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This collection is hosted by the University of Pittsburgh's
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Jack Yeats & Pamela Colman Smith. Broadsheets. Monthly, 1902 -1903. Published by Elkin Mathews, London.

Jack Yeats, the younger brother of William Butler Yeats, became one of Ireland's major artists in the early twentieth century. While living in western England, he arranged to collaborate with another artist, Pamela Colman Smith, and a small publisher and friend, Elkin Mathews, to produce broadsheets containing hand colored prints with accompanying texts by various authors. A broadsheet would be created for each month of the year, beginning with January 1902 and ending with December 1903. Pamela Colman Smith worked with Jack Yeats during the first year (1902), and then severed her connection with the project in January of 1903, presumably because of the great amount of work required to hand color each sheet.

At the time that they were produced, these Broadsheets were considered unusual, and were for sale only through the artists or through the publisher, Elkin Mathews, in his London shop. Because the prints involved woodblock printing, hand press setting, and hand coloring, they were complicated and difficult to produce. The prints were never really intended to make much income, if any. Complete sets of all 24 of the Broadsheets are quite rare. Walter Leuba, following his intense interest in the realization of wood block printing combined with fine printing, acquired the first twelve of the prints, one for each month of 1902.

These Broadsheets are permanently part of the Walter and Martha Leuba Collection which the Leuba's bequeathed to Special Collections, a department within the University Library System at the University of Pittsburgh.

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