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For Teachers: Suggested Classroom Applications

Historic Pittsburgh, an extensive digital resource created at the University of Pittsburgh, offers both an entry point and substantive classroom resources for teachers of American History at various grade and university levels. The example provided below suggests one way in which Historic Pittsburgh’s digital resources could be brought together so as to stimulate student interest and promote more involved learning. There are many other potential approaches.

The books allows teachers to focus on historical currents, social movements and individual historical personalities, both famous and less well-known. Thousands of photographs offer students at all levels opportunities for observation, comparison and inference. The decennial census contains a wealth of information about the occupational, racial, gender, family, and residential structure of a key industrializing region, from pre-Civil War years to the Gilded Age. The chronology captures significant events that took place in Pittsburgh throughout three centuries.

Classroom Exercises for Middle/High School Use

Please feel free to contact the Archives Service Center if we can be of assistance to you in providing additional suggestions for classroom applications. We would also be pleased to hear about ways in which you found Historic Pittsburgh helpful in your teaching and any ideas you might wish to share with us for improving the site’s educational value. In the near future we hope to be providing teachers of American history with additional online resources to assist them in the classroom.

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