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1923 Volume 1 - Central Pittsburgh: Wards 1-6 and 9


Click on the area which you wish to view. This displays the Map View of this plate of the map. Please read the Map Help section to learn how to navigate the maps.

Please note: All of the individual maps in volumes 1 and 2 from 1923 consist of two plats. On the index map below we have identified these plats as an A or B. (e.g., 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, etc.). The A and B halves are not designated in the index map itself, but as you move your cursor over the index map, the browser status bar below will show you which plat half you will be linked to.

These volumes have recieved extensive cleaning by our production staff, but due to age and extensive wear it will still be difficult to see certain details on the index map.

You may also view a Scaleable Version of the Index Map and the Street Index.
1923 Volume 1 Index Map Plate 1A Plate 1B Plate 2A Plate 2B Plate 3A Plate 3B Plate 4A Plate 4B Plate 5A Plate 5B Plate 7A Plate 7B Plate 8A Plate 8B Plate 6A Plate 6B Plate 9A Plate 9B Plate 10A Plate 10B Plate 11A Plate 11B Plate 12A Plate 12B Plate 13A Plate 13B Plate 14A Plate 14B Plate 15A Plate 15B Plate 16A Plate 16B Plate 17A Plate 17B Plate 18A Plate 18B Plate 19A Plate 19B Plate 20A Plate 20B Plate 21A Plate 21B Plate 24A Plate 24B Plate 23A Plate 23B Plate 25A Plate 23B Plate 27A Plate 27B Plate 22A Plate 22B Plate 31A Plate 31B Plate 30A Plate 30B Plate 32A Plate 32B Plate 29A Plate 29B Plate 26A Plate 26B Plate 28A Plate 28B Plate 33A Plate 33B Plate 33B Plate 34A Plate 34B Plate 35A Plate 35B Plate 36A Plate 36B Plate 37A Plate 37B Plate 41A Plate 41B Plate 39A Plate 39B Plate 38A Plate 38B Plate 40 rectangle

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