PA October 17, 1983 27
20th Annual Mayor's Prayer Breakfast, Scranton, PA October 18, 1983 28
"Pennsylvania is Ready," 1984-1985 Budget Address Before the General Assembly, Harrisburg, PA February 7, 1984 29
"The Deficit Dilemma--Beyond the Dollars and Cents," Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Phoenix, AZ March 1, 1984 30
Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Camp Hill, PA March 21, 1984 31
Testimony before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks regarding Senate Bill 2171: Uniform Patent Procedures Act of 1993, Washington, DC March 27, 1984 32
Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast, Harrisburg, PA April 24, 1984 33
"Competence and the New Economy," University of Pittsburgh Commencement, Pittsburgh, PA April 29, 1984 34
Statement on "Bethlehem Steel Corporation/United Steelworkers of America, Section 201 Complaint," before the United States International Trade Commission, Washington, DC May 9, 1984 35
Hempfield Area Senior High School Commencement, Greensburg, PA June 4, 1984 36
Commission for Women, 20th Anniversary Celebration, Harrisburg, PA June 5, 1984 37
United States Conference of Mayors, Philadelphia, PA June 19, 1984 38
"Making a Difference," National Conference on Building Partnerships for Quality Education in Rural America, U.S. Department of Education, Washington, DC June 29, 1984 39
"State Strategies to Improve the Climate for Innovation and Economic Growth," Testimony before Joint Economic Committee of Congress, Washington, DC August 9, 1984 40
Testimony Before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), Washington DC August 15, 1984 41
Annual Gridiron Show and Dinner, Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondence Association, Harrisburg, PA September 17, 1984 42
Pennsylvania Farm Show Opening, Harrisburg, PA January 13, 1985 43
Master Farmer Luncheon, Harrisburg, PA January 15, 1985 44
1985-1986 Budget Address Before the General Assembly, Harrisburg, PA February 5, 1985 45
"A Partnership in Progress," Wilkes College, Second Annual College and Industry Seminar, Wilkes-Barre, PA March 14, 1985 46
Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Lancaster, PA March 18, 1985 47
Faith Whittlesey Roast, Washington D.C. March 27, 1985 48
Franklin Institute, Aviation Dinner and Medal Day Awards Ceremony, Philadelphia, PA April 17, 1985 1611
"The Three Mile Island Experience: Ten Lessons in Emergency Management," Duke University, Durham, NC April 18, 1985 2
Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors, Hershey, PA April 22, 1985 3
Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, Pittsburgh, PA May 4, 1985 4
"A Future in Pennsylvania," Gannon University Commencement, Erie, PA May 5, 1985 5
Sub-Committee on the Constitution of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Washington D.C. May 7, 1985 6
Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Citizens, Annual Governmental Affairs Conference, Harrisburg, PA May 10, 1985 7
Testimony before the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), Washington D.C. May 22, 1985 8
Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg, PA May 27, 1985 9
"PA's Economic Future: Strategies and Incentives for Development," American Experience 1985 Lecture, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA May 29, 1985 10
The George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA June 20, 1985 11
67th Annual Convention of the American Legion, Philadelphia, PA July 10, 1985 12
Testimony Before a Hearing on Tax Reform of the United States House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means, Washington, DC July 17, 1985 13
Testimony Before a Hearing on Tax Reform of the United States Senate Committee on Finance, Washington, DC July 25, 1985 14
"Turning the Tide," National Forum and Annual Meeting of the Education Commission of the States, Philadelphia, PA July 26, 1985 15
"Innovation for Economic Growth," NGA Sponsored Conference, Pittsburgh, PA July 30, 1985 16
Annual Gridiron Show and Dinner, Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondence Association, Harrisburg, PA October 9, 1985 17
State Conference of NAACP Branches, Pittsburgh, PA October 25, 1985 18
"Roots of Realignment: A Restatement of Republican Principles," Chubb Fellowship Address, Yale University, New Haven, CT November 7, 1985 19
70th Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show Opening, Harrisburg, PA January 12, 1986 20
1986-1987 Budget Address Before the General Assembly, Harrisburg, PA February 4, 1986 21
"The Republican Message: Principles to Serve Our Nation," Albany Republican Committee, Colonie, NY March 25, 1986 22
"The Republican Message: Principles to Serve Our Nation," Massachusetts Republican Convention, Worchester, MA April 12, 1986 23
"The Republican Message: Principles to Serve Our Nation," North Carolina Republican Party Spring Gala, Winston-Salem, NC April 18, 1986 24
"The Republican Message: Principles to Serve Our Nation," Maine Republican State Convention, Portland, ME April 27, 1986 25
"The Republican Message: Principles to Serve Our Nation," Chester County GOP, Downingtown, PA May 14, 1986 26
"May You Live In Exciting Times," Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA May 18, 1986 27
"Some Straight Talk About Pennsylvania and Its Economy," Pennsylvania Bankers Association, Washington D.C. June 2, 1986 28
"Unconventional Wisdom In Politics and Government," Drexel Burnham Lambert Incorporated, New York, NY June 20, 1986 29
"The Republican Message: Principles to Serve Our Nation," Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee, Tampa, FL August 12, 1986 30
"The Three Mile Island Experience: Ten Lessons in Emergency Management," International Conference on Industrial Crisis Management, New York, NY September 5, 1986 31
Annual Gridiron Show and Dinner, Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondence Association, Harrisburg, PA September 15, 1986 32
"The Tide Is Turning," Association of School Administrators, Pittsburgh, PA September 16, 1986 33
"Process and Purpose: The State's Role in an Era of Economic Transition," Annual Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Address, Council of State Planning Agencies, Key Biscayne, FL September 25, 1986 34
"Unconventional Wisdom In Politics and Government," Dinner Honoring Lt. Gov. Bill Scranton Republican Candidate for Governor, Pittsburgh, PA October 8, 1986 35
"Unconventional Wisdom In Politics and Government," Pennsylvania Business Roundtable, Harrisburg, PA October 8, 1986 36
Testimony Before New Jersey General Assembly regarding Balanced Budget Amendment, Trenton, NJ October 21,1986 37
NAACP Conference, Downingtown, PA October 25, 1986 38
United Veterans Council of Philadelphia, 37th Memorial Luncheon, Philadelphia, PA November 11, 1986 39
"Unconventional Wisdom in Politics and Government," Center for Politics and Public Affairs, Millersville University, Millersville, PA December 4, 1986 40
Holiday Message December 17, 1986 41
Chanukah Message December 23, 1986 42
"Adieu," 170th Opening Session of the General Assembly, Harrisburg, PA January 6, 1987 43
71st Annual Pennsylvania State Farm Show, Harrisburg, PA January 11, 1987 44
Farewell Address to Pennsylvania January 17, 1987 45
"Testimony on Welfare Reform," Before Public Assistance and Unemployment Compensation Subcommittee, Ways and Means Committee, Washington, DC March 11, 1987 46
"Economic Development and Competitiveness in the 1980's," Northeast Republican Leadership Conference, Nashua, NH March 14, 1987 47
"Reflections on Being Governor: Some Principles of Leadership," Alumni Seminar Carnegie-Mellon University School of Urban and Public Affairs, Washington D.C. March 24, 1987 48
"The States Role in the Era of Economic Transition: The Pennsylvania Experience," The School of Urban and Public Affairs Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA April 16, 1987 49
"Unconventional Wisdom in Politics and Government," Western Pennsylvania Chapter American Corporate Counsel Association, Pittsburgh, PA April 21, 1987 50
House Wednesday Group May 3, 1987 51
"Human Services Choices for Pennsylvanians," 87th Founders Day Dinner of St. Barnabus, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA May 3, 1987 52
"Toward a New Conventional Wisdom in Politics and Government," 96th Annual Meeting and Dinner of the Yale Club of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (with speaking copy) May 20, 1987 53
"The Challenge of the Future," Environmental Law Seminar May 28, 1987 54

Subseries  2. News Releases 

Scope and Contents note

The collection includes all news releases issued during Thornburgh's governorship. Selected news releases (3,677) have been digitized and are available here online, and arranged chronologically. Virtually all noteworthy events and issues are reflected in the releases, making them a particularly valuable source of searchable, online information.

The news releases online cover major topics, and actions of the Governor and associated with the Thornburgh administration. The topics that have been excluded are: News Advisories (schedule related), Appointments, Bill Signings, and Vetoes. These topics generally lack sufficient research content. Bill Signings, for example, generally are simply lists of bill numbers, without any informative background. New Advisories reflect schedule changes of interest only to the media, at the time, and provide no event details.

Researchers should note that the "title" of each news release, although not a full sentence, has the precise wording of the release itself. The abbreviations and acronyms, commonly used, will appear on the abbreviations list available for the collection, should they be unfamiliar.

 January-March, 1979 1621
 1. Temporary freeze on filling state job vacancies and new equipment purchases, January 23, 1979 Online
 2. Plans for Cressona Aluminum Company to reopen plant in Cressona, January 30, 1979 Online
 3. Maintenance Management Review Committee, February 5, 1979 Online
 4. Letter to Mrs. Jayne Kraus, mother of Marine Sgt. Kenneth Kraus, February 21, 1979 Online
 5. Directs Revenue Secretary Howard Cohen to suspend without pay a Cigarette Tax Enforcement Agent, February 22, 1979 Online
 6. Lt. Governor: Meets with U.S. Energy Secretary James R. Schlesinger, February 23, 1979 Online
 7. Supports proposed ENCONO legislation, February 27, 1979 Online
 8. Telegram to President Jimmy Carter regarding low sulfur oil shortage, March 1, 1979 Online
 9. Federal government found emergency supply of low-sulphur oil for Philadelphia Naval Yard, March 2, 1979 Online
 10. Asks federal government for $15 million in winter emergency assistance funds, March 2, 1979 Online
 11. Statement to Senate Majority Leader Edward Zemprelli regarding amendment to House Bill 56 (Transportation Issues), March 5, 1979 Online
 12. Expressed administration's policies on education, March 8, 1979 Online
 13. Will not sign commissions for 190 Governor Shapp nominations, March 8, 1979 Online
 14. Announcement of ruling that would permit millions of dollars in flood relief grants in Johnstown, March 10, 1979 Online
 15. Transcription: Senator Edward P. Zemprelli's press conference re. budget, March 13, 1979 Online
 16. Statement: DCA mandates to Secretary Davis, March 15, 1979 Online
 17. Opening of "A Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" featuring Brandywine River Museum paintings, March 16, 1979 Online
 18. Announcement of new PennDOT plan regarding accelerating pothole repairs, March 16, 1979 Online
 19. State flags at half staff regarding fatal assault on Graterford Prison's corrections officer Mokychic, March 20, 1979 Online
 20. Plans to cut state work force and auto fleet to save taxpayers about $29 million a year, March 22, 1979 Online
 21. Statement by Clifford L. Jones, Secretary of DER regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) waste water, March 29, 1979 Online
 22. Remarks regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), March 29, 1979 Online
 23. Lt. Governor Scranton's statement regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), March 29, 1979 Online
 24. Statements regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), evacuation, and public health, March 31, 1979 Online
 25. Map regarding the major towns in 10 mile radius of Three Mile Island (TMI), March 31, 1979 Online
 26. Paul Critchlow, Press Secretary: Report regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) gas bubble becoming potentially explosive not true, March 31, 1979 Online
 April-May, 1979 2
 1. Statement: Three Mile Island (TMI) Directives, Recommendations, and Advisories, April 1, 1979 Online
 2. Three Mile Island (TMI) insurers move their Claims Office to larger quarters, April 1, 1979 Online
 3. President's Report to Pennsylvania regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), April 1, 1979 Online
 4. Three Mile Island (TMI) Recommendations and Advisories remain in effect until further notice, April 2, 1979 Online
 5. Budget and Administration Secretary Robert Wilburn: 70% of state employees in Harrisburg reported to work, April 2, 1979 Online
 6. Food and Drug Administration and PA Department of Energy (DER) test results (TMI), April 3, 1979 Online
 7. Harold Denton briefing on Three Mile Island (TMI) situation, April 3, 1979 Online
 8. Budget and Administration Secretary Robert Wilburn: 80% of state employees in Harrisburg area reported to work, April 3, 1979 Online
 9. Attorney General Edward Biester: PUC filings to reduce economic hardship in aftermath of Three Mile Island (TMI), April 6, 1979 Online
 10. Directs Revenue Secretary Howard Cohen to extend deadline for 1978 PA Personal Income Tax Returns for counties surrounding Three Mile Island (TMI), April 6, 1979 Online
 11. Thornburgh lifts all previous Three Mile Island (TMI) Recommendations, Advisories, and Directives, April 9, 1979 Online
 12. Letter to John F. Ahearne, Acting Chairman, NRC regarding krypton 85 removal from Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 2, April 11, 1979 Online
 13. 24 Hour Citizens Information Center resumes normal operations following TMI events, April 13, 1979 Online
 14. Thornburgh forms special State-Federal Task Force to crackdown on cigarette smuggling, April 16, 1979 Online
 15. Initiatives to address health, environmental and economic consequences of Three Mile Island (TMI) nuclear incident, April 17, 1979 Online
 16. Asks Small Business Administration to declare counties affected by Three Mile Island (TMI) nuclear incident an economic disaster area, April 18, 1979 Online
 17. Thornburgh meets with leaders of National and State Tax Limitation Movements regarding cap on government spending, April 18, 1979 Online
 18. Testimony: Jay C. Waldman before President's Commission on Accident at Three Mile Island (TMI), April 26, 1979 Online
 19. Letter to PA Congressmen and U.S. Senators Schweiker and Heinz regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), May 1, 1979 Online
 20. Ginny Thornburgh, honorary chairperson of the PA Committee on International Year of the Child\, announces its members, May 2, 1979 Online
 21. Paintings on loan from PA museums to be displayed in Governor's Home, May 2, 1979 Online
 22. Announces 300 state cars withdrawn, savings of $1.6 million over next 12 months, May 3, 1979 Online
 23. Calls Senators and Congressmen regarding Philadelphia shipyard "Saratoga" contract, May 3, 1979 Online
 24. More than 30 organizations announce support of Governor's fiscal year 1979-1980 proposals, May 7, 1979 Online
 25. Statement in response to suit filed by Senate Democratic Leadership and appointment process, May 7, 1979 Online
 26. Lt. Governor submitted to federal government a proposal to study socio-economic impacts of Three Mile Island (TMI), May 8, 1979 Online
 27. Announces plan for sweeping revisions in Department of Revenue's Division of Motor Vehicle Sales Tax, May 9, 1979 Online
 28. Thornburgh "Deeply disappointed" at learning U.S. House of Representatives eliminated states' share of federal revenue sharing funds, May 9, 1979 Online
 29. Telegram to James Schlesinger, Secretary of Department of Energy, protesting revised gasoline rationing plan, May 10, 1979 Online
 30. Campaigns for state-wide judicial candidates, May 10, 1979 Online
 31. Statement regarding Lehigh County Common Pleas Court candidates, May 12, 1979 Online
 32. Announces support for four initiatives developed and proposed by PA Committee for International Year of the Child, May 14, 1979 Online
 33. Thornburgh speaks to merit-selected county highway maintenance managers, May 16, 1979 Online
 34. News Advisory: NRC briefing on discharge of radioactive water at Three Mile Island (TMI), May 16, 1979 Online
 35. Statement regarding the withdrawal of nomination of Bruce Kauffman to PA Supreme Court, May 17, 1979 Online
 36. Thornburgh will host reception celebrating opening of second art exhibition in "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" series, May 18, 1979 Online
 37. Remarks urging PSEA members to support his proposed 1979-1980 General Fund Budget, May 19, 1979 Online
 38. Announces formation of special 14 member Governor's Commission to study effects of Three Mile Island (TMI) incident, May 22, 1979 Online
 39. Lt. Governor Scranton's statements as chairman of Governor's Energy Council regarding gasoline supplies, May 22, 1979 Online
 40. Remarks to Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, May 24, 1979 Online
 41. Lt. Governor Scranton announces EPA granted anthracite coal industry an exemption from EPA's desulphurization requirements, May 25, 1979 Online
 42. Secretary of Aging Gorham Black announces introduction of legislation regarding assistance to help pay winter heating bills, May 29, 1979 Online
 43. Announces proposals that would enforce boarding home laws, May 31, 1979 Online
 June-September, 1979 3
 1. 24-hour Hotline to receive information about cigarette smuggling activities, June 7, 1979 Online
 2. PA AFL-CIO endorses proposed Motor License Fund Budget, June 7, 1979 Online
 3. Letter to President Carter regarding installation realignment studies pertaining to PA's Fort Indiantown Gap and New Cumberland Army Depot, June 8, 1979 Online
 4. Governor's Gardens Campaign, June 15, 1979 Online
 5. NRC: Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 1 pipe crack, June 21, 1979 Online
 6. $5 Minimum on gasoline purchases, June 21, 1979 Online
 7. Letter to Joseph M. Hendrie, NRC Chairman regarding reactivating Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 1, June 22, 1979 Online
 8. Statement regarding the Clarification of $5 minimum on gasoline purchases, June 22, 1979 Online
 9. Groundbreaking of Allegheny Valley Expressway, June 23, 1979 Online
 10. Remarks: the State Association of Boroughs, June 25, 1979 Online
 11. Statement regarding Gay Pride, June 25, 1979 Online
 12. Statement: Fuel situation in Southeastern PA, June 26, 1979 Online
 13. Gasoline and trucking situation in PA, June 27, 1979 Online
 14. Telegram to Democratic National Committee re. 1980 convention city selection, June 27, 1979 Online
 15. Governor's Energy Council clarifies that handicapped and disabled veterans whose vehicles bear appropriate symbol are exempt from odd-even restrictions, June 28, 1979 Online
 16. Commends Attorney General Biester's petition to empanel first state-wide investigative grand jury, June 28, 1979 Online
 17. NRC directs TMI Unit 1 to be shut down indefinitely, June 29, 1979 Online
 18. Statement regarding the budget, July 3, 1979 Online
 19. Statement: Budget passage, July 5, 1979 Online
 20. Lt. Governor Scranton announces feasibility study regarding joint use of Farview State Hospital, July 5, 1979 Online
 21. Lt. Governor Scranton "appalled" by PA receiving less gasoline in June than most other states, July 6, 1979 Online
 22. Proposes changes and additions to nuclear policy of the National Governors Association (NGA) (re TMI), July 8, 1979 Online
 23. Thornburgh authorizes Transportation Secretary Thomas Larson to begin capital improvement at Harrisburg International Airport, July 12, 1979 Online
 24. Praises NRC's decision to keep Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 1 closed for up to 15 months with public hearings to be held, July 12, 1979 Online
 25. Calls on PA employers to support employees who serve in PA National Guard and U.S. Reserve Components, July 13, 1979 Online
 26. Reception and opening of third in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" with PA Academy of Fine Arts works, July 15, 1979 Online
 27. Announces plans to exempt certain out-of-state motorists from odd-even gasoline purchase system, July 17, 1979 Online
 28. Announces investigation of alleged violations of odd-even gasoline plan, July 17, 1979 Online
 29. Announces consolidation and transfer of $14.3 million special CETA fund to Department of Labor and Industry, July 18, 1979 Online
 30. Announces amendments to odd-even gasoline purchase regulations, July 20, 1979 Online
 31. Issues directives to conserve energy in state-owned and leased facilities, July 25, 1979 Online
 32. Announces surplus of $28.5 million thanks to spending cuts and greater revenue collections, July 26, 1979 Online
 33. Gasoline consumption by state vehicles dropped dramatically since Governor ordered conservation program, July 27, 1979 Online
 34. Maryland and New York motorists exempt from PA's odd-even gasoline purchase system, July 27, 1979 Online
 35. Asks U.S. Small Business Administration to authorize disaster loans for storm and flood damage in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, August 13, 1979 Online
 36. Piper Aircraft will retain its Lock Haven manufacturing plant (700 jobs), August 14, 1979 Online
 37. Will inspect highway and bridge rebuilding work in progress throughout PA, August 16, 1979 Online
 38. Asks NRC for authority to participate in upcoming Three Mile Island (TMI) hearings, August 23, 1979 Online
 39. Calls on U.S. Energy Secretary Charles W. Duncan, Jr. to help northeastern states develop and market their coal, August 28, 1979 Online
 40. Opening of I-95 section in Philadelphia, August 29, 1979 Online
 41. Lt. Governor Scranton: Economic Development Committee of National Conference of Lieutenant Governors, August 29, 1979 Online
 42. Program to bring 10-fold increase in number of state contracts awarded to minority firms, September 5, 1979 Online
 43. Lifts odd-even gasoline purchase system, September 6, 1979 Online
 44. Lt. Governor Scranton: U.S. Small Business Administration designates PA as one of ten states to set up pilot program to aid small businesses, September 14, 1979 Online
 45. PA's note-rating has been upgraded from Moody's Investment Grade (MIG)-2 to (MIG)-1, September 17, 1979 Online
 46. Senate Democrats' resolution purporting to return 54 appointments without action, September 24, 1979 Online
 47. Will work closely with trustee of bankrupt Sarah Allen Nursing Home to protect welfare of its 143 patients, September 27, 1979 Online
 October-December, 1979 4
 1. Announces Commonwealth to withhold occupational privilege taxes from employees' pay checks, October 1, 1979 Online
 2. Commonwealth told NRC of legal obligation to consider psychological stress regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), October 4, 1979 Online
 3. $200,000 economic development grant for first-of-its-kind coal gasification plant groundbreaking, October 11, 1979 Online
 4. Announces federal funds available for final link of Ohio River Boulevard extension to Downtown Pittsburgh, October 12, 1979 Online
 5. Calls upon General Assembly to accelerate passage of plan to help senior citizens meet home heating costs, October 15, 1979 Online
 6. To attend CONEG summit meeting on energy, October 25, 1979 Online
 7. Statement: Signed H.B. 211, providing pay increases for legislators, judges, Auditor General and State Treasurer, October 25, 1979 Online
 8. Announces that Amtrak agreed to transfer control of Harrisburg train station to Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority, October 31, 1979 Online
 9. Announces reinstatement of "circuit rider" program for Insurance Department for questions and complaints, November 1, 1979 Online
 10. Urges private employers to commit job openings to Vietnam veterans, November 1, 1979 Online
 11. Announces collective bargaining agreement with PA State Police Force, November 1, 1979 Online
 12. Announces allocation of $407,000 weatherization program for North Philadelphia Area, November 2, 1979 Online
 13. Pumps first gallon of gasohol into his state-owned car, November 5, 1979 Online
 14. Letter to U.S. Special Trade Negotiator Reubin Askew regarding duties on mushrooms, November 5, 1979 Online
 15. Statement regarding S.B. 696 lifting ban on studded snow tires during winter months, November 9, 1979 Online
 16. Plans two international trips regarding trade and international commerce to China and Soviet Union as Chairman of Community and Economic Development Committee of National Governors Association (NGA), November 9, 1979 Online
 17. Announces findings of six-member cabinet "Cost Reduction Team", November 13, 1979 Online
 18. Iranian oil boycott could transform bridge and highway funding problem in PA crisis, November 14, 1979 Online
 19. Cyert, Chairman of PA Tax Commission, announces series of 5 statewide public hearings, November 15, 1979 Online
 20. Governor and Ginny Thornburgh to depart for Soviet Union visit, November 23, 1979 Online
 21. Grant to Clinton County Labor-Management Committee from Governor's Discretionary Economic Development Administration, November 27, 1979 Online
 22. Thornburgh family to make Christmas donations to charitable organizations in lieu of sending cards, November 28, 1979 Online
 23. First hearings of PA Tax Commission, November 28, 1979 Online
 24. Minute of silent prayer for the Americans being held hostage in Iran, December 3, 1979 Online
 25. Soviet Union applies lessons of Three Mile Island (TMI) to their power plant safety systems, December 4, 1979 Online
 26. Emergency EDC meeting to formulate plans to aid regions affected by shutdowns of five U.S. Steel facilities and St. Joe's Zinc Co., December 4, 1979 Online
 27. Budget and Administration Secretary Robert Wilburn: Fires two state employees who defaulted on repayment of state-guaranteed student loans, December 5, 1979 Online
 28. Calls for "consensus for action" in PA's plant shutdown crisis , December 6, 1979 Online
 29. Hosts fourth exhibit of Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" featuring paintings from William Penn Memorial Museum, December 10, 1979 Online
 30. DER adopts new "bubble" policy giving steel companies and utilities more flexibility in meeting air pollution control requirements, December 10, 1979 Online
 31. PA awards $350,000 contract to Rollins Environmental Services\, Inc to remove toxic wastes dumped illegally along Delaware River, December 13, 1979 Online
 32. Letter to U.S. Transportation Secretary Neil Goldschmidt regarding mass transit projects, December 13, 1979 Online
 33. Publication of proposed regulations designed to improve Living standards in boarding homes across the State, December 14, 1979 Online
 34. Meets Commission for Women and outlines plans for Commission, December 19, 1979 Online
 35. State authorizes Gannon College University status, December 19, 1979 Online
 36. VETO: H.B. 739 which would have made changes in PA Vehicle Code, December 28, 1979 Online
 January-March, 1980 1631
 1. Budget and Policy discussions, January 3, 1980 Online
 2. Farview State Hospital patient's death, January 4, 1980 Online
 3. PA Tax Commission Hearings, January 7, 1980 Online
 4. Lt. Governor Scranton: Heating Oil, January 9, 1980 Online
 5. Death of George Meany, January 11, 1980 Online
 6. Orders flood inspection of Johnstown, PA, January 15, 1980 Online
 7. Additional recall of 500 cars from state fleet, January 17, 1980 Online
 8. Budget and Administration Secretary Robert Wilburn: Public hearing on use of Federal Revenue Sharing funds, January 18, 1980 Online
 9. Lt. Governor Scranton: Develop PA's coal as fuel in electric generation, January 21, 1980 Online
 10. Veto Sustained: H.B. 739 Federal auto emission and photograph for driver's license programs, January 22, 1980 Online
 11. Letter of condolence to widow of Justice William O. Douglas, January 22, 1980 Online
 12. Governor's Coal Conference information, January 22, 1980 Online
 13. Remarks: Governor's Coal Conference, January 23, 1980 Online
 14. Lt. Governor Scranton: Remarks to the Governor's Coal Conference, January 23, 1980 Online
 15. Robert McIntyre and Robert C. Milsom elected MILRITE Council Chairman and Vice Chairman, January 23, 1980 Online
 16. 11 state grants to 6 state educational television broadcast councils, January 23, 1980 Online
 17. Harrisburg International Airport modernization, January 24, 1980 Online
 18. Presents check for renovation of Harrisburg Train Station, January 25, 1980 Online
 19. Letter to 55 legislators who sustained veto of H.B. 739, January 25, 1980 Online
 20. Opens Commonwealth of PA's Washington Office, January 28, 1980 Online
 21. PA Tax Commission hearing, January 29, 1980 Online
 22. Lt. Governor Scranton: Three Mile Island (TMI) economic impact, January 30, 1980 Online
 23. Lt. Governor Scranton: Methane digester tour, January 30, 1980 Online
 24. Governor and Transpiration Secretary Thomas Larson brief PA House and Senate Transportation Committee members, January 30, 1980 Online
 25. Remarks: Annual Statewide Legislative Conference of the United Steelworkers of America, January 30, 1980 Online
 26. News Conference regarding Emergency Aid for SEPTA, February 1, 1980 Online
 27. Special Election date in Eleventh Congressional District, February 1, 1980 Online
 28. PA Tax Commission Public Hearing, February 4, 1980 Online
 29. 1980-1981 Budget, February 5, 1980 Online
 30. Ginny Thornburgh and Secretary Penrose Hallowell promote new Agriculture Logo, February 6, 1980 Online
 31 Letter to Canadian Prime Minister Joseph Clark, February 6, 1980 Online
 32 Sent delegation to Washington with Governor's Coal Conference proposals, February 7, 1980 Online
 33 State Treasurer Robert Casey, DGS Secretary Walter Baran and Budget and Administration Secretary announce new payment procedures for state purchases, February 7, 1980 Online
 34. Life Cycle Costing, February 11, 1980 Online
 35. Creation of Special Criminal Investigation and Prosecution Unit to combat illegal dumping of hazardous wastes, February 14, 1980 Online
 36. Letter to Conrail Chairman and CEO Edward G. Jordan, February 14, 1980 Online
 37. Commerce Secretary James Bodine resigns, February 19, 1980 Online
 38. Lt. Governor Scranton: Anthracite-fueled Electric Generating Station in Schuylkill County, February 20, 1980 Online
 39. Hazlett Memorial Awards for Excellence in the Arts, February 22, 1980 Online
 40. Urges nation's governors for conversion of oil-fired electric generating plants to coal, February 25, 1980 Online
 41. Asks Carter Administration for federal aid for PA's coal transportation network, February 26, 1980 Online
 42. Lt. Governor Scranton: Results of Governor's Commission on Three Mile Island (TMI), February 26, 1980 Online
 43. Two-week technical trade mission to Far East, February 28, 1980 Online
 44. New administration policy designed to detect and prevent discriminatory testing practices in state hiring, February 29, 1980 Online
 45. DER Secretary Clifford Jones: PA has filed federal lawsuit against U.S. EPA, February 29, 1980 Online
 46. Import desk at Philadelphia International Airport, February 29, 1980 Online
 47. Announces ten winners of Hazlett Memorial Awards for Excellence in the Arts, February 29, 1980 Online
 48. Tourist-related small businesses in Adams County eligible for SBA disaster loans, March 14, 1980 Online
 49. Coral Scranton to speak at Multiple Sclerosis Fashion Show, March 17, 1980 Online
 50. Trade mission to Far East, March 19, 1980 Online
 51. Directs Economic Development Committee (EDC) to take action regarding Firestone Tire and Rubber Company closing, March 20, 1980 Online
 52. SBA declared Williamsport disaster area due to January 12 fire, March 20, 1980 Online
 53. Ginny Thornburgh to address PA Association of Colleges/PA Department of Education Conference, March 20, 1980 Online
 54. Plans to modify Welfare Department plan to close 3 state-operated nursing schools, March 24, 1980 Online
 55. PA's new travel and tourism advertising and marketing campaign unveiled, March 25, 1980 Online
 56. $230,000 check to Mayor Green, final reimbursement for six neighborhood swimming pools, March 25, 1980 Online
 April-June, 1980 2
 1. State workforce is reduced to 100,652 positions--a decrease in 2,478 positions, April 1, 1980 Online
 2. 81 Delegates selected to East Coast Regional Meeting of White House Conference on Families, April 4, 1980 Online
 3. Endorses federal legislation prohibiting EPA from implementing Emission Inspection Program, April 4, 1980 Online
 4. Tax Commission Task Force, April 7, 1980 Online
 5. Small Business Administration economic dislocation loans, April 7, 1980 Online
 6. Union of Concerned Scientists conduct independent assessment of Three Mile Island (TMI) venting proposal, April 7, 1980 Online
 7. Grant to create unit to investigate and prosecute illegal dumping of hazardous waste, April 8, 1980 Online
 8. Urges citizens to help persuade State Senate to approve welfare reform plan, April 9, 1980 Online
 9. Ginny Thornburgh as International Year of the Child Honorary Chairwoman announces statewide campaign to educate parents of need for immunization, April 10, 1980 Online
 10. Actor Jimmy Stewart will receive first Distinguished PA Artist Award, April 14, 1980 Online
 11. State death benefits to survivors of volunteer firemen killed in line of duty, April 14, 1980 Online
 12. Remarks: PA AFL-CIO State Convention, April 16, 1980 Online
 13. Contract between AMTRAK and PennDOT establishing the "Pennsylvanian", April 16, 1980 Online
 14. Urges Congress to amend Food Stamp Act, April 18, 1980 Online
 15. Ginny Thornburgh to promote ERA Ratification in Missouri and Illinois, April 18, 1980 Online
 16. Opens fifth exhibit in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" entitled "Made in Philadelphia III", April 20, 1980 Online
 17. Opens fifth exhibit in Governor's Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" entitled "Made in Philadelphia III" (Second Release), April 20, 1980 Online
 18. Launches "Keep PA Clean" campaign and pledges not to litter, April 21, 1980  Online
 19. Formation of Sate Police Special Task Force, April 24, 1980 Online
 20. Remarks: PA Environmental Council, April 24, 1980 Online
 21. VETO: S.B. 581 limits DPW from reorganizing and closing state institutions, April 25, 1980 Online
 22. Statement: Iran crisis, April 25, 1980 Online
 23. Celebrates Arbor Day, April 25, 1980 Online
 24. Supports six PA-based alternate fuels production proposals submitted to U.S. DOE for funding, April 25, 1980 Online
 25. Special Public Open House to kick off regular season of tours of Governor's Home, April 28, 1980 Online
 26. Special Diabetes Task Force, April 28, 1980 Online
 27. Green Tree hill truck accident, April 29, 1980 Online
 28. Orders conversion of gas-fired boilers at eight state-owned colleges and hospitals to coal, April 30, 1980 Online
 29. Presents Jimmy Stewart first Distinguished PA Artist Award and Hazlett Memorial Awards for Excellence in the Arts, May 1, 1980 Online
 30. Asks National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements to study effects of Three Mile Island (TMI) venting proposal, May 2, 1980 Online
 31. Reduction in premiums on insurance policies for coal mine operators, May 7, 1980 Online
 32. Unveils series of policy directives to stimulate rehabilitation of downtown Harrisburg, May 9, 1980 Online
 33. Officially opens Small Business Action Center, May 12, 1980 Online
 34. Ginny Thornburgh presents special commendation to Nancy and Rocco Tassone, May 12, 1980 Online
 35. Cuban refugee situation, May 12, 1980 Online
 36. Lt. Governor Scranton directs PEMA to assist Franklin county in tornado recovery efforts, May 13, 1980 Online
 37. Union of Concerned Scientists release their report regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), May 14, 1980 Online
 38. Supports venting of krypton-85 from Three Mile Island (TMI), May 16, 1980 Online
 39. Mario Mele sworn-in as Liquor Control Board Member, May 19, 1980 Online
 40. Lt. Governor Scranton unveils "First Draft" of PA Energy Plan, May 19, 1980 Online
 41. Meets with Korean officials interested in PA coal, May 20, 1980 Online
 42. Lt. Governor Scranton leaves for two-week, technical trade mission to Far East, May 20, 1980 Online
 43. Letter to Peter J. Camiel, Turnpike Commission member, May 21, 1980 Online
 44. Petitions EPA to exclude Wilkes-Barre/Scranton from Auto Emissions Program, May 27, 1980 Online
 45. Letter to PA Congressional Delegation and Senators John Heinz and Richard Schweiker regarding the Cuban refugees, May 28, 1980 Online
 46. Truck Weight Enforcement Program, May 30, 1980 Online
 47. Lt. Governor Scranton: PEMA ready to assist with tornado recovery effort, June 3, 1980 Online
 48. DER allocates funds to remove PCB-saturated oil from warehouse in Youngsville, PA, June 6, 1980 Online
 49. Presents General Matthew B. Ridgeway the PA Distinguished Service Medal, June 6, 1980 Online
 50. Lt. Governor Scranton: Federal assistance available for Western PA tornado victims, June 6, 1980 Online
 51. Lt. Governor Scranton reports on recent Trade Mission to Far East, June 6, 1980 Online
 52. Opens sixth exhibit in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" entitles "PA's Photographers", June 8, 1980 Online
 53. Presents Three Mile Island (TMI) Report to PA House Select Committee, June 9, 1980 Online
 54. Budget and Administration Secretary Robert Wilburn: Welfare reform proposal would provide $60 million in increased grants to most needy, June 11, 1980 Online
 55. Timely passage of State's 1980-1981 Budget, June 12, 1980 Online
 56. Lt. Governor Scranton: State seeks additional federal funds for Western PA tornado victims, June 12, 1980 Online
 57. Letter to Milton Shapp from Robin Ross Jr., June 16, 1980 Online
 58. Calls on PA Congressional Delegation to support legislation providing federal funds for clean-up of abandoned hazardous waste, June 17, 1980 Online
 59. PA tax Commission will discuss draft reports of Commission's ten task forces, June 18, 1980 Online
 60. Receives PA 300th Birthday Planning Committee Report, June 19, 1980 Online
 61. VETO: H.B. 2261 provides official visitations of jails and prisons by certain officials, June 23, 1980 Online
 62. Letter to President Jimmy Carter re Cuban refugees, June 25, 1980 Online
 63. Urges General Assembly not to adjourn without completing action on U.C. Bill, June 26, 1980 Online
 64. Will visit Three Mile Island (TMI) during venting of Krypton 85, June 26, 1980 Online
 July-September, 1980 3
 1. Federal funding approved for computerized criminal information center, July 1, 1980 Online
 2. Praises Senate in passing H.B. 1673, Unemployment Compensation, July 2, 1980 Online
 3. Is encouraged by House vote on H.B. 1673, Unemployment Compensation, July 3, 1980 Online
 4. Statement: Fourth of July, July 3, 1980 Online
 5. Commends House for passage of H.B. 1673, Unemployment Compensation, July 8, 1980 Online
 6. Ginny Thornburgh will attend the Tanoma Coal Company groundbreaking, July 8, 1980 Online
 7. Lt. Governor Scranton's remarks at the 75th Anniversary of the U.S. Forest Service, July 11, 1980 Online
 8. Will postpone cutbacks in state aid to educational and charitable institutions until fall, July 11, 1980 Online
 9. VETO: H.B. 1111, School Districts Consolidation, July 11, 1980 Online
 10. VETO: S.B. 985, amending Public School Code and providing increases in subsidies to community colleges, July 12, 1980 Online
 11. Letter to U.S. Secretary of Energy Charles W. Duncan, Jr., July 15, 1980 Online
 12. U.S. Customs Service will establish an import desk at Philadelphia International Airport, July 17, 1980 Online
 13. Nominates 5 PA communities for participation in Special Assistance Program to aid revitalization, July 18, 1980 Online
 14. Announces state will provide additional aid to Port Authority of Allegheny County, July 24, 1980 Online
 15. Robert C. Wilburn Budget and Administration Secretary: LCB Fails to provide additional $26 million to state's General Fund Budget, July 25, 1980 Online
 16. Statement: death of Representative Marvin Weidner, July 30, 1980 Online
 17. Lt. Governor Scranton encourages officials to establish weekend rail passenger service between N.Y.C. and Poconos, July 30, 1980 Online
 18. Statement: tax cuts, July 31, 1980 Online
 19. Governor's National Governors Association (NGA) Schedule, August 1, 1980 Online
 20. Announces new program to help State employees with alcohol and drug problems, August 1, 1980 Online
 21. Calls on fellow governors (NGA) to become more involved in development of national economic policy, August 3, 1980 Online
 22. Nation's highway priorities should be shifted from new construction to restoration, August 4, 1980 Online
 23. Proposes new economic policy to National Governors Association (NGA), August 5, 1980 Online
 24. Lt. Governor Scranton: Letter to Susan M. Shanaman\, PUC Chairman, August 6, 1980 Online
 25. Will host seventh in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage", August 7, 1980 Online
 26. Letter to President Jimmy Carter regarding Cuban refugees, August 8, 1980 Online
 27. DGS Secretary Walter Baran: Selects design professionals for three construction and renovation projects in capitol complex, August 12, 1980 Online
 28. EDC takes action at easing impact on NJ Zinc Company's plant cutback in Carbon County, August 13, 1980 Online
 29. Asks President Jimmy Carter to declare Armstrong, Butler, and Clarion Counties a "major disaster area", August 18, 1980 Online
 30. Will begin statewide, 10-stop tour to promote "SWAP", August 19, 1980 Online
 31. St. Joe Zinc will reactivate portion of their closed Monaca Plant, August 20, 1980 Online
 32. Alfred Blumstein chosen to serve as member of U.S. Delegation to sixth United Nations Congress on Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders, August 22, 1980 Online
 33. Opens eighth exhibit in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" entitled "Sculptural Legacy in PA History" featuring the Calder family, August 22, 1980 Online
 34. Statement: Labor Day, August 29, 1980 Online
 35. The Velda Group of Belgium tentatively chose Lock Haven as first U.S. plant site, September 4, 1980 Online
 36. Will host reception in honor of seventh in "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" series featuring Everhart Museum of Natural History, September 5, 1980 Online
 37. National Main Street Center selects 5 PA communities as "finalists" for special program of economic revitalization, September 10, 1980 Online
 38. Statement: Rosh Hashanah, September 11, 1980 Online
 39. Letter to NRC Chairman regarding disposal of radioactive wastes from Three Mile Island (TMI) and extending public participation period, September 11, 1980 Online
 40. State soliciting proposals for design of Integrated Computer Communications Network, September 13, 1980 Online
 41. Statewide crack down on individuals and businesses who owe back taxes, September 15, 1980 Online
 42. National Main Street Center selects 5 PA communities for special program of economic revitalization, September 15, 1980 Online
 43. Letter to Mr. Anthony Casamento re. U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor, September 16, 1980 Online
 44. Statement: Gold Star Mother's Day, September 16, 1980 Online
 45. LCB pricing actions, September 16, 1980 Online
 46. Praises 1979-80 PA General Assembly, September 16, 1980 Online
 47. State will provide local share of funds needed to qualify Armstrong, Butler and Clarion Counties for federal flood monies, September 17, 1980 Online
 48. Objections to amendments to H.B. 2044 by divided Senate Health and Welfare Commission, September 17, 1980 Online
 49. Announces Appalachian Regional Commission grant to locate performing arts facility in Western PA, September 17, 1980 Online
 50. Remarks: Greater New Castle Association, September 17, 1980 Online
 51. News advisory: Ambassador and Mrs. George Bush guests of Governor and Ginny Thornburgh, September 19, 1980 Online
 52. Initial results of statewide investigating Grand Jury of April 24 lottery rigging, September 19, 1980 Online
 53. Praises first statewide investigating Grand Jury on its first-year anniversary, September 24, 1980 Online
 54. Approval of construction plan for new South Side Hospital project, September 25, 1980 Online
 55. Penn State-Nebraska University football game wager, September 25, 1980 Online
 56. PA selected one of 20 states to participate in national Diabetes Control Project, September 25, 1980 Online
 57. Westinghouse Electric Corporation's new Productivity Improvement Center in Pittsburgh, September 26, 1980 Online
 58. Signs joint environmental strategy for PA with EPA Regional Administrator Jack J. Schramm, September 29, 1980 Online
 October-December, 1980 4
 1. Lt. Governor Scranton: Promotion of small business top priority of Thornburgh-Scranton administration, October 1, 1980 Online
 2. Five women are chosen as Distinguished Daughters of PA for 1980, October 2, 1980 Online
 3. PA Industrial Development Authority approves loan to Windsor Marketing Group, Inc., October 2, 1980 Online
 4. Conrail will establish two training centers in PA, October 2, 1980 Online
 5. Bill signings and Veto of SB 1345 eliminating kickbacks in personal service contracts entered into by county governments, October 6, 1980 Online
 6. Praises General Assembly in defining powers of PA's first elected Attorney General, October 6 ,1980 Online
 7. Will sign legislation to restore full funding to state-related colleges, universities, and cultural institutions, October 7, 1980 Online
 8. Minority participation in state work results, October 7, 1980 Online
 9. Lt. Governor Scranton: Absence of non-stop air service between Greater Pittsburgh International Airport and London, England, October 7, 1980 Online
 10. Dismay over comments by President Carter about Ronald Reagan, October 8, 1980 Online
 11. Letter from Budget and Administration Secretary Robert Wilburn to Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Francis J. Lynch, October 8, 1980 Online
 12. Establishes Trial Court Nominating Commissions in Monroe/Pike, Lycoming, Erie and Butler Counties, October 9, 1980 Online
 13. Letter to Representative Merle H. Phillips re. Bainbridge Street Bridge, October 10, 1980 Online
 14. Telegram to Philadelphia Phillies re. Winning National League pennant, October 14, 1980 Online
 15. Lt. Governor Scranton: DER will remove toxic wastes from storage site in Schuylkill County, October 17, 1980 Online
 16. Urges residents in 34 eastern and central PA counties to restrict water, October 21, 1980 Online
 17. Will sponsor PA Rail Policy Seminar, October 22, 1980 Online
 18. Remarks: Philadelphia Bar Association, October 22, 1980 Online
 19. Lt. Governor Scranton: State proposes to give strip mine operators tax break on land reclamation, October 23, 1980 Online
 20. Opens Governor's Rail Policy Seminar, October 23, 1980 Online
 21. Statement: Ku Klux Klan Rally, October 24, 1980 Online
 22. Endorses report by Committee of 15--a task force assembled by PA Joint Council on Criminal Justice Inc. to study juvenile offenders, October 24, 1980 Online
 23. Announces plans to complete I-476 (Blue Route), contingent on sufficient State funds, October 24, 1980 Online
 24. PA awarded 3-year grant from National Science Foundation, October 27, 1980 Online
 25. Announces Clinton-Lycoming Industrial Marketing Effort (CLIME), October 28, 1980 Online
 26. PA will host Republican Governors Association (RGA) Annual Winter Conference in Philadelphia, October 29, 1980 Online
 27. Announces Federal-State-Local Economic Revitalization Package for Borough of Pottstown, October 29, 1980 Online
 28. Budget and Administration Secretary Robert Wilburn: PA Tax Commission will not recommend raising State taxes, October 30, 1980 Online
 29. Announced grant to PA Technical Assistance Program to create and preserve job opportunities, October 30, 1980 Online
 30. Attacks radio political commercial, paid for with Democratic Legislative Campaign funds re. Thornburgh's Tax Commission report, October 31, 1980 Online
 31. Statement: AFSCME's lawsuit to prevent enforcement of Code of Conduct, October 31, 1980 Online
 32. Remarks: re. PA Transportation--Service and Progress for the '80s--Conference, November 7, 1980 Online
 33. State will provide operating funds to Port Authority of Allegheny County, November 7, 1980 Online
 34. Will name PA's Teacher of the Year during opening of ceremonies of Annual Education Congress, November 7, 1980 Online
 35. Remarks: PA State Conference of NAACP Branches, November 8, 1980 Online
 36. Erie selected second of five sites for state network of Governor's Outreach and Assistance Centers for Veterans, November 10, 1980 Online
 37. PA Tax Commission Meeting, November 10, 1980 Online
 38. Directs Attorney General Harvey Bartle III to ask Supreme Court to stay preliminary injunction against enforcing financial disclosure of Code of Conduct by AFSCME, November 10, 1980 Online
 39. Remarks: National Municipal League, November 15, 1980 Online
 40. PA will receive Federal Urban Mass Transportation funds, November 17, 1980 Online
 41. Salary increases for top state officials, November 18, 1980 Online
 42. Welcomes Senator T. Milton Street into PA Republican Party, November 18, 1980 Online
 43. Criticizes Senate Democrats for failing to consider nomination of Phyllis Beck to Superior Court, November 19, 1980 Online
 44. Commends General Assembly for passage of Thornburgh Administration Economic Initiatives--Pier 124 modernization and growth of small business, November 19, 1980 Online
 45. Expresses disappointment at General Assembly's failure to approve legislation for PennDOT funding base, November 19, 1980 Online
 46. Westinghouse Air Brake Division of American Standard Inc. will locate rubber plant in Westmoreland County, November 20, 1980 Online
 47. 1979-80 General Assembly accomplishments and disappointments, November 21, 1980 Online
 48. Polish-American Machinery Corp. will renovate its Titusville facility and increase its work force, November 24, 1980 Online
 49. Statement: Hanukkah, December 2, 1980 Online
 50. Older persons inflation needs (OPIN) Act permits distribution of inflation dividend checks from surplus State Lottery Funds, December 4, 1980 Online
 51. Praises U.S. DOE for awarding grant to study feasibility of Keystone Project, December 11, 1980 Online
 52. Budget and Administration Secretary Robert C. Wilburn and Transportation Secretary Thomas Larson: News Conference re. cuts in transportation spending due to lack of funds, December 11, 1980 Online
 53. Praises President-elect Ronald Reagan's selection of Richard Schweiker and Drew Lewis for Cabinet nominations, December 11, 1980 Online
 54. Federal and state aid to convert Neal Hall at Hollidaysburg Veterans Home into domiciliary care unit, December 15, 1980 Online
 55. State will invest in renovations at Fairview State Hospital for mentally ill criminal offenders, December 16, 1980 Online
 56. Remarks: Annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony and carol sing, December 17, 1980 Online
 57. PA Tax Commission Meeting, December 18, 1980 Online
 58. VETO: S.B. 414, H.B. 1436, H.B. 1786, H.B. 2176, H.B. 606 and H.B. 2158, December 19, 1980 Online
 59. Walter H. Plosila, Director of Office of Policy and Planning: Three Mile Island (TMI) Report, December 19, 1980 Online
 60. VETO: H.B. 763 amending "Real Estate Tax Sale Law" and amendment exempting Allegheny County from establishing County Tax Claim Bureau, December 19, 1980 Online
 61. VETO: H.B. re. Turnpike Commission land conveyance authorization and increase in salaries of Turnpike Commissioners, December 19, 1980 Online
 62. 2 grants for Governor's Veterans Outreach and Assistance Centers in Harrisburg and Huntingdon, December 23, 1980 Online
 January-March, 1981 1641
 1. Blocking of Judge Roy Wilkinson confirmation to Supreme Court by Senate Democrats, January 8, 1981 Online
 2. Budget and Administration Secretary Robert Wilburn: Tentative contract with AFSCME, January 9, 1981 Online
 3. Sun Ship, Inc. phasing down its shipbuilding operations in Delaware County, January 9, 1981 Online
 4. Telegram to Philadelphia Eagles, January 12, 1981 Online
 5. Dedicates Harrisburg's Governor's Veterans Outreach and Assistance Center, January 13, 1981 Online
 6. Additional $10 million available for in-home services to dependent and delinquent children, January 13, 1981 Online
 7. Accepts Chairmanship of Coalition of Northeastern Governors (CONEG), January 14, 1981 Online
 8. Eight-point program developed by Automobile Summit in Detroit, January 15, 1981 Online
 9. Delaware River Basin Commission declares drought emergency during high-level meeting in New Jersey, January 15, 1981 Online
 10. Letter to Attorney General Harvey Bartle, III, State Police Commission Daniel F. Dunn and Transportation Secretary Thomas Larson re. Local and state emergency in New Hampshire, January 15, 1981 Online
 11. U.S. Education Department statement re. desegregation efforts in PA's higher education system, January 16, 1981 Online
 12. PennDOT wins preliminary federal approval for plan to alleviate traffic congestion during rehabilitation of Parkway East, January 16, 1981 Online
 13. Hostage situation in Iran, January 19, 1981 Online
 14. Releases report from Inspector General William R. Muir, January 19, 1981 Online
 15. Hostages' release from Iran, January 20, 1981 Online
 16. Reaction to President Ronald Reagan's Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981 Online
 17. Letter to Philadelphia Eagles owner Leonard Tose, January 26, 1981 Online
 18. Proposes reforms to LCB including a plan to abolish retail State Store System, January 28, 1981 Online
 19. First rate education for workers' compensation insurance rates, January 29, 1981 Online
 20. Congratulates new PA State Troopers in graduation ceremony, January 30, 1981 Online
 21. Sun Ship, Inc., February 2, 1981 Online
 22. Labor and Industry Secretary Charles J. Lieberth letter to Harry Boyer President AFL-CIO, February 2, 1981 Online
 23. Request for federal aid for drought-stricken Northeast, February 2, 1981 Online
 24. Cost Reduction 2, February 2, 1981 Online
 25. 1981-82 Budget, February 3, 1981 Online
 26. Welcomes former hostage Jerry Miele home, February 5, 1981 Online
 27. Prudential Insurance Company of America locates Central Atlantic Headquarters in Fort Washington, February 5, 1981 Online
 28. Opens David L. Lawrence Convention and Exposition Center , February 7, 1981 Online
 29. Asks SBA to declare 50 PA counties eligible for low-interest disaster loans, February 9, 1981 Online
 30. Asks EPA to delay implementation of State Vehicle and Inspection Program, February 10, 1981 Online
 31. Will announce creation of State Arson Task Force, February 11, 1981 Online
 32. Proposes once-a-year vehicle safety inspections, February 11, 1981 Online
 33. Choices for PA, February 13, 1981 Online
 34. Secretary Robert Wilburn will meet with OMB Director David Stockman, February 13, 1981 Online
 35. Letter to Richard E. Barber, Regional Administrator of S.B.A., February 13, 1981 Online
 36. Joins several former American hostages for welcome home ceremony, February 14, 1981 Online
 37. Creation of State Arson Task Force, February 18, 1981 Online
 38. 96 people as delegates and alternatives to 1981 White House Conference on Aging, February 18, 1981 Online
 39. Reaction to President Reagan's budget message, February 19, 1981 Online
 40. Statement: President Reagan's budget proposals, February 22, 1981 Online
 41. Lt. Governor Scranton: Proposed anthracite generating power plant in Northeastern PA, February 23, 1981 Online
 42. Proposes legislative revisions to improve federal highway program, February 23, 1981 Online
 43. Scott Paper Company will convert paper mill from oil to coal, February 24, 1981 Online
 44. Centralia underground mine fire, February 25, 1981 Online
 45. Tours Governor's Veterans Outreach and Assistance Center in Erie, February 26, 1981 Online
 46. Jay C. Waldman authorizes creation of new welfare fraud unit in Philadelphia, February 27, 1981 Online
 47. Glen-Gary Corporation reopens six plants throughout state, March 2, 1981 Online
 48. Repurchase of public school building bonds, March 3, 1981 Online
 49. Joins delegation of Japanese Trade Officials on tour of Adams County dairy farm, March 3, 1981 Online
 50. 1980-81 State Employees Appeal results, March 3, 1981 Online
 51. PIDA. loan for expansion of Williamsport manufacturing operation, March 4, 1981 Online
 52. Introduces community-based State Housing Policy, March 5, 1981 Online
 53. $27 million in 1982 federal budget approved for Three Mile Island (TMI) clean-up efforts, March 5, 1981 Online
 54. 1981 Governor's Annual Work Force Report, March 5, 1981 Online
 55. Third season of public tours of Governor's Home, March 5, 1981 Online
 56. Hazlett Memorial Awards for Excellence in the Arts winners, March 13, 1981 Online
 57. Opens eighth exhibit in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" entitled "The Founding of PA: 1631-1731", March 14, 1981 Online
 58. PSEA Secret Plan, March 16, 1981 Online
 59. Commends Senator Michael Fisher for introducing legislation to create Department of Corrections, March 17, 1981 Online
 60. Lt. Governor Scranton: Comprehensive Water Policy near completion, March 18, 1981 Online
 61. Accepts PA's Tax Commission's final report from Dr. Richard Cyert, Chairman, March 19, 1981 Online
 62. PA Tax Commission delivers final report to Governor and General Assembly, March 19, 1981 Online
 63. James Michener will receive PA's second Distinguished Artist Award, March 20, 1981 Online
 64. "Golden Keystone" discount purchase plan for senior citizens, March 23, 1981 Online
 65. Unveils legislation designed to abolish LCB and convert to private ownership, March 24, 1981 Online
 66. Statement: attempt on President Reagan's life, March 30, 1981 Online
 67. Agreement with federal government to permanently relocate Centralia families, March 31, 1981 Online
 April-June, 1981 2
 1. Telegram to Senator-elect Roy Wilt, April 1, 1981 Online
 2. Lt. Governor Scranton: statement on election of Roy Wilt to Senate, April 1, 1981 Online
 3. Lt. Governor Scranton: results of Louis Harris and Associates survey, April 6, 1981 Online
 4. Remarks: PA State Association of Township Supervisors, April 6, 1981 Online
 5. Urges Legislature to appropriate aid for cleanup costs from flooding in Matamouras Borough, April 8, 1981 Online
 6. Proposes conversion of Retreat State Hospital to 250-bed correctional facility, April 8, 1981 Online
 7. PennDOT and AMTRAK agree on new intercity passenger train connecting Altoona and Pittsburgh, April 9, 1981 Online
 8. Urges Government, Industry and Labor to work together toward preserving and improving PA's railroad industry, April 9, 1981 Online
 9. Letter to U.S. Transportation Secretary Drew Lewis re. future of Conrail, April 9, 1981 Online
 10. 30 PA high school students recognized "outstanding" by Educational Testing Service of Princeton, New Jersey, April 10, 1981 Online
 11. Presents check to Hiller Volunteer Fire Company, April 13, 1981 Online
 12. Jay C. Waldman letter to Senator Craig Lewis, April 15, 1981 Online
 13. Jay C. Waldman letter to Nancy M. Noonan\, Chairperson, PSEA, April 15, 1981 Online
 14. Remarks: Shenango Valley Urban League, April 20, 1981 Online
 15. Erie Convention Center groundbreaking, April 20, 1981 Online
 16. AMSCO tour (first company to receive order from People's Republic of China), April 20, 1981 Online
 17. Response to Senator Craig Lewis' call for firing of DCA Secretary Shirley Dennis, April 21, 1981 Online
 18. Lt. Governor Scranton: the "PA Food Study", April 21, 1981 Online
 19. Postpones closing of Locust Mountain State General Hospital, April 22, 1981 Online
 20. Plants hemlock, official State tree, at Governor's home in Arbor Day observance, April 24, 1981 Online
 21. Third season of public tours of Governor's Home, April 24, 1981 Online
 22. Unveils 19th century "Battle of Lake Erie" mantel in Governor's Home, April 24, 1981 Online
 23. 33 PA high school seniors selected as 1981 Presidential Scholars Program finalists, April 24, 1981 Online
 24. Opens new Office of Procurement Information, April 28, 1981 Online
 25. Introduces tough Anti-Crime Legislation, April 28, 1981 Online
 26. Asks to postpone implementation of Vehicle Emission and Inspection Program, April 29, 1981 Online
 27. Statement: House approval of H.B. 524--revenue portion of 1981-82 General Fund Budget, April 29, 1981 Online
 28. Kicks off 1981 State Employees U.S. Savings Bond Drive, April 30, 1981 Online
 29. Officiates signing ceremony of purchase contracts between Republic of China and PA companies, May 1, 1981 Online
 30. CONEG will meet with U.S. transportation officials re. future of Conrail, May 1, 1981 Online
 31. Presents Distinguished PA Artist Award to James Michener, May 5, 1981 Online
 32. Joint city/state audit to investigate financial condition and practices of Philadelphia School District, May 5, 1981 Online
 33. Lt. Governor Scranton: Statement re. strikes in bituminous and anthracite industries, May 7, 1981 Online
 34. Hails formation of statewide arson hotline, May 13, 1981 Online
 35. Statement re. Attack on Pope John Paul II, May 13, 1981 Online
 36. Letter to David B. Faucett, President, PA Bar Association, May 14, 1981 Online
 37. Designates July 21 as special election date to choose successor to former U.S. Representative Raymond Lederer, May 15, 1981 Online
 38. Letter to President Reagan for White House support of U.C. Fund, May 18, 1981 Online
 39. Statement: two defendants on trial for rigging April 24 daily lottery, May 21, 1981 Online
 40. Robert C. Wilburn: Local officials and legislators invited to meet re. Conversion of Retreat State Hospital, May 21, 1981 Online
 41. Remarks: Fire Awareness Symposium II, May 22, 1981 Online
 42. Ginny Thornburgh will visit exhibit created by blind and partially sighted students at Philadelphia Museum of Art, May 26, 1981 Online
 43. "Project Harvest" for hiring the aging reaps vitality, experience, stability and talent, May 27, 1981 Online
 44. Lt. Governor Scranton: remarks to annual meeting of American Section of International Solar Energy Society, May 27, 1981 Online
 45. Proposes water initiatives/legislation, June 1, 1981 Online
 46. Speech: AFL-CIO, June 2, 1981 Online
 47. Letter to leaders of General Assembly regarding auto emissions inspection program , June 2, 1981 Online
 48. Statement: Oil Franchise Tax, June 3, 1981 Online
 49. Lt. Governor Scranton: Coal industry could suffer from proposed change in black lung protection insurance, June 3, 1981 Online
 50. Lt. Governor Scranton: Receives annual Brotherhood Award\, No. 773 Free & Accepted Masons of PA, June 4, 1981 Online
 51. Robert C. Wilburn: Denied allegation Thornburgh Administration responsible for delayed funding of state welfare grants, June 5, 1981 Online
 52. Lt. Governor Scranton: Calls on state residents to continue practice of "self-restraint" in water use, June 5, 1981 Online
 53. Lt. Governor Scranton: Letter concerning funding levels for 1982 at DOE, June 5, 1981 Online
 54. Lt. Governor Scranton: Testifies before Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committees public hearing on solar energy, June 8, 1981 Online
 55. Statement: death of Representative Arthur F. Early, June 9, 1981 Online
 56. Orders 9 new security measures to further ensure integrity of lottery, June 11, 1981 Online
 57. Commends House on timely adoption of 1981-82 budget, June 11, 1981 Online
 58. Asks President Reagan to declare 5 storm-damaged communities "Major Disaster Areas", June 12, 1981 Online
 59. Extends "Disaster Emergency" to Jefferson and Mercer counties, June 12, 1981 Online
 60. Commends Senate for prompt action on 1981-82 budget, June 15, 1981 Online
 61. Will appeal federal ruling that PA begin auto emission program, June 18, 1981 Online
 62. Commonwealth's greetings and special flag to Keystone Company, June 23, 1981 Online
 63. Ginny Thornburgh joins Dr. Harold Wilke and other religious leaders in promoting Access Sabbath Sunday, October 9, 1981, June 24, 1981 Online
 64. Remarks: PA Dept. of Veterans of Foreign Wars, June 25, 1981 Online
 65. 6 women as Distinguished Daughters of PA, June 29, 1981 Online
 66. Installation of ninth exhibit in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" featuring work of black Pennsylvanians, June 30, 1981 Online
 67. Lt. Governor: Statement re. Report on Governor's EnergyCouncil by minority staff of House Mines & Energy Committee, June 30, 1981 Online
 68. $1.13 million federal grant for improvement at Lemington Home for Aged, June 30, 1981 Online
 July-September, 1981 3
 1. Budget and Administration Secretary Robert Wilburn: Response to Mobile Oil Corporation re. newly enacted oil franchise tax, July 1, 1981 Online
 2. 1,700 young persons from Philadelphia will participate in summer employment and job training programs funded by Governor's special grant, July 1, 1981 Online
 3. Budget and Administration Secretary Robert Wilburn: General State Authority authorizes $4 million in public building roof repairs, July 8, 1981 Online
 4. Proposes Cost-Sharing Plan for cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI), July 9, 1981 Online
 5. State/Federal agreement for pooled purchase of buses, July 9, 1981 Online
 6. VETO: H.B. 456 concerns vehicle emission inspections provision, July 10, 1981 Online
 7. Remarks: PA Department of the American Legion, July 11, 1981 Online
 8. VETO: S.B. 406 amends the School Code, July 13, 1981 Online
 9. Cabinet level Human Resources Committee (HRC) Committee headed by L & I Secretary Charles Lieberth, July 15, 1981 Online
 10. Paul Critchlow statement regarding assertions made by Representative James Manderino, July 17, 1981 Online
 11. Statement: Mobil Oil Corporation and oil franchise tax, July 17, 1981 Online
 12. Lt. Governor Scranton: News Conference re. outlook for anthracite coal, July 21, 1981 Online
 13. Lt. Governor Scranton: Will visit New England to urge coal customers to purchase supplies during summer when coal is more abundant, July 22, 1981 Online
 14. Authorizes closing of State Liquor Store in Philadelphia, July 22, 1981 Online
 15. Lt. Governor Scranton: Will visit New England to continue discussions aimed at avoiding last year's anthracite shortages, July 22, 1981 Online
 16. Paul Critchlow statement: Senator Edward Zemprelli letter regarding Appellate Court Nominating Commission, July 22, 1981 Online
 17. Lt. Governor Scranton: Hails experimental greenhouse as "innovative energy project", July 24, 1981 Online
 18. Letter to Senator Edward Zemprelli regarding Turnpike Commission, July 24, 1981 Online
 19. Letter to and from Ray M. Bollinger regarding resignation from Turnpike Commission, July 24, 1981 Online
 20. Opens tenth exhibit of Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" from Philadelphia's Afro-American Historical and Cultural Museum, July 27, 1981 Online
 21. Commonwealth's Greetings to Keystone Flight, July 27, 1981 Online
 22. Investigative audit of Philadelphia School District submitted, July 28, 1981 Online
 23. Urges support in Congress for President Reagan's tax cut plan, July 28, 1981 Online
 24. Statement: U.C. Legislation adopted by Conference Committee of U.S. House and Senate, July 30, 1981 Online
 25. Lt. Governor Scranton: Sets November 3 as special election date to fill Philadelphia's 4th Senatorial District, July 31, 1981 Online
 26. Urges U.S. Interior Secretary James Watt to begin exploratory drilling program in Centralia, August 5, 1981 Online
 27. Jay C. Waldman letter to Attorney General LeRoy Zimmerman regarding status of Peter J. Camiel, August 5, 1981 Online
 27. Presents cost-sharing plan for cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI) to National Governors Association (NGA), August 10, 1981 Online
 28. Calls for end to dispute over "New Federalism" Programs, August 10, 1981 Online
 29. RGA endorses cost-sharing plan for cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI), August 11, 1981 Online
 30. Harrisburg Community Tour of Governor's Home, August 20, 1981 Online
 31. Thornburgh response to United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 1357 regarding state store divestiture, August 25, 1981 Online
 32. Letter to Dr. Nunzio Palladino designating General DeWitt Smith to Three Mile Island (TMI) Citizens' Advisory Panel, August 25, 1981 Online
 33. U.S. General Accounting Office recommends cost-sharing approach to cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI) to Congress, August 27, 1981 Online
 34. 3-day road and bridge inspection tour in Southwestern PA, September 2, 1981 Online
 35. Inspects progress on Parkway East reconstruction project, September 2, 1981 Online
 36. Inspects Pleasant Hills cloverleaf, September 3, 1981 Online
 37. Supports one-year extension of $50,000 grant for revitalization of Erie-Lackawanna Railroad Station, September 4, 1981 Online
 38. Inspects bridge replacement project in Jefferson Center, Butler County, September 4, 1981 Online
 39. PennDOT obligated $22 million in federal and state funding for construction of missing link, September 4, 1981 Online
 40. Will participate in Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, September 4, 1981 Online
 41. $101,500 Dept. of Community Affairs check to Tri-County Manpower Administration for weatherization projects, September 4, 1981 Online
 42. Grand Opening of Butler County Mushroom Farms' Spawn Plant (40-50 jobs), September 4, 1981 Online
 43. Statement: Labor Day, September 4, 1981 Online
 44. HRC will hold 6 public forums across state during September, September 10, 1981 Online
 45. Edison Electric Institute votes to recommend Electric Utility Industry invest $192 million in radiation cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI), September 10, 1981 Online
 46. Letter to OMB Director David Stockman regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) cleanup, September 11, 1981 Online
 47. Lt. Governor Scranton: Remarks Pennsylvania Emergency Management Authority annual conference, September 15, 1981 Online
 48. Two major changes to adjust combination of federal budget reductions and business tax cuts, September 15, 1981 Online
 49. Congratulates Representative-elect Robert G. Wright, September 15, 1981 Online
 50. Introduces comprehensive sentencing and prison legislation, September 16, 1981 Online
 51. Attorney General LeRoy Zimmerman endorses sentencing and prison legislation, September 16, 1981 Online
 52. Statement: death of Patriot-News publisher John H. Baum, September 16, 1981 Online
 53. Conversion of former Retreat State Hospital into 350-cell prison, September 17, 1981 Online
 54. Dedication ceremony for long term care center at Allied Services for handicapped, September 17, 1981 Online
 55. Health Department approves $127 million project at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, September 18, 1981 Online
 56. Jay C. Waldman letter to Attorney General LeRoy Zimmerman regarding allegations against Dept. Military Affairs official, September 21, 1981  Online
 57. $849,000 will be committed to redevelopment project of Erie Lackawanna Railroad Terminal Building, September 21, 1981 Online
 58. Given flag carried by handicapped mountain climbers, September 22, 1981 Online
 59. Concurred in U.S. EPA decision to permit new coal boiler in Indiana County to exceed emission limits while phasing in pollution control system, September 22, 1981 Online
 60. Establishes PA Housing Task Force, September 22, 1981 Online
 61. Establishes Senior Management Service, September 22, 1981 Online
 62. Urges Congressional Subcommittee to support federal investment in radiation cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI), September 22, 1981 Online
 63. Number of work injuries and illnesses resulting in lost job time decreased 13% over previous year, September 23, 1981 Online
 64. Statement: Pentagon announcement of plans to relocate new Cumberland Aircraft maintenance facility, September 23, 1981 Online
 65. State contracts awarded to minority firms 3 times higher than the first half of 1980, September 24, 1981 Online
 66. Completion plans for Vine Street Expressway, September 24, 1981 Online
 67. Endorses Supreme Court Justice Robert N.C. Nix Jr. for Retention, September 24, 1981 Online
 68. Checks for Port of History Museum at Penn's Landing and signs one year lease, September 25, 1981 Online
 69. Tours PennDOT projects in Reading, September 29, 1981 Online
 70. Convenes meeting of principals in Philadelphia school strike, September 30, 1981 Online
 October-December, 1981 4
 1. Supports recommendations of Vote Yes for Water Committee, October 1, 1981 Online
 2. Will issue new "look-alike" drugs regulations, October 1, 1981 Online
 3. Statement: Senate override of his veto of H.B. 456 concerning auto emissions inspection program, October 5, 1981 Online
 4. Endorses "PA Energy Policy", October 6, 1981 Online
 5. Statement: death of President Anwar Sadat, October 6, 1981 Online
 6. Commodore International Ltd. Expansion (2,000 full-time jobs over next 3 years), October 7, 1981 Online
 7. Statement: Yom Kippur, October 7, 1981 Online
 8. Paul Critchlow statement regarding fake letter aimed at blocking nomination of Secretary Clifford Jones to PUC, October 7, 1981 Online
 9. Richard A. Stafford letter to PUC Chairman Susan M. Shanaman, October 8, 1981 Online
 10. Appreciates President Reagan's responsiveness for federal action regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) cleanup, October 9, 1981 Online
 11. Statement: Senate Law and Justice Committee on liquor reform proposal, October 13, 1981 Online
 12. Accepts final State Planning Board report, October 13, 1981 Online
 13. Task Force on Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and other Controlled Substances, October 13, 1981 Online
 14. Presents PA Citizens for Better Libraries 1981 "Citizen of the Year", October 15, 1981 Online
 15. Will incorporate Governor's Committee on Employment of Handicapped within Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, October 15, 1981 Online
 16. Remarks: PA Council of Republican Women, October 16, 1981 Online
 17. Greets 1,000 student participants in "Litter Fail" as part of "Keep PA Beautiful" Day, October 16, 1981 Online
 18. EDC Executive Director Charles Lieberth will conduct briefings regarding impact of federal budget on state programs, October 16, 1981 Online
 19. Dedicates Douglas Building Annex to Disabled American Veterans' State Headquarters, October 16, 1981 Online
 20. $929,470 loan to Lemington Home for the Aged to comply with safety standards, October 16, 1981 Online
 21. PA and EPA enter third annual agreement, October 19, 1981 Online
 22. PA Small Manufacturers' Council, "Small Business Advocate of the Year", October 19, 1981 Online
 23. State will provide $60 million in financing to help public schools and private colleges and universities undertake energy conservation initiatives, October 19, 1981 Online
 24. Letter from Edwin Meese III regarding cost-sharing plan for cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI), October 20, 1981 Online
 25. Testimony before Joint Hearing of Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources and Senate Subcommittee on Nuclear Regulations, October 20, 1981 Online
 26. Velda U.S., Inc. plans $1.6 million expansion of its Lock Haven plant, October 21, 1981 Online
 27. Inspects newly reopened Beaver Falls-New Brighton Bridge, October 21, 1981 Online
 28. Cuts ribbon on new Sewickley Bridge, October 21, 1981 Online
 29. Remarks: Indiana Chamber of Commerce, October 21, 1981 Online
 30. U.S. Court of Appeals revises 1980 decision by U.S. Dept. of Education that would have required PA to repay $400,000 used by 4 PA school districts, October 21, 1981 Online
 31. Hosts Distinguished Daughters Luncheon, October 22, 1981 Online
 32. Remarks: State Conference of NAACP branches, October 23, 1981 Online
 33. Remarks: PA State Grange, October 27, 1981 Online
 34. $250,000 check from DCA to Chester County Redevelopment Authority, October 27, 1981 Online
 35. Commends business and corporate leaders for creating Riverfront Development Corporation in Delaware County, October 27, 1981 Online
 36. $68 million project to complete relocation of Route 22 in Cambria and Blair Counties, October 27, 1981 Online
 37. PennDOT will break ground in spring on East Street Valley & North Shore Expressway, Pittsburgh, October 28, 1981 Online
 38. First half of $58 million Parkway East Reconstruction Project nearly over, October 28, 1981 Online
 39. Philadelphia school strike ends, October 28, 1981 Online
 40. Acting DER Secretary Peter S. Duncan urges voters to approve water bond referendum on November 3, October 29, 1981 Online
 41. Pocal Industries, Inc., international armament and munitions organization, selected Northeast PA for first U.S. site, October 30, 1981 Online
 42. Safe release of remaining hostages at Graterford State Prison, November 2, 1981 Online
 43. Remarks: PA Chamber of Commerce, November 5, 1981 Online
 44. $300,000 check to aid Charleroi's Commercial Center in Mid-Mon Valley, November 6, 1981 Online
 45. Remarks: PA Medical Society House of Delegates, November 6, 1981 Online
 46. Remarks: PA Farmers Association, November 9, 1981 Online
 47. U.S. Commerce Department's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration awards State's Costal Zone Management Program $1.24 million to help fund 38 projects, November 9, 1981 Online
 48. New legislation to expand programs benefiting older Pennsylvanians including increased property tax and rent rebate payments, November 10, 1981 Online
 49. Dedicates renamed "Veterans' Memorial Bridge" in honor of Luzerne County veterans, November 11, 1981 Online
 50. Letter to Representative William Pendleton regarding Marcy State Hospital proposed conversion, November 12, 1981 Online
 51. Remarks: International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners, November 12, 1981 Online
 52. Visits Wormleysburg Fire Station, November 13, 1981 Online
 53. Dalton Elementary School's Janice Davis receives 1982 Teacher of the Year Award during PA Education Congress, November 13, 1981 Online
 54. Urges Philadelphia Police Officers to support 4-point legislative Crime Package, November 17, 1981  Online
 55. Commends Senate Committee on Aging and Youth for approving 4-point program of increased aid to senior citizens, November 17, 1981 Online
 56. Remarks: Young Presidents' Organization--Keystone PA Chapter, November 18, 1981 Online
 57. Remarks: Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry Annual Ag-Industry Banquet, November 18, 1981 Online
 58. Third annual Open House and Tour of Governor's Home, November 25, 1981 Online
 59. Letter to U.S. Interior Secretary James G. Watt regarding Centralia Mine fire, November 25, 1981 Online
 60. L & I grant approved for on-the-job training at new IGA Food Mart in Monroe County, November 30, 1981 Online
 61. Ray M. Bollinger resigns from Turnpike Commission, November 30, 1981 Online
 62. Guardian Life Insurance Company will establish its Northeastern U.S. Regional Office in PA (400 jobs), November 30, 1981 Online
 63. $300,000 expansion project at Corry Fish Culture Station in Erie County, November 30, 1981 Online
 64. Proposes legislation to transfer Elizabethtown Hospital for children and youth to Penn State University's Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, December 2, 1981 Online
 65. Plans for $1.1 million expansion of Spectrum Control, Inc. in Crawford County (100 jobs), December 3, 1981 Online
 66. Wager with Governor Allen I. Olson on NCAA II semi-final football game between Shippensburg State College and North Dakota State University, December 4, 1981 Online
 67. Inflation dividend checks totaling $22.3 million mailed to 418,000 state residents who qualify for benefits under OPIN , December 4, 1981 Online
 68. Robin Ross letter to Milton J. Shapp regarding shipment of atomic waste across PA, December 4, 1981 Online
 69. Dedicates monument of American World War II Veterans at American Legion State Headquarters, December 6, 1981 Online
 70. CONEG 1981 Northeast Economic Summit\, Saratoga II, December 7, 1981 Online
 71. PA qualifies under U.S. Labor Dept. regulations for freeze on additional federal U.C. taxes, December 8, 1981 Online
 72. Robert C. Wilburn: Thornburgh Administration rejects non-binding fact finders' report in collective bargaining negotiations with Liquor Store Clerks, December 8, 1981 Online
 73. PennDOT awarded contracts for first of final stages needed to complete Allegheny Valley Expressway, December 9, 1981 Online
 74. State acquires final acres for a proposed industrial park and recreational complex on Herrs Island, December 9, 1981 Online
 75. Renews push for once-a-year automobile safety inspections, December 9, 1981 Online
 76. Paul Critchlow statement regarding Senator Michael O'Pake's demand that Ethics Commission repeat its review of bond counsel's appointment of Dechert, Price & Rhoads, December 11, 1981 Online
Remarks: Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, December 14, 1981 Online
 77. Applications now available for new vehicle license plates recognizing former prisoners of war, December 15, 1981 Online
 78. Lt. Governor Scranton: Expresses pleasure at final passage of first part of Thornburgh/Scranton Administration's energy package, December 15, 1981 Online
 79. Robin Ross letter to Concerned Citizens' Action Group against Centralia mine fire, December 15, 1981 Online
 80. Praises Senate and House Republicans for prompt and positive action on proposed budget cuts, December 15, 1981 Online
 81. Jay C. Waldman letter to Edward M. Seladones, Executive Director, State Ethics Commission, December 16, 1981 Online
 82. Praises State House for approving welfare reform proposal, December 16, 1981 Online
 83. Lt. Governor Scranton: will announce Task Force on electric utility efficiency, December 16, 1981 Online
 84. Statement: death of Dr. Ethel D. Allen, December 17, 1981 Online
 85. Statement: Hanukkah, December 17, 1981 Online
 86. Delivers check for state's share of cost of new Thornburgh Bridge, December 17, 1981 Online
 87. Remarks: Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, 1981 public officials reception regarding new transportation coalition, December 17, 1981 Online
 88. Lt. Governor Scranton: Proposes changes in federal regulations that would enable U.S. Army to continue buying PA anthracite, December 18, 1981 Online
 89. $5.5 million granted by Federal Urban Mass Transit Administration for rehabilitation of Harrisburg Train Station, December 18, 1981 Online
 90. Directs DGS to turn off Christmas lights on Capitol Christmas tree for one hour on Christmas Eve in tribute to people of Poland, December 23, 1981 Online
 91. VETO: S.B. 742 abortion bill, December 23, 1981 Online
 92. Statement: proposed agreement between Office of Consumer Advocate and Three Mile Island (TMI) owners, December 29, 1981 Online
 93. Advances $15 million in school subsidies to Philadelphia School District, December 30, 1981 Online
 January-March, 1982 1651
 1. Begins two weeks of intensive budget and policy discussions, January 4, 1982 Online
 2. Letter from U.S. Interior Secretary James Watt regarding Centralia Mine Fire, January 5, 1982 Online
 3. Presents first PA Prisoner of War License Plate to Edwin A. Pearce in recognition of his efforts to identify listed POWs, January 7, 1982 Online
 4. Proclaims January 15 as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Thornburgh names Grover Washington, Jr. as "Goodwill Ambassador" for PA's 300th Birthday, January 14, 1982 Online
 5. Calls for establishment of Martin Luther King, Jr. National Holiday, January 14, 1982 Online
 6. DER Secretary Peter Duncan: Response to charges by Robert Ging and Representative Thomas Michlovic, January 19, 1982 Online
 7. Paul Critchlow: Response to allegations by Robert Ging and Representative Thomas Michlovic, January 19, 1982 Online
 8. PA Chiefs of Police Association endorses Anti-crime Package, January 19, 1982 Online
 9. $11.3 million contract for corridor to link Wilkes-Barre to Cross Valley Expressway, January 20, 1982 Online
 10. Proposes Federal-State, cost-sharing plan to finance efforts to control Centralia mine fire, January 21, 1982 Online
 11. Remarks: Greater Pittsburgh Business Development Corporation Awards for Excellence Luncheon, January 28, 1982 Online
Statement: closing of Philadelphia Bulletin, January 27, 1982 Online
 12. $1.1 million in Federal ARC funding for modern medical emergency communication system for 14-county area, February 4, 1982 Online
 13. Budget and Administration Secretary Robert Wilburn: PSEA Response, February 5, 1982 Online
 14. $13.2 million to SEPTA, February 5, 1982 Online
 15. Asks U.S. Small Business Administration to authorize disaster loans for Venango County, February 8, 1982 Online
 16. Panel appointed to investigate Graterford hostage incident will hold public hearings, February 8, 1982 Online
 17. State will spray 195,000 acres in 13 Northeastern counties to minimize gypsy moth effects, February 12, 1982 Online
 18. Ginny Thornburgh will open Museum of Scientific Discovery, February 12, 1982 Online
 19. U.S. Small Business Administration declares Venango County Disaster area, February 16, 1982 Online
 20. PennDOT approves $750,000 grant for construction of Altoona's Intermodal Transportation Center, February 17, 1982 Online
 21. Letter to Transportation Secretary Tom Larson regarding Engineering News-Record's, "Man of the Year", February 17, 1982 Online
 22. Joins Congressman William Clinger, Jr. in cooperative venture to continue freight service between Warren and Johnsonburg, February 17, 1982 Online
 23. Will implement 10-point plan proposed by special Task Force against Arson, February 18, 1982 Online
 24. VETO: S.B. 838 requires a "certificate of need" be obtained before proceeding with any new health facility or service, February 22, 1982 Online
 25. National Governors Association (NGA) support for legislation to encourage development of export trading companies, February 22, 1982 Online
 26. Commends House passage of Minimum Mandatory Sentencing Package, February 23, 1982 Online
 27. PennDOT awards $18.5 million contract for 17-mile relocation of Route 22, February 25, 1982 Online
 28. Rail freight service for Wilkes-Barre area, February 26, 1982 Online
 29. Executive Committee of National Association of Regulatory Commissioners endorses Cost-Sharing Plan for Cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI), February 26, 1982 Online
 30. Commends final passage by General Assembly to expand lottery benefits to senior citizens, March 3, 1982 Online
 31. State and U.S. Interior Department reaches agreement on ways to control Centralia mine fire, March 4, 1982 Online
 32. $1.5 million contract for rehabilitation of seven Route 68 bridges in Bradys Bend, March 8, 1982 Online
 33. $60,000 in grants from PA Science & Engineering Foundation to Lehigh University and Dickinson College for agricultural research projects, March 9, 1982 Online
 34. PA School for the Sciences, March 9, 1982 Online
 35. Unique coal-grain export facility in Philadelphia, March 11, 1982 Online
 36. U.S. Department of Energy developing plan for removal of damaged Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit II reactor core, March 11, 1982 Online
 37. Lt. Governor Scranton: Supports PA State Resolution 225 regarding nuclear waste disposal program, March 12, 1982 Online
 38. Fourth season of public tours of Governor's Home, March 15, 1982 Online
 39. $2.5 million for Occupational Health Training Programs, March 16, 1982 Online
 40. Four communities will share $1.6 million in State funds for waste-to-energy projects, March 17, 1982 Online
 41. $151.1 million in State liquid fuels tax checks will be delivered to local governments, March 18, 1982 Online
 42. Charles J. Lieberth: Regional workshops for county commissioners to aid them in implementation of Federal Block Grant Legislation, March 18, 1982 Online
 43. Water Facilities Loan Board Legislation will be introduced to administer $300 million water bond issue, March 22, 1982 Online
 44. Launches $1.5 million project to rehabilitate seven Route 68 bridges in Bradys Bend, March 23, 1982 Online
 45. Amendments to H.B. 720 Welfare Reform adopted by Conference Committee, March 23, 1982 Online
 46. Statement: House passage of H.B. 720 Welfare Reform, March 25, 1982 Online
 47. Governor's Small Business Council Meeting agenda, March 25, 1982 Online
 48. Remarks: Minority Trade Fair, March 27, 1982 Online
 49. $513,372 from DCA to aid in revitalization of Harrisburg Train Station, March 29, 1982 Online
 50. Urges final passage of legislation to create PA Agent Orange Information Commission, March 30, 1982 Online
 51. Kick-off meeting of Keystone State Games Board of Directors, March 30, 1982 Online
 52. Commends Senate for passage of H.B. 720 Welfare Reform, March 30, 1982 Online
 53. Remarks: Associated PA Constructors, March 31, 1982 Online
 54. Praises U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources for approval of legislation contributing toward cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI), March 31, 1982 Online
 April-June, 1982 2
 1. Jay C. Waldman: Praises PA Labor Relations Board for upholding Code of Conduct for state employees, April 1, 1982 Online
 2. Philadelphia receives $17 million from its share of liquid fuels tax revenues for 1981-82, April 2, 1982 Online
 3. Will initiate legislation creating one-time option for early retirement for teachers, April 2, 1982 Online
 4. Robert C. Wilburn: Administrative offices under Governor's jurisdiction without water are closed immediately, April 6, 1982 Online
 5. PA insurance companies may vary rates for Workers' Compensation Insurance, April 6, 1982 Online
 6. U.S. DOE and GPU agreement signing for removal of damaged Unit 2 reactor for Three Mile Island (TMI) site, April 7, 1982 Online
 7. Remarks: PA Association of Municipal Transit Authorities/Annual Mass Transit Seminar, April 8, 1982 Online
 8. Letter to Representative James J. Manderino regarding H.B. 2074, April 9, 1982 Online
 9. Urges final passage of PA Agent Orange Information Commission legislation, April 12, 1982 Online
 10. Gypsy moth infestation, April 12, 1982 Online
 11. Proposes early teacher retirement legislation, April 12, 1982 Online
 12. 10 winners of 1982 Hazlett Memorial Awards for Excellence in the Arts, April 13, 1982 Online
 13. Low-cost mortgage program, April 15, 1982 Online
 14. Ginny Thornburgh appointed to President's Committee on Mental Retardation, April 15, 1982 Online
 15. Award to Neoplan USA, Nation's first bus "pool purchase" plan, April 20, 1982 Online
 16. Planned construction for East Street Valley Expressway, April 20, 1982 Online
 17. $63,000 from PA Science & Engineering Foundation awarded to Penn State University for research, April 23, 1982 Online
 18. Remarks: Hospital Association of PA, Chief Executive Officers' Invitational Forum, April 23, 1982 Online
 19. Customized job training grant for program designed to keep recalled Conrail workers on the job, April 24, 1982 Online
 20. Tours SEPTA's newly rebuilt southern garage, April 26, 1982 Online
 21. Remarks: Dr. Gertrude A. Barber Center, Inc. 30th anniversary, April 28, 1982 Online
 22. Statement: nomination of Ronald H. Lewis as NJ Commissioner of Education, April 28, 1982 Online
 23. Groundbreaking for last link of Interstate 79, April 28, 1982 Online
 24. $200,000 DCA check for rehabilitation of Erie's bayfront area, April 28, 1982 Online
 25. Thornburgh given Presidential "E" Award by U.S. Commerce Secretary Malcom Baldrige at PA International Trade Conference, May 3, 1982 Online
 26. Fourth season of free guided tours of Governor's Home, May 3, 1982 Online
 27. Robert C. Wilburn: Balanced budget proposal right on target, May 4, 1982 Online
 28. Statement: final passage on 1982-83 state budget, May 4, 1982 Online
 29. $2.6 million Health Department project for Reading Rehabilitation Hospital, May 5, 1982 Online
 30. State loan to Fairchild-Weston Inc. for expansion program (325 jobs), May 5, 1982 Online
 31. Robert C. Wilburn: Letter to Joseph J. Licastro, PA Labor Relations Board, May 10, 1982 Online
 32. $19.78 million Health Department expansion project for Sacred Heart Hospital in Allentown, May 10, 1982 Online
 33. Robert C. Wilburn: Henry B. Brillinger II, Division Chief of Program Planning & Evaluation will receive 1982 George A. Bell Award from National Association of State Budget Officers, May 11, 1982 Online
 34. News conference with coaches representing PA State Athletic Conference, May 12, 1982 Online
 35. PA Organ Donor Program, May 13, 1982 Online
 36. Commends efforts of local community group, its Police Department and trained drug dog, May 14, 1982 Online
 37. Appeared before Senate Committee re nation's ratepayers and TMI cleanup costs, May 20, 1982 Online
 38. Marion Anderson will receive PA's Third Distinguished Artist Award, May 20, 1982 Online
 39. Praises NJ Governor Thomas Kean in supporting cost-sharing plan for cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI), May 24, 1982 Online
 40. Commends General Assembly for approving once-a-year Vehicle Inspection Legislation, May 25, 1982 Online
 41. Lt. Governor Scranton: $168,000 from federal government to complete Danville Recreation Complex, May 26, 1982 Online
 42. Paul Critchlow letter to Jacque D. Angle, PSEA President, June 1, 1982 Online
 43. Introduces DUI Legislation, June 2, 1982 Online
 44. Lt. Governor Scranton: $500,000 PIDA. loan to Spectrum Control, Inc., June 2, 1982 Online
 45. Paul Critchlow letter to Jacque D. Angle, PSEA President, June 2, 1982 Online
 46. Statement: United Nations Special Session on Disarmament, June 4, 1982 Online
 47. Lt. Governor Scranton: Remarks at 50th Anniversary Luncheon for Zippo, June 4, 1982 Online
 48. $130,000 cooperative venture by private industry and State to continue rail freight service in Blair County, June 4, 1982 Online
 49. $79,000 State grant designed to help 1,000 steelworkers and other unemployed people in Beaver County prepare for future employment, June 4, 1982 Online
 50. Third Distinguished PA Artist and Hazlett Memorial Awards for Excellence in the Arts Ceremony, June 8, 1982 Online
 51. Cyclops Corporation will purchase Crucible Midland facility, June 8, 1982 Online
 52. Letter to George Strichman, Chairman and CEO, Colt Industries, Inc., June 8, 1982 Online
 53. $392,000 cooperative venture by private industry and State to continue rail freight service in Westmoreland County, June 9, 1982 Online
 54. Remarks: Governor's Coal Export Conference, June 9, 1982 Online
 55. 1982 U.S. Savings Bond Drive Kick-Off, June 10, 1982 Online
 56. Department of PA Catholic War Veterans' 1982 "Man of the Year", June 10, 1982 Online
 57. Remarks: PA League of Cities Convention, June 10, 1982 Online
 58. PA and U.S. EPA contract signing to begin cleanup of Lehigh Electric Company hazardous waste site in Old Forge, June 11, 1982 Online
 59. $25,000 DCA check for Main Street project in Williamsport, June 11, 1982 Online
 60. Establishes PA Farm Market loan program, June 11, 1982 Online
 61. CETA grant to Lehigh Valley Manpower to fund 200 summer jobs for youths, June 12, 1982 Online
 62. Opening day ceremonies of Easton's Farmers' Market, June 12, 1982 Online
 63. PA's Small Business Advertising Campaign, "Small Business has a Friend in PA" cited for 1982 O & R Award of the American Press, June 16, 1982 Online
 64. Budget and Administration Secretary Robert Wilburn: May General Fund revenues indicate PA on target for ending year with balanced budget, June 17, 1982 Online
 65. Tall Ships '82 Celebration, June 17, 1982 Online
 66. Budget and Administration Secretary Robert Wilburn: Letter to Allan Ertel, June 17, 1982 Online
 67. $5 million loan to Home for Jewish Aged, June 18, 1982 Online
 68. Cost Reduction 3, June 21, 1982 Online
 69. Non-preferred appropriations for major State-related universities, June 21, 1982 Online
 70. Joint effort between Federal Small Business Administration and Commerce Department designed to increase number of federal contracts awarded to PA Small Businesses, June 22, 1982 Online
 71. Lt. Governor Scranton: Erie-Lackawanna Railroad Terminal Building, June 23, 1982 Online
 72. Remarks: Disabled American Veterans Department of PA, June 24, 1982 Online
 73. VETO: H.B. 1394 PA Turnpike System Southwestern Extensions Act, June 25, 1982 Online
 74. PA Minority Business Development Authority approves $100,000 loan for Nu-Tech Productions\, Inc., June 25, 1982 Online
 75. PA Legal Services Center to provide Statewide legal services in upcoming fiscal year, June 25, 1982 Online
 76. Budget and Administration Secretary Robert Wilburn letter to Howard Thorkelson, PA Legal Services Center Executive Director, June 25, 1982 Online
 77. $885,000 in compensation for past damages and inconveniences incurred during construction of Commodore Barry Bridge, June 29, 1982 Online
 July-September, 1982 3
 1. Release of $5.7 million in General Obligation Bond Funds to Community College of Allegheny County, July 1, 1982 Online
 2. Welfare grant increase averaging 5% and benefiting 117,000 households, July 1, 1982 Online
 3. Will help Pittsburgh School District out of cash flow problem, July 1, 1982 Online
 4. Greetings: "A New Day of Equality"/ERA march and rally, July 1, 1982 Online
 5. Renews contract between state and Philadelphia's D.A.'s office to fund expanded prosecution of welfare fraud cases, July 1, 1982 Online
 6. Meets with U.S. Defense Secretary Casper W. Weinberger to urge $400 million naval contract to Penn Ship for repairing battleship, July 6, 1982 Online
 7. 1981-82 budget surplus of $7.5 million, July 7, 1982 Online
 8. Robert C. Wilburn letter to Allen Ertel, July 7, 1982 Online
 9. PA Historical and Museum Commission $28,000 check for Society Hill Synagogue Restoration Project, July 7, 1982 Online
 10. Remarks: PA Rural Electric Association, July 8, 1982 Online
 11. Robert C. Wilburn: State reaches new contract with State Store Clerks Union, July 13, 1982 Online
 12. Motorcycle Safety Foundation will relocate to Chester County (18 jobs), July 13, 1982 Online
 13. $400 million Navy contract for refurbishing of battleship USS Iowa awarded to Mississippi and Louisiana, July 13, 1982 Online
 14. Opens new quarters for State Department of Aging, July 14, 1982 Online
 15. Remarks: PA Department of the American Legion, July 15, 1982 Online
 16. Neoplan, USA establishes first PA facility in Montgomery County, July 15, 1982 Online
 17. Meeting with President Reagan to suggest anti-crime initiatives, July 16, 1982 Online
 18. 1982 Distinguished Daughters of PA, July 16, 1982 Online
 19. Endorses Rev. Leon Sullivan's "Hire One Youth Campaign", July 20, 1982 Online
 20. Cyclops Corporation, Pittsburgh and United Steel Workers Union reached tentative contract agreement, July 21, 1982 Online
 21. Remarks: Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce, July 23, 1982 Online
 22. Addition of 2 Hazardous Waste Sites in PA eligible for action under U.S. EPA's "Superfund", July 23, 1982 Online
 23. $2 million for preliminary design work for relocation of traffic on Route 15, July 23, 1982 Online
 25. $150,000 provided for Clinton-Lycoming industrial marketing effort, July 23, 1982 Online
 26. "You've got a Friend in PA" Campaign increases travel and tourism expenditures by half a billion dollars in 1981, July 26, 1982 Online
 27. Remarks: PA Chiefs of Police Association, July 27, 1982 Online
 28. Special citation from Frank Giordano, President, PA Chiefs of Police Association, July 27, 1982 Online
 29. Tours $148 million relocation of U.S. Routes 220 and 22 in Blair County, July 27, 1982 Online
 30. Commends U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works for clearing way for full Senate to consider radiation cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI), July 27, 1982 Online
 31. Opening of new Hollidaysburg Veterans Home, July 27, 1982 Online
 32. General Services Secretary Walter Baran will receive "Award for Distinguished Service to State Government" from National Governors Association (NGA), July 30, 1982 Online
 33. Letter to Peter Terpeluk, Sr., Regional Administrator, S.B.A., August 2, 1982 Online
 34. Averts strike by Hospital and Health Care Employees Union, August 2, 1982 Online
 35. Emission inspections/$91 million in federal aid to PA, August 2, 1982 Online
 36. $750,000 for Treatment Alternative to Street Crimes Programs in 13 counties, August 2, 1982 Online
 37. U.S. Supreme Court will review state's request for stay of federal funding freeze of $91 million in federal highway aid, August 3, 1982 Online
 38. $2.4 million in PIDA. loans will spur 6 business development projects in Northeastern PA, August 4, 1982 Online
 39. Expansion of Ben Franklin Partnership, August 5, 1982 Online
 40. Hire One Youth, August 9, 1982 Online
 41. Letter to Peter N. Bibko, Regional Administrator EPA Region III, August 10, 1982 Online
 42. Remarks: Fraternal Order of Police, August 11, 1982 Online
 43. Letter to Peter Terpeluk, Jr., Regional Administrator, S.B.A., August 11, 1982 Online
 44. $200,000 DCA check for Erie Civic Center Complex, August 11, 1982 Online
 45. Remarks: PA Builders and Construction Trades Council, August 11, 1982 Online
 46. Award from Leo V. Marchetti, State Lodge President, PA State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police, August 12, 1982 Online
 47. Schuylkill County prison proposal, August 13, 1982 Online
 48. Opens Reading State Office Building, August 13, 1982 Online
 49. Opens 13th exhibit on Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" entitled "PA's Treasures", August 15, 1982 Online
 50. Remarks: PA-based United Vietnam Veterans Organization, August 16, 1982 Online
 51. Vee Neal Aviation Service between Erie and Harrisburg, August 17, 1982 Online
 52. Fire and Panic Regulations Proposal, August 18, 1982 Online
 53. Letter to U.S. Defense Secretary Casper W. Weinberger regarding Penn Ship Yard, August 18, 1982 Online
 54. Letter of dismissal to Charles G. Mayo, West Chester State College President, August 20, 1982 Online
 55. Statement: death of Joseph M. Barr, August 27, 1982 Online
 56. Groundbreaking for Pottstown Airport Industrial Park, September 1, 1982 Online
 57. American Legion Baseball World Series, September 1, 1982 Online
 58. PA Wing of the Civil Air Patrol emergency human organ and tissue air transport program, September 1, 1982 Online
 59. Presents PA Distinguished Service Medal to U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Edward C. Meyer, September 3, 1982 Online
 60. $1 million in State Site Development Program grants, September 3, 1982 Online
 61. Dedication of Dynamet, Inc., September 7, 1982 Online
 62. PA Housing Finance Agency sells $115 million in tax-free revenue bonds, September 7, 1982  Online
 63. Gypsy moth suppression, September 9, 1982 Online
 64. Completion of $17 million highway restoration project for I-80 in Clarion and Jefferson Counties, September 10, 1982 Online
 65. PA Ship Building Company is awarded U.S. Defense Department contract to refurbish fast logistic ships, September 10, 1982 Online
 66. Tours Clearfield County "Golden Rod" widening and resurfacing project on Route 322, September 10, 1982 Online
 67. Personal federal income tax returns for past five years, September 13, 1982 Online
 68. Remarks: 1983 Statewide Emergency Management Conference, September 13, 1982 Online
 69. Lt. Governor Scranton: Start-up of new PA Capital Loan Fund, September 14, 1982 Online
 70. Statement: death of Princess Grace of Monaco, September 15, 1982 Online
 71. Budget and Administration Secretary Robert Wilburn: Testimony before Public Works & Transportation Subcommittee on Economic Development of the U.S. House of Representatives, September 15, 1982 Online
 72. $25,000 raise for fire protection in Harrisburg, September 15, 1982 Online
 73. Remarks: Governor's Occupational Safety and Health Conference, September 15, 1982 Online
 74. Initiative to promote education opportunities in computer training for PA students, September 16, 1982 Online
 75. Statement: Rosh Hashanna, September 17, 1982 Online
 76. Lt. Governor Scranton: State will soon distribute $42 million through Small Communities Program, September 17, 1982 Online
 77. Statement: Yom Kippur, September 20, 1982 Online
 78. Letter to Anne M. Gorsuch, U.S. EPA Administrator, September 21, 1982 Online
 79. $10 million in tax-exempt bond financing for preservation and expansion of steel industry jobs in Westmoreland County, September 21, 1982 Online
 80. Workers' compensation insurance premiums reduced for third year in a row, September 22, 1982 Online
 81. U.S. Transportation Department approves $82 million in federal funding for completion of I-95 in Philadelphia and reconstruction of Penn-Lincoln Parkway section in Pittsburgh, September 27, 1982 Online
 82. First professional diabetes education program -- PA Diabetes Plan -- developed by PA Diabetes Task Force, September 28, 1982 Online
 83. PA Supreme Court stays lower court order to reinstate Peter J. Camiel to Turnpike Commission, September 28, 1982 Online
 84. Commends House for swift, bipartisan passage of H.B. 2533 DUI bill, September 29, 1982 Online
 85. Names 13 persons to the Historic Preservation Revolving Fund of PA Board of Directors, September 29, 1982 Online
 86. U.S. HUD approves $775,000 to Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation in Westmoreland County, September 30, 1982 Online
 October-December, 1982 4
 1. Dedication for Neoplan, U.S.A. Sales and Service Center, October 1, 1982 Online
 2. Health Secretary Dr. H. Arnold Muller elected to American College of Emergency Physicians, October 1, 1982 Online
 3. Ben Franklin Partnership grant applications, October 4, 1982 Online
 4. Charles of the Ritz (Squibb Corporation) will locate new facility in Monroe County (300 jobs), October 4, 1982 Online
 5. Expands statewide pilot program that cuts the time it takes the state to pay businesses for purchase of goods and services, October 4, 1982 Online
 6. Statement: death of Dave Milne, October 4, 1982 Online
 7. $3.3 million in grants to PA's 57 Tourist Promotion Agencies, October 5, 1982 Online
 8. Letter to U.S. Agriculture Secretary John Block regarding federal assistance for farmers, October 5, 1982 Online
 9. Ginny Thornburgh participated in announcement ceremony, National Adoption Exchange, October 6, 1982 Online
 10. Citation from U.S. Small Business Administration, October 6, 1982 Online
 11. $2 million PIDA. loan to Shared Medical Systems (900 jobs over 3 years), October 6, 1982 Online
 12. Certified Development Corporation will provide financing for PA small businesses, October 6, 1982 Online
 13. Graterford Panel, Hostage-Taking Incident Report, October 7, 1982 Online
 14. $200,000 Engineering Study to preserve corridor for eventual relocation of traffic Route 23 to U.S. Route 30 in Lancaster, October 7, 1982 Online
 15. DPW awarded $140,000 federal grant to test and evaluate state work experience program, October 7, 1982 Online
 16. $500,000 state loan for establishing of "Jobs Incubator", October 8, 1982 Online
 17. Order for 150 of first 1983 diesel-powered VW Rabbits, October 12, 1982 Online
 18. Neoplan, USA unveils "Penn Liner," a new model of bus to join Cambria County Transit Authority, October 12, 1982 Online
 19. Robert C. Wilburn letter to Edward Keller, Executive Director, AFSCME, October 13, 1982 Online
 20. $900,000 Federal Aviation Grant for Harrisburg International Airport improvement project, October 13, 1982 Online
 21. $250,000 in state funds for Master of Science in Nursing Degree Programs at Bloomsburg State College and Indiana University, October 13, 1982 Online
 22. $300,000 in PA Science and Engineering Foundation Grants, October 13, 1982 Online
 23. Remarks: Conference on Employment of the Handicapped, October 13, 1982 Online
 24. Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Company, October 14, 1982 Online
 25. Dumping of foreign steel in U.S., October 14, 1982 Online
 26. Honored by Minority Input Committee at 1982 Minority Business Opportunity Conference, October 14, 1982 Online
 27. Groundbreaking ceremonies for expansion of Knoll International, Inc., Montgomery County (400 jobs), October 14, 1982 Online
 28. Energy Terminals, Inc., newest coal-loading port facility in Philadelphia, October 15, 1982 Online
 29. Groundbreaking ceremony for one of two final contracts for $100 million Pottstown Expressway, October 15, 1982 Online
 30. Governor's Task Force on Driving Under the Influence Final Report, October 18, 1982 Online
 31. $175,000 state grant to House of UMOJA's Boystown Project, October 20, 1982 Online
 32. First report from Interagency Task Force on Elderly Crime Prevention, October 20, 1982 Online
 33. Hails agreement by European Economic Community to voluntarily limit steel exports to U.S., October 21, 1982 Online
 34. Additional $1 million for customized job training for unemployed steel workers, October 21, 1982 Online
 35. Robert C. Wilburn: Receipts for first quarter of current fiscal year exceed revenue estimates by $14.3 million, October 21, 1982 Online
 36. $1.08 million from DCA "Small Communities Program" for Dunmore and Olyphant in Lackawanna County, October 22, 1982 Online
 37. Conrail's Pier 124, October 25, 1982 Online
 38. Remarks: Eighth Annual Conference on the Holocaust, October 25, 1982 Online
 39. $699,500 from DCA "Small Communities Program" for Butler in Butler County, October 27, 1982 Online
 40. Asks Federal Highway Administration to certify $41 million for completion of Allegheny Valley Expressway near Tarentum, October 27, 1982 Online
 41. $25,000 from PA Farm Market Loan Program (first check), October 27, 1982 Online
 42. St. Joe Zinc, October 28, 1982 Online
 43. "Enterprise Development Areas" guidelines, October 29, 1982 Online
 44. $750,000 to Johnstown for an "Economic Development Program", October 30, 1982 Online
 45. $6 million, state's share for construction of Rail Training Center in Altoona, October 30, 1982 Online
 46. $244,736 as state's share in joint purchase of land for eventual construction on new Route 23 in Lancaster County, November 1, 1982 Online
 47. Department of Education $800,000 mini-grant program, November 9, 1982 Online
 48. Baldt, Inc. will relocate to Pennsylvania from Texas with the assistance of Pennsylvania Industrial Development Association loan, November 10, 1982 Online
 49. Governor's Republican Governor's Association (RGA) Annual Conference schedule, November 12, 1982 Online
 50. Roger R. Babusci named 1983 Teacher of the Year during Pennsylvania Education Congress, November 12, 1982 Online
 51. Unanimously elected to Executive Committee of National Governors Association (NGA), November 15, 1982 Online
 52. Department of Environmental Resources Secretary Peter S. Duncan resigns to become Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, November 17, 1982 Online
 53. Advises Pittsburgh and Philadelphia mayors they will lose over $300 million in highway and bridge projects unless Senate restores funding for auto emission inspection program, November 19, 1982 Online
 54. Congratulates DGS Secretary Walter Baran upon his receipt of "Public Official of the Year" award from Delaware Valley Contractors Association, November 19, 1982 Online
 55. Letter to U.S. Transportation Secretary Drew Lewis regarding court ordered auto emissions inspection program, November 22, 1982 Online
 56. Special "Holiday Tour" of Governor's home, November 22, 1982 Online
 57. Commends President Reagan for endorsing nationwide highway and bridge construction effort, November 23, 1982 Online
 58. Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation, subsidiary of LTV Corp., will purchase Crucible Steel, Midland Works, November 24, 1982 Online
 59. Opens 14th exhibit in Governor's "Salute to Pennsylvania's Artistic Heritage" featuring Fraktur and Sampler Folk Art, November 29, 1982 Online
 60. Congratulates General Assembly for approving legislation which earmarks $1.4 billion for nation's largest bridge rebuilding program, November 30, 1982 Online
 61. $39 million in OPIN program checks, December 1, 1982 Online
 62. Statement: on the death of Robert E. Casey, December 1, 1982 Online
 63. Letter to Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation regarding pending highway and mass transit funding increase legislation before Congress, December 3, 1982 Online
 64. Statement: Hanukkah, December 13, 1982 Online
 65. Remarks: Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting and Carol Sing Ceremony, December 16, 1982 Online
 66. Human Resource Commission's (HRC) "Pennsylvania's Initiatives for the Handicapped" report, December 17, 1982 Online
 67. $64,545 grant for Beaver County unemployed workers, December 20, 1982 Online
 68. Robert C. Wilburn: legislative budget briefing, December 21, 1982 Online
 69. Bell Telephone will locate new corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania, December 21, 1982 Online
 70. Wager with Georgia Governor George Busbee on outcome of Sugar Bowl Game between Penn State University and University of Georgia, December 23, 1982 Online
 71. Commends Congress for approving Federal Gas Tax increase, December 23, 1982 Online
 72. Resignation of U.S. Transportation Secretary Drew Lewis, December 28, 1982 Online
 73. VETO: H.B. 178 would have prevented Liquor Control Board from investigating and prosecuting anonymous complaints, December 29, 1982 Online
 January-March, 1983 1661
 1. Supports United Nations action in proclaiming "Decade of Disabled Persons", January 10, 1983 Online
 2. "For Women, Managing Your Business" conference, January 10, 1983 Online
 3. Agreement with U.S. Labor Department of $26 million for six additional weeks of U.C., January 11, 1983 Online
 4. Sale of Eberle Tanning Company, January 11, 1983 Online
 5. Paul Critchlow letter to Paul J. Smith, State Ethics Commission Chairman, January 12, 1983 Online
 6. Control Data Corporation will locate $6 million center in Philadelphia, January 12, 1983 Online
 7. Statement: Resignation of U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Richard Schweiker, January 12, 1983 Online
 8. "Investors Alert" Program, January 13, 1983 Online
 9. Adidas, USA, Inc., commemorates production of one million pairs of athletic shoes, January 13, 1983 Online
 10. EEI commitment to provide assistance for the radiation cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI), January 14, 1983 Online
 11. Cabinet nominations for Administration's second term, January 14, 1983 Online
 12. Meets with U.S. Senator Robert Dole regarding U.C. Fund problems, January 19, 1983 Online
 13. $2 million grant from U.S. Solar Energy and Energy Conservation, January 20, 1983 Online
 14. U.S. Synthetic Fuel Corporation will consider proposed A.C. Valley project for federal funding, January 20, 1983 Online
 15. Wins CONEG's support for resolution to slow natural gas prices, January 24, 1983 Online
 16. PA Minority Business Development Authority approves $450,000 in low-interest loans to promote Philadelphia's Gallery II, January 26, 1983 Online
 17. Statement: death of State Superior Court Judge Gwilym A. Price, Jr., January 31, 1983 Online
 18. Jay C. Waldman: New psychological procedure for corrections officer applicants, January 31, 1983 Online
 19. Dedication of Westfield Tanning Company, February 1, 1983 Online
 20. Letter to William J. Hannan, fact finder and Conciliator in California, PA school strike, February 1, 1983 Online
 21. Statement: independent truckers' strike violence, February 2, 1983 Online
 22. $226,000 Nutrition-Education Pilot Program, February 3, 1983 Online
 23. Orders actions to combat violence occasioned by independent truckers' strike, February 4, 1983 Online
 24. PIDA. adopts new guidelines aimed at increasing low-interest loan money for advanced technology enterprises and for firms in "distressed" areas, February 4, 1983 Online
 25. 211 state grants, totaling $1.31 million, to further use of technology, February 8, 1983 Online
 26. Testimony: Public assistance and Unemployment Compensation Committee, House Ways and Means Committee, February 9, 1983 Online
 27. Letter to Chairman of Republican and Democratic State Committees regarding upcoming judicial elections, February 11, 1983 Online
 28. Opens fourteenth exhibit in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" featuring Allentown Art Museum, February 13, 1983 Online
 29. Business Council of PA Report, "The Competitive Position of PA Businesses", February 15, 1983 Online
 30. Letter to Charles Keller, PA Bar Association President regarding cross-endorsement of judicial candidates, February 15, 1983 Online
 31. George Seidel letter to Senator D. Michael Fisher regarding DER personnel changes, February 17, 1983 Online
 32. New procedure to assist unemployed Pennsylvanians who face mortgage foreclosures, February 17, 1983 Online
 33. Urges Hilton Hotels Corporation to enter franchise agreement to operate hotel being developed in Erie-Lackawanna Railroad Building Terminal, February 18, 1983 Online
 34. Pupil Transportation Subsidy Program10-month study report, February 18, 1983 Online
 35. $78,811 to United Steel Workers of America/Community College of Allegheny County Model Program, February 22, 1983 Online
 36. Remarks: Governor's Timber Conference, February 23, 1983 Online
 37. Governor's National Governors Association (NGA) Schedule February 23, 1983 Online
 38. Cigna Corporation will locate its permanent corporate headquarters in Philadelphia, February 24, 1983 Online
 39. Final purchase of Crucible Steel by J & L Steel Corporation, February 24, 1983 Online
 40. Urges National Governors Association (NGA) to renew emphasis on drug abuse prevention and treatment initiatives, February 27, 1983 Online
 41. $500,000 in grants for establishment of 2 Advanced Technology Centers under Ben Franklin Partnership, February 28, 1983 Online
 42. Urges National Governors Association (NGA) to continue participation in shaping federal transportation policies, February 28, 1983 Online
 43. Jay C. Waldman letter to Daniel Pennick, Chairman, PA LCB regarding suspending 8 enforcement agents, February 28, 1983 Online
 44. National Governors Association (NGA) endorses U.C. Insurance Package, March 1, 1983 Online
 45. Joint venture between Commonwealth and Philadelphia Citywide Development Corporation to assist minority contractors with J.C. Penney/Gallery project, March 8, 1983 Online
 46. Hershey Philadelphia Hotel opening, March 8, 1983 Online
 47. Groundbreaking for new Temple University Hospital, March 8, 1983 Online
 48. Additional $500,000 to establish two more advanced technology centers under Ben Franklin Partnership, March 14, 1983 Online
 49. Agrees to sale of former C. Howard Marcy State Hospital grounds to U.S. Labor Department for new location of Pittsburgh Jobs Corps Center, March 14, 1983 Online
 50. Fifth season of guided tours of Governor's home, March 15, 1983 Online
 51. "Citation of Appreciation" from National American Legion, March 15, 1983 Online
 52. $800,000 Department of Education administered mini-grants, March 18, 1983 Online
 53. DCA Secretary Shirley Dennis letter to K. Leroy Irvis regarding proposed State Mortgage Assistance Program, March 21, 1983 Online
 54. PA Farmers Association first "Barn Raiser Award", March 21, 1983 Online
 55. Jay C. Waldman letter to Representative Max Pievsky, House Appropriations Committee Chairman, March 23, 1983 Online
 56. Governor's Task Force on Health Care Cost Containment Final Report, March 24, 1983 Online
 57. Commends Congress for including provisions in Social Security Reform Legislation, March 25, 1983 Online
 58. Statement: Passover, March 28, 1983 Online
 59. Remarks: 1983 Conference on Jobs and Prosperity: "New Direction for the 80's", March 28, 1983 Online
 60. Serious crime reported in PA in 1982 decreased for second consecutive year, March 29, 1983 Online
 61. Montage Multi-season Recreation Center, March 30, 1983 Online
 62. Statement: Easter, March 31, 1983 Online
 April-June, 1983 2
 1. 1983 Hazlett Memorial Awards for Excellence in the Arts, April 4, 1983 Online
 2. Creation of Governor's New Product Awards, April 7, 1983 Online
 3. Will halt use of twin-trailers on state roads, April 11, 1983 Online
 4. Asks House to reconsider its rejection of auto emissions inspection program, April 13, 1983 Online
 5. Hilton Hotel Corp. agrees to operate hotel in Erie-Lackawanna Railroad Building Terminal in Scranton, April 15, 1983 Online
 6. Proposes U.C. Plan, April 18, 1983 Online
 7. Western Penitentiary hostage-taking incident, April 19, 1983 Online
 8. Names John Updike Fourth Distinguished PA Award Recipient, April 19, 1983 Online
 9. Nation's new library symbol in conjunction with National Library Week, April 19, 1983 Online
 10. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Emergency Health Care Program for the Unemployed, April 20, 1983 Online
 11. Opens new quarters for Civil Service Commission, April 22, 1983 Online
 12. Remarks: Fire Awareness Symposium III, April 22, 1983 Online
 13. Additional $8 million for low-interest loans to Volunteer, Fire, Ambulance and Rescue Companies, April 26, 1983 Online
 14. $250,000 Ben Franklin Partnership to University City Science Center, April 26, 1983 Online
 15. $750,000 Small Communities Program check to city of New Castle, April 27, 1983 Online
 16. Remarks: 1983 Joint Conference of the Manufacturer's Association of Tri-County and the Beaver Valley Conference for Economic Development, April 27, 1983 Online
 17. Aging Secretary Gorham L. Black: Testimony before State House Subcommittee on Aging, April 28, 1983 Online
 18. Commends House and Senate Conference Committee regarding auto emission inspections, May 2, 1983 Online
 19. Kick-off of U.S. Savings Bond Drive, May 2, 1983 Online
 20. Dedication of Washington County borough's newly renovated business district, May 2, 1983 Online
 21. Remarks: PA Bar Association regarding "true merit system" for justices and judges, May 4, 1983 Online
 22. Governor's Traffic Safety Council highway safety awards, May 5, 1983 Online
 23. Remarks: First Governor's Awards for Volunteerism in PA Crime Commission Watch Programs, May 5, 1983 Online
 24. Launching of advertising campaign to promote advanced technology jobs and enterprises, May 9, 1983 Online
 26. Budget Secretary Robert A. Bittenbender regarding published reports on state budget proposal of House Democrats, May 13, 1983 Online
 27. Message to 25 United States Air Force enlistees known as "Governor Thornburgh's Eagle Flight", May 17, 1983 Online
 28. Remarks: United Services Agency dinner meeting, May 18, 1983 Online
 29. Officiates groundbreaking for 180-bed Susquehanna Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation (134 jobs), May 19, 1983 Online
 30. Said today that administration is working on special package of aid and initiatives aimed at helping Johnstown area, May 19, 1983 Online
 31. Announces new "Small Business Research Seed Grant Program" for advanced technology innovation, May 20, 1983 Online
 32. Honorary degree: Doctor of Laws from Widener University and Commencement remarks, May 21, 1983 Online
 33. Dedication of PA Medal of Honor monument in Valley Forge, May 21, 1983 Online
 34. Honorary degree: Doctor of Public Administration from Susquehanna University and Commencement remarks, May 22, 1983 Online
 35. Introduces resolution by Executive Committee of National Governors Association (NGA): "Decade of Disabled Persons", May 23, 1983 Online
 36. Urges approval of S.B. 650 regarding repeal of sunset provision for Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Act, May 23, 1983 Online
 37. Remarks: House Democrats' proposed budget and personal income tax increase, May 24, 1983 Online
 38. George C. Werner, III, Executive Director of EDC: Letter to Representative Camille George regarding subpoenas, May 24, 1983 Online
 39. Letter to U.S. Small Business Administration regarding disaster loans in Westmoreland, Allegheny and Indiana Counties, May 24, 1983 Online
 40. Guardian Life Insurance Company will build regional office in Northampton County (500-600 jobs), June 1, 1983 Online
 41. Grosfillex, Inc. will expand its first assembly plant in U.S. through the assistance of a $654,000 low-interest PIDA. loan, June 1, 1983 Online
 42. Remarks: National Bridge Conference, June 1, 1983 Online
 43. Letter to Dr. Nunzio J. Palladino, U.S. NRC Chairman, June 2, 1983 Online
 44. 26 communities will share $15.9 million under Small Communities Program, June 3, 1983 Online
 45. State Correction Commissioner Ronald J. Marks: retirement statement, June 6, 1983 Online
 46. $200,000 to PA State Council of Opportunities Industrialization Centers, June 6, 1983 Online
 47. DPW Secretary Walter Cohen: rulings by U.S. District Judge Charles Weiner on PA's Welfare Reform Law, June 6, 1983 Online
 48. Dedication of Erie Civic Human Resources Center, June 7, 1983 Online
 49. Two discretionary grants from U.S. Labor Department to provide summer jobs for 1,500 western PA youth, June 9, 1983 Online
 50. Budget Secretary Robert Bittenbender: welfare reform, June 9, 1983 Online
 51. Reopens Thompson Run Bridge, June 9, 1983 Online
 52. Administration Secretary Murray Dickman: AFSCME Agreement, June 15, 1983 Online
 53. Remarks: Department of PA Veterans of Foreign Wars, June 16, 1983 Online
 54. Meets with Cao Guisheng, Consul-General of People's Republic of China, June 21, 1983 Online
 55. Budget Secretary Robert Bittenbender: House Democrats abandon their billion dollar tax hike proposal, June 21, 1983 Online
 56. Administration Secretary Murray Dickman: PSSU and PESEA contract negotiations, June 22, 1983 Online
 57. Approves lower-cost emergency health insurance for unemployed in 33 additional counties, June 22, 1983 Online
 58. Letters to President Pro Tempore Henry G. Hager and Speaker of House Leroy Irvis regarding budget deliberations, June 22, 1983 Online
 59. $11 million for a new terminal at Harrisburg International Airport, June 23, 1983 Online
 60. Remarks: PA Disabled American Veterans, June 24, 1983 Online
 61. Will meet with Edwin Meese, III to press for relief for U.S. Specialty Steel Industry from illegal imports, June 24, 1983 Online
 62. Proposal to qualify for additional $275 million in federal funds for public transportation, June 24, 1983 Online
 63. Tours Northeast Tier Advanced Technology Center established at Lehigh University with help of Ben Franklin Partnership grant, June 24, 1983 Online
 64. Task Force on Education for Economic Growth Final Report, June 24, 1983 Online
 65. Small businesses doing business with the Commonwealth will receive interest on delinquent payments from State agencies, June 24, 1983 Online
 66. Ginny Thornburgh will attend President's Committee on Mental Retardation quarterly meeting, June 26, 1983 Online
 67. 1982 Uniform Crime Report shows decrease in the number of reported crimes in PA for second consecutive year, June 27, 1983 Online
 68. U.C. Proposal agreement, June 28, 1983 Online
 69. PA Academy of Science, PA Coal: Resources, Technology and Utilization, June 28, 1983 Online
 70. Brands House Democrats budget proposal as "unacceptable", June 29, 1983 Online
 71. Administration Secretary Murray Dickman: PSSU and PESEA rejection of contract negotiations, June 30, 1983 Online
 72. Governor led delegation of specialty steel manufacturers and labor to White House regarding unfair competition from foreign companies, June 30, 1983 Online
 July-September, 1983 3
 1. Budget Secretary Robert A. Bittenbender: General Fund deficit $234.7 million, identical to Thornburgh estimate, July 6, 1983 Online
 2. Private Sector Initiatives Task Force holds first meeting, July 7, 1983 Online
 3. Announces 5 women as 1983 Distinguished Daughters of PA, July 7, 1983 Online
 4. Announces Federal SBA declared disaster area in flood-damaged areas of Bedford, Cambria and Somerset Counties, July 8, 1983 Online
 5. Makes remarks after meeting of State Legislative leaders regarding balanced budget, July 8, 1983 Online
 6. Receives documentary historical work, William Penn and the Founding of PA, 1680-1684, July 12, 1983 Online
 7. Paul Critchlow: regarding Democratic House Leader James Mandarino's statements on 1983-1984 budget, July 12, 1983 Online
 8. Letter to President Reagan on Centralia, July 12, 1983 Online
 9. Governor and EPA Administrator Ruckelshaus announce Commonwealth to enforce safe drinking water standards, July 13, 1983 Online
 10. Presents $43,000 to Pittsburgh Technical Institute for job training under Customized Job Training Program, July 13, 1983 Online
 11. Receives "President Award" from PA Chiefs of Police Association (PCPA), July 13, 1983 Online
 12. Commends General Assembly regarding unemployment compensation reform legislation, July 14, 1983 Online
 13. Announces $100,000 state grant for minority and women entrepreneurs to Pittsburgh Operation DIG/Careers, July 15, 1983 Online
 14. Opens 18th exhibit in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" featuring "Sculptors Who Teach", July 17, 1983 Online
 15. Secretary of Administration Murray G. Dickman: Letter to Andrew L. Stern (PSSU), July 18, 1983 Online
 16. Remarks: following Senate vote on supplemental budget and revenue bills for 1983-1984, July 19, 1983 Online
 17. NRC letter on issues regarding restart of Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 1, July 19, 1983 Online
 18. Calls on State Planning Board to develop human service needs strategies for the rest of the century, July 20, 1983 Online
 19. Demonstrates computerized information bank, PA Research Inventory Project, July 20, 1983 Online
 20. Remarks: on the approval by the General Assembly of Motor License Fund budget and revenue package, July 21, 1983 Online
 21. Presents PA Cross for Valor to Lloyd D. Cannon, July 22, 1983 Online
 22. Murray Dickman: Statement regarding tentative agreement with PSSU and PESEA, July 28, 1983 Online
 23. Signs AFSCME 2 year contract, July 29, 1983 Online
 24. Challenged students of PA Governor's School for the Sciences, July 29, 1983 Online
 25. Outlines economic development effort in PA to Executive Committee of National Governors Association (NGA), July 31, 1983 Online
 26. Proposes and urges support of amendment to National Governors Association (NGA) Highway Transportation Policy, August 1, 1983 Online
 27. Reelected to second term on National Governors Association (NGA) Executive Committee, August 1, 1983 Online
 28. $1.3 million grant to Greater Johnstown Area Community Re-employment Program, August 3, 1983 Online
 29. Enterprise Development Areas, August 3, 1983 Online
 30. Travel and tourism expenditures exceed $7 billion in 1982, August 4, 1983 Online
 31. Administration Secretary Murray Dickman: PSSU and PESEA contract ratification, August 5, 1983 Online
 32. Federal Jobs Bill, August 11, 1983 Online
 33. Centralia vote to relocate, August 11, 1983 Online
 34. Additional $10 million in Ben Franklin Partnership grants, August 11, 1983 Online
 35. Statement: Buffalo Valley Toastmasters Club, August 12, 1983 Online
 36. Remarks: on PennDot County Maintenance Manager's Seminar, August 12, 1983 Online
 37. Opens four mile stretch of Pottstown Expressway, August 18, 1983 Online
 38. $80,937 check to Rabbit Software Corporation for customized job training, August 18, 1983 Online
 39. Remarks: on Governor's Occupational Safety and Health Conference, September 6, 1983 Online
 40. Remarks: at the 1983 State Employees Combined Appeal Kick-Off, September 6, 1983 Online
 41. $20 million expansion of Quaker Oats Company (200 jobs), September 7, 1983 Online
 42. Statement: on Rosh Hashanah, September 7, 1983 Online
 43. Figgie Reports on Crime in America, Reducing Crime in America Successful Community Efforts, September 7, 1983 Online
 44. Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program in conjunction with "The Chemical People", September 9, 1983 Online
 45. Change in price structures approved by LCB, September 14, 1983 Online
 46. Letter to U.S. Agriculture Secretary John Block regarding crop damage form summer drought, September 15, 1983 Online
 47. DGS will advertise for design bids for University of Pittsburgh Medical Research Facility, September 15, 1983 Online
 48. Application forms for low-interest loans to upgrade community water systems available, September 15, 1983 Online
 49. Insurance Commissioner Michael Browne resigns, September 15, 1983 Online
 50. Statement: Yom Kippur, September 16, 1983 Online
 51. DGS's initiation of "State Contracts Information" section will be included in PA Bulletin, September 19,1983 Online
 52. $100,000 in checks for economic development in Mercer County, September 20, 1983 Online
 53. $13 million plan to upgrade and improve security in State's prisons, September 21, 1983 Online
 54. INC Magazine rates PA number one in State support for small business, September 21, 1983 Online
 55. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations two-day meeting to discuss "Future of the States in the Federal System", September 22, 1983 Online
 56. Meets with U.S. Interior Secretary James Watt to launch joint Federal-State Task Force on Centralia Mine Fire, September 22, 1983 Online
 57. Opens 19th exhibit in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" entitled "Portraits of PA Artists", September 25, 1983 Online
 58. Statement: death of Philadelphia newsman Jim O'Brien, September 26, 1983 Online
 59. PA Distinguished Service Medals, September 26, 1983 Online
 60. $873,000 in solid waste planning grants to 23 communities, September 26, 1983 Online
 61. $3.5 million in grants to 58 tourist promotion agencies, September 27, 1983 Online
 62. Jay C. Waldman letter to Representative Jeffrey E. Piccola regarding welfare demonstration in rotunda, September 28, 1983 Online
 63. Statement: Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Club, September 29, 1983 Online
 64. Federal approval to proceed with Vine Street Expressway, September 29, 1983 Online
 65. $125,000 joint contract to Education Products Information Exchange and Consumer Union for micro computers, September 30, 1983 Online
 66. Signed S.B. 270, the "Public Official Compensation Act\," providing salary increases for legislators, judges, elected officials, September 30, 1983 Online
 October-December, 1983 4
 1. Selects 3 PA firms as recipients of 1983 Governor's Export Awards, October 3, 1983 Online
 2. Outlines proposals for comprehensive reform of PA judicial system, October 3, 1983 Online
 3. Announces EPA sewage construction grants, October 4, 1983 Online
 4. Announces 3 PA companies recipients of first "Governor's New Product Awards", October 4, 1983 Online
 5. Announces U.S. House of Representatives actions regarding Centralia, October 5, 1983 Online
 6. Public Welfare Secretary Walter W. Cohen: Status of welfare and welfare reform, October 6, 1983 Online
 7. Moratorium on termination of certain social security disability benefits, October 6, 1983 Online
 8. First annual "Franklin-Jefferson Great Partnership Award" dinner of new National Small Business High Technology Institute, October 10, 1983 Online
 9. 1983 World Series wager with Maryland Governor Harry Hughes, October 11, 1983 Online
 10. Customized Job Training grant to American Information Systems, October 11, 1983 Online
 11. 17 PA counties declared "natural disaster areas" due to drought at Governor's request, October 11, 1983 Online
 12. Congratulatory telegram to Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Club, October 11, 1983 Online
 13. Governor given First Annual Chairman's Award for Outstanding Service to Youth from Juvenile Court Judge's Commission, October 13, 1983 Online
 14. Ginny Thornburgh starter of Wheelchair "PUSH" for benefit of severely handicapped children, October 14, 1983 Online
 15. Turning the Tide: An Agenda for Excellence in PA Public Schools, October 17, 1983 Online
 16. Attends opening ceremonies at Scranton revitalization, October 18, 1983 Online
 17. Presents check for expansion of David A. Glosser Memorial Library Building in Johnstown, October 18, 1983 Online
 18. Letter to Senate Leaders regarding use of Lottery Funds for prescription drugs program for needy senior citizens, October 18, 1983 Online
 19. Announces grants to provide vocational rehabilitation services for disabled Pennsylvanians, October 19, 1983 Online
 20. Makes remarks at National Foreign Trade Council Foundation Seminar, October 19, 1983 Online
 21. Ginny Thornburgh presents awards to handicapped at 31st annual conference of Governor's Committee on Employment of Handicapped, October 19, 1983 Online
 22. Announces hiring freeze at PA Turnpike Commission, October 20, 1983 Online
 23. Participates in dedication of Charles of the Ritz Group Ltd. distribution facility, October 20, 1983 Online
 24. Announces contract to build I-95 in Philadelphia, October 20, 1983 Online
 25. Introduces new license plate with "You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania", October 24, 1983 Online
 26. Ginny Thornburgh attends White House preview of "The Chemical People", October 24, 1983 Online
 27. Remarks: Fall conference of International Society of Fire Service Instructors, October 27, 1983 Online
 28. Announces architectural firms to receive Commonwealth's first Annual Design Awards for outstanding public architecture, October 27, 1983 Online
 29. VETO: S.B. 421, prohibiting cross-filing in judicial and school board elections and allowing district judges to engage in political activities, October 28, 1983 Online
 30. Announces appropriation to Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh for Parkway East Industrial Park, October 28, 1983 Online
 31. Remarks: on PA Department of the American Legion, October 29, 1983 Online
 32. Remarks: at the State Conference of the NAACP, October 29, 1983 Online
 33. $7.5 million in Federal Jobs Bill grants for public works projects in 18 communities, November 2, 1983 Online
 34. $630,000 U.S. EPA grant to assist in examination of hazardous waste sites, November 2, 1983 Online
 35. Thornburgh makes statement on the death of Lloyd Mc Bride, Untied Steelworkers of America President, November 7, 1983 Online
 36. $5 million commitment from President Reagan for Philadelphia Urban Education Center, November 7, 1983 Online
 37. U.S. Agriculture Department declares PA's avian influenza an "extraordinary emergency", November 9, 1983 Online
 38. Nation's Republican governors (RGA) focused on Pa's highly praised economic development strategy, November 14, 1983 Online
 39. Letter to Senator Edwin F. Holl regarding PA's No-Fault Automobile Insurance Law, November 14, 1983 Online
 40. Frank Champine as PA's 1984 Teacher of the Year at PA Education Congress, November 18, 1983 Online
 41. Holiday Tour of the Governor's Home, November 21, 1983 Online
 42. Southeastern Pennsylvania Veterans Home Site-Selection advisory committee and appointment of sixteen members, November 22, 1983 Online
 43. Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation will train 473 present and former employees with help of $289,733 state grant, November 23, 1983 Online
 44. Delivers first installment of $3.35 million state grant to Ben Franklin Partnership Center for Advanced Technology, November 23, 1983 Online
 45. Ginny Thornburgh welcomes Hemlock Girl Scout Council to Governor's Home, November 30, 1983 Online
 46. Proposes plan to replace Liquor Control Board (LCB) and calls for resignation of Daniel W. Pennick, Liquor Control Board chairman, November 30, 1983 Online
 47. $42 million in Federal Relocation Assistance for Centralia citizens, December 1, 1983 Online
 48. National Governors Association (NGA) and National Committee on United States-China Relations, Inc. "Goodwill" visit to People's Republic of China, December 1, 1983 Online
 49. Statement: Chanukah, December 2, 1983 Online
 50. Philadelphia Museum of Art loans Governor's Home 15th and 16th century works of art, December 5, 1983 Online
 51. Possible Japanese participation in radiation clean-up of Three Mile Island (TMI), December 5, 1983 Online
 52. Ginny Thornburgh will chair 1984 Mothers March Against Birth Defects, December 6, 1983 Online
 53. $800,000 in technology grants in special education, December 7, 1983 Online
 54. Discusses prospects for expanded trade with Chinese Premier Zhao Ziyang, December 8, 1983 Online
 55. Lt. Governor: Signs Regional Agreement for accelerated clean-up of Chesapeake, December 9, 1983 Online
 56. Newspapers' endorsement of plan to abolish LCB, December 15, 1983 Online
 57. Will visit special Economic Zone near Canton, China, December 16, 1983 Online
 58. Budget briefing with legislative leaders, December 20, 1983 Online
 59. Governor's Southeastern PA Veterans Home Site-Selection Advisory Committee organizational meeting, December 20, 1983 Online
 60. Feasibility of expanding number of HMOs in PA, December 20, 1983 Online
 61. Opens 18 mile stretch of U.S. Route 22, December 21, 1983 Online
 62. Governor's Toll Roads Task Force Report, December 21, 1983 Online
 63. Statement: Christmas, December 22, 1983 Online
 64. Statewide Block Grant Advisory Committee final report, December 22, 1983 Online
 65. Telegram to Joe Paterno and Nittany Lions, December 27, 1983 Online
 66. $150,000 check as state matching grant for John Rudy Park in York County, December 30, 1983 Online
 January-March, 1984 1671
 1. Two IRS rulings allow contributions to Three Mile Island (TMI) clean-up effort to be tax deductible, January 4, 1984 Online
 2. West Germany and England to pursue foreign investment prospects, January 5, 1984 Online
 3. Homeowners Emergency Assistance Act, January 5, 1984 Online
 4. Letter to Senator Henry G. Hager, III regarding avian influenza, January 9, 1984 Online
 5. Meets with West Germany's travel and tourism industry officials and leaders, January 10, 1984 Online
 6. Phoenix-Elektrizitatsgesellschaft will build its new U.S. Corporate Headquarters in Harrisburg are, January 11, 1984 Online
 7. PKS-Digiplan will establish its U.S. sales and marketing headquarters in Lancaster, January 12, 1984 Online
 8. Joins Ms. Coretta Scott King in planting oak tree near future Philadelphia headquarters of Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Inc., January 16, 1984 Online
 9. $103,979 Customized Job Training grant to Bethlehem Steel Corporation employees, January 18, 1984 Online
 10. Friends of the PA Historical & Museum Commission, January 19, 1984 Online
 11. $1.2 million check for the Homewood revitalization, January 24, 1984 Online
 12. Urges Pennsylvanians to call and write their legislators regarding liquor reform in Pittsburgh, January 24, 1984 Online
 13. Administration Secretary Murray Dickman letter to Daniel Pennick, LCB Chairman regarding employee allegations, January 25, 1984 Online
 14. Calls for 30% increase in funding for Customized Job Training Program, January 26, 1984 Online
 15. Water Facilities Loan Board approves $3.7 million in low-interest loans for improvements to 7 community water supply system, January 26, 1984 Online
 16. Statement: vote by U.S. NRC for restart of undamaged Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 1, January 27, 1984 Online
 17. Administration Secretary Murray Dickman letter to Daniel Pennick, LCB Chairman regarding LCB failures, January 27, 1984 Online
 18. 11.8% decrease in number of alcohol-related traffic fatalities during first year of DUI Law, January 30, 1984 Online
 19. Letter to Senator Robert C. Jubelirer regarding No-Fault Legislation, January 30, 1984 Online
 20. Letter to U.S. HUD Secretary Samuel R. Pierce regarding $144 million Pittsburgh development grant, January 31, 1984 Online
 21. Urges Pennsylvanians to call and write their legislators regarding liquor reform in Johnstown, January 31, 1984 Online
 22. Jay C. Waldman letter to Senator Craig Lewis regarding Commonwealth attorney information, January 31, 1984 Online
 23. Announces grants to 8 job training agencies to help 1,200 dislocated workers gain new job skills, February 1, 1984 Online
 24. General Counsel Jay C. Waldman: Letter to Senator H. Craig Lewis, February 1, 1984 Online
 25. Urges break-up of PA's state liquor store monopoly, February 2, 1984 Online
 26. Re PA Budget Message, February 7, 1984 Online
 27. Predicts LCB could be broken up if consumers write and call legislators, February 7, 1984 Online
 28. Honors one millionth person to complete PA Game Commission's hunter education program, February 8, 1984 Online
 29. Ginny Thornburgh urges Pennsylvanians to "Buckle Up Baby", February 9, 1984 Online
 30. Remarks: Regarding LCB at Americana Host Farm Resort, February 9, 1984 Online
 31. Announces federal funds available for historic preservation grants, February 13, 1984 Online
 32. Announces 17 public schools have been "adopted" by 17 State agencies, "partnerships" for education, February 14, 1984 Online
 33. Delivers grants for training and economic development projects in Scranton (300-600 jobs), February 16, 1984 Online
 34. Federal "Superfund" assistance to eight PA hazardous waste sites, February 22, 1984 Online
 35. Remarks: Governor's Commission of Financing of Higher Education, February 23, 1984 Online
 36. Commends Air Force for selecting Philadelphia International Airport as site of Northeast Corridor Gateway of Military Airlift Command, February 23, 1984 Online
 37. PA historic sites and museums open and free to public on Charter Day, February 24, 1984 Online
 38. RGA adopts "Balanced Budget Resolution" introduced by Governor Dick Thornburgh, February 28, 1984 Online
 39. Announces awarding of two contracts for construction of new downtown Pittsburgh and Northside highway links, February 29, 1984 Online
 40. Ginny Thornburgh urges Pennsylvanians to "Buckle Up Baby", March 1, 1984 Online
 41. Free, guided tours at Governor's Home for sixth consecutive year, March 5, 1984 Online
 42. New Governor's School for International Studies, March 7, 1984 Online
 43. $148,194 in state HMO Grants, March 7, 1984 Online
 44. $46 million highway and bridge project and $500,000 in checks for economic development and job creation, March 8, 1984 Online
 45. West Berlin for Conference on "Federalism in a Global Age: the Role of America and West German States", March 9, 1984 Online
 47. Remarks: at Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce, March 19, 1984 Online
 49. Renews call for radiation clean-up at Three Mile Island (TMI), March 20, 1984 Online
 50. Honors three Northampton County Volunteer Firefighters for their rescue of four children, March 21, 1984 Online
 51. Letter to Senate Majority Leader Robert C. Jubelirer and Senate Majority Leader Edward P. Zemprelli regarding LCB, March 21, 1984 Online
 52. 1984 Hazlett Memorial Awards for Excellence in the Arts in PA, March 21, 1984 Online
 53. Commonwealth Institute for the Improvement of Science and Mathematics Education, March 23, 1984 Online
 54. $300 million PHEAA Loan Program, March 26, 1984 Online
 55. Urges Congress to pass the Uniform Patent Procedures Act, March 27, 1984 Online
 56. U.S. Interior Department Office of Surface Mining Grants final approval for Centralia Relocation Funds, March 27, 1984 Online
 57. Commends Senate for confirmation of Frank Ursomarso and James Dodaro to PA Turnpike Commission, March 27, 1984 Online
 58. Extends deadline for studded snow tires, March 29, 1984 Online
 59. Paul Critchlow letter to Senate Minority Leader Edward P. Zemprelli re. LCB, March 30, 1984 Online
 60. Statement of Governor to House Subcommittee on Economic Development (regarding Appalachian Regional Commission), March 1, 1983 Online
 61. Statement on the Appalachian Regional Commission, House Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development, March 26, 1984 Online
 April-June, 1984 2
 1. Urges voters to "vote yes for jobs and economic renewal" in primary referendum, April 4, 1984 Online
 2. Urges "vote yes for jobs and economic renewal," Pittsburgh, April 5, 1984 Online
 3. Urges "vote yes for jobs and economic renewal", State College, April 5, 1984 Online
 4. Letter to Robert T. Lhulier, regional administrator of SBA in Bala Cynwyd, April 6, 1984 Online
 5. Remarks: to PA State Association of Township Supervisors, April 9, 1984 Online
 6. Statement: economic development bond issue referendum, April 11, 1984 Online
 7. Remarks: 13-state Appalachian Regional Commission, April 11, 1984 Online
 8. Bill Cosby named recipient of fifth annual Distinguished PA Artist Award, April 11, 1984 Online
 9. Joins U.S. Secretary of Labor Donovan and announces state and federal Job Training Partnership grants, April 12, 1984 Online
 10. Launches 3-point promotional effort regarding Intern Certificate for becoming a teacher in PA, April 13, 1984 Online
 11. Announces Japanese commitment of $418 million to radiation clean-up of Three Mile Island (TMI), April 16, 1984 Online
 12. State Police Commissioner Daniel F. Dunn: Letter to State Senator H. Craig Lewis regarding security detail for Governor, April 16, 1984 Online
 13. Administration praised by five of nation's leading credit rating agencies and investment banks, April 17, 1984 Online
 14. Presents check to Harrisburg Mayor Stephen Reed under Enterprise Development Area Program (EDAP), April 18, 1984 Online
 15. Remarks: at 1984 Adlai E. Stevenson Fellow of Yale University's Morse College, April 19, 1984 Online
 16. Community Affairs Secretary Shirley Dennis presents check to York Mayor William Althaus under EDAP, April 23, 1984 Online
 17. Announces opening of Governor's Home for special "Spring Tour", April 24, 1984 Online
 18. Remarks: at dinner meeting of Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce and Greater Pottsville Industrial Development Corporation, April 24, 1984 Online
 19. Community Affairs Secretary Shirley Dennis presents sewer construction grant to Johnstown Mayor Herbert Pfuhl, April 24, 1984 Online
 20. Remarks: at the Bureau of Corrections fourth Annual Outstanding Performance Awards, April 25, 1984 Online
 21. Remarks: at 1984 Governor's Highway Safety Awards luncheon, April 26, 1984 Online
 22. Announces $80,000 "mini-grants" for classroom education for handicapped through use of advanced technology, April 30, 1984 Online
 23. Small business luncheon at Governor's Home, May 7, 1984 Online
 24. Fifth Distinguished PA Artist Award to Bill Crosby, May 8, 1984 Online
 25. Testimony before U.S. International Trade Commission re. PA steel industry, May 9, 1984 Online
 26. Keystone Award of Excellence to Burton Elementary School and Hammermill Paper Company for their "Adopt a School" Program, May 10, 1984 Online
 27. Remarks: Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, May 10, 1984 Online
 28. Preview of new TV series: "The Constitution: That Delicate Balance", May 11, 1984 Online
 29. Agreement signed for final cleanup of Enterprise Avenue toxic waste dump, May 14, 1984 Online
 30. PA's U.C. rate drops from 13.9% to 9.6% during March 1983 and March 1984, May 16, 1984 Online
 31. Statement: death of State Police Commissioner Daniel F. Dunn, May 16, 1984 Online
 32. $849,500 in State grants for conversion of Erie-Lackawanna Train Station into Hilton Hotel complex (Final installment), May 17, 1984 Online
 33. PA Distinguished Service Medals to Lt Col. Guion S. Bluford, Jr., May 18, 1984 Online
 34. Smokey the Bear Commemorative Stamp, May 18, 1984 Online
 35. Commends floor action by House Finance Committee on H.B. 857 which mandates pension reform, May 23, 1984 Online
 36. Calls for swift approval of S.B. 1100 Court Reform, May 23, 1984 Online
 37. Education Department grants LaSalle College university status, May 24, 1984 Online
 38. New promotional campaign "Greet a visitor. Make a friend", May 25, 1984 Online
 39. Xebec will build $7 million computer electronics firm in Lehigh Valley (200-300 jobs), May 31, 1984 Online
 40. Signs agreement of sale transferring ownership of Port of History Museum to Philadelphia, May 31, 1984 Online
 41. Remarks: at Hempfield Area Senior High School 28th annual graduation ceremony, June 4, 1984 Online
 42. Remarks: at the 20th anniversary celebration of establishment of what is now PA Commission for Women, June 5, 1984 Online
 43. Ginny Thornburgh honors six women for outstanding service to PA Commission on Status of Women during Commission's 20th anniversary, June 5, 1984 Online
 44. Groundbreaking ceremony for first phase of completion of I-78 in Lehigh Valley, June 6, 1984 Online
 45. Awarded PA Chapter of the National Association of Water Companies' first annual James McGirr Kelly Award for Excellence, June 6, 1984 Online
 46. Opens 20th exhibit in Governor's 20th "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" entitled "Maritime Mosaic", June 10, 1984 Online
 47. Remarks: at American Legion State Headquarters, dedication of statue, June 10, 1984 Online
 48. Comments regarding U.S. International Trade Commission's agreement that steel industry has been hurt by unfair imports, June 12, 1984 Online
 49. Secretary of Administration Murray G. Dickman statement regarding PSSU charges regarding manpower levels in Department of Public Welfare, June 13, 1984 Online
 50. Letter to NRC urging postponement of vote on restart of Unit 1 at Three Mile Island (TMI), June 14, 1984 Online
 51. Telegram to Edison Electric Institute re. Three Mile Island (TMI) and restart of Unit 1, June 18, 1984 Online
 52. Remarks: at Lancaster Rotary luncheon, June 20, 1984 Online
 53. Remarks: Economic Development Council of Northeastern PA, June 20, 1984 Online
 54. Proposes renovation program at State Fire Academy, June 22, 1984 Online
 55. Letter requesting U.S. Small Business Administration special disaster loans for rain damage in Centre, Mifflin, Juniata, and Clinton counties, June 26, 1984 Online
 56. DuPont Company donates 1,700 acres of scenic woods and streams in White Clay Creek Valley to PA and Delaware, June 26, 1984 Online
 57. Remarks: at 65th annual State VFW Convention, June 28, 1984 Online
 58. Announces travel and tourism expenditures in PA in 1983 totaled $7.4 billion, June 28, 1984 Online
 59. Announces serious crime in PA decreased 7.3% in 1983 -third straight year of decline, June 28, 1984 Online
 60. Accepts National Crime Prevention Coalition's State Award for "the outstanding state crime prevention program" in the nation, June 29, 1984 Online
 61. Announces four women as 1984 Distinguished Daughters of PA, June 29, 1984 Online
 62. National Conference on Building Partnerships for Quality Education in Rural America, June 29, 1984 Online
 63. Welfare Secretary Walter Cohen and Budget Secretary Robert A. Bittenbender release study regarding effects of Welfare Reform Act of 1982, June 29, 1984 Online
 64. Announces PA and West Virginia interstate pact for safe disposal of low-level radioactive waste, June 29, 1984 Online
 July-September, 1984 3
 1. VETO: S.B. 750 because of section which would have precluded legal actions for wrongful birth, July 3, 1984 Online
 2. VETO: H.B. 1270 which would have prohibited cross-filing in judicial and school board elections, July 3, 1984 Online
 3. Letter to Speaker K. Leroy Irvis regarding Judicial Reform, July 12, 1984 Online
 4. Groundbreaking for first U.S. plant of Phoenix, a West German manufacturer of electrical and electronic components, July 13, 1984 Online
 5. Remarks: on PA Department of American Legion Convention receives Distinguished Service Medal for Public Service, July 13, 1984 Online
 6. Letter to U.S. Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole regarding Conrail sale, July 17, 1984 Online
 7. $1,365,922 to PA communities for 1984 Summer Youth Job Program, July 19, 1984 Online
 8. 1983-1984 Budget surplus of $76 million, July 24, 1984 Online
 9. Governor's National Governors Association (NGA) Schedule, July 26, 1984 Online
 10. Administration Secretary Murray Dickman letter to Edward J. Keller, AFSCME Executive Director, regarding PA Public Employees Health and Welfare Fund, July 27, 1984 Online
 11. Urges fellow governors to support passage of Uniform Patent Procedures Act (NGA), July 29, 1984 Online
 12. Urges National Governors Association (NGA) ask Congress to delegate to Federal Highway Administration authority for apportioning federal interstate highway funds, July 29, 1984 Online
 13. Statement: death of Fred Waring, July 30, 1984 Online
 14. National Governors Association (NGA) Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Protection, July 30, 1984 Online
 15. CONEG passes resolution conditioning any federal sale of Conrail on economic guarantees for northeast, July 30, 1984 Online
 16. Re-elected to one-year term of National Governors Association (NGA) Executive Committee, July 31, 1984 Online
 17. Harley-Davidson Motor Company announces 560 workers will be trained at modernized plant, August 3, 1984 Online
 18. Remarks: on Eastern Section of American Society of Enologists, August 3, 1984 Online
 19. Telegram to Speaker of House, K. Leroy Irvis regarding Judicial Reform, August 3, 1984 Online
 20. Remarks: on Annual meeting of Eastern Regional Conference of the Council of State Governments, August 8, 1984 Online
 21. Report showing Customized Job Training Program helped 4,800 win jobs or promotions in first two years, August 8, 1984 Online
 22. Remarks: Joint Economic Committee of Congress, August 9, 1984 Online
 23. Opens third annual Keystone State Games, August 10, 1984 Online
 24. Opens 21st exhibition in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" series, PA Sculptors, August 11, 1984 Online
 25. Letter to SBA regarding disaster loans in Berks, Bucks, Chester, Lehigh, Montgomery and Northeast Philadelphia counties damaged by storms, August 13, 1984 Online
 26. Starts nation's first government program to help homeowners avoid mortgage foreclosure, August 14, 1984 Online
 27. Secretary of Administration Murray G. Dickman: Letter to Edward J. Keller, AFSCME, August 15, 1984 Online
 28. Urges NRC to postpone vote on restart of Unit 1 at Three Mile Island (TMI), August 15, 1984 Online
 29. Asks President Reagan to declare storm-damaged communities in 7 Western PA counties a "major disaster area" to hasten flood recovery, August 20, 1984 Online
 30. Announces procedure to allow local economic development agencies to use up to 95% of PA's industrial development bond authority, August 21, 1984 Online
 31. Announces allocation of state Job Training Partnership Act funds to ensure continuation of 3 Pittsburgh area centers, August 22, 1984 Online
 32. Office of General Counsel to continue to appeal ruling allowing Auditor General employees who paid for jobs to retain them, August 27, 1984 Online
 33. Praises President Reagan's proclamation of a "major disaster area" in 7 Western PA counties, August 27, 1984 Online
 34. Gives Labor Day Message, August 29, 1984 Online
 35. 1984 State Employees Combined Appeal Kick-Off, September 4, 1984 Online
 36. $1 million PIDA loan to corporation which will acquire and update former Johnstown U.S. Steel Corporation plant, September 5, 1984 Online
 37. Letter to President Reagan regarding U.S. International Trade Commission, September 5, 1984 Online
 38. $2.85 million in Job Training Partnership Act grants, September 6, 1984 Online
 39. Birth of Kendall Leigh Thornburgh, September 6, 1984 Online
 40. 5% cash grants increase for 715,000 welfare recipients, September 6, 1984 Online
 41. Daniel F. Dunn Memorial Award for scholastic achievement to Schuylkill County State Police cadet, September 7, 1984 Online
 42. Opens $5.5 million Susquehanna Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation (134 jobs), September 7, 1984 Online
 43. $270,000 in federal funds for Our Client Assistance Program which protects rights of handicapped citizens, September 11, 1984 Online
 44. Ginny Thornburgh honors twenty students chosen to participate in Community College of Allegheny County Advanced Technology Training project, September 11, 1984 Online
 45. Remarks: Rotary Club of Philadelphia, September 12, 1984 Online
 46. PA leads nation for second year in a row in child support collections, September 13, 1984 Online
 47. Ginny Thornburgh will attend World Congress of American Field Service International/Inter-cultural Programs, September 14, 1984 Online
 48. PA Conservation Corps will provide jobs for 4,000 disadvantaged young men and women through money financed by $190 million bond issue, September 17, 1984 Online
 49. Second Annual Governor's New Product Awards, September 18, 1984 Online
 50. Remarks: National Federation of Independent Business, September 18, 1984 Online
 51. Keystone Award of Excellence to recipients at Private Sector Initiatives Task Force Meeting, September 18, 1984 Online
 52. Keystone Award of Excellence to Golden Slipper Club and Camp, September 18, 1984 Online
 53. Remarks: Interstate Conference on Water Problems, September 19, 1984 Online
 54. Remarks: Conservation Consultants "Professional Enrichment Program" Award Ceremony, September 19, 1984 Online
 55. Remarks: Pittsburgh Rotary Club, September 19, 1984 Online
 56. $3.9 million in grants to local tourist promotion agencies, September 20, 1984 Online
 57. Department of Defense $103 million Software Engineering Institute federal contract competition, September 20, 1984 Online
 58. Letter to U.S. HUD Secretary Samuel R. Pierce, Jr. regarding Johnstown Urban Development Action grant, September 21, 1984 Online
 59. Statement: Rosh Hashanah, September 25, 1984 Online
 60. Receives Regional Minority Purchasing Council of PA's "Distinguished Service Award", September 26, 1984 Online
 61. Remarks: PA Citizens for Better Libraries; Thornburgh announces "Access PA" proposal, September 26, 1984 Online
 62. Reactions to "Access PA" proposal, September 26, 1984 Online
 63. Establishes Environmental Education program, September 27, 1984 Online
 64. Dedicates two buildings at Hollidaysburg Veterans' Home, September 28, 1984 Online
 65. Letter to Speaker K. Leroy Irvis regarding Judicial Reform legislation, September 28, 1984 Online
 66. Remarks: Fireman's Association of State of PA, September 28, 1984 Online
 67. Catastrophic Loss Trust Fund Appeal, September 28, 1984 Online
 October-December, 1984 4
 1. Joins Reagan Administration in announcing $4 million Urban Development Action Grant to Johnstown Corporation Steel plant, October 1, 1984 Online
 2. Groundbreaking for Harrisburg International Airport new terminal building, October 1, 1984 Online
 3. Statement: Yom Kippur, October 1, 1984 Online
 4. Kicks off mailing 130,000 Vietnam Veterans regarding toxic chemical exposure, October 2, 1984 Online
 5. Presents checks to three local organizations in pilot federal fire-prevention program, October 4, 1984 Online
 6. Announces PA Department of Agriculture has lifted State avian influenza quarantine, October 4, 1984 Online
 7. Announced Commonwealth's credit rating upgraded by Moody's Investor Service, October 4, 1984 Online
 8. VETO: S.B. 1324 regarding DPW appropriations to able-bodied, October 4, 1984 Online
 9. VETO: H.B. 1137 regarding "Spousal Sexual Assault", October 5, 1984 Online
 10. Carries organ donor sticker, October 9, 1984 Online
 11. Announces $700 million in tax anticipation notes sold at very favorable interest rate to Chase Manhattan Bank, October 10, 1984 Online
 12. Announces 15% increase for winter energy assistance benefits for low income households, October 11, 1984 Online
 13. Remarks: PA Crime Prevention Officers' Association quarterly meeting, October 12, 1984 Online
 14. Inaugurates PA regional portion of cleanup of Chesapeake Bay with U.S. EPA Regional Water Director Alvin R. Morris, October 12, 1984 Online
 15. VETO message regarding S.B. 11, Petroleum Practices Regulation Act, October 12, 1984 Online
 16. Remarks: PA Association of Broadcasters annual fall convention, October 15, 1984 Online
 17. Letter to EPA re. acid rain, October 16, 1984 Online
 18. 1984 Distinguished Service Award from PA Library Association, October 16, 1984 Online
 19. Remarks: 88th Annual Convention of the PA School Boards Association, October 17, 1984 Online
 20. Letter to Lynn R. Williams, International President of United Steel Workers of America, October 19, 1984 Online
 21. Ginny Thornburgh urges Pennsylvanians to "Buckle Up Baby", October 19, 1984 Online
 22. Last tour day for Governor's Home, October 22, 1984 Online
 23. Announces early intervention programs for 5,000 handicapped pre-school children, October 22, 1984 Online
 24. Remarks: PA Economic Development Association's semi-annual conference, October 22, 1984 Online
 25. Secretary of Administration Murray G. Dickman: New plan to control health care for state employees with Capital B/C and PA B/S, October 24, 1984 Online
 26. Proposes state liquor monopoly be put to statewide referendum, October 24, 1984 Online
 27. Announces Customized Job Training grant to Chester County Intermediate Unit for 444 workers at Lukens Steel Co., October 26, 1984 Online
 28. Announces Customized Job Training grant to Delaware County Intermediate Unit for employees at North American Silica Co., October 26, 1984 Online
 29. Letter to Navy Secretary John F. Lehman, Jr. re. construction of nine T-AO fleet oilers, October 26, 1984 Online
 30. Ginny Thornburgh presents awards and gives remarks at 32nd annual conference of Governor's Committee on Employment of Handicapped, October 29, 1984 Online
 31. Remarks: "Opportunities '84" PA Small Business/Procurement Conference, October 30, 1984 Online
 32. Honors 9 PA teachers, participants in special two-year-old program re. school children and drug abuse, King of Prussia, October 31, 1984 Online
 33. Honors 9 PA teachers, participants in special two-year-old program re. school children and drug abuse, Pittsburgh, October 31, 1984 Online
 34. Statement: National Salute II statue dedication at Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC, October 31, 1984 Online
 35. Additional $1 million in Job Training Partnership Act funds for Pittsburgh are dislocated workers, November 1, 1984 Online
 36. Ginny Thornburgh urges Pennsylvanians to "Buckle Up Baby," Erie, November 2, 1984 Online
 37. Ginny Thornburgh urges Pennsylvanians to "Buckle Up Baby," Allentown, November 2, 1984 Online
 38. Guidelines and funding criteria for 6 of 11 economic revitalization program components, November 5, 1984 Online
 39. Ginny Thornburgh reappointed to President's Committee on Mental Retardation, November 9, 1984 Online
 40. Opens 22nd exhibit in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" entitled "Pittsburgh Essay", November 10, 1984 Online
 41. Carnegie Mellon University is selected for $103 million Department of Defense Engineering Institute site, November 14, 1984 Online
 42. $100,000 State Enterprise Zone grant to Jeannette, PA, November 14, 1984 Online
 43. Remarks: 37th Annual Education Conference regarding intensifying parental involvement in "Turning the Tide" program, November 15, 1984 Online
 44. Ida D. Dark as PA's 1985 Teacher of the Year at PA Education Congress, November 16, 1984 Online
 45. PA National Guard reaches highest personnel strength since 1970's, November 16, 1984 Online
 46. Proposes raising income limit on eligibility for assistance under "PACE" program by $3,000, November 19, 1984 Online
 47. Engineering School equipment program, November 20, 1984 Online
 48. Remarks: Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau, November 21, 1984 Online
 49. $275,000 DCA grant to Belmont Plateau Area in Fairmont Park, Philadelphia, November 21, 1984 Online
 50. SEPTA Bridge crisis emergency aid, November 21, 1984 Online
 51. Remarks: PA Conference on Aging, November 26, 1984 Online
 52. Letter to House Majority Leader James J. Manderino re. $190 million economic development program, November 28, 1984 Online
 53. Commends 1983-84 General Assembly, November 30, 1984 Online
 54. Art work on display for sixth public holiday tour of Governor's Home, November 30, 1984 Online
 55. Announces first 2 engineering equipment grants and incubator loan through PA Economic Revitalization Fund, December 4, 1984 Online
 56. 40,000 students to receive help in reading and math skills under Governor's "Turning the Tide" program of education reform, December 5, 1984 Online
 57. Appointed by U.S. Treasury Secretary Donald R. Regan as member National '85 U.S. Savings Bond Volunteer Committee and chairman of its State Governments Selection, December 12, 1984 Online
 58. Announces PA Minority Business Development Authority guidelines to assist minority businesses under economic revitalization bond issue, December 12, 1984 Online
 59. U.S. EPA Administrator William Ruckelshaus and others commemorate signing of regional agreement to cleanup Chesapeake Bay, December 13, 1984 Online
 60. Remarks: College of Electors of the Commonwealth of PA, December 17, 1984 Online
 61. Announces new merit pay system for over 2,200 upper-and-middle-management employees, December 17, 1984 Online
 62. Letter to F. Eugene Dixon Jr., Chairman of Delaware River Port Authority re. steel, December 18, 1984 Online
 63. Expects to seek personal income tax rate reduction and propose "rainy day" or Tax Stabilization Fund, December 18, 1984 Online
 64. VETO message: SB 1346, education requirements, December 19, 1984 Online
 65. VETO message re. H.B. 164, re. costs for volunteer fire companies, December 19, 1984 Online
 66. Statement: Voluntary steel import agreements negotiated by Reagan Administration, December 19, 1984 Online
 67. Statement: Chanukah, December 19, 1984 Online
 68. Announces "Minigrants," 3rd consecutive year, for improved classroom education of handicapped students, December 20, 1984 Online
 69. VETO message: H.B. 1317, re. Certification of Geologists by DER, December 21, 1984 Online
 70. VETO: S.B. 1279 re. false information during disaster emergency and power generating facility, December 21, 1984 Online
 71. Announces increases in 1985 benefits for 180,000 PA jobless, and success of reform of U.C. Fund, December 27, 1984 Online
 72. Signs six Resolutions of General Assembly re-establishing Boards and Commissions pursuant to Sunset Review Law, December 31, 1984 Online
 January-March, 1985 1681
 1. Reaches agreement with governors of Maryland, West Virginia, and Delaware for creation of four-star compact for safe disposal of low-level radioactive waste, January 2, 1985 Online
 2. Selection of the Pennhurst Center in Chester County as site of State's third veterans home, January 3, 1985 Online
 3. More than 90% of PA's $1.7 billion in private activity bond authority will be allocated for use by local issuing agencies for second straight year, January 7, 1985 Online
 4. Calls for removal and replacement of presiding judge in Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 1 restart hearings, January 9, 1985 Online
 5. Issuance of first independently audited balance sheet and general purpose financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), January 10, 1985 Online
 6. Remarks: Master Farmers Luncheon, January 15, 1985 Online
 7. Ginny Thornburgh sworn-in as President's Committee on Mental Retardation Member, January 16, 1985 Online
 8. Designates five more economically depressed neighborhoods as special PA "Enterprise Zones", January 16, 1985 Online
 9. Governor's and Ginny Thornburgh's Presidential Inaugural Schedule, January 21, 1985 Online
 10. Kicks off 1985 "Keep PA Beautiful" Campaign, January 24, 1985 Online
 11. Progress Report on $190 million three-year economic revitalization program, January 24, 1985 Online
 12. Will meet with Roger Smith, General Motors CEO re. GM Saturn plant, January 24, 1985 Online
 13. Awards two $500,000 grants to Philadelphia for rehabilitation of building and park, January 25, 1985 Online
 14. New program to provide new rental housing units for low-income families, January 28, 1985 Online
 15. Letter to Representative James Gallagher, PHEAA Chairman re. employment agreement, January 29, 1985 Online
 16. $4.2 million in grants to 14 local agencies to retain 2,400 dislocated workers under Job Training Partnership Act, January 29, 1985 Online
 17. Praises Commonwealth's Washington Office on its fifth birthday, January 29, 1985 Online
 19. Urges CONEG to support federal legislation to release $7 million in interstate highway construction funds, January 30, 1985 Online
 20. Approves 100 PA Conservation Corps Projects, January 31, 1985 Online
 21. Statement: PHEAA abandoning effort to give excessive employment contract to its Executive Director\, Kenneth Reeher, January 31, 1985 Online
 22. Remarks: Federal budget proposal and Governor's recent letter to President Reagan, February 5, 1985 Online
 23. Unveils latest initiative in state's crackdown on "hard-core violent juvenile offenders", February 7, 1985 Online
 24. Remarks: and letter to U.S. Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Hanford Dole re. Conrail sale, February 8, 1985 Online
 25. Remarks: to American Institute of Industrial Engineers in Arizona re. PA's progress toward diversified economic law, February 11, 1985 Online
 26. PA joins seven other states and Quebec in new "Great Lakes Charter", February 11, 1985 Online
 27. Joint meeting with "Governor" Alethea Hitchcock of Steele Elementary School, February 13, 1985 Online
 28. Invites Pennsylvanians to enter regional competitions for Keystone Games, February 13, 1985 Online
 29. Remarks: Three Mile Island (TMI) related NRC procedural order, February 13, 1985 Online
 30. Tells leaders of General Motors' new Saturn Corporation that PA is "ideal location", February 18, 1985 Online
 31. Remarks: proposal by PSEA to mandate $2,000 a year raise for all teachers, February 21, 1985 Online
 32. Remarks: Conference of northeastern educators re. rivalries between sunbelts and frost belts widening economic growth, February 22, 1985 Online
 33. Urges National Governors Association (NGA) to adopt resolution favoring constitutional amendment mandating balanced federal budget, February 22, 1985 Online
 34. National Governors Association (NGA) passed Governor Thornburgh's proposal calling for adoption of constitutional amendment requiring balanced federal budget, February 26, 1985 Online
 35. Letter to U.S. Senators Heinz and Specter expressing concerns re. sale of Conrail to Norfolk and Southern Corporation, February 27, 1985 Online
 36. Condemns LCB decision to give 30-day grace period before it enforces Anti-gambling Act passed by General Assembly, March 1, 1985 Online
 37. Veterans Administration approves for its funding priority list the conversion of Pennhurst Center into third State veterans home, March 6, 1985 Online
 38. Newly-published book by Commonwealth's Wild Resource Conservation Fund: "Species of Special Concern", March 7, 1985 Online
 39. Accepts first major private contribution to Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program from PNC Financial Corporation, March 7, 1985 Online
 40. Letter to Congressmen William Clinger and Bud Shuster re. Interstate Cost Estimate Legislation, March 8, 1985 Online
 41. Seventh consecutive year of guided tours of Governor's Home, March 8, 1985 Online
 42. Ginny Thornburgh honors 18 PA athletes who will represent the Keystone State at 1985 International Special Olympics in Utah, March 8, 1985 Online
 43. First $6 million in Statewide recreation grants to 134 municipalities under Recreation Improvement and Rehabilitation Act Program, March 11, 1985 Online
 44. News Advisory: Asking NRC to reconsider Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 1 restart, March 13, 1985 Online
 45. Remarks: Wilkes College's Second Annual Business and Industry Day, March 14, 1985 Online
 46. Statement: death of Most Reverend George L. Leech, March 14, 1985 Online
 47. David Runkel letter to Daniel W. Pennick, LCB Chairman re. Gary DiVito, LCB Chief Counsel, March 14, 1985 Online
 48. David Runkel letter to Philadelphia Inquirer re. LCB article inaccuracy, March 18, 1985 Online
 49. Speech to PA Environmental Council, March 18, 1985 Online
 50. Statement: death of State Representative James D. Williams, March 19, 1985 Online
 51. $1,566,000 check to Delaware County officials for Job Training to 375 workers affected by closing of Westinghouse Electric Plant, March 20, 1985 Online
 52. $4.9 million low-interest loan to Philadelphia Port Corporation for construction of automobile import/export facility, March 20, 1985 Online
 53. Hazlett Memorial Awards for Excellence in the Arts recipients, March 25, 1985 Online
 54. Honored by PA League of Urban Schools (PLUS) for "Distinguished Contributions to PA Basic Education", March 26, 1985 Online
 55. Statement: NRC's refusal to remove Judge Ivan W. Smith from Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 1 restart hearings, March 26, 1985 Online
 56. Statement: action taken by Health Facilities Hearing Board concerning Golden Age Nursing Home, March 27, 1985 Online
 57. Budget Secretary Robert Bittenbender letter to Daniel Pennick, LCB Chairman, re. Xpress Truck Lines of Philadelphia, March 27, 1985 Online
 58. David Runkel letter to Senator Edward P. Zemprelli re. PA State Police allegations, March 28, 1985 Online
 59. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company plans to consolidate and expand its Johnstown office (200 jobs), March 29, 1985 Online
 April-June, 1985 2
 1. Letter from General Counsel Jay C. Waldman to LCB Chairman Daniel Pennick re. Xpress Truck Line contract, April 2, 1985 Online
 2. Reports 3,000 handicapped preschool children receiving help from "early intervention" programs for first time, April 2, 1985 Online
 3. Joins in breaking ground for 4.3 mile $21.5 million Mansfield Bypass, April 2, 1985 Online
 4. Cites commitment to doing "more with less" through cost effectiveness and efficiency re. cuts of 1,000 cars from state auto fleet, April 4, 1985 Online
 5. At first session as member of 1985 Advisory Committee of U.S. Export-Import Bank (EXIM bank) urges emphasis on expanding role of small business in America's export market, April 5, 1985 Online
 6. Attends opening of final section of $102 million Pottstown Expressway, April 11, 1985 Online
 7. Administration officials appear at Sunset Law hearing on LCB, April 11, 1985 Online
 8. Statement: Sunset Law Hearings on LCB, April 12, 1985 Online
 9. Ginny Thornburgh hosts reception at Governor's Home honoring 22 members of Central PA Village Crafts, April 12, 1985 Online
 10. Leads delegation of 40 state legislators to Pittsburgh Pirates home opener, April 12, 1985 Online
 11. Announces PA Housing Finance Agency receives "Top Tier" designation from Standard and Poor's Corporation, April 12, 1985 Online
 12. Accepts final report of PA Commission on Financing Higher Education, April 16, 1985 Online
 13. Names Byron Janis as sixth recipient of Distinguished PA Artist Award, April 17, 1985 Online
 14. Announces having asked State Supreme Court to hold Turnpike Commissioners Camiel and James B. Wilson in contempt for violating court orders, April 17, 1985 Online
 15. Remarks: Members of Franklin Institute, April 17, 1985 Online
 16. Remarks: PA State Association of Township Supervisors, April 22, 1985 Online
 17. Urges General Assembly to pass S.B. 774 to provide greater aid to libraries in economically distressed communities, April 23, 1985 Online
 18. Unveils plan to provide health care insurance coverage for low-income families in Western Pennsylvania, April 24, 1985 Online
 19. News advisory: Three Mile Island (TMI) Court Action, April 25, 1985 Online
 20. Kicks off $10 million program of state assistance to older Pennsylvanians with check to Three Springs Senior Citizens Center, April 25, 1985 Online
 21. Remarks: opening of "Vision Through Art," the 23rd exhibition in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" series, April 26, 1985 Online
 22. Proclaims drought emergency in 16 eastern PA Counties, April 26, 1985 Online
 23. Governor's Home open for special "Spring Tour", May 1, 1985 Online
 24. Tours Multi-Service Center for Dislocated Workers and announces $500,000 grant to continue its work, May 1, 1985 Online
 25. Announces $600,000 grant to Stephen Smith Home for the Aged to assure its continuation, May 1, 1985 Online
 26. Statement: death of Milton S. Eisenhower, May 2, 1985 Online
 27. Praises developing trade ties between PA and Peoples Republic of China and hosts delegation of 4 Chinese Governors, May 2, 1985 Online
 28. Asks State Supreme Court to rescind hiring of Philadelphia man to Turnpike Commission, May 2, 1985 Online
 29. Praises Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, May 4, 1985 Online
 30. Proposes more than doubling tax cuts suggested in the 1985 budget address, May 6, 1985 Online
 31. Announces commitment from U.S. Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole to award federal grant for Light Rail Transit project in Allegheny County, May 8, 1985 Online
 32. Offers "crash course" to students of Woodward Elementary School, May 10, 1985 Online
 33. News advisory regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) hearing, May 10, 1985 Online
 34. Governor and Ginny Thornburgh and Peter receive PARC "Family of the Year Award", May 10, 1985 Online
 35. Participates in groundbreaking for supply distribution center adjoining New Cumberland Army Depot, May 13, 1985 Online
 36. Statement: Frank Wright to coordinate state efforts to assist West Philadelphia residents burned out of their homes (MOVE incident), May 14, 1985 Online
 37. Statement: responding to Senate Democrats call for reduction in personal income tax to 2.1%, May 14, 1985 Online
 38. Announces $106 million bond issue sold at sharply reduced rate of interest (savings $10 million), May 14, 1985 Online
 39. Statement: Regarding rejected nominations to Turnpike Commission, May 14, 1985 Online
 40. Urges PA businesses to participate in state's travel promotion and use "You've Got a Friend in PA" slogan, May 15, 1985 Online
 41. Urges support for nomination of Dr. Robert Wilburn to Turnpike Commission, May 20, 1985 Online
 42. Urges NRC to postpone vote on restart of Unit 1 at Three Mile Island (TMI), May 22, 1985 Online
 43. Urges support of nomination of Dr. Robert Wilburn to Turnpike Commission; also MOVE situation, May 23, 1985 Online
 44. Secretary of Administration Murray G. Dickman statement re. labor negotiations with state employee unions, May 28, 1985 Online
 45. Statement: vote of NRC authorizing restart of undamaged Unit 1 at Three Mile Island (TMI), May 29, 1985 Online
 46. Statement: House Democrat budget proposal, May 29, 1985 Online
 47. Statement: accreditation of Cheyney University of PA for 30 months, May 30, 1985 Online
 48. Commits $3.5 million to pioneer new public-private financing partnership for highway improvements in "advanced technology" corridor in Malvern, May 30, 1985 Online
 49. Asks state Supreme Court to hold Turnpike Commissioner Peter J. Camiel and 3 other commission officials in contempt for violation of court orders, May 30, 1985 Online
 50. Letter to PA Congressional Delegation and to Senators Heinz and Specter re. President Reagan's federal income tax reform proposal, May 30, 1985 Online
 51. News advisory: motion to "stay" restart authorization by NRC of Three Mile Island (TMI) undamaged Unit 1, May 31, 1985 Online
 52. Requests President Reagan declare "Major Disaster" in Northwestern and Northcentral PA, June 2, 1985 Online
 53. First six of 12 disaster assistance centers will be established by Federal and State authorities to assist Northwestern and Northcentral Pennsylvanians, June 3, 1985 Online
 54. Frank Wright will coordinate State's long-term storm recovery effort in Northwestern and Northcentral PA, June 4, 1985 Online
 55. Statement: rejection of Dr. Robert C. Wilburn's nomination to Turnpike Commission by Senate Democrats, June 4, 1985 Online
 56. Opens Neoplan-USA's new bus manufacturing facility, June 7, 1985 Online
 57. Statement: stay of Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 1 restart, June 7, 1985 Online
 58. Will visit NATO Headquarters in Brussels as part of seven-member delegation of U.S. governors, June 7, 1985 Online
 59. Health Department will temporarily operate Lemington Home for the Aged, June 7, 1985 Online
 60. Asks PA Supreme Court for injunction against Peter J. Camiel and 3 other Turnpike Commission officials to halt hiring of employees in violation of court orders, June 10, 1985 Online
 61. 300 additional PA Conservation Corps members are being recruited to assist in cleanup of 13 counties struck by tornadoes, June 12, 1985 Online
 62. $2.7 million in low-interest State loans to PA Gas and Water Co. to help pay for local water supply improvements, June 14, 1985 Online
 63. $2 million in State funds which will allow two Berwick-area industries to expand and hire 300 employees, June 14, 1985 Online
 64. New Statewide Athletic Award honoring the late John B. Kelly, Jr. (Kelly Cup), June 14, 1985 Online
 65. Remarks: PA Institute of Certified Public Accountants, June 17, 1985 Online
 66. Legislative Democrats attempting to sabotage State efforts to reward outstanding teachers, June 18, 1985 Online
 67. 1985 Distinguished Daughters, June 18, 1985 Online
 68. Frank Wright letter to Representative Max Pievsky re. "Program Audit" on Customized Job Training in PA, June 18, 1985 Online
 69. Participates in ribbon-cutting at State Regional Correction Facility at Greensburg, June 20, 1985 Online
 70. $2.9 million in a second round of State Enterprise Zone "Seed" Grants, June 20, 1985 Online
 71. Remarks: PA Department of Disabled American Veterans, June 20, 1985 Online
 72. Remarks: George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science Graduation, June 20, 1985 Online
 73. Frank Wright letter to U.S. Representative Robert W. Edgar re. PA's state and local taxes, June 21, 1985 Online
 74. Letter to Mayor W. Wilson Goode re. proposed Philadelphia Convention Center, June 21, 1985 Online
 75. Electrodyne Research Corporation has been given State permit to construct two boilers that will generate electricity by burning anthracite coal, June 25, 1985 Online
 76. Remarks: Carlisle Chamber of Commerce, June 26, 1985 Online
 77. Serious crime in PA drops for fourth year in a row (4.9% in 1984), June 27, 1985 Online
 78. Administration Secretary Murray Dickman statement: Labor negotiations with unions representing Commonwealth employees, June 28, 1985 Online
 79. 1985-86 Budget, June 29, 1985 Online
 July-September, 1985 3
 1. Secretary of Administration Murray G. Dickman: statement re. State Public Assistance and Employment Security Offices open despite strike called by PSSU and PESEA, July 1, 1985 Online
 2. Statement: successful negotiation of state employee union contracts tentatively agreed to by AFSCME and United Food and Commercial Workers, July 1, 1985 Online
 3. Secretary of Administration Murray G. Dickman: statement re. State Public Assistance and Employment Security Offices open despite strike, July 2, 1985 Online
 4. Announces $190,000 sent to 15 northwestern counties to assist in recovery from tornado and thunderstorm damage, July 3, 1985 Online
 5. Participates in dedication of Port Authority of Allegheny County's new subway, July 3, 1985 Online
 6. Announces "landmark month in PA's employment history"--more people working in Commonwealth in June than any other time on record, July 5, 1985 Online
 7. B'nai B'rith honors Governor and Ginny Thornburgh with its first District Three "Family Award", July 8, 1985 Online
 8. David Runkel, Press Secretary to Governor: Letter to Edward Mezvinsky, Chairman of PA Democratic State Committee, July 9, 1985  Online
 9. Announces travel and tourism expenditures in PA in 1984 totaled nearly $8 billion, an increase of $600 million over previous years, July 9, 1985 Online
 10. Authorizes use of local development bonds to assist businesses damaged or destroyed by tornadoes, July 9, 1985 Online
 11. Awards PA Meritorious Service Medal to Edward T. Hoak, State Adjutant of PA Dept. of American Legion, July 10, 1985 Online
 12. Statement: approval of balanced budget amendment to U.S. Constitution by Judiciary Committee of U.S. Senate, July 11, 1985 Online
 13. Pleased that Army National Guard surveying sites in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre for location of new aviation support facility, July 11, 1985 Online
 14. Announces downtown revitalization projects in 7 more PA communities through state's "Main Street" Project, July 12, 1985 Online
 15. Statement: ratification of new 3-year contract with AFSCME, July 12, 1985 Online
 16. Participates in groundbreaking ceremony for $16.5 million "fast-track" reconstruction of Bainbridge Street Bridge, July 12, 1985 Online
 17. Announces $1 billion worth of highway and bridge construction contracts awarded by PennDOT, July 15, 1985 Online
 18. Letter to Robert T. Lhulier, regional administrator of SBA, July 15, 1985 Online
 19. Told U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee that nation's tax system needs "simple and fair" reform, July 17, 1985 Online
 20. Letters between Governor and Acting Insurance Commissioner William R. Muir Jr., July 17, 1985 Online
 21. Bet bushel of PA mushrooms that PA high school football players will win Big 33 game in Hershey, July 18, 1985 Online
 22. Says state's business climate encouraging per Business Council of PA, July 18, 1985 Online
 23. Announces establishment of new $80 million mortgage program, July 22, 1985 Online
 24. Announces that West German manufacturer has established first foreign operation with purchase of former crucible facility in Northeast Philadelphia, July 22, 1985 Online
 25. Letter to Mayor Wilson Goode re. Philadelphia Convention Center, July 25, 1985 Online
 26. Announces new program of cash awards to PA's Teacher of the Year finalists, July 26, 1985 Online
 27. Statement: General Motors Corporation decision to locate Saturn Plant in Tennessee, July 29, 1985 Online
 28. Remarks: on opening National Governors Association (NGA)-sponsored conference on "Innovation for Economic Growth", July 30, 1985 Online
 29. David Runkel, Press Secretary : Statement re. Mr. Mezvinsky's statement of July 30, July 30, 1985 Online
 30. Calls upon local police chiefs for support of amendments proposed to PA Juvenile Act and category of "dangerous juvenile offenders", July 31, 1985 Online
 31. Announces State Transportation Secretary Thomas D. Larson selected as one of the recipients of National Governors Association (NGA)'s ninth annual awards for distinguished service to state government, July 31, 1985 Online
 32. National Association of State Budget Officers award to Phyllis S. Skok, Assistant Director of Bureau of Budget Analysis, July 31, 1985 Online
 33. Signs execution warrants for John Lesko, Michael Travaglia and Keith Zettlemoyer who were convicted of first degree murder charges, August 1, 1985 Online
 34. National Governors Association (NGA) Annual Summer Meeting in Boise, ID, August 2, 1985 Online
 35. Urges National Governors Association (NGA) to support establishment of separate Federal Capital Budget which would reduce "real" federal deficit by minimum of $30 billion, August 4, 1985 Online
 36. Urges National Governors Association (NGA) to adopt new federal highway assistance policy, August 5, 1985 Online
 37. Letter from U.S. Agriculture Secretary John Block re. Adams and Franklin Counties warrant secretarial disaster designation, August 6, 1985 Online
 38. $1.3 million in grants to help address the problems of teenage pregnancy and parenting, August 7, 1985 Online
 39. Remarks: Governor's School for Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University, August 8, 1985 Online
 40. Ginny Thornburgh will light official international Olympic torch which will be carried to Fourth Annual Keystone State Games, August 8, 1985 Online
 41. Cuts ribbon of 3-mile section of Allegheny Valley Expressway closing one of State system's last major "missing links", August 8, 1985 Online
 42. Ginny Thornburgh participates in Fifth Annual PA Senior Games Opening Ceremony, August 8, 1985 Online
 43. Helps break ground for $8.7 million Biotechnology Institute of Penn State University, August 9, 1985 Online
 44. Opens Fourth Annual Keystone State Games, first competition to feature the Kelly Cup Award, August 9, 1985 Online
 45. Statement: Labor Day, August 29, 1985 Online
 46. News advisory: "Stay" of Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 1 restart, August 29, 1985 Online
 47. Opens two new additions of 197 cells at State Correctional Institution in Dallas, September 4, 1985 Online
 48. Dedication ceremony for Phoenix Terminal Blocks, Inc., a new West German manufacturing plant, September 4, 1985 Online
 49. News advisory: Three Mile Island (TMI) restart petition filed with U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, September 10, 1985 Online
 50. Statement: Yom Kippur, September 11, 1985 Online
 51. Ground-breaking ceremony for Department of Defense Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, September 11, 1985 Online
 53. Statement: Rosh Hashanah, September 11, 1985 Online
 54. Budget Secretary Robert Bittenbender letter to PUC Chairman Linda C. Taliaferro re. Xpress Truck Lines, Inc., September 11, 1985 Online
 55. Remarks: 1985 State Employees Combined Appeal Kick-off, September 12, 1985 Online
 56. Ginny Thornburgh welcomes group of PA community leaders re. statewide network of community foundations, September 13, 1985 Online
 57. Letter to Senator H. John Heinz, III re. Aid to Families with Dependant Children Control System, September 13, 1985 Online
 58. Senator John Shumaker's "Sunset Report", September 17, 1985 Online
 59. Urges quick passage of legislation proposed to amend PA Juvenile Act, September 19, 1985 Online
 60. Proposes aid package of $17 million to Pittsburgh's 'Strategy 21' Plan for economic development, September 19, 1985 Online
 61. Agreement reached between Governor's Office and legislative leaders which breaks impasse at PA Turnpike Commission and paves way for work to begin on turnpike improvement projects, September 19, 1985 Online
 62. News advisory: U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia denies Commonwealth's September 10 petition re. Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 1 restart, September 19, 1985 Online
 63. Tours Lancaster County dairy which is contributing to the preservation and protection of the Chesapeake Bay, September 20, 1985 Online
 64. PA honored by U.S. Department of Labor for its success in matching veterans with jobs under Federal "Jobs for Veterans" Program, September 20, 1985 Online
 65. Supports construction of $30.6 million Erie Bayfront-Port Access Road ($1 million set aside for preliminary engineering and design work), September 24, 1985 Online
 66. Remarks: Meadville Chamber of Commerce, September 24, 1985 Online
 67. $4.5 million and other assistance for victims of tornadoes which struck Northwestern and Northcentral PA on May 31 and June 1, September 24, 1985 Online
 68. News advisory: Continuation of existing court-ordered stay of Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 1 restart, September 27, 1985 Online
 69. Remarks: State Council of Carpenters Annual Convention, September 27, 1985 Online
 70. Opens Highlands Hospital and Health Center, September 29, 1985 Online
 October-December, 1985 4
 1. Charlie, the 17-year-old Thornburgh family dog died, October 1, 1985 Online
 2. Announces PA Securities Commission expanded definition of "institutional investor" to include venture capital companies, October 1, 1985 Online
 3. Proposes legislation to permit lengthened minimum sentences for prisoners posing greatest danger to safety, October 2, 1985 Online
 4. Statement: decision of U.S. Supreme Court to lift stay on restart of Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 1, October 2, 1985 Online
 5. Announces selection of 5 test areas for Commonwealth's new statewide library card system, October 3, 1985 Online
 6. Announces Keystone State Games gold medalist Tim Bixler will receive the 1985 "Kelly Cup," Commonwealth's highest athletic award, October 3, 1985 Online
 7. Letter to President Reagan seeking major disaster declaration as result of flooding in northeastern PA, October 3, 1985 Online
 8. Announces number of people employed in PA reached all-time high last month with 5,161,000 job holders according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, October 4, 1985 Online
 9. Announces state's bond rating upgraded by Standard and Poor's Corporation for first time since downgraded by the agency in 1978, October 4, 1985 Online
 10. Presents fifth annual Governor's Export Awards to 4 PA firms during PA International Trade Conference, October 7, 1985 Online
 11. Letter Senators Heinz and Specter with copies to PA Congressional Delegation re. balanced budget legislation now pending in Senate, October 7, 1985 Online
 12. Presented first copy of "Human Services Choices for Pennsylvanians" by Lt. Governor Scranton and Arthur Davis, Chairman of State Planning Board, October 8, 1985 Online
 13. Letter to parties directly involved in Philadelphia newspaper strike, October 9, 1985 Online
 14. Joins 140 construction workers as they finished $27 million reconstruction of Schuylkill Expressway, October 9, 1985 Online
 15. Governor and Ginny Thornburgh honored by Citizens for the Arts in PA and presented with their highest award, October 15, 1985 Online
 16. Last regular tour day for Governor's Home to be October 31, October 16, 1985 Online
 17. Proposes tough new standards for modernizing and reforming PA's vocational-technical education system, October 16, 1985 Online
 18. "Presidents Award" given to Governor and Ginny Thornburgh by PA Association of Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Providers, October 18, 1985 Online
 19. Budget Secretary Robert A. Bittenbender announces Commonwealth will begin tax-anticipation borrowing by means of more flexible "commercial paper" method, October 18, 1985 Online
 20. Proposes $250 million ten-year statewide drive aimed at converting trash tonnage into new consumer products and new fuel for energy production, October 21, 1985 Online
 21. Ginny Thornburgh participates in rededication of Polk Center Cemetery, October 23, 1985 Online
 22. Announces two more New York financial organizations have raised PA's credit rating recognizing the state's improved economy and stable fiscal condition, October 23, 1985 Online
 23. Joins dedication of newly renovated $13.5 million Harrisburg Transportation Center, October 24, 1985 Online
 24. Reports 150-fold increase in dollar amount of state contracts awarded to minority businesses since he took office, October 25, 1985 Online
 25. Governor and Ginny Thornburgh open exhibition at Governor's Home of Whitman Samplers and Sculptures, the 24th and 25th exhibitions in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" series, October 27, 1985 Online
 26. Announces "Phase Two" of administration's strategy for containing health care costs in the Commonwealth, October 29, 1985 Online
 27. Urges State Senate to change state liquor system, October 29, 1985 Online
 28. Announces lifting of nonessential water use restrictions in 16 Eastern PA counties affected by the drought, October 31, 1985 Online
 29. Opens Parkway East between Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland, November 1, 1985 Online
 30. Telegram to Ronald Castille, Philadelphia District Attorney-elect, November 6, 1985 Online
 31. Remarks: Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped, November 6, 1985 Online
 32. Letter to President Reagan re. seeking major disaster declaration as a result of severe flooding in six Southwestern PA counties, November 8, 1985 Online
 33. Letter to U.S. Agriculture Secretary John R. Block re. Federal Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program, November 8, 1985 Online
 34. Reading Advanced Technology Food Stamp Pilot Program, November 12, 1985 Online
 35. Ginny Thornburgh kicks off 1985 Christmas Seal Campaign, November 12, 1985 Online
 36. PA leads nation in State employee purchases of U.S. Savings Bonds for 1985, November 13, 1985 Online
 37. Endorses new Eximbank Strategy to take the offensive in combating unfair use of "tied-aid credits" by foreign counterparts, November 13, 1985 Online
 38. Budget Secretary Robert Bittenbender letter to Daniel Pennick, LCB Chairman, re. Xpress Truck Lines, Inc. November 14, 1985, Online
 39. PA Conference to discuss business issues and select delegates for 1986 White House Conference on Small Business, November 14, 1985 Online
 40. Congratulates Volkswagen of America officials and employees on production of one millionth automobile at New Stanton plant, November 14, 1985 Online
 41. Activates Army National Guard's 328th Aviation Company to be located at a new $7.6 million facility in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area, November 15, 1985 Online
 42. First of 300 additional PA Conservation Corps to be hired will assist with cleanup efforts in six Southwestern Counties hit by severe flooding, November 15, 1985 Online
 43. Frank Wright letter to Senator Edward P. Zemprelli re. PA Economic Revitalization Fund, November 18, 1985 Online
 44. Remarks: Ninth Annual PA Drug and Alcohol Abuse Conference, November 20, 1985 Online
 45. Remarks: Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee, November 21, 1985 Online
 46. Honors Pittsburgh Martha F. Dolfi as PA's 1986 Teacher of the Year, November 22, 1985 Online
 47. Portions of Hermitage have been added to State's existing Sharon-Farrell-Wheatland Enterprise Zone for economic development, November 22, 1985 Online
 48. United Parcel Service (UPS) will establish $128 million East Coast distribution center in Philadelphia International Airport, November 25, 1985 Online
 49. Testimony: OPD Secretary Frank Wright before PA State Senate Law and Justice Committee November 26, 1985 Online
 50. Seventh consecutive Holiday Tour of Governor's Home, November 27, 1985 Online
 51. Congratulates Community Affairs Secretary Shirley M. Dennis upon election as Chairman of National Leadership Conference of Women Executives in State Government, December 2, 1985 Online
 52. Sends letter to legislative leaders of both parties re. purchase of Pittsburgh Pirates, December 2, 1985 Online
 53. Commends Senate Law and Justice Committee for approval of bill allowing private wine sales, December 3, 1985 Online
 54. Announces he will serve on Board of Governors of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, December 6, 1985 Online
 55. Announces agreement between his administration and bipartisan legislative leadership on package of $5.5 million for housing and other aid for homeless and low income persons, December 9, 1985 Online
 56. Announces sale by Commonwealth of $98.4 million of general obligation bonds, saving taxpayers $6 million over life of bond issue, December 10, 1985 Online
 57. Statement: Chanukah, December 11, 1985 Online
 58. Statement: Not a candidate for U.S. Senate in 1986, December 12, 1985 Online
 59. Pledges continued cooperation with U.S. Export-Import Bank (EXIM) to expand role of PA small businesses in America's export markets, December 13, 1985 Online
 60. Signed S.B. 421 and H.B. 1892 designating PA Holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on January 20, December 13, 1985 Online
 61. Joins Mayor W. Wilson Goode and others at ceremony opening final section of I-95, December 16, 1985 Online
 62. Ginny Thornburgh welcomes young Pennsylvanians to Governor's Home for holiday reception, December 16, 1985 Online
 63. Announces that 38 PA organizations have been selected as recipients of "Governor's Keystone Award of Excellence" for volunteer community service programs, December 17, 1985 Online
 64. Tells legislative leaders that for third straight year he will propose reduction in state and individual business taxes for 1986-87, December 17, 1985 Online
 65. Announces availability of second edition of Career Guide, December 17, 1985 Online
 66. Statement: Holiday message at annual Christmas Tree lighting and Carol Sing Ceremony, December 18, 1985 Online
 67. Record contributions during 1985 SECA appeal, December 19, 1985 Online
 68. Attends ceremony opening North Charleroi-Monessen Bridge, December 20, 1985 Online
 69. Announces Department of Education began sending checks totaling $16.5 million in special one-time grants to 93 PA colleges and universities for undergraduate education programs, December 26, 1985 Online
 70. Statement: death of Craig Truax, former Secretary of the Commonwealth and former Republican State Chairman, December 27, 1985 Online
 71. Statement: death of David Zinkoff, "Voice of the 76ers", December 27, 1985 Online
 January-March, 1986 1691
 1. Telegram to Joe Paterno and Penn State Football Team, January 2, 1986 Online
 2. Statement: Death of James E. Van Zandt, January 7, 1986 Online
 3. Remarks: North Carolina State University public forum, January 8, 1986 Online
 4. One-day special Governor's Home Tour during Farm Show week, January 9, 1986 Online
 5. PA Martin Luther King Holiday Commission, January 13, 1986 Online
 6. Remarks: Ninth Annual HMO Policy Conference, January 14, 1986 Online
 7. Administration Secretary Murray G. Dickman: Contingency plans in the event of a strike by PA Nurses Association, January 15, 1986 Online
 8. $10 million low-interest State loan for capital improvements for Pennsylvania Shipbuilding Company, January 15, 1986 Online
 9. Commonwealth issues audited general purpose financial statements for fiscal year ending June 30, 1985 prepared in accordance with GAAP, January 16, 1986 Online
 10. $3.8 million Multi-purpose Building at Farm Show Complex scheduled to get underway in 1987, January 16, 1986 Online
 11. Selection of Pittsburgh as site for $70 million National Supercomputer Center by National Science Foundation, January 17, 1986 Online
 12. David Runkel: Response to Job Training criticisms, January 22, 1986 Online
 13. 1986 will be "Year of the Exporter" for PA Business, January 27, 1986 Online
 14. Administration Secretary Murray G. Dickman: PA Nurses Association contract negotiations, January 27, 1986 Online
 15. Statement: Space Shuttle Challenger accident, January 28, 1986 Online
 16. 1986-87 Budget Proposal will include a Renaissance Communities Program, January 29, 1986 Online
 17. $1.9 million in State funds for Philadelphia Convention Center, January 29, 1986 Online
 18. Administration Secretary Murray G. Dickman: PA Nurses Association contract negotiations, January 30, 1986 Online
 19. Administration Secretary Murray G. Dickman: Settlement reached with PA Nurses Association, January 31, 1986 Online
 20. $75,000 in State funds to Gettysburg National Military Park Foundation for restoration of PA monument, January 31, 1986 Online
 21. Pittsburgh and Tri-state Council of Jewish National Fund will present Governor with 1986 "Friend of Israel" award, January 31, 1986 Online
 23. Budget address: Declaring "Pennsylvania's pride is back," Thornburgh asked the General Assembly to enact $141.5 million in personal and business tax cuts, refocus economic development programs, strengthen education and job training, February 4, 1986 Online
 24. Jay C. Waldman: Appointment of Mary Hannah Leavitt as Insurance Department Acting Chief Counsel, February 4, 1986 Online
 25. $2.5 million in Job Training Grants for welfare recipients, pregnant teenagers and teenage parents, February 5, 1986 Online
 26. $1.3 million in grants to Private Industry Council of Philadelphia to help 900 dislocated workers and 250 pregnant and parenting teenagers find jobs, February 5, 1986 Online
 27. Announces mailing of 140,000 questionnaires seeking relevant military and health information related to exposure to Agent Orange and other herbicides, February 7, 1986 Online
 28. Statement: PA employment data for January shows drop in unemployment rate to 7.5% and all-time record seasonally adjusted employment of 5,162,000, February 7, 1986 Online
 29. Announces changes in Commonwealth's low-income Home Energy Program to provide additional aid to 400,000 households throughout state, February 10, 1986 Online
 30. Statement: Release of Soviet dissident Anatoly Shcharansky, February 11, 1986 Online
 31. Telegram to Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame executive director re. Philadelphia's bid to become home of national "Rock 'n Roll" museum, February 12, 1986 Online
 32. Urges General Assembly to move quickly on his proposal to reform and modernize State's vocational educational system, February 13, 1986 Online
 33. Approval for sale of $100 million industrial development bonds to finance proposed Lehigh Valley trash-to-fuel incinerator, February 14, 1986 Online
 34. Announces selection of Roger Hillas as Chairman of authority to oversee development of Philadelphia Convention Center, February 18, 1986 Online
 35. Pays tribute to DCA in celebration of its 20th anniversary, February 19, 1986 Online
 36. Agrees to 2-1 state-county ratio for financing Midfield Terminal Project at Greater Pittsburgh International Airport, February 20, 1986 Online
 37. Veto: H.B. 452 gender-based automobile insurance rates, February 21, 1986 Online
 38. Joins governors of other Great Lake states in signing statement opposing oil drilling in any of the five Great Lakes, February 24, 1986 Online
 39. Governor Dick Thornburgh selected Campaign Chairman for RGA, February 25, 1986 Online
 40. Commerce Secretary James Pickard: 27,000 new businesses open in PA in last two years, February 27, 1986 Online
 41. Statement: U.S. Navy's announcement of third oil tanker construction contract to PA Shipbuilding Company of Chester, PA, February 27, 1986 Online
 42. $6 million in statewide recreation grants for 163 communities financed by PA's $190 million Economic Revitalization Fund, March 5, 1986 Online
 43. PA receives $96.8 million share of oil overcharge funds resulting from federal litigation involving Exxon Corporation, March 6, 1986 Online
 44. State's bond rating upgraded by Moody's Investors Service for first time since 1970, March 6, 1986 Online
 45. Statement: State's unemployment rate to be below national average for first time since implementation of administration's economic development strategy, March 7, 1986 Online
 46. Return by anonymous Pennsylvanian of sterling silver letter opener dating back to 1939, March 7, 1986 Online
 47. Joins Turnpike Commission members and others in ceremony marking beginning of $120 million widening of 17 miles of turnpike in Philadelphia, March 10, 1986 Online
 48. Budget Secretary Robert Bittenbender: Letter to Attorney General LeRoy Zimmerman re. investigations of capitol addition contractors and subcontractors, March 10, 1986 Online
 49. Budget Secretary Robert Bittenbender: Letter to Representative Colafella re. legislative addition to Capitol, March 10, 1986 Online
 50. Statement: Senate passage of legislation of Philadelphia Convention Center, March 10, 1986 Online
 51. Sale of $100 million bond issue at lowest interest rate since 1978, March 11, 1986 Online
 52. Statement: House vote on Philadelphia Convention Center legislation, March 11, 1986 Online
 53. Letter to House Speaker K. Leroy Irvis re. gender-neutral auto insurance, March 12, 1986 Online
 54. Dedicates high school heating demonstration project that burns anthracite coal March 12, 1986 Online
 55. Participates in formal transfer of ownership of former Gulf Research and Development Center to University of Pittsburgh, March 17, 1986 Online
 56. Orders implementation of emergency consumer protection regulation re. commercial liability insurance policies, March 17, 1986 Online
 57. Letter supporting specialty steel industry to U.S. Trade Representative Clayton Yeutter, March 17, 1986 Online
 58. Accepts formal certification of Commonwealth's Banking Department by Conference of State Bank Supervisors, March 18, 1986 Online
 59. Letter to House Speaker K. Leroy Irvis re. gender-neutral auto insurance; copies to all House members, March 18, 1986 Online
 60. Letter to Senate Majority Leader John Stauffer re. privately owned and operated Center 268, March 18, 1986 Online
 61. Statement: PA Senate passage of SB 1 re. Judicial Reform, March 18, 1986 Online
 62. Letter to Senator Arlen Specter re. District of Columbia prisoners held at Center 268, March 19, 1986 Online
 63. Remarks: Engineers Week observance at University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown re. Ben Franklin Partnership and Renaissance Communities Program, March 19, 1986 Online
 64. Budget Secretary Robert Bittenbender: Letter to Representative Nicholas Colafella re. Legislative office addition to Capitol, March 20, 1986 Online
 65. $10.2 million in annual State grants to fund "main street" revitalization projects across PA, March 20, 1986 Online
 66. PA becomes first State in nation to weatherize 200,000 homes for low-income residents, March 20, 1986 Online
 67. Statement: Death of Frank Kandes, Governor's Home Manager, March 24, 1986 Online
 68. Jay C. Waldman: Refuses to authorize legal fees requested by John T. Hale of LCB, March 24, 1986 Online
 69. Selection of Carnegie-Mellon and Lehigh Universities as sites for National Science Foundation engineering research centers, March 25, 1986 Online
 70. Urges smaller businesses to seek bigger share of America's export market and cites PA "Year of the Exporter" program, March 25, 1986 Online
 71. Invites Pennsylvanians to enter regional competitions for 5th annual Keystone State Games, March 26, 1986 Online
 72. Praises state women's groups for helping sustain his veto of legislation that would have continued sex discrimination in PA insurance rates, March 26, 1986 Online
 73. Budget Secretary Robert Bittenbender Letter to K. Leroy Irvis re. families who were forced from their homes in Pittsburgh due to earth subsidence, March 27, 1986 Online
 74. Hosts final hearing of National Governors Association (NGA) "Task Force on Readiness" for children "at risk", March 31, 1986 Online
 April-June, 1986 2
 1. Inaugurates first of series of reforms designed to preserve State-paid Prescription Drug Program, April 1, 1986 Online
 2. Presents PA Association of Broadcasters' 1986 Gold Medal Award to Dick Clark, April 1, 1986 Online
 3. Welcomes "Hands Across America" to PA, April 2, 1986 Online
 4. Jay C. Waldman will become senior partner of Dillworth, Paxon, Kalish and Kauffman Law Firm in Philadelphia, April 3, 1986 Online
 5. $5.5 million in State grants to provide short-term housing needs for homeless, April 3, 1986 Online
 6. 30 senators from both political parties are sponsoring 9-bill package to implement proposed Renaissance Communities Program, April 8, 1986 Online
 7. Statement: House vote on Philadelphia Convention Center legislation, April 8, 1986 Online
 8. Statement: House vote on gender-free automobile insurance rates, April 8, 1986 Online
 9. Releases annual Actuarial Report on U.C. Trust Fund, April 9, 1986 Online
 10. Delegation of twenty-five representatives of Keidanren visit PA to study State's business climate, April 10, 1986 Online
 11. Remarks: Travel PA Association (Governor honored), April 15, 1986 Online
 12. Orders Office of Budget to release $6 million in capital funds for flood control projects in Scranton area, April 15, 1986 Online
 13. Statement: U.S. air strike on Libyan terrorist bases, April 15, 1986 Online
 14. Statement: House of Representatives agrees that H.B. 66 contains sufficient funds to provide supplemental assistance for 1,800 victims of 1985 natural disasters, April 15, 1986 Online
 15. Applauds introduction by Republican Senators of legislation to reduce individual and corporate taxes by estimated $141.5 million, April 16, 1986 Online
 16. Remarks: National Federation of Municipal Analysts, April 17, 1986 Online
 17. Dedicates SmithKline Beckman Corporation's new $200 million Research and Development Complex, April 18, 1986 Online
 18. Ben Franklin Partnership Board approves first Economic Revitalization Tax Credits, April 21, 1986 Online
 19. Remarks: PA Association of Township Supervisors re. liability insurance, April 21, 1986 Online
 20. Special "Spring Tour" of Governor's Home, April 21, 1986 Online
 21. Remarks: Council of Organizations for Education, April 28, 1986 Online
 22. Robert J. Freiler, U.S. Department on Agriculture's Regional Director of Special Nutrition Programs letter re. TEFAP, April 29, 1986 Online
 23. Participates in ceremonies to launch PA Crime Stoppers, Inc., April 29, 1986 Online
 24. $131,678 Customized Job Training grant to upgrade skills of 800 Caterpillar Tractor Company workers, April 29, 1986 Online
 25. Remarks: Commission on Bicentennial of U.S. Constitution, April 30, 1986 Online
 26. Remarks: 131st Annual Meeting of Harrisburg Area YMCA, April 30, 1986 Online
 27. Work will begin in May on $2.7 million Mine Subsidence Control Project to protect city of Sharon from surface collapses, April 30, 1986 Online
 28. 1986 Hazlett Memorial Awards for Excellence in the Arts recipients, May 1, 1986 Online
 29. $438,163 Customized Job Training grant to train 842 workers at Boeing Vertol Company, May 1, 1986 Online
 30. Remarks: "Law Day and Naturalization" Ceremony, May 1, 1986 Online
 31. Remarks: Philadelphia Chapter of Financial Executives Institute, May 1, 1986 Online
 32. 1986 Forbes Humanitarian Award to Ginny Thornburgh from Edward L. Dardanell, Forbes Health Foundation Board of Directors Chairman, May 5, 1986 Online
 33. Unveils $173 million "bonus budget" due to strong state economy and tight management of state's financial affairs, May 5, 1986 Online
 34. Remarks: State Council of League of Women Voters in PA, May 6, 1986 Online
 35. Statement: PA's transportation system rehabilitation and second Billion Dollar Bridge program, May 6, 1986 Online
 36. June 1 is deadline for applications for fourth annual "Governor's New Product" Awards competition, May 6, 1986 Online
 37. Signs warrant for execution of convicted murderer John Lesko, May 7, 1986 Online
 38. State wires $31,989,631 to U.S. Treasury, paying off last interest bearing loans owed federal government by state U.C. Fund, May 7, 1986 Online
 39. Remarks: Classroom of PA's 1986 Teacher of the Year, May 7, 1986 Online
 40. Scholarship program commemorating space shuttle Challenger Astronauts Judith Resnik and Christa McAuliffe, May 7, 1986 Online
 41. Remarks: Annual meeting of PA Bar Association, May 8, 1986 Online
 42. Tours Senior Citizens EXPO '86, May 9, 1986 Online
 43. Statement: Indictment of R. Budd Dwyer, State Treasurer, May 13, 1986 Online
 44. Letter to Ira B. Coldren, Jr., PA Bar Association President re. Judicial Reform, May 14, 1986 Online
 45. $30.6 million for 26 State bond-funded flood protection projects, May 15, 1986 Online
 46. Joins governors of West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware in submitting four-state compact re. low level radioactive waste to Congress for its consent, May 15, 1986 Online
 47. Fourth and final cost reduction report of Thornburgh Administration showing eight-year saving of $61 billion in reduced costs and productivity improvements, May 15, 1986 Online
 48. Welcomes Turbon Projects USA of West Germany to PA and presents company with $192,227 Customized Job Training grant, May 15, 1986 Online
 49. Names Andrew Wyeth as 1986 Distinguished PA Artist, May 16, 1986 Online
 50. Policy and Planning Secretary Frank Wright: survey showing 56% of responding legislators favor change in current liquor system, May 16, 1986 Online
 51. Presents sixth annual Governor's Export Awards to 5 PA firms, May 19, 1986 Online
 52. Designates five more economically depressed neighborhoods as special PA "Enterprise Zones", May 19, 1986 Online
 53. State Police Commissioner Jay Cochran, Jr.: Speech before Special House Committee to Investigate PA State Police, May 21, 1986 Online
 54. Travel expenditures in PA have more than doubled since Thornburgh Administration's "You've Got a Friend in PA" campaign, May 21, 1986 Online
 55. Breaks ground for final section of PA's portion of Southern Tier Expressway, near Erie (one of missing links), May 23, 1986 Online
 56. $50,000 Tornado Disaster Economic Recovery grants to Warren Crawford Counties, May 23, 1986 Online
 57. PA students scored above estimated national average in all TELLS testing examination, May 27, 1986 Online
 58. Urges PA's 90,000 state employees to purchase U.S. Savings Bonds, May 28, 1986 Online
 59. Remarks: American Association for Advancement of Science, May 29, 1986 Online
 60. Statement: 1986-87 budget proposal by House Democrats, June 3, 1986 Online
 61. Letter to PA Congressional Delegation re. clean water act, June 5, 1986 Online
 62. Opens new nature center constructed by PA Conservation Corps, June 5, 1986 Online
 63. $1.85 million in grants to fund nine projects for 4,000 disadvantaged youth under State's Summer Youth Demonstration Project, June 5, 1986 Online
 64. Remarks: 46th Annual Convention of Catholic War Veterans, June 5, 1986 Online
 65. Temporary Executive Order to facilitate issuance of tax-exempt bonds for industrial development\, housing, health care and education projects, June 10, 1986 Online
 66. Initial disaster relief checks for victims of May 30 flooding in Allegheny County will be distributed by weekend, June 11, 1986 Online
 67. Peter Thornburgh addresses graduates of Conroy Education Center, June 13, 1986 Online
 68. Health Care Cost Containment has resulted in $29.9 million reduction in cost of medical care for State employees for 1984-85 and 1985-86, June 13, 1986 Online
 69. Statement: House vote on legislation to establish authority to oversee construction and operation of Philadelphia Convention Center, June 17, 1986 Online
 70. Statement: U.S. Supreme Court decision upholds PA's law which mandates minimum-mandatory, five-year sentence for anyone convicted of using firearms during commission of a violent crime, June 19, 1986 Online
 71. Receives new, credit card-sized PA's driver's license, June 19, 1986 Online
 72. Opens 26th exhibit in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" entitled "Painting Now: A Celebration of PA Artists", June 22, 1986 Online
 73. Remarks: PA State Association of Boroughs, June 25, 1986 Online
 74. Working with legislative leaders to appropriate $5 million in State funds to repair public facilities damaged in May 30 flood in Allegheny County, June 25, 1986 Online
 75. Announces grants to five organizations in various sections of PA to initiate model programs to provide jobs for severely disabled persons, June 26,1986 Online
 76. Remarks: 56th Annual Convention of PA Department of Disabled American Veterans, June 26, 1986 Online
 77. Opens new Visitor Information Center in downtown Pittsburgh, June 26, 1986 Online
 78. Remarks: PA League of Cities, June 27, 1986 Online
 79. Opens Governor's School for Agriculture, June 29, 1986 Online
 80. Extension of filing deadline for participation in Property Tax and Rent Rebate Program, June 30, 1986 Online
 81. Letter to James Manderino re. Judicial Reform, June 30, 1986 Online
 July-September, 1986 3
 1. Remarks: "Pennsylvania Day" ceremonies rededicating PA Memorial at Gettysburg National Military Park, July 1, 1986 Online
 2. Announces new low-interest $45 million mortgage program for low- and moderate-income home buyers, July 2, 1986 Online
 3. Remarks: 1986-87 state budget and related bills at news conference at Greater Pittsburgh International Airport, July 2, 1986 Online
 4. Announces selection of 5 women as 1986 Distinguished Daughters of Pennsylvania, July 3, 1986 Online
 5. Statement: release of employment data by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showing PA's unemployment rate dropped to 6.5%, July 3, 1986 Online
 6. Remarks: PA Chiefs of Police Association re. 1985 Uniform Crime Report, July 7, 1986 Online
 7. Presents environmental awards to River Hill Coal Co. and 5 other mining companies for outstanding reclamation projects at coal producing sites, July 8, 1986 Online
 8. Signed H.B. 383, the 1986-87 capital budget, and H.B. 1676, creating new Redevelopment Assistance and Economic Development Sinking Fund to help communities finance capital projects which generate substantial economic activity and create new jobs, July 10, 1986 Online
 9. Secretary of Labor and Industry James W. Knepper Jr. announces final enforcement regulations for worker and community Right to Know Act, July 10, 1986 Online
 10. VETO: S.B. 180, "Agency Shop" legislation, July 10, 1986 Online
 11. Salutes PA Army National Guard, July 11, 1986 Online
 12. Ginny Thornburgh participates in ceremonies to officially introduce Ben Franklin Geranium, July 16, 1986 Online
 13. Secretary of Administration Murrary G. Dickman announces plans for second year of merit pay awards for mid-and-upper-level Commonwealth managers, July 16, 1986 Online
 14. David Runkel, press secretary, issues statement re. Inquirer article concerning telephone calls, July 16, 1986 Online
 15. Announces acceptance of invitation from U.S. Information Agency to visit four African countries, July 16, 1986 Online
 16. Asks U.S. Small Business Administration to authorize federal disaster loans for Lancaster County flood victims, July 30, 1986 Online
 17. Revenue Secretary James Scheiner will receive 1986 National Governors Association (NGA) Award for Distinguished Service to State Government, August 4, 1986 Online
 18. African Nations visit, August 5, 1986 Online
 19. Remarks: 100th Annual Conference of PA State Association of County Commissioners, August 6, 1986 Online
 20. Dedicates new Findlay Station of PA State Police in Allegheny County, August 6, 1986 Online
 21. Ginny Thornburgh participates in International Olympic Torch Ceremony in Harrisburg, August 8, 1986 Online
 22. Opens Fifth Annual Keystone State Games, August 8, 1986 Online
 23. Joins AEL Industries to announce $50 million\, 8-year expansion of Montgomery County facility (900-1,200 jobs), August 11, 1986 Online
 24. Presents $34 million mock check to Mayor Wilson Goode for essential preliminary work on Philadelphia Convention Center, August 12, 1986 Online
 25. Breaks ground for $1.1 million rehabilitation project on Harrisburg's City Island, August 12, 1986 Online
 26. Will provide $7 million package of State assistance to new advanced technology firm, Genesis Packing Systems, Inc., to locate in Washington County, August 18, 1986 Online
 27. National Governors Association (NGA) panel discussion on "Economic Development and Advanced Technology", August 25, 1986 Online
 28. Presents report to National Governors Association (NGA) urging states to take special steps to ensure new higher educational standards for "at-risk" children, August 26, 1986 Online
 29. Visits businesses and homes damaged by May 31, 1985 tornadoes in McKean County and applauds area residents for "remarkable comeback", August 28, 1986 Online
 30. Signs execution warrant for Leslie C. Beasley convicted of two first degree murder charges, August 28, 1986 Online
 31. Budget Secretary Robert Bittenbender: Liquor Control Board (LCB) will lose estimated $1.12 in revenue for every bottle sold during its one-day sale, August 29, 1986 Online
 32. Praises efforts of PA farmers for delivery of 1,000 tons of hay to drought belt and southern York County, September 2, 1986 Online
 33. Budget Secretary Robert Bittenbender: Independent Regulatory Review Commission's approval of regulations designed to control escalating costs of prescription drugs in medical assistance program, September 3, 1986 Online
 34. Presents four PA veterans newly authorized special motor vehicle registration plates honoring recipients of Purple Heart medal, September 4, 1986 Online
 35. Appeals termination without hearing of NRC proceeding concerning management integrity at Three Mile Island (TMI), September 4, 1986 Online
 36. Statement: August employment figures show PA's unemployment rate remained at 6.6%\, third consecutive month rate has been below nation's rate as a whole, September 5, 1986 Online
 37. Budget Secretary Robert Bittenbender letter to Lewis F. Gould, Jr., re. SEPTA, September 8, 1986 Online
 38. Asks General Assembly to release State funds for more than 500,000 adult illiterate Pennsylvanians, September 8, 1986 Online
 39. Major General Richard Scott will represent PA at groundbreaking ceremony for memorial museum in Caen, France, September 8, 1986 Online
 40. Opens $1.3 million reconstruction of intersection of Rodi, Universal and Jefferson Roads, September 9, 1986 Online
 41. Letter from Maryland Governor Harry Hughes re. PA donated hay, September 9, 1986 Online
 42. Remarks: Pittsburgh High Technology Conference, September 9, 1986 Online
 43. Project Restore, $100 million initiative to heal scars of abandoned surface mines, September 9, 1986 Online
 44. Visitors to Governor's Home up 20% over last year, September 12, 1986 Online
 45. Remarks: State Employees Combined Appeal Kickoff, September 15, 1986 Online
 46. Recommends four-point program of State action to remove ambiguity about PA's opposition to apartheid , September 16, 1986 Online
 47. Remarks: 24th Fall Conference of PA Association of School Administrators, September 16, 1986 Online
 48. Fourth Annual Governor's New Product Awards, September 17, 1986 Online
 49. Presents Lehigh University with mock $2 million commitment toward cost of nation's first large-scale structure testing facility, September 18, 1986 Online
 50. Opens 27th exhibit in Governor's "Salute to PA's Artistic Heritage" featuring "Sculpture Now: A Celebration of PA Artists", September 21, 1986 Online
 51. Unveils 12-point Tort Reform Legislative package, September 23, 1986 Online
 52. Urges Senate Banking and Insurance Committee to approve two insurance consumer protection bills, September 23, 1986 Online
 53. Administration Secretary Murray G. Dickman letter to John Roderick, PA Public Interest Coalition re. Penn PIC letter, September 24, 1986 Online
 54. $110,850 PA Historical and Museum Commission Contract for restoration of U.S. Brig Niagara, September 24, 1986 Online
 55. 100th Anniversary Celebration of Soldiers' and Sailors' Home in Erie, September 24, 1986 Online
 56. Statement: Rosh Hashanah, September 26, 1986 Online
 57. Remarks: 107th Annual Convention of Firemen's Association, September 26, 1986 Online
 58. Letter to President Reagan re. Logan section of Philadelphia, September 26, 1986 Online
 59. Remarks: Soviet Jewry Rally, September 28, 1986 Online
 October-December, 1986 1701
 1. Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), October 1, 1986 Online
 2. Announces state has accumulated a net $50 million revenue surplus in first three months of fiscal 1986-87, October 2, 1986 Online
 3. Announces Ben Franklin Partnership approved more than $11.5 million in Economic Revitalization Tax Credits for 16 Pennsylvania firms to invest in modernization and expansion projects totaling $267 million, October 2, 1986 Online
 4. Addresses PA Economy League's Western Division regarding substantial budget surplus, October 2, 1986 Online
 5. Agriculture Secretary Richard E. Lyng declares Lancaster and Montgomery counties natural disaster areas, October 3, 1986 Online
 6. Announces four persons to board of directors of Philadelphia Convention Center (Waldman, Nunn, Pote, Alter), October 3, 1986 Online
 7. Announces that Chromalloy American Corporation will rebuild from TRW Inc. plant, October 3, 1986 Online
 8. Lemington Home for the Aged in Pittsburgh\, $275,000 state grant, October 6, 1986 Online
 9. Governor's Weekly Bulletin article re. Pennsylvania and high technology, October 7, 1986 Online
 10. Greets freed Soviet dissident Yuri Orlov, October 7, 1986 Online
 11. Takes action to provide $9.75 million in state funds for four advanced technology-related projects in Pittsburgh, October 8, 1986 Online
 12. Addressed PA Business Roundtable, October 8, 1986 Online
 13. VETO: H.B. 843 dealing with underage drinking and the Certificate of Need Process, October 10, 1986 Online
 14. Groundbreaking ceremonies for the Pittsburgh Technology Center at the former J&L steel mill site, October 10, 1986 Online
 15. Presents 25 citizens with special Governor's Award for crime prevention, October 15, 1986 Online
 16. Thornburgh Administration joins State Ethics Commission in urging PA Supreme Court to reverse Common Court decision exempting state government lawyers from financial disclosure provisions of the State Ethics Act, October 15, 1986 Online
 17. Receives the Valley Forge County Convention and Visitors Bureau's third annual "Hats Off Award", October 16, 1986 Online
 18. Joins businesses and civic leaders to break ground for $128 million East Coast United Parcel Service Center, October 16, 1986 Online
 19. Joins local governments, civic and business leaders in opening westbound lanes of new Clark's Ferry Bridge, October 17, 1986 Online
 20. U.S. Savings Bonds: PA state employees bought more savings bonds than counterparts in all 49 states, October 20, 1986 Online
 21. Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped, October 20, 1986 Online
 22. Speaks at luncheon of the Joint LECC, October 20, 1986 Online
 23. Announces approval of a $1,607,495 CJT grant to Delaware County Community College, October 20, 1986 Online
 24. Visits Williamsport Area Community College and talks about his CLIME program, October 22, 1986 Online
 25. Announces state commitment of $800,000 for the construction of a Johnstown Visitors Center, October 22, 1986 Online
 26. Aliquippa, Ambridge and Harmony have been selected for participation in the state Enterprise Zone program, October 22, 1986 Online
 27. Announces three Western Pennsylvania areas have been selected to participate in the state's Enterprise Zone program, October 22, 1986 Online
 28. Presents $1 million check to Mid Monongahela Valley as part of his Renaissance Communities Program, October 23, 1986 Online
 29. Directs Budget Office to release $18.2 million for renovations to Salk Hall at University of Pittsburgh, October 24, 1986 Online
 30. Speaks to NAACP in Downingtown, October 25, 1986 Online
 31. Presents check for $1 million to City of Pittsburgh to assist in renovation of the former YMCA building, October 27, 1986 Online
 32. Announces award of $2.88 million in federal and state JTPA grants for the training of 1,743 dislocated workers in Western PA, October 27, 1986 Online
 33. Inducts 21 Pennsylvanians into the PA Voter Hall of Fame, October 28, 1986 Online
 34. Governor hails decision of PA Supreme Court upholding the constitutionality of the state's minimum mandatory sentencing law, October 28, 1986 Online
 35. State Library of PA awarded $673,155 grant by Kellogg Foundation, October 28, 1986 Online
 36. Governor presents the first "Take Pride in Pennsylvania" awards, October 29, 1986 Online
 37. $200 million increase in venture capital, October 29, 1986 Online
 38. Linda R. Bryant, Pennsylvania's 1987 Teacher of the Year, October 31, 1986 Online
 39. Murray Dickman resigns, November 3, 1986 Online
 40. Reminder from Murray Dickman that state offices will be open on Election Day, November 3, 1986 Online
 41. Congratulatory telegram to U.S. Senator Arlen Specter, November 5, 1986 Online
 42. Telegram to Governor-elect Robert P. Casey, November 5, 1986 Online
 43. Governor and Casey to meet to begin arrangements for a smooth transition, November 6, 1986 Online
 44. Hails report of another substantial drop in PA's unemployment rate, November 7, 1986 Online
 45. Correction to unemployment rate release, November 7, 1986 Online
 46. Pardons Richard H. Gartner, November 7, 1986 Online
 47. Announces work has begun on $6.7 million project to renovate the former Pennhurst Center for veterans facility, November 11, 1986 Online
 48. Energy Development Projects, November 12, 1986 Online
 49. Receives PA Rural Electric Association's Miracle Mile Award, November 13, 1986 Online
 50. Kodak to locate Pharmaceutical Division in Chester County, November 14, 1986 Online
 51. Presents $170,000 check to Warren Mayor Susan McConnell to continue community's Enterprise Zone program, November 20, 1986 Online
 52. Issues statement to Mike Schmidt for winning 1986 National League Most Valuable Player Award, November 20, 1986 Online
 53. Announces approval of more than $1.7 million in community revitalization funds for 10 Northwestern Pennsylvania municipalities, November 20, 1986 Online
 54. Statement: status of legislation to end state liquor monopoly, November 21, 1986 Online
 55. Joins business and civic leaders in opening first phase of $17 million transportation improvement project (intersection of routes 202 and 29), November 25, 1986 Online
 56. Opens $15.2 million Rochester-Monaca Bridge, November 25, 1986 Online
 57. Statement: just-concluded legislative session, November 26, 1986 Online
 58. Announces $1 million allocation of state redevelopment assistance funds to aid residents of the Logan section, November 28, 1986 Online
 59. Signs executive order providing for the sale of Pennsylvania's 705 state liquor stores to private businessmen and women and for the orderly transfer of regulatory and licensing functions of the Liquor Control Board (LCB) to other government agencies, December 1, 1986 Online
 60. "Adoration of the Magi" will be on display for the 1986 Holiday Tour of the Governor's Home, December 1, 1986 Online
 61. Plants first of nearly 2,000 trees which will eventually line $200 million Vine Expressway, December 1, 1986 Online
 62. Directs Office of Budget to release $20.8 million in capital budget funds for construction of Temple University Dental School addition, December 2, 1986 Online
 63. $34 million in Lottery funded checks are being mailed to more than 465,000 senior citizen households, December 2, 1986 Online
 64. Dedicates new $14 million passenger terminal at Harrisburg, December 3, 1986 Online
 65. Jim Scheiner announces ABCCC will hold its first meeting on December 11, 1986, December 5, 1986 Online
 66. Cites report of further decline in state's unemployment rate as "more evidence of the strong and steadily improving character of our economy", December 5, 1986 Online
 67. Governor's statement regarding 1986 election (RGA release), December 7, 1986 Online
 68. Presents $1.2 million state grant to Pittsburgh Urban Shore Redevelopment program, December 10, 1986 Online
 69. Announces PIDA exceeds $400 million in low-interest loans made during Thornburgh administration, December 10, 1986 Online
 70. Presents $10 million check to help Lehigh University with purchase of major portion of Bethlehem Steel's Homer Research Laboratories, December 15, 1986 Online
 71. Presents Donald P. Harnum with second annual "Kelly Cup" Award, December 15, 1986 Online
 72. Presents $100,000 check to officials of New Bethany Ministries for development of 14-unit Single Room Occupancy (SRO) facility for homeless persons, December 15, 1986 Online
 73. Compliments Ben Franklin Partnership on its growth, December 16, 1986 Online
 74. Final budget briefing for legislative leaders, December 16, 1986 Online
 75. Announces Merrill Lynch Capital Markets has granted the Commonwealth its second upgraded credit rating in two years, December 17, 1986 Online
 76. Announces first two winners of state's McAuliffe/Resnik Scholarship Program, December 17, 1986 Online
 77. Announces PA's drop to 28th place in national ranking of state unemployment rates, December 17, 1986 Online
 78. Presents $67,652 state grant to assist in reopening Trevor's Place in Philadelphia, December 18, 1986 Online
 79. Barry Hartman sends letter re. LCB to Ken Skelly, Chief Counsel of LCB , December 18, 1986 Online
 80. Announces a Pennsylvania Governor's School for Business has been established at University of PA's Wharton School of Business, December 18, 1986 Online
 81. Statement: guilty verdicts of Budd Dwyer and Robert Asher, December 18, 1986 Online
 82. VETO: H.B. 942, drug and alcohol services, December 19, 1986 Online
 83. VETO: S.B. 377, personal care boarding homes, December 19, 1986 Online
 84. VETO: S.B. 1412, taxable and tax-exempt bonds, December 19, 1986 Online
 85. Commonwealth attorneys file 84-page brief opposing various court actions instituted by LCB, December 19, 1986 Online
 86. Dedicates new Southeastern PA Veterans Center, December 22, 1986 Online
 87. Announces awarding of $150,000 state grant to Philadelphia for development of urban farmers markets, December 23, 1986 Online
 88. Commonwealth Court's order upholding termination of LCB and the constitutionality of state's Sunset Act, December 29, 1986 Online
 89. Presents $1.5 million check from Business Infrastructure Development Program to help new trucking firm open a new Cumberland County facility and create 227 new jobs, December 30, 1986 Online
 90. Signs new warrant scheduling execution of Keith Zettlemoyer for week of February 23, 1987, December 30, 1986 Online
 91. Receives $174.3 million in federal discretionary funds to ensure completion of interstate highway system in PA, December 31, 1986 Online
 January, 1987 2
 1. Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce (Salute to Governor), January 5, 1987 Online
 2. Ginny Thornburgh and Welfare Secretary Walter Cohen unveil bronze plaque memorializing 25 patients of Mayview State Hospital, January 5, 1987 Online
 3. Announces approval of $251,000 grant to Borough of Hollidaysburg to facilitate the expansion of local electronics manufacturing plant, January 8, 1987 Online
 4. Announces plans for statewide network of regional fire and emergency management preparedness training centers, January 8, 1987 Online
 5. Dedicates new State Correctional Institution at Cressona, January 8, 1987 Online
 6. Statement following release of December 1986 employment figures, January 9, 1987 Online
 7. Presents Distinguished Service Medal to Major General Richard M. Scott, January 9, 1987 Online
 8. Revenue Secretary Jim Scheiner thanks Theodore T. Penhall, age 73, for his $2,500 contribution to the general fund, January 12, 1987 Online
 9. Letter to Otis R. Bowen, Secretary of Health and Human Services, January 12, 1987 Online
 10. Announces approval of first $900,000 in Renaissance Communities Program funds to finance six projects essential to Shenango Valley's revitalization, January 12, 1987 Online
 11. Announces five more communities to participate in state's $425 million public-private Enterprise Zone Program, January 12, 1987 Online
 12. Commonwealth issues annual financial report for fiscal year ending June 30, 1986, prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), January 14, 1987 Online
 13. Announces approval of $6 million in recreation grants to 198 municipalities, January 15, 1987 Online
 14. Addresses state police graduates, January 13, 1987 Online
 15. Announces approval of $24.2 million in grants to municipalities for housing and community and economic development projects, January 15, 1987  Online
 16. Governor Thornburgh announces future plans, January 15, 1987 Online
 17. Martin Luther King, Jr. ceremony, January 16, 1987 Online
 18. Announces $10 million Capital Redevelopment Assistance Program to be used for addition to Franklin Institute Science Museum, January 16, 1987 Online
 19. Thornburgh returns to law practice in Pittsburgh and will assume the position of Director of the Institute of Politics at Harvard University, January 19, 1987 Online

Subseries  3. Transcripts 

Scope and Contents note

The Dick Thornburgh collection includes 229 transcripts, almost all of which are available here online. These frequently are the only account of a press conference, informal remarks, or other presentation for which there were spontaneous remarks. Thus, these transcripts have particular importance and can be readily searched. Those excluded are from TV programs for which we did not have permission.

Included, to name but a few, are: Three Mile Island news conferences, debriefing following Soviet Union trip regarding Soviet Jewry, other foreign trips and trade missions, presentations before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and Senate subcommittees regarding TMI cleanup, budget related news conferences, and topics such as strikes, energy policy, health care cost containment, budget surpluses, bill signings, anti-crime initiatives, vehicle inspections, and the lottery.

 January-March, 1979 1711
 1. News conference regarding Cressona Aluminum Company, January 30, 1979 Online
 2. News conference regarding highway maintenance, February 5, 1979 Online
 3. News conference regarding the budget, March 7, 1979 Online
 4. General news conference, March 22, 1979 Online
 5. Lieutenant Governor Scranton regarding incident at Three Mile Island (TMI), Unit 2, March 28, 1979 Online
 6. Lieutenant Governor Scranton regarding update on incident at Three Mile Island (TMI), 4:30 pm, March 28, 1979 Online
 7. Lieutenant Governor Scranton regarding update on Three Mile Island (TMI), 10 pm, March 28, 1979 Online
 8. Governor Thornburgh and Lieutenant Governor Scranton regarding update on Three Mile Island (TMI) 10:20 pm, March 29, 1979 Online
 9. Governor Thornburgh and Lieutenant Governor Scranton regarding recommendations for evacuation of pregnant women and pre-school age children within 5 mile radius of Three Mile Island (TMI), March 30, 1979 Online
 10. Governor Thornburgh and Lieutenant Governor Scranton regarding update on Three Mile Island (TMI), 10pm, March 30, 1979 Online
 11. Lieutenant Governor Scranton's appearance on "The People's Business" regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), March 30, 1979 Online
 12. Governor Thornburgh, Lieutenant Governor Scranton, and Harold Denton, Director of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), 11pm, March 31, 1979 Online
 April-June, 1979 2
 1. Statements by Governor Thornburgh and President Carter re Three Mile Island (TMI), April 1, 1979 Online
 2. NRC news conference with Harold Denton regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), April 2, 1979 Online
 3. News conference with Harold Denton regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), Harrisburg, PA, April 3, 1979 Online
 4. Governor Thornburgh regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), 9:30 pm, Harrisburg, PA, April 3, 1979 Online
 5. News Conference regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), Harrisburg, PA, April 9, 1979 Online
 6. Governor before the U.S. Subcommittee on Nuclear Regulations regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), Washington, DC, April 23, 1979 Online
 7. General News Conference (includes Three Mile Island (TMI)), Hershey, PA, April 25, 1979 Online
 8. News Conference, Farm Show Arena regarding Car Recall, Harrisburg, PA, May 3, 1979 Online
 9. News Conference regarding Revisions in Bureau of Motor Vehicles Sales Tax Divisions, Harrisburg, PA, May 9, 1979 Online
 10. Lieutenant Governor's statement and news conference regarding Energy Situation in Pennsylvania, May 24, 1979 Online
 11. Questions and Answers at Chamber of Commerce Dinner, Wilkes-Barre, PA, May 29, 1979 Online
 12. General News Conference, June 7, 1979 Online
 13. News Conference with New Jersey Governor Brendan Byrne regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), June 19, 1979 Online
 14. News Conference regarding $5 Minimum on Gasoline Purchase, June 21, 1979 Online
 15. News Conference regarding Passing the Budget, State Association of Boroughs, Hershey, PA, June 25, 1979 Online
 16. News Conference regarding Fuel Shortage, Harrisburg, PA, June 27, 1979 Online
 July-December, 1979 3
 1. News conference regarding budget, Harrisburg, PA, July 5, 1979 Online
 2. President's Commission on the accident at Three Mile Island (TMI), Washington, DC, August 21, 1979 Online
 3. General news conference, September 12, 1979 Online
 4. Governor's press briefing regarding summary of proposals to be submitted to General Assembly, Harrisburg, PA, October 2, 1979 Online
 5. Press briefing regarding Pennsylvania Tax Commission, Harrisburg, PA, October 18, 1979 Online
 6. Three Mile Island (TMI) Committee Meeting, October 22, 1979 Online
 7. General news conference, Harrisburg, PA, November 15, 1979 Online
 8. Telephone conversation between Governor Thornburgh in Moscow and Paul Critchlow, November 27, 1979 Online
 9. News briefing on Soviet Union trip, Harrisburg, PA, December 4, 1979 Online
 10. News Conference regarding Plant Shutdown Crisis: United States Steel Corporation and St. Joe Zinc, Harrisburg, PA, December 6, 1979 Online
 11. Debriefing of Soviet Union trip regarding Soviet Jewry, December 11, 1979 Online
 12. Lancaster Town Meeting, Lancaster, PA, December 18, 1979 Online
 January-June, 1980 4
 1. News conference regarding Liquor Control Board (LCB), January 28, 1980 Online
 2. News conference regarding 1980-1981 budget, February 5, 1980 Online
 3. News Conference regarding hazardous wastes, Harrisburg, PA, February 14, 1980 Online
 4. Lieutenant Governor announces results of Governor's Commission on Three Mile Island (TMI), February 26, 1980 Online
 5. News conference regarding housing policies, Harrisburg, PA, March 5, 1980 Online
 6. Radio News Service Report regarding trade mission to Japan, March 5, 1980 Online
 7. Radio News Service Report regarding trade mission to Japan, March 6, 1980 Online
 8. Radio News Service Report regarding trade mission to China, March 11, 1980 Online
 9. Radio News Service Report regarding trade mission to Far East, March 14, 1980 Online
 10. News Conference regarding trade mission to Far East, Harrisburg, PA, March 19, 1980 Online
 11. News conference with Harold Denton regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), Harrisburg, PA, March 27, 1980 Online
 12. News conference regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) with Dr. Henry W. Kendall & Robert D. Pollard of Union of Concerned Scientists, Harrisburg, PA, March 28, 1980 Online
 13. News conference with Union of Concerned Scientists regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), Harrisburg, PA, May 14, 1980 Online
 14. News conference regarding venting at Three Mile Island (TMI), Harrisburg, PA, May 16, 1980 Online
 15. News conference with Attorney General Designee Harvey Bartle, III, Harrisburg, PA, May 20, 1980 Online
 16. News conference regarding venting of Krypton 85 at Three Mile Island (TMI), Harrisburg, PA, June 26, 1980  Online
 July-December, 1980 5
 1. General news conference, Harrisburg, PA, July 29, 1980 Online
 2. News conference regarding Statewide Investigating Grand Jury of the Lottery Rigging on April 24, 1980, Harrisburg, PA, September 19, 1980 Online
 3. General news conference, November 13, 1980 Online
 January-June, 1981 6
 1. 1981-1982 Budget news conference, Harrisburg, PA, February 3, 1981 Online
 2. Once-a-Year Vehicle Inspection news conference, Harrisburg, PA, February 11, 1981 Online
 3. News conference regarding Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) Secret Plan, Harrisburg, PA, March 16, 1981 Online
 4. News conference regarding Pennsylvania Tax Commission, March 19, 1981 Online
 5. News conference regarding Anti-Crime Initiatives, Harrisburg, PA, April 28, 1981 Online
 6. News conference regarding water conservation, Harrisburg, PA, June 1, 1981 Online
 7. News conference regarding lottery security, Harrisburg, PA, June 11, 1981 Online
 July-December, 1981 7
 1. 1981-1982 General Fund Budget Bill signing, Harrisburg, PA, July 1, 1981 Online
 2. Cost Sharing Plan for clean-up of Three Mile Island (TMI), Middletown, PA, July 9, 1981 Online
 3. News conference regarding Human Resources Committee of the Cabinet, Harrisburg, PA, July 15, 1981 Online
 4. News conference regarding Anti-Crime Legislation, Harrisburg, PA, September 16, 1981 Online
 5. Thornburgh before the Subcommittee on Energy Conservation and Power regarding Three Mile Island (TMI), September 22, 1981 Online
 6. News conference regarding Pennsylvania energy policy, Harrisburg, PA, October 6, 1981 Online
 7. Bill signings, questions and answers, Harrisburg, PA, December 1, 1981 Online
 8. UPI's Three Year interview with Governor Thornburgh, December 16, 1981 Online
 1982 8
 1. News conference regarding 1982-1983 Budget, Harrisburg, PA, February 9, 1982 Online
 2. U.S. Department of Energy and GPU Nuclear Agreement Signing regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) Clean-up, Harrisburg, PA, April 7, 1982 Online
 3. 1982-1983 Budget signing and press conference, Harrisburg, PA, May 11, 1982 Online
 4. News conference regarding introduction of legislation on drunk driving, Harrisburg, PA, June 2, 1982 Online
 5. News conference regarding 1981-1982 Budget surplus, Harrisburg, PA, July 7, 1982 Online
 1983 9
 1. News conference regarding Independent Truckers' Strike, February 4, 1983 Online
 2. News conference regarding 1983-1984 Budget, Harrisburg, PA, February 8, 1983 Online
 3. News conference regarding the Final Report of the Governor's Task Force on Health Care Cost Containment, Harrisburg, PA, March 24, 1983 Online
 4. News conference regarding Unemployment Compensation Plan, Harrisburg, PA, April 18, 1983 Online
 5. Governor's statement regarding Budget signing, July 11, 1983  Online
 6. News conference regarding Human Services: Choices, Harrisburg, PA, July 20, 1983 Online
 7. News conference regarding the Pennsylvania Judicial System, Harrisburg, PA, October 3, 1983 Online
 1984-1986 10
 1. News conference regarding 1984-1985 Budget, Harrisburg, PA, February 7, 1984 Online
 2. News conference regarding 1985-1986 Budget, Harrisburg, PA, February 5, 1985 Online
 3. News conference regarding Saturn, Detroit, MI, February 19, 1985 Online
 4. News conference on apartheid, October 8, 1985 Online
 5. U.S. Information Agency teleconference call with Brazil, September, 1986 Online

Subseries  4. Executive Orders 

Scope and Contents note

The Dick Thornburgh collection includes all 76 Executive Orders issued by Governor Thornburgh during his two terms as Governor. All are available here online and readily searchable.

Many important task forces, commissions and policy initiatives were enacted by executive order, for example: Economic Development and Human Resources Committees of the Cabinet, Office of Policy Development, Governor's Energy Council, Code of Conduct, Task Force for Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), Governor's Commission on Financing of Higher Education, Governor's Small Business Council, and Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped.

Governor Executive Orders 1979 11
 1. 1979-1: Creation of the Appellate Court Nominating Commission, February 6, 1979-February 17, 1983 Online
 2. 1979-2: Governor's Small Business Council, May 4, 1979-December 20, 1983 Online
 3. 1979-3: Commission to Study and Evaluate the Consequences of the Incident at Three Mile Island, May 14, 1979 Online
 4. 1979-4 Amended: Creation of Trial Court Nominating Commissions, September 12, 1979-February 17, 1983 Online
 5. 1979-5: Sales of Gasoline Retail Sales Outlets (includes Enclosure and Attachment), June 21, 1979 Online
 6. 1979-6: Sales of Gasoline at Retail According to Specified Days of the Month, Minimum Sales, and Other Regulations, June 27, 1979 Online
 7. 1979-7: Governor's Energy Council, July 19, 1979 Online
 8. 1979-8: Coordination of State Employment and Training Programs, July 19, 1979 Online
 9. 1979-9 Amended: Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, August 24, 1981-March 5, 1985  Online
 10. 1979-10: Commonwealth Child Development Committee, July 25, 1979 Online
 11. 1979-11: Office of Inspector General, Department of Transportation, September 12, 1979 Online
 12. 1979-12: Economic Development Committee of the Cabinet, September 23, 1980 Online
 13. 1979-13: Governor's Office of Policy and Planning, September 18, 1979 Online
 14. 1979-14: Pennsylvania Tax Commission, October 18, 1979-January 8, 1981 Online
 15. 1979-15: Commonwealth Affirmative Action Program, November 13, 1979 Online
 16. 1979-16: Governor's Council on the Hispanic Community, December 4, 1979 Online
 17. 1979-17 Amended: Electronic Data Processing Management , November 19, 1980 Online
 18. 1979-18: Special Holiday-January 15, 1980, December 18, 1979 Online
 1980 12
 1. 1980-1: Heritage Affairs Advisory Commission of Pennsylvania, January 10, 1980-December 20, 1983 Online
 2. 1980-2: Pennsylvania 300th Birthday Planning Committee, January 23, 1980 Online
 3. 1980-3: Life Cycle Costing, February 8, 1980 Online
 4. 1980-4: Golden Keystone Discount Card Program, February 27, 1980 Online
 5. 1980-5: Task Force on Employment Services to Displaced Homemakers, February 28, 1980 Online
 6. 1980-6: Allocation of Space and Leasing of Property, February 28, 1980 Online
 7. 1980-7: Small Business Service Center, February 29, 1980 Online
 8. 1980-8: Highway Safety, April 1, 1980 Online
 9. 1980-9: Was not Distributed; Reissued as Executive Order Number 1981-5, undated Online
 10. 1980-10 Amended: Pennsylvania Department of Health Diabetes Task Force, March 6, 1984 Online
 11. 1980-11: Telecommunications Management, April 9, 1980 Online
 12. 1980-12: Sales of Gasoline, April 23, 1980 Online
 13. 1980-13: Contract Management, April 28, 1980 Online
 14. 1980-14: Transfer of Farm Operations at State Mental Hospitals and State Centers to the Department of Agriculture, May 7, 1980-May 25, 1982 Online
 15. 1980-15 Amended: Special Committee on Electronic Data Processing, March 15, 1983 Online
 16. 1980-16: Committee for Comprehensive Review of State Workmen's Insurance Fund, June 6, 1980 Online
 17. 1980-17: State Employee Assistance Program, July 28, 1980 Online
 18. 1980-18 Amended: Code of Conduct, May 16, 1984 Online
 19. 1980-19: Pennsylvania Paperwork Management Service, September 15, 1980 Online
 20. 1980-20: Pennsylvania Coastal Zone Management Program, September 22, 1980 Online
 21. 1980-21: Special Holiday-January 15, 1981, October 17, 1980 Online
 1981 13
 1. 1981-1: Implementing Measures in Response to Drought Emergency in the Delaware River Basin, January 26, 1981-January 20, 1982 Online
 2. 1981-2: Improving Government Regulations, January 9, 1981 Online
 3. 1981-3: Scheduling of Bond and Note Issue Sales, January 30, 1981 Online
 4. 1981-4: Federal Program Coordination, February 9, 1981 Online
 5. 1981-5: Interagency Committee on Arson, February 18-May 15, 1981 Online
 6. 1981-6: Pennsylvania Department of Health Advisory Board of Arthritis, May 22, 1981 Online
 7. 1981-7: Task Force on Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), June 17, 1981 Online
 8. 1981-8: Transfer of Retreat State Hospital to the Bureau of Correction, June 29, 1981 Online
 9. 1981-9 Amended: Human Resources Committee of the Cabinet, April 27, 1982 Online
 10. 1981-10: Pennsylvania Interdepartmental Long-Term Care Planning Committee, July 31, 1981 Online
 11. 1981-11: Task Force on Housing, October 6, 1981 Online
 12. 1981-12: Task Force on Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Other Controlled Substances, October 13, 1981 Online
 13. 1981-13: Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped, October 19, 1981 Online
 14. 1981-14: Pennsylvania State Data Center, November 13, 1981 Online
 1982 14
 1. 1982-1: Governor's Statewide Block Grant Advisory Committee, February 24, 1982 Online
 2. 1982-2: Improving Government Regulations, May 1, 1982 Online
 3. 1982-3: Prime Agricultural Land Policy, October 8, 1982 Online
 1983 15
 1. 1983-1: Transfer of Cresson Center to the Bureau of Correction, January 4, 1983 Online
 2. 1983-2: Commonwealth Electronic Data Processing Master Plan, February 17, 1983 Online
 3. 1983-3: Recisions of Executive Orders, March 15, 1983 Online
 4. 1983-4: Coordination of State Employment and Training Programs, March 21, 1983 Online
 5. 1983-5 Amended: Governor's Private Sector Initiatives Task Force, December 19, 1984 Online
 6. 1983-6: Staff Services to the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority, October 4, 1983 Online
 7. 1983-7: Records Management, November 1, 1983 Online
 8. 1983-8 Amended: Governor's Commission on the Financing of Higher Education, September 12, 1984 Online
 1984 16
 1. 1984-1: Commonwealth Affirmative Action Program, February 16, 1984 Online
 2. 1984-2: Monitoring of Petroleum Products, May 16, 1984 Online
 3. 1984-3: Accounting and Financial Reporting, October 11, 1984 Online
 1985 17
 1. 1985-1: State Employee Combined Appeal, September 13, 1985 Online
 1986 18
 1. 1986-1: Commonwealth Single Audit Coordinator, February 24, 1986 Online
 2. 1986-2: Task Force on Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), April 22, 1986 Online
 3. 1986-3: Standby Allocations of the Unified Volume Cap Pursuant to H.R. 3838, June 10, 1986 Online
 4. 1986-4: State Health Data Center, August 15, 1986 Online
 5. 1986-5: Standby Allocations of the Volume Cap Under the Tax Reform Act of 1986, October 2, 1986 Online
 6. 1986-6: Recisions of Executive Orders, October 24, 1986 Online
 7. 1986-7: Liquor Control Board Sunset: Privatization of State Liquor Monopoly; Transfer of Liquor Control Board Functions, December 1, 1986 Online
 1987 19
 1. 1987-1: 1987 Allocations of the Unified Volume Cap Under the Tax Reform Act of 1986, January 7, 1987 Online

Subseries  5. Administration Policies and Achievements 

Scope and Contents note

While Governor of Pennsylvania, Thornburgh and his staff found it useful to record and monitor both the "promises" made to constituencies during campaigns and the ensuing actions to accomplish these goals. The policy statements and issues of the '78 campaign had been meticulously and thoughtfully researched to address major concerns and problems of the Commonwealth and its citizens, and thus served as the foundation for the actions of the administration.

These files consist of many different monitors of accomplishments, most kept directly by staff, but some kept and collected by different departments and councils at the state level, such as the Insurance Department or the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. In every case the commitment of both staff and departments was to turn promises and goals into reality-achievements that would fulfill needs and be a source of pride. Researchers should be aware that many of these files include the famous "red pen" annotations of the Governor, with his questions, comments, and suggestions.

The files of administration policies and achievements (note that the terms "accomplishments" and "achievements" are used interchangeably in the files) are divided into the following sections: 1) Post-campaign "Promise Books," from1979; 2) Office of Policy Development (OPD) Policy binders, 1979-1980, which identify policies and monitored progress; 3) Back-up research "binders" for achievements, arranged alphabetically by topic and location, dating during Thornburgh's first term, 1978-1982; 4) General achievements, arranged chronologically by year 1979-1987, which include background research memos, and Zingers (succinct "nuggets" of achievement information); 5) Zingers and bullets, from 1985 and 1986; 6) Achievements arranged alphabetically by topic and region, 1979-1987; 7) Achievements binders,1980-1984, containing detailed investigation of areas of concern, and assessment of the changes, positive and negative, that occurred during the Thornburgh years; 8) and The Thornburgh Years: A Legacy of Excellence, 1985-1987 (a publication, privately financed, documenting the administration's achievements and distributed to the public). The related files for  Legacy contain research as well as correspondence, proofs, and departmental achievement reports.

Section: Post-Campaign 1978 "Promise Books 

"Promise binder" from 1978 Campaign 1978 1721
Achievements binder derived from 1978 campaign "Promise Binder" (annotated) 1979 2
"Priorities for Progress in Pennsylvania", a "Promise Binder" October, 1979 3

Section: Office of Policy Development (OPD) Policy Binders, 1979-1980 

 March 9-25, 1979 4
 March 26-April 13, 1979 5
 April 16-27, 1979 6
 April 30-May 11, 1979 7
 May 14-25, 1979 8
 May 28-June 8, 1979 9
 June 11-22, 1979 10
 June 25-July 6, 1979 1731
 July 7-27, 1979 2
 July 30-August 24, 1979 3
 July 6-September 5, 1979 4
 May 16, 1980 5
 1980-1981 6
Departmental Legislative Priorities binder, alpha topic list, Aging-Education 1981-1982 7
Departmental Legislative Priorities binder, alpha topic list, Energy Council-Minorities 1981-1982 8
Departmental Legislative Priorities binder, alpha topic list, Department of Public Works-Department of Transportation and Miscellaneous Priorities 1981-1982 9
Early Administration Projects/Special Study Committees binder 1980-1981 1741-4

Section: Achievements and background, 1981-1982 

Achievements book 1980 5
Achievements of administration's first two years 1981 6
Achievements questionnaire 1981 7
Administration priorities undated 8
Administration progress letter 1980 9
Aging 1981 10
Agriculture 1981 11
Budget, State Policy Initiatives prepared for NGA 1980 12
Campaign 1978 1978 13
Campaign commitments on crime 1978 14
Corruption in state administration 1971-1978 15
Crime 1982 16
Economic development 1981 17
Energy 1981 18
Legislative achievements 1978-1981 19
Northeast Pennsylvania 1981 20-21
Other states, spending increases 1980-1981 22
Pennsylvania Republican platform 1978 23
Regulatory reform 1981 24
Southwest Pennsylvania 1981 25
Steel achievements 1979-1982 26
Thornburgh innovations 1981-1982 27
Transportation 1978-1982 1751
Waste cutting undated 2
Weekly reports 1981 3

Section: Zingers! and bullets, 1979-1986 

Zingers! 1981 4
Zingers! and bullets 1979-1986 5

Section: Achievements, arranged chronologically by year, 1979-1986 

 1979 6
 1980 7
 1981 8
 1982 9
 1985 10
 1986 11
Administration achievements, final draft January, 1987 12
Correspondence, memos, notes (annotated) 1979-1986 13

Section: Achievements, arranged alphabetically by topic and region, 1979-1987 

Advanced technology 1982-1987 14
Agriculture 1982-1986 15
Arts 1987 16
Ben Franklin Partnership 1982-1988 1761
Bond ratings and debt statistics 1985 2
"Choices for Pennsylvanians," interim summary and final report 1985-1986 3
Crime, corrections and corruption 1986 4
Department of Environmental Resources (DER) 1985-1986 5
Education 1979-1986 6
Education, "Turning the Tide: An Agenda for Excellence in Public Schools" 1984-1985 7-9
Energy assistance 1985 10
Erie County 1986 11
Federal money to Pennsylvania 1985 12
Governor's Energy Council 1979-1987 13
Liquor Control Board (LCB) 1985 14
Legislative Accomplishments 1979-1987 15
Massachusetts article on welfare and unemployment 1985 16
Mental health and mental retardation (MH/MR) 1985 17
Minorities and women 1985 18
Philadelphia 1985 19
PIDA loans 1980-1986 20
Polls 1987 21
State government 1986-1987 1771
Taxes 1985 2
Tourism, commerce expansion 1984 3
Transportation, CONRAIL 1985 4
Unemployment 1985-1987 5
Welfare 1979-1986 6
Workers' compensation 1986 7

Section: Achievements binders, 1980-1986 

Volume 1: Aging-Criminal justice 1980-1981 8
Volume 1: Economic development-Education 1980-1981 9
Volume 1: Energy-Environment 1980-1981 10
Volume 2: Executive Management-Fiscal affairs and taxation 1980-1981 11
Volume 2: Health-Mental health and mental retardation, (MH/MR) 1980-1981 12
Volume 3: Military-Regulation 1980-1981 13
Volume 3: Research and development-Miscellaneous 1980-1981 14
County Achievements: Adams-Crawford Counties 1980-1981 15
County Achievements: Cumberland-York Counties 1980-1981 1781
Topic list, Integrity in government-Geographic areas (annotated), work-in-progress February, 1982 2
1982 binder, topic list, Integrity in Government-Transportation September, 1982 3
1982 binder, topic list, Crime-Local government September, 1982 4
1983-1984 binder, topic list, Zingers!-Budget and finance (annotated) 1983-1984 5
1983-1984 binder, topic list, Taxes-1981 1983-1984 6
1983-1984 binder, topic list, Community conservation-Miscellaneous 1983-1984 7
November 1, 1985 binder, topic list, Agriculture-Women November 1, 1985 8
November 12, 1985 binder, topic list, Budget and taxes-Arts November 12, 1985 9
Final achievements binder October 20, 1986 10

Section: The Thornburgh Years: A Legacy of Excellence 

Background research and information on achievements 1985-1986 1791
Background research and publication proofs 1985-1986 2
Correspondence regarding statistical information, proofs, copy and production estimates 1986 3
Department achievements: Aging-Insurance 1986 4
Administration achievements: Labor and Industry-Commission for Women 1986 5
Administration achievements, collected for publication, consolidated by region 1986 6-7
Additional material on crime August, 1986 8
Accomplishments of the Pennsylvania General Assembly 1979-1982 9
End of administration articles December, 1986 10
The Thornburgh Years: A Legacy of Excellence final copy 1986 11

Section: Departmental achievement reports, 1986-1987 

Achievement reports 1979-1986 12
 1. "A Chronological Report of the Actions and Accomplishments of the Department of Banking, 1979-1982", February, 1983 Online
 2. "A Chronological Report of the Actions and Accomplishments of the Department of Banking, 1983-1986", January, 1987 Online
 3. Updated listing of accomplishments of the Department of Corrections, during time period 1979-1986, November 28, 1986 Online
 4. Private Sector Initiatives Task Force report, December 31, 1986 Online
 5. "Accomplishments for Women During the Thornburgh Administration," Pennsylvania Commission for Women, during time period 1979-1986, 1986 Online
 6. "Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Eight Year Report," during time period 1979-1986, 1986 Online
 7. "Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Accomplishments during the Thornburgh Administration," during time period 1979-1986, 1986 Online
 8. "Thornburgh Administration, Agriculture Accomplishments, 1979-1986", 1986 Online
 9. Major Accomplishments of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA)\, during time period 1979-1986, January 16, 1987 Online
 10. "Report to the Governor on Selected Major Activities and Accomplishments of the Insurance Department, 1979-January, 1987", January, 1987 Online

Subseries  6. Office of Budget and Administration 

Scope and Contents note

"Within two days after the inauguration, Bob Wilburn [Secretary of Budget and Administration], and his budget office aides came to the Governor's Home to discuss the state's financial condition. Estimates of the deficit looming at the end of the fiscal year (which was to end on June 30) ranged from $20 million to $175 million ... Wisely, nearly all states [including Pennsylvania] have a constitutional requirement that each year's budget be balanced ... I was later to become a zealot in the effort to secure passage of a balanced budget amendment to the federal constitution ... I have always thought that matching revenues with expenditures is a large part of what accountability in government is all about" ( Evidence, p. 109). Overall, through reprogramming and attention to top priorities, in addition to cost cutting measures, responsible and balanced budgets were submitted and passed in a timely manner each of the eight years of Thornburgh's years as Governor.

The Office of Budget and Administration (OBA) oversaw the creation of yearly budgets for every agency, department and commission and "maintains a continuing evaluation of the progress and effectiveness of state programs in meeting program objectives" ( Pennsylvania Manual, 1980-1981, p. 293). The files included in this collection are detailed and fully document both the organization and the results of a meticulous and successful budgetary process. They are the foundation beneath the many policy initiatives and accomplishments of the Thornburgh administration.

The first group of files is organized by department, agency or commission, and includes materials relating to the requests for funds, OBA's recommendations, and notes from hearings for each department. There are also documents relating to departments' accomplishments and goals, and the funding thought necessary to achieve those goals.

The OBA also kept material unique to each fiscal year. This second group of material includes, for example: Governor's Budget Address and drafts, binders entitled, "Summary of Initiatives, Policy Issues and Appropriations Prior to the Submission of the Executive Budget," and copies of the Governor's Executive Budget and  Budget in Brief for each fiscal year. Included, too, is information from the Governor's Budget Review meetings, news releases regarding budget matters, and other documents unique to each fiscal year.

The Office of Budget and Administration files are arranged as follows: 1) Department and agency requests, related OBA recommendations and hearing notes, arranged alphabetically by agency or department, for fiscal years 1979-1987; 2) Fiscal year budget materials, arranged chronologically by fiscal year from 1979-1987, with materials relating to the executive budget, briefing binders, and budget address materials for each year.

Section: Department and Agency requests, OBA recommendations and hearing notes, fiscal years 1979-1987 

Office of Administration 1985-1986 1801
Auditor General: department of 1979-1987 2
Attorney General's Office 1982-1987 3
Board of Probation and Parole 1979-1987 4
Bureau of Corrections 1983-1987 5
Civil Service Commission 1979-1987 6
Commission for Women 1982-1987 7
Office of the Consumer Advocate 1985-1986 8
Council on the Arts 1984-1985 9
Crime Commission 1980-1986 10
Crime Victims Compensation Board 1982 11
Department of Aging 1979-1987 12
Department of Agriculture: department requests and OBA recommendations 1979-1987 13
Department of Agriculture: hearing notes 1979-1985 14
Department of Banking 1980-1986 15
Department of Commerce: department requests and OBA recommendations 1979-1987 16
Department of Commerce: hearing notes 1979-1987 1811
Department of Community Affairs: department requests and OBA recommendations 1979-1987 2
Department of Community Affairs: hearing notes 1979-1985 3
Department of Education: department requests and OBA recommendations 1979-1986 4-7
Department of Education: Budget presentation to the Governor January, 1982 8
Department of Education: Budget presentation to the Governor January, 1983 1821
Department of Education: hearing notes 1979-1987 2
Department of Environmental Resources: department requests and OBA recommendations 1979-1986 3-4
Department of Environmental Resources: hearing notes 1979-1985 5
Department of General Services: department requests and OBA recommendations 1979-1987 6
Department of General Services: hearing notes 1979-1985 7
Department of Health: department requests and OBA recommendations 1979-1983 8
Department of Health: department requests and OBA recommendations 1983-1987 1831
Department of Health: hearing notes 1979-1985 2
Insurance Department 1979-1987 3
Department of Justice 1979-1982 4
Department of Labor and Industry: department requests and OBA recommendations 1979-1987 5
Department of Labor and Industry: hearing notes 1979-1985 6
Department of Military Affairs 1979-1987 7
Department of Public Welfare: department requests and OBA recommendations 1979-1987 8-10
Department of Revenue 1979-1987 1841
Department of State 1979-1987 2
Department of Transportation 1979-1987 3-4
Fish Commission 1980-1987 5
Game Commission 1980-1987 6
General Counsel, Office of 1982-1985 7
Governor's Action Center 1985-1986 8
Governor's Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse 1979-1982 9
Governor's Energy Council: department requests and OBA recommendations 1981-1986 10
Governor's Energy Council: hearing notes 1980-1985 1851
Governor's Office 1979-1987 2
Governor's Office of Policy Development 1985-1987 3
Historical and Museum Commission 1979-1987 4-5
Horse Racing Commission 1979-1982 6
Human Relations Commission 1979-1987 7
Judiciary 1979-1984 8
Legislature 1979-1981 9
Lieutenant Governor's Office 1979-1987 10
Liquor Control Board (LCB) 1979-1987 11
Medical Professional Liability Catastrophe Loss Fund 1986-1987 12
Milk Marketing Board 1980-1986 13
MILRITE Council 1983-1987 1861
MILRITE Council: Budget presentation to the Governor January 13, 1983 2
Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency 1980-1986 3
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) 1979-1986 4
Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) 1979-1987 5
Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency 1983-1987 6
Pennsylvania State Employees' Retirement System 1980-1985 7
Pennsylvania State Police 1979-1987 8
Professional and Occupational Affairs 1979-1980 9
Public Employee Retirement Study Commission 1985-1987 10
Pennsylvania Public Television Network (PPTN) Commission 1979-1987 11
Public Utilities Commission (PUC) 1979-1987 12
Securities Commission 1979-1985 13
Tax Equalization Board 1981-1985 14
Treasury Department 1979-1987 15
Women, Infants and Children (WIC) 1984-1987 16
Welfare Department: extensive notes by Governor Thornburgh 1979-1986 17

Section: Fiscal year budget materials, 1979-1987 

Section: Fiscal Year 1979-1980 

Budget study group 1979-1980 1871
Budget overview 1979-1980 2
Capital budget 1979-1980 3
Legislative process 1979-1980 4
Governor's Budget Address March 7, 1979 5
Budget in Brief 1979-1980 6
Press coverage of budget 1979-1980 7

Section: Fiscal Year 1980-1981 

General budget overview and Democrat Response to Governor's Budget 1980-1981 8
General Fund financial statement 1980-1981 9
Notes for Cabinet meeting 1980-1981 10
Legislators' proposals 1980-1981 11
Republican Leadership meeting February 4, 1980 12
Drafts and final copy of Governor's Budget Address February 5, 1980 13
News releases concerning budget 1980-1981 14
Summary of Initiatives, Policy Issues and Appropriations prior to submission of the Executive Budget binder (includes contents list) 1980-1981 15
Budget in Brief 1980-1981 16
Governor's Executive Budget, volume 2 (missing volume 1) 1980-1981 17
Governor's Budget Briefing Book 1981-1982 18

Section: Fiscal Year 1981-1982 

General budget overview 1981-1982 1881
House Democratic budget proposals and analysis of House Democratic Caucus "Statement of Policy" 1981-1982 2
Governor's Budget Address February 3, 1981 3
Summary of Initiatives, Policy Issues and Appropriations prior to submission of the Executive Budget binder (includes contents list) 1981-1982 4
Budget in Brief 1981-1982 5
Governor's Executive Budget, volume 1 1981-1982 6
Governor's Executive Budget, volume 2 1981-1982 7

Section: Fiscal Year 1982-1983 

Budget Reviews of Agencies' Budget Requests binder (includes content list) 1982-1983 8
Governor's Budget Address February 9, 1982 1891
Summary of Initiatives, Policy Issues and Appropriations prior to submission of the Executive Budget binder (includes contents list) 1982-1983 2-3
Budget in Brief 1982-1983 4
Governor's Executive Budget 1982-1983 5-6

Section: Fiscal Year 1983-1984 

Attendees for Governor's Budget Review meetings 1983-1984 7
Budget overview and general options 1983-1984 8
HAND-UP, "Housing Assistance Needed by Distressed and Unemployed Pennsylvanians: A Plan to Provide Emergency Loans to Unemployed Homeowners and Economically Distressed Family Farmers to Avoid Mortgage Foreclosure" 1983-1984 9
Coal Conversion Opportunities 1983-1984 10
Drafts of Governor's Budget Address 1983-1984 11
News release on Governor's budget proposal February 8, 1983 12
Summary of Initiatives, Policy Issues and Appropriations prior to submission of the Executive Budget binder (includes contents list) 1983-1984 13-14
Draft of Budget in Brief 1983-1984 1901
Budget in Brief 1983-1984 2
Governor's Executive Budget printer's mark-up 1983-1984 3
Governor's Executive Budget 1983-1984 4-5
Post July 1, 1983 budget negotiations and supplemental material 1983-1984 6-7

Section: Fiscal Year 1984-1985 

Attendees for Governor's Budget Review meetings 1984-1985 8
Budget overview and general options 1984-1985 9
Revenue projections 1984-1985 10
Options for using available lottery revenues 1984-1985 11
News releases concerning budget 1984-1985 12
"Pennsylvania is Ready," draft and final copy of Governor's Budget Address February 7, 1984 13
Governor's Briefing Book 1984-1985 14
Governor's Briefing Book 1984-1985 15
Summary of Initiatives, Policy Issues and Appropriations prior to submission of the Executive Budget binder (includes contents list) 1984-1985 1911-2
Draft of Budget in Brief 1984-1985 3
Budget in Brief 1984-1985 4
Governor's Executive Budget 1984-1985 5-6

Section: Fiscal Year 1985-1986 

Budget Review meetings for departments and agencies 1985-1986 7
Budget overview and general options 1985-1986 8
Drafts and notes regarding the Governor's Budget Address 1985-1986 9
"Pennsylvania is Working," Governor's Budget Address February 5, 1985 10
Governor's Briefing Binder 1985-1986 11
Budget Review Meetings, vol I 1985-1986 12
Budget Review Meetings, vol II 1986 13
Senate remarks following Governor's Budget Address February 5, 1985 1921
News releases concerning budget 1985-1986 2
Budget Review Meetings for Departments and agencies: Health, PHEAA, Military Affairs and Transportation 1985-1986 3
Pennsylvania Tax Compendium for the Department of Revenue 1985-1986 4
Budget in Brief 1985-1986 5
Governor's Executive Budget 1985-1986 6-7

Section: Fiscal Year 1986-1987 

Budget overview and general options 1986-1987 8
News releases concerning budget 1986-1987 1931
"Pennsylvania is Proud Again," drafts and final copy of Governor's Budget Address February 4, 1986 2
Democrats' Response to Governor's Budget Address February 4, 1986 3
Summary of Initiatives, Policy Issues and Appropriations prior to submission of the Executive Budget binder (includes contents list) 1986-1987 4
Budget Review packages for departments and agencies binder 1986-1987 5
Drafts of Budget in Brief 1986-1987 6
Budget in Brief 1986-1987 7
Governor's Executive Budget 1986-1987 8
Governor's Executive Budget 1986-1987 9

Subseries  7. Three Mile Island (TMI) 

Scope and Contents note

In the early hours of Wednesday, March 28, 1979, Governor Thornburgh received a telephone call from the state director of emergency management, Colonel Oran Henderson. It was news of a problem that, in Thornburgh's words, "no governor, anywhere, had ever had to face" ( Evidence, p.112). The Three Mile Island (TMI) nuclear power plant, located in the middle of the Susquehanna River near the state's capitol, Harrisburg, had suffered an accident. Answers to the question of what precisely had happened and especially the question of what effects the accident would have for public safety were unclear. The immediate task to simply get the facts proved much easier said than done.

Governor Thornburgh, inaugurated only seventy-one days before the accident, had previously had only a "cursory briefing" from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) and a passing reference to Three Mile Island (TMI) and the other nuclear power facilities in Pennsylvania. Immediately Thornburgh assembled a group of staff and other trusted associates whom he referred to as an "ad-hocracy" ( Evidence, p.113). Included were Jay Waldman, Paul Critchlow, Rick Stafford and Bob Wilburn.

The primary assignment to the ad-hocracy was to determine exactly what was happening, especially in view of the contradictory statements being issued by officials from Metropolitan Edison (the utility company), federal regulators (NRC) and other groups. Further complicating the matter, Thornburgh recalls the "self-appointed experts and dubious eyewitnesses [that] continued to feed us unsubstantiated stories about dead animals, along with exaggerated warnings and evacuation schemes" ( Evidence, 114). News of a China Syndrome potential, of a possible need for evacuation of thousands of persons within five or even ten miles of TMI, and of the delay in ascertaining the facts was a challenge beyond description to the Governor and his administration.

Ultimately, with the invaluable assistance of Harold Denton and his team from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the facts ascertained that "while some of the reactor fuel heated to the point of melting, a disastrous 'meltdown' was never close to occurring. Detectable amounts of radiation escaped into our air, water and even milk, but these amounts were limited enough that their impact, if any, on public health remains debatable to this day. And a massive evacuation of the up to 200,000 people residing in the area, with its potential for panic, injury and even loss of life, would have been far more dangerous and damaging than was the accident itself" ( Evidence, p. 112). Subsequent evaluations of the handling of the accident praised Governor Thornburgh and, for example, "Neal Pierce, in a later piece entitled 'Pennsylvania's Thornburgh: Extraordinary Governor,' took note of the Thornburgh style - the calm, deliberate method he brought to Three Mile Island and now applies to virtually every problem" (  Evidence, p. 123).

A significant TMI 25th Anniversary program was held at the National Museum of American History on March 26, 2004. The attendant exhibit and much technical information is available on their website. Also, the C-Span Video Library regarding Three Mile Island documents the entire event from that date including remarks of Governor Thornburgh and the other panelists.

The files included in this section were collected both during and after the accident to monitor, document and assess the facts of the accident and its implications on public health, energy concerns, cleanup needs and costs, and effects on the Pennsylvania economy. All of this material is in a general chronological order within ten separate sections, much of it is annotated by both Governor and staff. Researchers must note that there is substantial material relating to Three Mile Island (TMI) contained elsewhere in the collection, such as in the Press Secretary files, Office of Policy Development files (OPD), General Counsel files, in addition to files of the Governor and his staff. Of particular interest will be the videos of the early press conferences, and audio items, all available here online. The types of materials in the files include, for example: memoranda, news clippings, news releases, correspondence, reports, topic background, wire stories from the early days of the accident, press statements and advisories, transcripts of news conferences, public statements by the Governor and others, reports on the future of nuclear energy, staff and cabinet notes and drafts, and emergency and evacuation plans. The research potential for this TMI topic is huge.

The TMI files are divided into ten sections as follows: 1) Daily chronological files March 28-April 8, 1979; 2) "The Accident," March-November, 1979, including materials from NRC, the Pennsylvania Commission on TMI, the Pennsylvania House Select Committee, and United States Senate Subcommittees; 3) Early news wires from Associated Press and United Press International, and news clippings, March-September, 1979; 4) News releases, transcripts and statements by Thornburgh and Scranton, 1979-1985; 5) Staff and TMIA files, 1980-1985; 6) Reports: NRC's Rogovin Report, and Governor Thornburgh's Cleanup Plan, 1981; 7) President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island (TMI), also known by the chairman's name, Kemeny, a group of files from 1979 which consist largely of depositions, testimony, public hearing proceedings, and a final report; 8) Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), whose files consist of investigation information and Harold Denton's news conference transcripts; 9) "Governor's Commission to Study and Evaluate the Consequences of the Incident at Three Mile Island" (TMI), files that are kept in chronological order, April 1979-1982, and document various topics related, directly or indirectly, to Three Mile Island (TMI), from Reports of the Commission's Legal Subcommittee to reports of similar nuclear concerns at the Peach Bottom nuclear plant facility, also in Pennsylvania; 10) "Ad-hocracy committee" member, Robert C. Wilburn's Three Mile Island files, arranged chronologically, 1979-1980. His specific task was to investigate what emergency actions and plans were in place for any kind of large-scale crisis, and which, in this case, would have been needed in a mass evacuation.

Section: Chron files, March 28-April 8, 1979 

 March 28-April 8, 1979 1941-12
Chronological work file of Governor Thornburgh (annotated) March-May, 1979 13-14
Press Office memoranda to Capitol correspondents regarding statements by officials involved in Three Mile Island (TMI) March 30-April 9, 1979 15

Section: The Accident, March-November, 1979 

Agriculture Department April-May, 1979 16
Department of Community Affairs April, 1979 17
Department of Education, Report of Daily Events March 28-April 5, 1979 18
Department of Environmental Resources (DER) March-June, 1979 19
Governor's Action Center, role during Three Mile Island (TMI) crisis March-April, 1979 20
Health Department March-September, 1979 21
Insurance Department May, 1979 22
Military Affairs March-April, 1979 23
Pennsylvania State Police: 20-mile radius evacuation plan April 17, 1979 24
Pennsylvania Commission on Three Mile Island April, 1979 1951
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) April, 1979 2
Public Utility Commission (PUC) March-April, 1979 3
Federal assistance April-July, 1979 4
Hearing before the Senate Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Labor and Human Resources, Washington, D.C. April 4, 1979 5
Governor Thornburgh's testimony before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Nuclear Regulation of the Committee on Environment and Public Works April 23, 1979 6
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) April-November, 1979 7
Pennsylvania House Select Committee on TMI April-May, 1979 8
State Legislature, correspondence from Representatives regarding emergency preparedness plan, Three Mile Island (TMI) task force formulation and requests for federal aid March-May, 1979 9
Congressional correspondence to Governor Thornburgh regarding radiation effects and possible area evacuation April, 1979 10
General correspondence March-June, 1979 11
General Public Utilities Corporation (GPU) April-August, 1979 12

Section: News wires, and news clippings, March-September, 1979 

UPI news wires, originals March 30, 1979 13
AP news wires, originals March 30, 1979 14
Governor Thornburgh's personal set of news wire stories (annotated) March 28-April 6, 1979 15
News wires March 31-September 28, 1979 16-17
Governor's Press Office Clippings March 28-April 27, 1979 1961-4
New York Times clippings April 1-9, 1979 5

Section: News releases, transcripts and statements by Governor Thornburgh and Lieutenant Governor Scranton, 1979-1985 

 1979-1980 6-7
Binder prepared for Governor Thornburgh's testimony before a joint hearing of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and the Senate Subcommittee on Nuclear Regulation of the Committee on Environment and Public Works, Washington DC October 20, 1981 8
 1981 9
Lowell Briggs interview with Governor Thornburgh on Three Mile Island (TMI) March 19, 1981 10
 1982-1985 11-14

Section: Staff and Three Mile Island Alert (TMIA), 1980-1985 

News clippings, correspondence, news releases and reports 1980-1982 1971-4
World's Fair, "Energy Turns the World," Knoxville, TN, request for usage and release of Governor Thornburgh's comments on PBS program "National Nuclear Debate" 1982 5
News clippings, correspondence, news releases and reports 1983-1985 6-8
Three Mile Island Alert (TMIA), correspondence and news releases June, 1980 9

Section: NRC (Rogovin) and Cleanup Plan Reports, 1980-1981 

"Three Mile Island (TMI): A report to the Commissioners and to the Public" by the Rogovin Special Inquiry Group of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) January 24, 1980 1981
"Governor Dick Thornburgh's Proposal to Finance the Cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI)," includes "Digest of Reactions" to proposal July 9, 1981 2

Section: President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island (Kemeny), 1979 

Correspondence, transcripts, news releases and notes 1979 3
Jay Waldman's (JCW) testimony before President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island (TMI) April 26, 1979 4
Official transcript of proceedings, Public Hearing August 2, 1979 5
Deposition of Governor Thornburgh for the President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island (held in Governor's office) August 17, 1979 6
Governor Thornburgh's testimony and transcript of proceedings, Public Hearing of President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island (TMI) August 21, 1979 7
"The Need For Change: The Legacy of Three Mile Island (TMI)," Report of the President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island (TMI); does not include Supplemental Views chapter October, 1979 8-9
Supplemental Views chapter to "The Need For Change: The Legacy of Three Mile Island (TMI)," Report of the President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island (TMI) October, 1979 1991
"The Need For Change: The Legacy of Three Mile Island," Report of the President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island (TMI), includes Supplemental Views chapter October, 1979 2

Section: United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), 1979 

Investigation into the March 28, 1979 Three Mile Island (TMI) accident by the Office of Inspection and Enforcement August, 1979 3
Harold Denton news conference transcripts April 2-3, 1979 4

Section: Governor's Commission to Study and Evaluate the Consequences of the Incident at Three Mile Island (TMI), 1977-1982 

Executive order and memos April-October, 1979 5
Legal aspects of the Three Mile Island (TMI) accident, report of the Legal Subcommittee, Harrisburg, PA December, 1979 6
"Report of the Governor's Commission on Three Mile Island" February 26, 1980 7
Department of Environmental Resources (DER) Bureau of Radiological Health Plan for Nuclear Power Generating Station Incidents September, 1977 8
State/Metropolitan Edison Radiation Emergency Interface Plan ca. 1974 9
Arnold, Larry, "Tomorrow's Disaster at Three Mile Island (TMI)," Harrisburg magazine August, 1978 10
Three Mile Island (TMI) related letters of thanks and commendation 1979 11
Peach Bottom Nuclear Plant incident June, 1979 12
Pennsylvania House of Representatives Select Committee's Report of the hearings concerning Three Mile Island (TMI) January 18, 1980 13
Administration report to House Select Committee on Three Mile Island (TMI) regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) resolutions June 3, 1980 14
Major news stories, one year later March, 1980 15
Governor's Energy Council: Pennsylvania Energy Policy and Summary July, 1981 16
Three Mile Island (TMI) articles and pamphlets 1979-1982 2001
Nuclear energy articles and pamphlets undated 2

Section: Three Mile Island (TMI) files of Robert C. Wilburn, 1979-1981 

Bob Wilburn's notes April, 1979 3
 March, 1979-1981 4-11
Congressional Task Force on Three Mile Island (TMI), memo September 18, 1980 12

Section: TMI Cleanup [New Material Added] 

TMI Briefing Book (1 of 4), July 1981 10091
TMI Briefing Book (2 of 4), July 1981 2
TMI Briefing Book (3 of 4), July 1981 3
TMI Briefing Book (4 of 4), July 1981 4
TMI Cleanup: memos and reports, January-July 1981 5
TMI Cleanup: memos and reports, August-December 1981 6
TMI correspondence and editorials (1 of 3), 1981 7
TMI correspondence and editorials (2 of 3), 1981 8
TMI correspondence and editorials (3 of 3), 1981 9
TMI cleanup: Benko re NARUC, November 1981-March 1982 10
TMI cleanup: Benko re NARUC, 1982 11
TMI cleanup, 1982-1986 12
GPU Chronology, March 1979-October 1982 13

Subseries  8. Office of Policy Development, Three Mile Island (TMI) 

Scope and Contents note

The Office of Policy Development (OPD) had a significant role regarding the Three Mile Island (TMI) nuclear accident, one that continued for all remaining years of Governor Thornburgh's term in office, 1979-1987. OPD's role, as it turned out, was to monitor the subsequent research, controversies, legal issues and public concerns regarding the cleanup and potential restart of the undamaged Unit 1 reactor. In this OPD was remarkably successful, meaning that these files are an essential component to understanding the impact of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident and the complexities of contending with the aftermath.

The OPD files contain virtually every topic having to do with cleanup and restart of nuclear plants, and addressed by major public figures, citizens, associations and corporations. For example, these files contain materials from politicians and governors criticizing or supporting restart and cleanup, results of cancer studies conducted from TMI air samples, studies from other states on the regulation of nuclear power and plants, correspondence from citizens to Governor Thornburgh, proposed and adopted legislation concerning licensing and operation of nuclear plants, and memoranda to and from members of Governor Thornburgh's staff. There is a major amount of material generated by the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission), the PUC (Pennsylvania's Public Utility Commission), GPU (General Public Utilities Corp, owner of TMI), and Met-Ed (Metropolitan Edison, operator of the plant).

Governor Thornburgh undertook leadership of the assessment of cost and responsibility for the prospective cleanup of the damaged reactor after the accident, in the absence of initiative by the utility, the industry, or from the federal government. The necessary research into issues of financial responsibility and feasible options for the cleanup is well represented in these files. Ultimately Thornburgh's "Cost-Sharing Plan," was put forth in July 1981 and proposed that the prospective cost of the cleanup be shared by all parties, including the State of New Jersey. In fact, the cleanup ultimately was not completed until August 1993, fourteen years after the accident.

The files also contain an extensive grouping of news clippings and news wire stories, arranged chronologically by year, 1979-1986. These well represent the period of the accident itself as well as ongoing concern about issues related to the cleanup and potential restart of the Three Mile Island plant that continued for years.

In addition, there is much material relating to the legal cases concerning the cleanup and restart controversies. Most of these cases are between individuals or groups and Met-Ed and/or the NRC. There is also material relating to the licensing and safety inspections of other nuclear power plants in Pennsylvania. Researchers should note that the legal cases following the accident and related to the cleanup and restart are well documented in the Office of Legal Counsel files here.

In general, researchers should note that Three Mile Island (TMI) is a major subject in the Governor files. In addition to OPD files there is substantial material relating to Three Mile Island (TMI) contained in other sections of the collection, such as: Press Secretary files, Three Mile Island files, and Office of General Counsel files, in addition to files of the gubernatorial staff, such as Rick Stafford and Walt Plosila.

The Office of Policy Development (OPD) files on Three Mile Island (TMI) are organized into five groups as follows: 1) Topic files, arranged alphabetically, which include many major organizations, companies, individuals, legislation, and issues that concern the cleanup of Three Mile Island units, investigations into the accident and the plant's possible reopening. Files contain, in general, news releases, correspondence, reports, memoranda and news clippings; 2) News wires from Associated Press (AP) and United Press International (UPI), arranged chronologically, 1979-1984; 3) News clippings, arranged chronologically by year, relating to cleanup and restart, 1979-1986; 4) Legal materials, including court cases and testimonies, depositions and affidavits, arranged by docket number. Researchers should note many of the topic files also contain overlapping legal materials, but kept separate as originally ordered; 5) Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NUREG) reports, arranged by NUREG number, which document safety and technical issues relating to nuclear energy and the construction of nuclear power plants.

Section: Topic files, alphabetical, 1979-1986 

Index to Three Mile Island (TMI) files, alphabetically arranged and updated by OPD over years 1982-1984 2011
Aamodt, Norman and Marjorie, petition for Certiorari, TMI-1 (Three Mile Island-Unit 1) restart litigation January 9, 1986 2
Accident: news releases and statements issued by Governor Thornburgh 1979-1984 3
Administrative Law Judge Smith disqualification January-February, 1985 4
Air and Water Pollution Patrol, correspondence to Governor Thornburgh March-November, 1982 5
American Nuclear Society (ANS), meetings and membership mailings 1981-1985 6
American Public Power Association (APPA), correspondence to Congressman Richard Ottinger, chairman for Subcommittee on Energy, Conservation and Power October-December, 1981 7
American Society of Utility Investors: testimony by member I. J. Aligood and publications 1983-1984 8
Amortization: matter concerning GPU and PUC and memoranda between Bob Benko and Frank Wright September, 1983 9
Andrezeski, Senator, author of bill S.B. 1014 July 1, 1981 10
Anniversary of Three Mile Island (TMI) news clippings 1983-1985 11
Anti-nuclear correspondence, petitions, and requests to Governor Thornburgh 1980-1985 12-13
Arizona Public Service Commission, letter to Governor Thornburgh regarding the industry's participation in the cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI) October 9, 1981 14
Arthur Young study: "Analysis of Strategic Options to Finance Continuing Electrical Power Service in the Jersey Central Power and Light Company Franchise Area" April, 1981 15
Atomic Safety Licensing Board (ASLB) and Atomic Safety Licensing and Appeal Board (ASLAB), correspondence, Governor's staff memoranda, and legal materials regarding TMI (Three Mile Island) restart proceedings 1981-1984 16-18
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Background information on Three Mile Island (TMI) accident (includes news clippings, testimony and briefing materials) 1979-1986 2
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Beaver Valley Power Station Unit No. 1: memoranda, correspondence and notes from the NRC 1984-1985 6-7
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Building Trades endorsement of Governor Thornburgh's cost sharing approach to Three Mile Island (TMI) cleanup October, 1981 12
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Cancer studies done by the Pennsylvania Department of Health 1985 14-15
Cawley, Commissioner James H. of the PUC 1981-1982 16
Chambers of Commerce: Three Mile Island (TMI) cleanup and funding 1981-1982 17
Civil penalties imposed on plant operators by the NRC: correspondence between Governor King of Maine and Governor Thornburgh June-July, 1982 18
Cheating incident: Three Mile Island (TMI) operators cheating on tests required by the NRC and Charles Husted incident 1981-1985 19
Cleanup Act: nuclear accident legislation January, 1982 2031
Cleanup agreement and contract between DER and GPU 1983-1986 2
Cleanup safety allegations 1983 3
Cleanup cost 1979-1986 4-11
 1. Explanation of Variations in Cleanup Cost Estimates, 1982 Online
 2. Three Mile Island Issues Background and Thornburgh's Initiatives, 1982 Online
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Constitutional issues September-October, 1981 12
Consumer Advocate and GPU settlement December, 1981-April, 1982 13
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Core removal program, includes Westinghouse plan for TMI-2 (Three Mile Island-2) 1980-1984 18
Correspondence: miscellaneous regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) between Governor's staff and outside parties 1981-1985 19
Cleanup proposals in 1981, briefing book compiled in preparation 1979-1981 20
Cost sharing approach: "Financing the Cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI): A Working Paper for Decision Making Purposes" January 18, 1981 2051
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Cost sharing approach: finalization and unveiling July, 1981 8
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Cost Issues examination status May 22, 1981 11
NGA's Criminal Justice and Public Protection Committee endorsement of Governor Thornburgh's cost sharing plan August 10, 1981 12
Critical milestones related to Three Mile Island (TMI), chart of years 1981-1985 13
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Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant (San Obispo, CA) ruling August 22, 1981 17
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Digest of reactions to Governor Thornburgh's cost sharing approach to finance Three Mile Island (TMI) cleanup September, 1981 19
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Department of Energy (DOE), FEPC TMI-2 (Three Mile Island-2) study group meetings March 28-29, 1983 21
DOE participation in Three Mile Island (TMI) cleanup 1981 22
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DOE Research and Development program undated 26
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Edison Electric Institute (EEI): task force on Three Mile Island (TMI) 1982 3
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Electric rates of privately owned United States utilities 1981 6
Emergency operations staffing: NRC order and briefing 1983 7
Emergency preparedness: memos and speech materials and publications 1983-1985 8
U.S. House Subcommittee on Energy, Conservation and Power: testimony of Governor Thornburgh September 22, 1981 9
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US Senate Committees of Energy and Natural Resources and Environment and Public Works: Governor Thornburgh October 20, 1981 12
US Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee: statements, legislation and correspondence on cleanup funding 1982 13
Environmental Coalition on Nuclear Power: bulletins 1981-1982 14
Environmental Impact Statements (PEIS): decontamination and disposal of radioactive waste 1984 15
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitoring, "Environmental News" reports November, 1981-February, 1985 16
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI): cleanup and cost sharing 1984 17
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Federal Appeals Court ruling on A-Power siting October 7, 1981 19
Field, Herb: memo and Op-Ed article 1983 20
Florio, Congressman James: cleanup legislation 1982 21
Friends and Family of Three Mile Island (TMI): newsletters and correspondence with Governor Thornburgh 1979-1983 2071
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General Accounting Office (GAO): news clippings, correspondence regarding cleanup funding and cleanup reports August, 1981-January, 1983 3
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Ginna nuclear plant (near Rochester, NY) accident December, 1981-January, 1982 5
Goodling, Representative William: news clippings regarding bill to fund Three Mile Island (TMI) cleanup September 29, 1981 6
Government Accountability Project (GAP) regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) cleanup, includes Richard Parks affidavit March, 1983 7
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Governor's Commission on Three Mile Island (TMI): memoranda, news releases and "Legal Aspects of Three Mile Island (TMI):" report of the Legal Subcommittee to Governor's Commission on Three Mile Island (TMI) 1979-1983 9
Governor's Conference between Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia (staff memo from Bob Benko) June 16, 1983 10
Governor's letters and correspondence 1981-1984 11-14
Governor's Russia trip, conversations regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) and nuclear energy November-December, 1979 15
GPU news releases regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) 1981-1984 16-19
GPU news releases regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) 1985-1986 2081-2
GPU annual and statistical reports, financial statements and shareholder reports 1983-1985 3
GPU newsletters, employee magazine, bulletins and brochures 1981-1985 4
GPU news clippings, wire stories, book and magazine articles and advertisements 1981-1985 5
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GPU employees, statements, testimony, speeches and reports 1981-1985 13
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GPU: "Study of Local and State Reactions to New Information about Three Mile Island (TMI)" November, 1984 6
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GPU: miscellaneous material on corporation, reorganization and restart 1979-1982 9
GPU v. Babcock and Wilcox trial, NUREG-1020 October, 1983 10
GPU: Correspondence from GPU to NRC April-July, 1985 11-16
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Gross receipts tax and H.B. 1040: legislation to stop Three Mile Island (TMI) related taxes from being taxed 1981-1982 3
H.B. 1040: legislation to stop Three Mile Island (TMI) related taxes from being taxed 1982 4
Hatfield, US Senator Mark: opposition to federal participation of cleanup at Three Mile Island (TMI) October, 1982 5
Hazardous waste transportation: reports by U.S. Comptroller General and risk assessment manual by the U.S. Department of Transportation 1980-1982 6
Health care studies 1984-1985 7
Health department: measures to monitor and research health effects 1981-1985 8
Heinz, US Senator John: bill for federal government to fund 25 percent of Three Mile Island (TMI) cleanup (S.B. 1606) 1981-1982 9
Hochendoner, Larry: proposal to finance TMI-2 (Three Mile Island-2) cleanup through continuation of Deferred Energy Surcharge 1982 10
Indian Point nuclear plant able to reopen after improving emergency plans July, 1983 11
INPO: evaluations of TMI-1 (Three Mile Island-1) after accident 1981-1985 12
Internal Revenue Service, requests regarding tax consequences of proposed voluntary contributions by electric utility companies to cleanup Three Mile Island (TMI) 1983-1984 13
Issues related to Three Mile Island (TMI) restart and cleanup 1982-1983 14
Jackson, Reverend Jesse: opposition to Three Mile Island (TMI) restart 1984 15
Japanese effort in cleanup and agreement to conduct research and development work for nuclear power in Japan 1983-1984 16
Jersey Central Power and Light: responsibility in accident 1982-1984 17
Johnson, PUC Commissioner Michael: statement on the Met-Ed and Penelec rate cases January, 1982 18
Jones, PUC Commissioner Clifford: correspondence from and news clippings 1982 19
Keaton report: supposed GPU influence on drafts of report May, 1984 20
Keystone Alliance: disagreement with cost sharing proposal by Governor Thornburgh 1987 21
Kron, Phil, vice president of City Bank: financing the impact of Three Mile Island (TMI) 1981-1982 22
Krypton: differences in off-site air sample readings 1980-1984 23
Kuhns, William, Chairman and CEO of GPU: statement before U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy Research and Production, Committee on Science and Technology May 22, 1984 24
Law suits related to Three Mile Island (TMI) 1980-1985 2111
Leak rate: alleged falsification of leak rate data at TMI-2 (Three Mile Island-2) 1980-1985 2-5
Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce: cost sharing program to cleanup Three Mile Island (TMI) 1981-1983 6
Legislation: nuclear legislative reports, memos regarding Pennsylvania legislation and reports regarding national legislation 1982-1984 7-8
Legislative Budget and Finance Committee of Pennsylvania: report on survey of state agencies regarding activity intended to protect persons and property from dangers associated with nuclear power plants 1981 9
Letters to Governor: mixed comments on cost sharing proposal to fund Three Mile Island (TMI) cleanup August, 1981 10
Letters to Governor: noncommittal on cost sharing proposal July-August, 1981 2121
Letters to Governor: non-support of cost sharing proposal July-August, 1981 2
Letters to Governor: support of cost sharing proposal (includes editorials, media, and support of corporations, governors, organizations, universities and others) July-August, 1981 3
Lloyd, Senator James: bill providing for rate changes following nuclear accidents August, 1981 4
MacLeod, Gordon K.: criticizing Thornburgh for being "too cool" during the Three Mile Island (TMI) accident October, 1982 5
Management integrity: issues before NRC and investigation into plant management 1984-1986 6-9
MacNeil-Lehrer Report: Governor Thornburgh's appearance March-May, 1982 9
McClure, Senator James: bill to establish supplemental insurance by the Secretary of Energy to pay costs following damage to nuclear power plants July-October, 1981 10
Media, news releases, radio spots, TV commentary and magazine articles 1981-1982 11
Meese, Edwin, presidential counselor: letter to Governor Thornburgh regarding federal role in financing Three Mile Island (TMI) cleanup October 19, 1981 12
Meetings, agendas, briefings, contact lists, notes by Rick Stafford 1981-1984 13
Mellow, Senator Robert: criticism of Governor Thornburgh's cost sharing plan February 23, 1982 14
Memoranda to Governor's staff from Bob Benko 1980-September, 1981 15-17
Memoranda to Governor's staff from Bob Benko October, 1981-December, 1984 2131-9
Memoranda to Governor's staff from Bob Benko 1985-1986 2141-2
Memoranda and correspondence with outside parties to and from Bob Benko 1983-1984 3
Memoranda to Governor's staff from Rick Stafford 1981 4
Memoranda and correspondence from Rick Stafford to outside persons 1981-1982 5
Memoranda to and from Thomas Rees, Deputy General Counsel 1981-1984 6
Memoranda and correspondence to and from Governor's staff members 1979-1984 7
Metropolitan Edison: annual reports, decontamination plan, program estimates, clippings and news letters 1979-1984 8
Metropolitan Edison indictment: legal materials relating to Docket # 50-289 1984 9
Middletown Council: concerns about unsafe practices at Three Mile Island (TMI) 1981-1983 10
MILRITE: support for Governor's proposal for cost sharing cleanup July-October, 1981 11
Mondale, Walter, democratic presidential contender: unwillingness to support Three Mile Island (TMI) restart 1984 12
National Energy Research Institute (NERI): correspondence with Westinghouse-Electric 1981 13
New Jersey energy rate increases to help finance Three Mile Island (TMI) cleanup 1982-1983 2151
New York petition of nuclear power plants to contribute revenue May 1, 1984 2
NGA, Criminal Justice and Public Protection Committee, Subcommittee on Nuclear Power, resolution support for national plan to fund cleanup 1981 3
Newsletters from various organizations regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) 1981-1982 4
Notes by Thornburgh and staff undated 5
Nuclear power plant licensing report by NRC 1979-1981 6
Nuclear insurance 1981-1984 7-9
NRC: memoranda, news releases, biographies and federal register 1982-1985 10
NRC: computer printout including Three Mile Island (TMI) accident references 1967-1982 11
NRC: testimony of James Asselstine, commissioner of NRC: before the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment, House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs June 4, 1985 12
Nuclear Safety Analysis Center, Analysis of TMI-2 (Three Mile Island-2) Accident and Supplement July, 1979 13
Nuclear Safety Oversight Committee: reports to President Reagan 1981 2161
Nuclear Symposium: petition filed by TMIA February, 1983 2
Oare, J. Richard: candidate for State Senate, concern over embrittlement of steel shell protecting radioactive core at Three Mile Island (TMI) October, 1982 3
Ontario Hydro project 1981 4
O'Pake, Senator Michael: criticism of Governor Thornburgh's cost sharing cleanup plan October, 1981 5
Ottinger, Richard chairman of Subcommittee on Energy Conservation and Power, Committee on Energy: transcripts of testimony and meetings May-September, 1981 6-7
Ottinger subcommittee: Governor's appearance before, and related background correspondence and research September 22, 1981 8-10
Ottinger subcommittee: research and preparation of Governor's Office staff for hearings September, 1981 11
Palladino, Nunzio, chairman of the NRC: opening of Three Mile Island (TMI) and role of the NRC 1981-1984 2171-2
Peach Bottom nuclear plant: pipe cracks and actions taken to fix problem August-September, 1983 3
PEMA: Emergency preparedness fund 1981-1985 4
PEMA: Disaster Operations Plan 1981 5
Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association: Thornburgh urging support for cost sharing cleanup plan June-July, 1982 6
Pennsylvania Utility Law Project: notice of statewide Pennsylvania utility consumers conference partly sponsored by the Pennsylvania Utility Law Project September, 1982 7
People Against Nuclear Energy (PANE): newsletters urging closing of Three Mile Island (TMI) March, 1981-March, 1984 8
Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO) case versus PUC, Employment and Economic Recovery Rider information, and news clippings regarding rate increases 1983-1985 9
Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO) Safety Evaluation report at Limerick nuclear plant, NUREG-0991 1983-1985 10
Point Pleasant pumping station, "Environmental Assessment Report and Findings" and subsequent trial on pumping and alternative water supply 1982-1985 2181
Polar Crane: steps taken to correct functioning of component that is part of polar crane braking system September-November, 1984 2
Potassium iodide March, 1981-November, 1982 3
Pennsylvania Power and Light Company (PP&L): rate requests to PUC and requirements by PEMA 1982-1985 4
PPTN, Three Mile Island TV program and news release 1983 5
President's nuclear policy: revival of nuclear power usage and removal of governmental barriers to wider use of nuclear energy August, 1981 6
President's phone call and statement on Three Mile Island (TMI) October, 1981 7
Pressurized thermal shock: media reports of steel vessels around radioactive cores could crack due to radiation exposure September, 1982 8
Price-Anderson Act: limiting liability from nuclear energy accident and mandating public and private insurance coverage for damages 1979-1984 9
Processed water, plans to dispose of 2.1 gallons at TMI-2 (Three Mile Island-2) July, 1986 10
PSEF: as third party to fund Three Mile Island (TMI) cleanup undated 11
Psychological stress: studies and workshops and U.S. Court of Appeals order for NRC to investigate 1982-1985 12
Psychological stress: studies and workshops and U.S. Court of Appeals order for NRC to investigate 1982-1985 13
Pennsylvania Energy Research Institute, Inc., draft of by-laws March 23, 1981 14
Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC): requests to meet with Governor Thornburgh and information on safety concerns with the restart of Three Mile Island (TMI) 1981-1983 15
PUC: opinions and orders, Governor's Office staff memoranda, public correspondence, voting reports and legal cases 1981-1985 16
PUC: opinions and orders, Governor's Office staff memoranda, public correspondence, voting reports and legal cases 1981-1985 2191-4
PUC: ratings February 17, 1981 5
Questions and Answers on health and safety and cleanup and costs, prepared for Three Mile Island (TMI) anniversaries over the years 1981-1984 6
Rail shipments and safety issues 1986 7
Rate requests: legal materials, memos and correspondence to cover costs of Three Mile Island (TMI) cleanup and other nuclear plants' operational needs 1981-1986 8-9
Rate requests: legal materials, memos and correspondence to cover costs of Three Mile Island (TMI) cleanup and other nuclear plants' operational needs 1981-1986 2201
Referendum on Three Mile Island (TMI): results from Cumberland, Dauphin and Lebanon Counties May 18, 1982 2
Replacement power costs: memoranda and news advertisements April, 1985 3
RGA endorsement of Governor Thornburgh's cost sharing plan and resolution to urge others to support August, 1981 4
Resolution, S.R. 93. asking for a delay in the restart of Three Mile Island (TMI) and letter to Governor from Senator John Shumaker December, 1983-April, 1984 5
Report on Three Mile Island (TMI) House of Representative resolutions May-June, 1980 6
Restart: memos and correspondence 1981-1982 7-8
Restart: status of review and correspondence 1983 9
Restart: memoranda and correspondence 1983 10
Restart: internal memoranda and legal cases 1984 11
Restart: memos, news releases and outside correspondence 1985 12
Restart: memos and correspondence 1986 13
Restart: letters to Governor Thornburgh 1981-1986 14
Restart: letters to Governor Thornburgh 1981-1986 2211-2
Rickover, H.G.: report and assessment of management at Three Mile Island (TMI) November 19, 1983 3
Risk assessment: collected materials regarding undated 4
Ritter, Representative Don: stance on Governor's cost sharing cleanup plan July-October, 1981 5
Rood, Mick: news clippings and editorials criticizing Thornburgh's cost sharing plan and outcomes 1982 6
S.B. 1606: providing a national program of financial participation of electric utilities in the cost of decontamination of Three Mile Island (TMI) 1982 7
Safety Advisory Board (SAB): correspondence and member lists 1983-1984 8
Safety evaluation by the NRC on steam generator tube repair September, 1983 9
Sandia National Laboratories report: misinterpreting consequences of nuclear power reactor accidents 1982 10
Shanaman, Susan: views on cleanup and issues support for Governor Thornburgh's cost sharing plan 1981-1982 11
Shoreham nuclear plant: Thornburgh administration's refusal to testify at public hearing February, 1983 12
Simpson, Senator: answers to questions posed by Senator Simpson, correspondence and thanks for supporting Governor Thornburgh's cost sharing plan June, 1982 13
Socio-Economic Impacts study and Study on Economic Effects on Electrical Consumers 1979-1980 14
Socio-Economic Impacts related correspondence and memoranda and background 1979-1981 2221
Specter, Senator Arlen: correspondence and memoranda regarding Governor Thornburgh's testimony before Senate Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development of the Senate Appropriations Committee January, 1982 2
Specter bill: S.B. 1226 May 20, 1981 3
Stafford, Senator, chairman of the U.S. Committee on the Environment: letters and testimonies before committee 1982 4
Statistics on electric rates and public utility long-term debt 1980-1981 5
Status of Unit 1 and Unit 2 steam generator tubes and restart efforts 1982 6
Steam generator tubes, leaks, investigation, and repair 1983-1985 7
Sternglass, Dr.: assertion that infants died as result of Three Mile Island (TMI) April, 1982 8
Stier report: investigation of allegations of safety and management deficiencies at TMI-2 (Three Mile Island-2) September-November, 1983 9
Stockman, David, of OMB: interview and statement regarding federal bonds for cleanup August-October, 1981 10
Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment: individual testimonies and cleanup program estimates by GPU December, 1982-April, 1983 11
Subcommittee on Nuclear Regulation: statement of Dick Thornburgh April 23, 1979 12
Superfund: memo regarding possible money to use for cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI) September 16, 1982 13
Supreme Court memo from Bob Benko regarding nuclear ban May 10, 1983 14
Susquehanna nuclear plant 1982-1985 15
Systematic Assessment of Licensee Performance (SALP) of NRC and TMI-1 (Three Mile Island-1) scores 1985 16
Taliaferro, Linda, commissioner of PUC: statement, opinion and analysis presented to PUC January, 1982 17
Testimony of Governor Thornburgh before the NRC (draft) August 15, 1984 18
Testimonies of Harrisburg, PA Fire Chief Donald Konkle and Mayor Stephen Reed before British Nuclear Inquiry Group, Suffolk, England November 29, 1984 19
Third Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals legal materials regarding management integrity and safety in restart May-September, 1985 20
Third Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals legal materials regarding management integrity and safety in restart May-September, 1985 2231
TMI-2 (Three Mile Island-2) Advisory Commission of the NRC 1980-1984 2-3
Three Mile Island Alert (TMIA): letters to Governor Thornburgh, statements, and Governor's responses 1981-1985 4
Three Mile Island (TMI) hearing before Ottinger Subcommittee May 1, 1981 5
Three Mile Island (TMI) assignments and status May 18, 1981 6
TMI-1 (Three Mile Island-1) restart hearing of the NRC, Harrisburg, PA November 9, 1982 7
TMI-1 (Three Mile Island-1) status reports October, 1985-September, 1986 8
TMI-2 (Three Mile Island-2) cleanup progress reports of GPU March, 1983 9
Udall, Congressman Morris: ability to get federal legislation to fund cleanup 1981-1984 10-11
Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS): correspondence with Governor Thornburgh, memos, articles and legal material 1981-1985 12-13
Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS): correspondence with Governor Thornburgh, memos, articles and legal material 1981-1985 2241
Unit 1 (TMI-1): Facility Operating License and Evaluation by INPO May-September, 1983 2
U.S.-Asia Institute to allow U.S. companies to borrow money from Japan at lower interest rates promoting industry and trade relations March-April, 1982 3
Voluntary contributions from states to aid in cleanup June, 1983-March, 1984 4
Walker, Charles E. Associates: draft of bill for federal participation of electric utilities in cleanup November 25, 1981 5
Walker, US Representative Robert: amendment to NRC authorization bill that bans any intentional dumping of radioactive wastes into the Susquehanna River from Three Mile Island (TMI) reactor 1981 6
Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS): Pacific Northwest network of public and private electric utilities, criticism in the media February, 1982 7
Waste: high-level 1981-1983 8
Waste: low-level 1981-1984 9
Waste: nuclear, policy analysis, location of, classification of, and management 1981-1984 10
West Valley: shipments of nuclear waste back to plants of origin February-August, 1984 11
Westinghouse: proposal of decommissioning of Shippingport Atomic Power Station 1982-1983 12

Section: AP news wires, 1979-1984 

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 1979-1981 16
 1982-1983 2251-2

Section: UPI news wires, 1979-1983 

 1979-June, 1982 3-7
 July, 1982-1985 2261-5
 1985-1987 2271-3

Section: Newspaper clippings, 1979-1987 

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Material relating to the Dieckamp mailgram January 28, 1985 14
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Appendix for Respondents NRC et. al and Intervenor Respondents Met-Ed et. al June 24, 1985 5
Commonwealth of PA, Norman and Marjorie Aamodt, UCS, and TMIA v. NRC and Met-Ed, Three Mile Island Restart June 25-August 25, 1985 6
Commonwealth of PA, Norman and Marjorie Aamodt, UCS, and TMIA v. NRC and Met-Ed, Three Mile Island Restart August 27-October 7, 1985 2301
TMIA v. NRC case before the Supreme Court, A-235 September 24-October 2, 1985 2
Commonwealth of PA v. NRC and Met-Ed et. al, Docket No. 85-3239 May 16-28, 1985 3