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Northern Liberties Bridge Company Ledger

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The entire collection is scanned and online.

What's in the entire collection?

In the Northern Liberties Bridge Company ledger, which covers the years from 1836 to 1909, there is a variety of information, including: contract and rules of the bridge construction, names of stockholders, records of monetary transactions, including all bills paid, and minutes from the board of manager meetings. The ledger commences with the basic information about the project, and then discusses various "by-laws" describing what will happen once the bridge is built and how it will be maintained. For example, there are a few entries written on the intended cost of tolls paid when crossing the bridge. The tolls were calculated by wheels or the horses on a wagon, or other vehicles, and maintains and provides a corresponding price. The rest of the ledger is comprised with minutes from meetings, usually held twice a year, with lists of bills paid and a short section on the changes in managerial staff in Downtown Pittsburgh. Read more...

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