19th Century Schoolbooks

A full-text collection of over one hundred textbooks published in the 1800s; includes two surveys of historic schoolbooks by Dr. John A. Nietz, the founder of the Nietz Old Textbook Collection.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Abner Shimony Papers

An American philosopher of science and physicist, Abner Shimony focused much of his work on the interaction between quantum mechanics and relativity theory. He did substantial research on complemantarity in multiparticle quantum interferometry and in quantum entanglement, and wrote books and research articles on the foundations of quantum mechanics.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Aerial Photographs of Pittsburgh

Visual images from the 1923-1937 document aerial views of Downtown Pittsburgh, Mount Washington, the North Side, the Point, Oakland, and Homestead.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

African American Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania

The mission of the African American Chamber of 
Commerce of Western Pennsylvania (the Chamber) is to continuously improve business and professional opportunities for African American Business owners and professionals. The material available in this online collection documents some of the history of the AACCWP through past announcements on programs and events.
Contributor: African American Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania

African American Construction Workers of Pittsburgh Photographs

Visual images depict African American construction workers in Pittsburgh in 1957-1960, and from efforts by African American leaders like Ellis R. McGruder, Jr. and Nate Smith in the 1960s and 1970s to bring about greater employment opportunities for African Americans in the building trades in Pittsburgh.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Alexander Addison Papers

Contains correspondence to Alexander Addison, the president judge of the Fifth District Court of Pennsylvania (1791-1802), from Hugh Henry Brackenridge, William Findley and Charles Nisbet regarding political events in the U. S. and Europe, particularly the Constitutional Convention, Jay and Pinckney Treaties, Indian wars, and the Whiskey Rebellion.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Alexander Lowy Papers

Consists of 14 of 16 patents that Dr. Lowy secured for his research, some memorabilia from his college years, and materials related to the dedication of the Alexander Lowy Memorial Seminar Room in Langley Hall on May 25, 1959.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Allegheny Observatory Records

Visual images from the 1890s-1930s depict the construction and equipment, experiments, inventors and directors of the Allegheny Observatory located in Pittsburgh’s Northside neighborhood.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Allen Family Papers

William P. Allen, member of an Irish nationalist society know as Fenians, was hanged November 23, 1867 at New Barley Prison, Salford, England, for his participation in the Fenian attack at Manchester on a prison van containing Fenian prisoners. Collection contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other memorabilia from 1867.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

American Left Ephemera Collection

A wide-range of primary source textual and visual material documents left-wing organizations in the U.S. during the 20th century.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Archives of Industrial Society Photograph Collection

Images visually document a wide range of topics relating to the history of Pittsburgh including neighborhoods, infrastructure, and landscape selected from the AIS vertical files.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Archives of Scientific Philosophy

Philosophy  has always been influenced by scientific work, and its deliberations have frequently followed scientific models.  In recent decades the University of Pittsburgh has established itself as a leader in scientific philosophy, one of the 20th century's most important intellectual currents. To further stimulate research and publication, the University has committed itself to assembling archival resources for investigating the history of scientific philosophy.  Most materials are housed in the Special Collections Department of the University's Hillman Library.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Arlen Specter Senatorial Papers

Press releases and speeches documenting the career of U.S. Senator Arlen Specter, who served as Pennsylvania’s longest-tenured Senator from 1981 to 2011. Topics include information on Supreme Court nomination hearings, local appropriations news, and reactions to Presidential statements, among many others.

Audubon's Birds of America

Consists of a complete double elephant folio set (435 plates) of Audubon’s Birds of America and his Ornithological Biography. Also available on a dedicated website (
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Barry Rosensteel Japanese Print Collection

Woodblock prints from 1760-1956 by over 40 artists depict Japanese culture through detailed depictions of portraits, landscapes and theatrical performances, taking into account some of Japan's rich history.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Bedford County Township Tax Receipts

Contains tax receipts from various townships in Bedford County, Pa. (1763-1838); each tax receipt includes a list of names of taxpayers along with the amount paid to the township.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Birmingham United Church of Christ Records

Collection contains a constitution and journal, history, minute books, lists of members, memorial publications, baptismal, marriage, burial, and financial records from 1843-1977 of the Birmingham United Church of Christ.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Bruce Drisbach-American Steel & Wire Company Photographs

Visual images from 1915-1917 depict the construction of the American Steel & Wire Company building, equipment, and worker housing construction in Donora (Pa.).
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Bruno De Finetti Papers

An Italian probabilist and statistician noted for the "operational subjective" conception of probability, de Finetti provided significant contributions to the theory and the foundations of probability; his work laid the foundation for the modern subjectivist interpretation of probability (1924-2000).
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Burd-Shippen Family Papers

Contains personal and business correspondence, legal documents, business records, and manuscripts from the Burd and Shippen families, who were prominent lawyers, business owners, and public servants in eastern Pennsylvania during the colonial era.
Contributor: University of Pittsburgh