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"Our teacher said the school entrance exam would not cover the Cultural Revolution, so we just skipped it."

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  • Interviewer: Thank you for accepting my interview. Could you please tell me where you have mostly lived in China?
  • Mostly in Beijing.
  • Interviewer: Could you tell me when you were born? You don't need to say the exact year; just the decade will do.
  • [I was born in the] '90s.
  • Interviewer: So young! Could you tell me, when did you first hear of the Cultural Revolution,
  • ...and through what channel did you hear about it?
  • It must've been my first or second year of junior high school, in the early 2000s.
  • During history class, when the teacher touched on contemporary Chinese history, he mentioned that China had had ten years of Cultural Revolution.
  • Interviewer: How did your teacher talk about it?
    Do you still remember?
  • It must've just been one class period; [the teacher] spent no more than ten minutes on it.
  • This topic was listed in our book's table of contents, with the dates of the Cultural Revolution [1966-1976].
  • Our teacher said to us that the high school entrance exam would not cover this topic, so we just skipped over it.
  • The book actually didn't have a lot of content; it didn't concretely mention what had happened.
  • It just said this event had happened during those ten years.
  • Interviewer: Classic exam-based education.
  • Right.
  • Interviewer: Was your family a way of receiving bits and pieces of knowledge about the Cultural Revolution?
  • My grandparents must have experienced it, but generally speaking, they didn't talk about it at home. My feeling is that they avoided talking about it.
  • Interviewer: Do you yourself have much interest in knowing more about this topic?
  • Actually, I really want to learn more about it.
  • I heard it mentioned once in junior high, and once in high school -- both times in history class.
  • Both times, [the teachers] said, "This won't be on the test, so we're skipping over it."
  • So, I was still really curious, what actually happened,┬áthat no one talks about it?
  • Interviewer: Thank you for accepting my interview.