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Beazel Family Papers

What’s online?

The entire collection is scanned and online.

What’s in the entire collection?

The collection is an assortment of the Beazel family's business records, such as correspondence, receipts, invoices and bills from 1809 to 1888, and is not a comprehensive collection of family documents. It contains the business documents of the Beazel family with the majority of the collection focusing on Matthew and Henry Beazel's business papers. The records also contain documents relating to the estate of William Beazel, of which Matthew was executor, as well as James Beazel's insurance policy from the Ancient Order of United Workmen. Within Matthew's papers are business correspondence, his mercantile license, and an advertisement for his services as a land sales agent. Also included is a document from 1851 which notes the transfer of Matthew's rights and interest in the firm of Walker & Beazel to William Walker. In addition, there are account books, simple receipts and invoices detailing the cost and description of goods purchased and sold by the Beazel family, as well as a map of the Beazel flat in Washington County, Pennsylvania from an 1870 survey. The majority of the accounting records and correspondence originates from or is sent to Monongahela City, Pittsburgh, Elizabeth, and Webster Store and many of the receipts to Matthew are from Collins & Mellinger.

Other members of the Beazel family mentioned are Benjamin F. Beazel, John F. Beazel, Henry Beazel, William Beazel, Mary Ann Beazel, Luke Beazel, Kyle Beazel, and Laura Beazel. It should be noted that Beazel is spelled with several variations throughout the collection including Beazell, Beezel, Besel, Beazle, and Bezel.

About the Beazel Family

The Beazel family farmed land and resided in Elizabeth (now Webster), Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, and Washington County, Pennsylvania, since the time of the Revolutionary War. Matthew and Henry Beazel worked as land and shipping merchants. Henry, a steamboat officer, was involved in the shipping industry according to his business correspondence and insurance policy. Matthew was a land agent working out of Elizabeth, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, selling land in Indiana, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

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