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Bedford County Township Tax Receipts

What's online?

The entire collection is available online.

What's in the entire collection?

The collection contains tax receipts from thirteen townships in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, dating between 1763 and 1838 (the majority are from 1773).

About the Tax Receipts

Each tax receipt lists tax payers, along with the amount paid to the township. There are authorization papers stating that tax collectors had been appointed and were entitled to collect taxes from citizens. Many of the receipts still bear some of the original wax seal left on them. The writing on most is illegible but the names of the township are written clearly and prominently on the front cover. Also included in the collection are various receipts and land surveys from Bedford County. The following appear as tax collectors: Benjamine Sanders, John Fraser, Garret Fiscus, Allison Williams, Mores Stuart, James Graham, Edward McDowell, John Burd, William Elliot, David McKee, John Markley, and Jonathan Bishop.

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