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African American Construction Workers of Pittsburgh Photographs

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All the photographs in this collection are online.

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The photographs in this collection provide a unique gallery of individuals involved in the movement for the equal representation of African Americans in the construction workforce of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Many of the photographs include identification of the individuals pictured, generally in the form of labels affixed to the face of the pictures themselves. While this limits their value as pure visual images, the specific identification of individuals, organizations and dates constitutes an important historical resource. Photographs of Nate Smith include views of him speaking at Operation Dig and meeting with Jesse Jackson concerning Operation PUSH in Chicago. Meetings regarding the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program audits of many construction jobs are also depicted. Photographs of rioting in the Hill District after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are present, as are unique photographs of the officers of Local 11 at the union's offices. Read more...

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