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George Washington Collection

What’s online?

The ULS has digitized and gathered together historic items created by, or related to, George Washington found in our Archives & Special Collections holdings.

What’s in the entire collection?

The first shots of the French and Indian War were fired in western Pennsylvania in 1754. They came from troops under the command of a young British officer by the name of George Washington. In additon to original manuscripts in Washington's own hand, we included later manuscripts that shed light on the career of that young officer who would become our nation's first President. We have also included two noteworthy broadsides, a manuscript copy of an early map of western Pennsylvania, and an engraving of Washington as a young soldier that has been enhanced by watercolors. We are grateful to Mr. William M. Darlington, Ms. Helen Clay Frick, and an anonymous donor, who, after acquiring this historical material, conveyed it to the University of Pittsburgh through separate donations.

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