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1917 Volume 7 (Revised 1928) - South Side and Southern Vicinity of Pittsburgh (West Half)


Click on the area which you wish to view. This displays the Map View of this plate of the map. Please read the Map Help section to learn how to navigate the maps.

These volumes have received extensive cleaning by our production staff, but due to age and extensive wear it will still be difficult to see certain details on the index map. Plat numbers may be particularly obscured.

This Hopkins Real Estate Atlas is a revised edition. Please note that some plates contain information from a later time period than the original publication date. For more information about Hopkins Map revisions please see Publication Dates and Revision Dates

You may view a Full Version of the Index Map and a road surface material map. In addition, this map has several revision plates: Revisions, Verso of Plate 23, Verso of Plate 28.

1907 (Rev: 1928)Volume 7

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