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Walter J. Teskey Photographs

What's online?

The Walter J. Teskey online collection contains images taken by Dr. Teskey, that primarily date from 1936-1938, with a lesser part of the collecting dating to the mid-1960s. The subjects depicted in the photographs primarily cover two topics: the Pittsburgh floods of 1936 and 1937, and images of trains and scale models.

What's in the entire collection?

The Walter J. Teskey Photograph Collection, held by the Archives Service Center (ASC) at the University of Pittsburgh, contains 134 prints. A particular focus of the collection is downtown Pittsburgh during the St. Patrick's Day (1936) and Ohio River (1937) floods. Several of the images show buildings or bridges that no longer exist, such as Exposition Hall, the Jenkins Arcade, and the Wabash Bridge. Images of the 1936 flood make up the largest part of the collection, showing people and businesses in downtown Pittsburgh in the immediate aftermath of the flood. Included are several images of the original Joseph Horne's Department Store. Additionally, there are several images of Squirrel Hill that show the neighborhood in the early stages of development.

The latter portion of the collection consists of images of both model and full-scale trains taken during the 1960s by Dr. Teskey. Teskey was a well-known train enthusiast whose models were so accurate that they were employed by Westinghouse in their designs.

About Walter J. Teskey

Dr. Walter J. Teskey, lived in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, and practiced as a chiropodist (contemporary title is podiatrist) in the Jenkins Arcade. He was an amateur photographer and train enthusiast.

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