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1872 Atlas of the Cities of Pittsburgh, Allegheny, and the Adjoining Boroughs


Click on the area which you wish to view. This displays the Map View of this plate of the map. Please read the Map Help section to learn how to navigate the maps.

If you do not get the desired map by clicking on the image, try using the Plate list at the bottom of this page.

Please note that all of the maps in the 1872 volume were scanned while encapsulated in mylar to protect them during scanning. This means that there is an occasional reflection that distorts the colors of the maps. We have corrected most of these distortions with minor image editing.

You may also view a full version of the Index Map.

1872 Map of the Cities of Pittsburgh, Allegheny, and the Adjoining Boroughs Index Map 1872p100 1872p118 1872p061 1872p065 1872p067 1872p069 1872p116 1872p114 1872p104 1872p022 1872p110 1872p100 1872p108 1872p112 1872p085 1872p088 1872p077 1872p072 1872p022 1872p015 1872p019 1872p017 1872p029 1872p025 1872p036 1872p043 1872p054 1872p051 1872p058 1872p061 1872p065 1872p067 oakland 1872p092 1872p100 1872p079 1872p082 1872p096 1872p032 1872p040 1872p063

List of Plates - Atlas of the Cities of Pittsburgh, Allegheny, and the Adjoining Boroughs, 1872


Pittsburgh, Allegheny, and Adjoining Boroughs (Index Map) plate 12
1st Ward, Pittsburgh plate 15
2nd Ward, Pittsburgh plate 17
3rd Ward, Pittsburgh, Original Plan of Pittsburgh plate 19
4th Ward, Pittsburgh, Monongahela and South Pittsburgh plate 22
5th, 7th, and 8th Wards, Pittsburghplate 25
6th Ward, Pittsburgh plate 29
9th and 10th Wards, Pittsburgh plate 32
11th Ward and Part of 13th Ward, Pittsburghplate 36
12th Ward, Pittsburgh plate 40
13th Ward, Pittsburgh plate 43
Part of 14th Ward, Oakland, Pittsburgh plate 46
14th Ward, Oakland, Pittsburgh plate 49
15th Ward, Pittsburgh plate 51
16th Ward, Pittsburgh plate 54
17th Ward, Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh plate 58
18th and 19th Wards, Pittsburgh plate 61
20th Ward, East Liberty, Pittsburgh plate 63
21st Ward, East Liberty, Pittsburgh plate 65
22nd Ward, Pittsburgh plate 67
23rd Ward, Pittsburgh plate 69
East Liberty plate 70
1st Ward, Allegheny City plate 72
2nd Ward, Allegheny City plate 77
3rd Ward, Allegheny City plate 79
4th Ward, Allegheny City plate 82
5th Ward, Allegheny City plate 85
6th Ward, Allegheny City plate 88
7th Ward, Allegheny Cityplate 92
8th Ward, Allegheny City, Homesteadplate 96
9th Ward, Allegheny City, Allentown and Sharpsburgplate 100
Birmingham & East Birmingham plate 104
(South-Side Borough)
Mt. Washington (South-Side Borough)plate 108
Temperanceville and Part of Chartiers (South-Side Borough)plate 110
West Pittsburgh and Union (South-Side Borough)plate 112
Ormsby (South-Side Borough)plate 114
Saint Clair and Part of Lower Saint Clair (South-Side Borough)plate 116
Millvale and Etna plate 118

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