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"Of all the Sciences cultivated by mankind, Astronomy is acknowledged to be, and undoubtedly is, the most sublime, the most interesting, and the most useful."

John Taylor, Pittsburgh Academy

30-Inch Thaw Refractor of the Allegheny Observatory Between 1910 and 1969, the Allegheny Observatory published 10 volumes of star parallax data and calculations collected and produced by researchers working at the Observatory.  The published reports, known as the Publications of the Allegheny Observatory of the University of Pittsburgh, contain information that is of great value to astronomers. They contain tables of data, reports on methodology of astronomical observations, presentations of new modes of calculation of star positions, and descriptions of observational instrumentation.  The tables in the volumes contain extensive documentation of the stellar magnitude, mean corrected terrestrial velocity, astronomical position, radial velocity, and brightness of many stars of importance to the current search for extra-solar planets.

Page from Parallax Book The Digital Research Library (DRL) at the University of Pittsburgh has made the Publications available online for searching and browsing. The volumes can be searched by many star identifiers, including star name, Allegheny Observatory running number, and parallax value. For more information please read About the Project.

The DRL has partnered with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics to make the page images also available from the NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS). The articles can be accessed from this search page, using the journal code "PALLO".