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What's online?

Selected portions of the papers are scanned and online.

What’s in the entire collection?

This collection contains materials documenting the academic and professional career of Abner Shimony, who did research and teaching in the fields of Philosophy of Science and of Physics. It contains unpublished manuscripts, lecture notes, correspondence, teaching materials, dissertations, and some monographs. The correspondence is almost entirely professional. There are also notes from debates or discussions engaged in with specific colleagues at events held at colleges where he had been an invited speaker.

About Abner Shimony

Abner Shimony was born in 1928 in Columbus, Ohio. He obtained his BA in Mathematics and in Philosophy from Yale University in 1948 and then received an MA in Philosophy from the University of Chicago in 1950. He holds two Ph.D.s: one in Philosophy granted by Yale University in 1953 and another in Physics from Princeton in 1962. His dissertation work at Princeton was supervised by Eugene Wigner. He has taught at Boston University for several decades, holding appointments in both the Physics and Philosophy Departments.


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