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What's online?

Selected portions of the papers are scanned and online.

What’s in the entire collection?

The papers comprise her personal and professional records, a significant amount of correspondence and working papers, as well as notebooks, research notes, manuscript fragments, and transcriptions from Vienna Circle discussions. They also include annotated books from her personal library. The personal and professional records cover items such as legal and educational documents, testimonials, financial and health care records, as well as photographs, travel documents, and address books. Her working papers, manuscripts, transcriptions, and note books record largely her work as a translator, her own research, and discussions and presentations from the Vienna Circle. The correspondence is extensive, more than 1600 letters, and covers a wide range of dates, from the early period in Vienna to the time right after her death. Correspondents include prominent members of the Vienna Circle and affiliated individuals, such as Rudolf Carnap, Moritz Schlick, Otto Neurath, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Karl Popper. Covered are also exchanges with the Polish philosophers Tadeusz Kotarbinski, Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz, and Alfred Tarski, with family and friends, and numerous institutions. Read more...

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