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The mission of the African American Chamber of 
Commerce of Western Pennsylvania (the Chamber) is to continuously improve business and professional opportunities for African American Business owners and professionals. Guided by the core values of [promoting] equity in opportunity, economic advancement, self-sufficiency and entrepreneurial excellence, we seek to advance economic parity for the African American Business community by insuring full participation in public and private sectors throughout the region. The material available in this online collection documents some of the history of the AACCWP through past announcements on programs and events.

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The African American Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania (AACCWP) was chartered on March 8,1994 as a Charitable Trust 501(c)(6) by a volunteer group of local businessmen who immediately began recruiting business and corporate members to join the new organization. After three years of successful creation of the base, the organization needed a central location from which to offer access to resources and information. The AACCWP began to look for office space and conducted a formal nationwide search for an Executive Director. With the help of the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce and the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, the AACCWP opened its office in the Regional Enterprise Tower in late September 1998 and hired its first Executive Director, Doris Carson Williams, now President and CEO.

The Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce agreed to serve as fiscal agent pending completion of requisite corporate status. The 501(c)(3) corporate status for the African American Chamber Foundation was awarded on March 15, 2000 providing the tax incentive for financial participation of mainstream corporations. It is a full service organization, offering business training, technical assistance, and business tools to strengthen the business acumen of African American and other minority firms. The membership grew from under 50 members in 1998 to its current level of over 500 small business owners and professionals, and over 35 corporate sponsors. It is now ranked the 11th largest Chamber in the Ten County region. In October 2012, the AACCWP relocated its offices to its current home in the Koppers Building, Downtown.

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Scope and Content Notes

The material documents communication efforts and planned events carried out by the African American Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania.

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Collection Inventory

Series  I. Communications 

Scope and Content Notes

This group of material contains the Chamber’s correspondence that communicates monthly, annual, and ongoing information to the membership and the general public of past events.

Subseries  1. Annual Reports 

Scope and Content Notes

Each year the Chamber produces an Annual Report that captures highlights of the previous fiscal year’s performance, Membership Benefits, the annual audit report, and recognition of our Corporate Sponsors and Special Funding Partners.

2009 Annual Report Online
2010 Annual Report Online
2011 Annual Report Online
2012 Annual Report Online
2013 Annual Report Online
2014 Annual Report Online
2015 Annual Report Online
2016 Annual Report Online

Subseries  2. Newsletters 

Scope and Content Notes

Starting initially as a quarterly publication, members requested receiving the Chamber newsletter every month to keep informed of upcoming events, corporate activities and programs offered that benefit African American and other minority and small businesses owners. The newsletter is sent electronically to the general membership and mailed to all Corporate Sponsors and Presidential Roundtable Members.

Chamber Newsletter, March 1999 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 1999 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 1999 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 1999 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2000 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2000 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2001 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2001 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2001 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 2001 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2001 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2001 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 2001 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2002 Online
Chamber Newsletter, February 2002 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2002 Online
Chamber Newsletter, April 2002 Online
Chamber Newsletter, May 2002 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2002 Online
Chamber Newsletter, July 2002 Online
Chamber Newsletter, August 2002 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 2002 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2002 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2002 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 2002 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2003 Online
Chamber Newsletter, February 2003 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2003 Online
Chamber Newsletter, April 2003 Online
Chamber Newsletter, May 2003 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2003 Online
Chamber Newsletter, August 2003 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 2003 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2003 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2003 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 2003 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2004 Online
Chamber Newsletter, February 2004 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2004 Online
Chamber Newsletter, April 2004 Online
Chamber Newsletter, May 2004 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2004 Online
Chamber Newsletter, July 2004 Online
Chamber Newsletter, August 2004 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 2004 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2004 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2004 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 2004 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2005 Online
Chamber Newsletter, February 2005 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2005 Online
Chamber Newsletter, April 2005 Online
Chamber Newsletter, May 2005 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2005 Online
Chamber Newsletter, July 2005 Online
Chamber Newsletter, August 2005 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 2005 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2005 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2005 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 2005 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2006 Online
Chamber Newsletter, February 2006 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2006 Online
Chamber Newsletter, April 2006 Online
Chamber Newsletter, May 2006 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2006 Online
Chamber Newsletter, July 2006 Online
Chamber Newsletter, August 2006 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 2006 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2006 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2006 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2007 Online
Chamber Newsletter, February 2007 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2007 Online
Chamber Newsletter, April 2007 Online
Chamber Newsletter, May 2007 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2007 Online
Chamber Newsletter, July 2007 Online
Chamber Newsletter, August 2007 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 2007 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2007 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2007 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 2007 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2008 Online
Chamber Newsletter, February 2008 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2008 Online
Chamber Newsletter, April 2008 Online
Chamber Newsletter, May 2008 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2008 Online
Chamber Newsletter, July 2008 Online
Chamber Newsletter, August 2008 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 2008 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2008 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2008 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 2008 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2009 Online
Chamber Newsletter, February 2009 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2009 Online
Chamber Newsletter, April 2009 Online
Chamber Newsletter, May 2009 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2009 Online
Chamber Newsletter, July 2009 Online
Chamber Newsletter, August 2009 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 2009 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2009 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2009 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 2009 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2010 Online
Chamber Newsletter, February 2010 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2010 Online
Chamber Newsletter, April 2010 Online
Chamber Newsletter, May 2010 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2010 Online
Chamber Newsletter, July 2010 Online
Chamber Newsletter, August 2010 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 2010 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2010 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2010 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 2010 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2011 Online
Chamber Newsletter, February 2011 Online
Chamber Newsletter, April 2011 Online
Chamber Newsletter, May 2011 Online
Chamber Newsletter, ?? Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2011 Online
Chamber Newsletter, July 2011 Online
Chamber Newsletter, August 2011 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 2011 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2011 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2011 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 2011 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2012 Online
Chamber Newsletter, February 2012 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2012 Online
Chamber Newsletter, April 2012 Online
Chamber Newsletter, May 2012 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2012 Online
Chamber Newsletter, July 2012 Online
Chamber Newsletter, August 2012 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 2012 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2012 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2012 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 2012 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2013 Online
Chamber Newsletter, February 2013 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2013 Online
Chamber Newsletter, April 2013 Online
Chamber Newsletter, May 2013 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2013 Online
Chamber Newsletter, July 2013 Online
Chamber Newsletter, August 2013 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 2013 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2013 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2013 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 2013 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2014 Online
Chamber Newsletter, February 2014 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2014 Online
Chamber Newsletter, April 2014 Online
Chamber Newsletter, May 2014 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2014 Online
Chamber Newsletter, July 2014 Online
Chamber Newsletter, August 2014 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2014 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2014 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 2014 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2015 Online
Chamber Newsletter, February 2015 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2015 Online
Chamber Newsletter, April 2015 Online
Chamber Newsletter, May 2015 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2015 Online
Chamber Newsletter, July 2015 Online
Chamber Newsletter, August 2015 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 2015 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2015 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2015 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 2015 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2016 Online
Chamber Newsletter, February 2016 Online
Chamber Newsletter, March 2016 Online
Chamber Newsletter, April 2016 Online
Chamber Newsletter, May 2016 Online
Chamber Newsletter, June 2016 Online
Chamber Newsletter, July 2016 Online
Chamber Newsletter, August 2016 Online
Chamber Newsletter, September 2016 Online
Chamber Newsletter, October 2016 Online
Chamber Newsletter, November 2016 Online
Chamber Newsletter, December 2016 Online
Chamber Newsletter, January 2017 ("Chamber Newsletter, " online pending)
Chamber Newsletter, Febraury 2017 ("Chamber Newsletter," online pending)
Chamber Newsletter, March 2017 ("Chamber Newsletter," online pending)
Chamber Newsletter, April 2017 ("Chamber Newsletter," online pending)
Chamber Newsletter, May 2017 ("Chamber Newsletter," online pending)
Chamber Newsletter, June 2017 ("Chamber Newsletter," online pending)

Subseries  3. Newspaper & Magazine Articles/Media Clippings 

Scope and Content Notes

This group of material contains the Chamber’s collection of written publications and magazine articles in which the organization and its staff are recognized.

African American Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania - GPCC, 1999 Online
African American Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania - Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, 1999 Online
Third Renaissance Inclusion - NPC, January 1999 Online
New Rules Increase Access to SBA Loan Capital, February 1999 Online
Renaissance woman - Prospects, February 1999 Online
Promotion to President of the Western Pennsylvania Black Chamber of Commerce - NPC, June 1999 Online
Study-Lack of Blacks, Women on Boards has Economic Impact - NPC, July 1999 Online
Business Catalyst - PC, September 1999 Online
Energized NPC, October 1999  Energized NPC,
Fifth Forbes and a Fork in the Road - PG, October 1999 Online
50,000 Given to Attract More Blacks to Trade Unions, December 1999 Online
Taking an African American view of 2000 - TR, January 2000 Online
Local Business Pursuits Paying Off, February 2000 Online
Dickerson Chamber Pivitol to One Economy - NPC, May 2015 Online
Guest Speaker Ralph Dickerson Jr. - PC, May 2000 Online
Carson Williams Named to the Board - PC, January 2001 Online
Program Instills Self-help Strengthens Families - NPC, January 2001 Online
Diversity Still a Minority for Corporations - TR, February 2001 Online
Census Shows Changing Racial Makeup of County, March 2001 Online
Political Action - NPC, March 2001 Online
New Commission to Make Rules for Minority Firm Contracts - PG, April 2001 Online
Chamber Chairman Rallies Minority Business Owners - TR, May 2001 Online
NAACP Leader Pushes Environment of Change - TR, May 2001 Online
Thompson to Chamber-School District Open for Business - PC, June 2001 Online
Growing the Group - PPG, July 2001 Online
Effectively Using the Media - NPC, August 2001 Online
Minority Chambers Unite to Promote More Access to Energy Trading Plan - NPC, November 2011 Online
Opening Energy Door to Minorities - NPC, November 2001 Online
Chamber Luncheon Celebrates America - NPC December 2001 Online
Deep Impact - NPC, December 2001 Online
Full house packs District 9 forum - NPC, February 2002 Online
Getting Down to Business NPC, February 2002 Online
Rendell Casey Spar on Issues, Records - PG, April 2002 Online
African American Chamber's Business Luncheon - NPC, May 2002 Online
Mon-Fayette Expressway meeting - PC, May 2002 Online
Chamber thanks Coyne for service - NPC, June 2002 Online
Mon Valley NAACP to Celebrate 42 years - NPC, August 2002 Online
Who Belongs to the Rivers Club - PBT, September 2002 Online
Ferguson to Address Chamber - NPC, October 2002 Online
Power Breakfast speaker - PC, October 2002  Power Breakfast speaker - PC,
Ferguson Says Fed Remains Vigilant Against Credit Bias - NPC, November 2002 Online
Fisher Tells Chamber He will Champion Small Business - NPC, Novmeber 2002  Fisher Tells Chamber He will Champion Small Business - NPC,
Taking Care of Business - NPC, December 2002, Online
25 Largest Pittsburgh Area Chambers of Commerce - PBT, March 2003 Online
Candidates Dislike Idea of Appointed Board-PPG, April 2003 Online
Chamber Speaker - PC, May 2003 Online
Payne Believes Small Market Teams Can Thrive - PT, May 2003 Online
The Economics of Baseball - NPC, May 2003 Online
Roddey, Onorato Spar Over Economic Development Issues - PPG, September 2003 Online
Concerns Expressed at Hearing - NPC, October 2003 Online
Official Says State will Increase use of Minority Women Owned Businesses - PG, October 2003 Online
Official Says State will Increase Use of Minority, Women-owned Firms - PG, October 2003 Online
Chamber to Kick off Business Institute - NPC, December 2003 Online
United Way, Chambers Group Partner to Start Business Briefcase - PBT, December 2003 Online
Rendell Backs City Oversight Board - TR, January 2004 Online
25 Largest Pittsburgh Area Chambers of Commerce - PBT, March 2004 Online
African American Chamber Changing of the Guard - Renaissance News, May 2004 Online
Economy and Equality Among Specter's Priorities - PC, May 2004 Online
Jobs the Main Issue, Specter Says - PPG, May 2004 Online
Financial Barriers; Report Identifies Obstacles Minorities Encounter - NPC, July 2004 Online
Stimulating the Economy - NPC, July 2004 Online
Ask the Expert October is Legal Month - Developing & Strengthening Your Business Plan - PC, September 2004 Online
Ask the Expert September is Credit and Lending Month - NPC, September 2004 Online
Engines of Growth - NPC, September 2004 Online
Ask the Expert November is Credit and Lending Month - NPC, October 2004 Online
Usher to be Honored at Power Breakfast - NPC, October 2004 Online
Black Chamber Hires New Membership, Program Director - NPC, October 2004 Online
Developing and Strengthening Your Business Plan - NPC, October 2004 Online
Lipton Delivers Challenging Address at Business Luncheon - NPC, December 2004 Online
Ask the Expert January is Information Technology Month - NPC, January 2005 Online
Onorato Shares Vision for Region, Accomplishments - NPC, January 2005 Online
Fourth Annual Ice Skating Party - People, February 2005 Online
Advocating for Women and Minorities PBT, February 2005 Online
Ask the Expert February is Tax Month, February 2005 Online
25 Largest Pittsburgh Area Chambers of Commerce - PBT, March 2005 Online
Ask the Expert March is marketing Month, March 2005 Online
Ask the Expert April is Media Month, April 2005 Online
Mayoral candidates Display Business Savvy - Metro, April 2005 Online
Mayoral Candidates Display Business Savvy and Candidates Square off on Police and Business Issues- PC, April 2005 Online
Mayoral Hopefuls Debate Police Review Board - PG, April 2005 Online
Self Inflicted Wound - NPC, April 2005 Online
6th Annual Meeting - NPC, May 2005 Online
Apprentice Runner up Speaks on Business Deals, May 2005 Online
Nobody's Apprentice ...Kwame Jackson Speaks at Chamber- NPC, May 2005 Online
Southwest Execs say Customer Service Key to Success for Airline - PPG, May 2005 Online
African American Chamber Power Breakfast Scene - NPC, June 2005 Online
Groups Urge Kill School Board Deal - PC, June 2005 Online
Businesses, Community Groups Force 30 Day Delay on School Contract Plan - NPC, July 2005 Online
Residents say Schools Labor Proposal Discriminates Against Minority Firms - PG, July 2005 Online
Workshop Targets Minority Business - NPC, July 2005 Online
Ask the Expert - Sept is Marketing Month - PPG, September 2005 Online
Ask the Expert - September is Marketing Month - PT, September 2005 Online
Ask the Expert- September is Marketing Month - PPG, September 2005 Online
Ask the Expert - October is Credit and Lending Month - NPC, October 2005 Online
Ask the Expert November is Information Technology Month - NPC, Online
Chamber Luncheon Marks High Hopes for Procurement - NPC, December 2005 Online
12 More Business Sought for Minorities - TR, December 2005 Online
25 Largest Pittsburgh Area Chambers of Commerce - PBT, March 2006 Online
Ask the Expert March is Legal Month - PG, March 2006 Online
Black Business Owners on Rise - PPG, April 2006 Online
New Board Members, Chair, Tributes Announced at Chamber Annual Meeting - NPC, May 2006 Online
U.S. Steel Looks to Diversify - PTR, May 2006 Online
Forum Gives Busineses Pointers on Using Media Effectively - NPC, July 2006 Online
PennDOT Outlines Minority Contracting Gains for Chamber - NPC, Online
Ask the Expert Credit Program - NPC, September 2006 Online
Revamped City Council Faces African American Chamber - NPC, September 2006 Online
Revamped City Council Faces African American Chamber- NPC, September 2006 Online
RMU President Pledges Continued Emphasis on Diversity - NPC, October 2006 Online
Ask the Expert - Accessing Capital Markets in the Public Sector, November 2006 Online
Largest Pittsburgh Area Minority Owned Companies - PBT, February 2007 Online
Onorato says county business climate - shovel ready - NPC, March 2007 Online
CCAC Implements Contracting Diversity Plans - NPC, April 2007 Online
Chamber Holds Three Part Televised Forum - NPC, April 2007 Online
Meakem to be Guest Speaker at Chamber Annual Meet - NPC, May 2007 Online
EEO Commissioner Updates Chamber - NPC, June 2007 Online
Meakem Issues Unexpected Challenge at Chamber Luncheon - PC, June 2007 Online
Procope Receives Minority Business Legacy - NPC, July 2007 Online
A Unique Networking Event- The Chamber and Chihuly - NPC, August 2007 Online
Bizcamp Grooms Future Entrepreneurs - PC, August 2007 Online
25 Largest Pittsburgh Area Chambers of Commerce - PBT, September 2007 Online
Black Meetings & Tourism - The Authority of African American Conventions, Incentives & Leisure Travel, October 2007 Online
African American Chamber of Commerce Luncheon - PG, December 2007 Online
Chamber Speaker Greeted with Standing Ovation - NPC, December 2007 Online
Book of lists- PBT, 2008 Online
Celebrate Culture - Valley News Dispatch, February 2008 Online
Hill Gives Frank Truth and Reconciliation Speech - PC, May 2008 Online
Hill to Provide Insight During Chamber's Annual Meet-PC, May 2008 Online
Bland Provides a Path for Regional Transit - NPC, June 2008 Online
City, County Merger Could Benefit Both - NPC, July 2008 Online
Key Updates Garfield Heights Progress at Chamber Breakfast - NPC, July 2008 Online
African American Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania - Whirl Magazine, August 2008 Online
Mayor Shares Encouraging Future for Pittsburgh - NPC, October 2008 Online
A Decade of Success - NPC, November 2008 Online
Business Opportunities Beyond Southwestern Pennsylvania - NPC, February 2009 Online
Groups Hope Obama Phenomenon Spurs Recruits - TTM, February 2009 Online
Dr. Ken Melani and Board President Doris Carson Williams - PPG, May 2009 Online
A Golden Opportunity Organizers say Summit is an International Showcase for City - PC, September 2009 Online
Burns Promotes Regionalism - NPC, October 2009 Online
BNY Mellon 200 Short of Local Jobs Goal - PTR, December 2009 Online
BNY Mellon Chair Kelly says Outlook for Economy Positive - NPC, December 2009 Online
Largest Pittsburgh Area Chambers of Commerce - BT, 2010 Online
McElhatton's Unique Business Model Put Your People First - NPC, March 2010 Online
What Makes a New Small Business a Successful Business, June 2010 Online
FedEx Kicks off Chamber Power Breakfast Season - NPC, September 2010 Online
iGate Chief at Chamber Breakfast - NPC, October 2010 Online
Chamber Speaker Says America Needs More Scientists - PC, December 2010 Online
Laxness CEO Promotes Diversity Efforts - NPC, January 2011 Online
Chamber Talks Shale - NPC, February 2011 Online
LanePrepare Students for Jobs - NPC, March 2011 Online
Chamber Luncheon Speaker More Black Engagement Needed - NPC, May 2011 Online
Workshop Aims to Help Businesses- PG, May 2011 Online
African American Chamber Fratures Diabetes Workshop Series - NPC, June 2011 Online
Five Simple Screenings to get on Path to Healthy Life - NPC, June 2011 Online
Fontana Talks Funding Cuts at Chamber Breakfast - NPC, July 2011 Online
African American Chamber Hosts Diabetes Workshop - NPC, July 2011 Online
Pinnacle Financial at Chamber Breakfast - NPC, September 2011 Online
Museum Director Keynotes Chamber Luncheon - NPC, December 2011 Online
Fab 40 Honorees - Shawn Hicks - NPC, 2012 Online
African American Chamber Breakfast - Nova Touts Marcellus Benefits - NPC, January 2012 Online
A Model for Creating an Even Better Pittsburgh Region for all - Imagine Pittsburgh Now, January 2012 Online
Lamb Talks Fiscal Health at PowerBreakfast - NPC, February 2012 Online
Pittsburgh Women History Makers - NPC, February 2012 Online
AAChamber Sponsors Diabetes Seminar - NPC, March 2012 Online
Fitzgerald-College Grads Have ReplacedSteel in Refueling Pittsburgh's Growth - NPC, March 2012 Online
West Penn Hospital CEO at Chamber Breakfast - NPC, April 2012 Online
Chamber Charts New Course - NPC, May 2012 Online
City's Equal Opportunity Report Raises Questions-NPC, June 2012 Online
Wagner at Chamber Breakfast - NPC, July 2012 Online
Casey Q&A at PowerBreakfast - NPC, August 2012 Online
Fed Reserve VP Ralks Recovery - PC, October 2012 Online
50 Men of Excellence Reception - NPC, November 2012 Online
Yablonsky Keynotes Chamber Lunch, Cites Diversity as a Regional Challenge - PC, December 2012 Online
Strengthening Business Acumen in Western Pennsylvania - Urban Connection, January 2013 Online
Williams Gives Chamber Alcosan Project Update - PC, January 2012 Online
Making Shale Inclusive - PC, February 2012 Online
Pittsburgh Inclusion News - Vibrant Pittsburgh, February 2013 Online
Fitzgerald Talks Transit and Jobs at Chamber Breakfast - PC, April 2013 Online
Few Surprises at Chamber Forum - PC, May 2012 Online
Highmark Chief Keynotes Chamber Business Luncheon - PC, May 2013 Online
Doris Carson Williams Earns Certified Chamber Executive Certification - NPC, August 2013 Online
Teshome Gives Business Forecast to Chamber - NPC, October 2013 Online
African American Chamber Luncheon Highlights Connecting with Partners, December 2013 Online
Rich Fitzgerald Talks about growth at AACCWP, January 2014 Online
Mayor Peduto Focus on Small Neighborhood Development, March 2014 Online
Chamber and Conference make for engaging PowerBreakfast, May 2014 Online
Federal Reserve Bank VP makes economic forecast at AACCWP PowerBreakfast, June 2014 Online
UPMC Rob DeMichiei pushes diversity at African American Chamber Breakfast, September 2014  UPMC Rob DeMichiei pushes diversity at African American Chamber Breakfast,
CCAC President Bullock welcomed at Chamber PowerBreakfast, October 2014 Online
African American Chamber hosts Annual Luncheon with David Porges of EQT, December 2014 Online
Fitzgerald touts partnerships at Chamber Breakfast, January 2015 Online
Ellen McLean talks PAT capital projects at PowerBreakfast Meeting, February 2015 Online
Mayor Peduto talks culture change at PowerBreakfast, March 2015 Online
Keith Key talks development and inclusion at Chamber PowerBreakfast, April 2015 Online
Mayor Peduto and Highmark CEO highlight African American Chamber Luncheon, May 2015 Online
Carnegie Museums update given to African American Chamber Members, June 2015 Online
Pittsburgh Police Chief strives to hire more minority officers, July 2015 Online
Programs geared to help small business prosper, August 2015 Online
Pirates Coonelly pushes for greater urban focus for baseball, September 2015 Online
Waldrup promotes Downtown Partnership at PowerBreakfast, October 2015 Online
Cassotis makes three point landing at PowerBreakfast, November 2015 Online
Beacon system improves city's small and minority business contracting outreach, December 2015 Online
Governor Wolf praises African American Chamber in luncheon remarks, December 2015 Online
State may have budget deal soon, December 2015 Online
Fitzgerald addresses year's first PowerBreakfast, January 2016 Online
Williams appointed head of Local Federal Reserve Board, January 2016 Online
Davin Promotes inclusive development at Chamber Breakfast, February 2016 Online
Mayor Peduto pushes access at PowerBreakfast, March 2016 Online
Chamber Candidates Forum Yields enthusiasm and few surprises, April 2016  Chamber Candidates Forum Yields enthusiasm and few surprises,
Yealy pushes building diversity on multiple levels at PowerBreakfast, April 2016 Online
Smith pushes partnership and building economy at Chamber Breakfast, July 2016 Online
Nicholson promotes The Frick at PowerBreakfast, September 2016 Online
Pittsburgh Opera Director Hahn promotes Josh Gibson Story, October 2016 Online
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland president gives economic forecast at Chamber luncheon, December 2016 Online
Fitzgerald kicks off 2017 PowerBreakfast series, January 2017 Online

Subseries  4. Press Releases 

Scope and Content Notes

The Chamber issues press releases for all annual meetings, business luncheons, special events, and workshops. The purpose is to have a written or recorded communication that documents the organization’s activities. Typically, they are sent electronically to assignment editors, station managers, and journalists.

Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, February 1999 Online
Councilman Sala Udin, March 8, 1999 Online
Plan B Advocacy Meeting, March 2001 Online
DOE and NETL Partnership, November 9, 2001 Online
Concerns Over Living Wage Bill, December 3, 2001 Online
3rd Annual Business Luncheon, December 5, 2001 Online
Candidates' Forum, April 10, 2002 Online
Candidates' Forum, April 29, 2003 Online
Fourth Annual Luncheon, May 20, 2003 Online
Candidates' Forum, September 11, 2003 Online
Public Hearing, October 9, 2003 Online
FTAA Between FLT Trading, Inc and Equitable Gas Company, October 21, 2003 Online
Fifth Annual Business Luncheon, December 3, 2003 Online
PowerBreakfast Meeting, January 16, 2004 Online
Annual Meeting Luncheon, May 10, 2004 Online
Ask the Expert Program, September 2, 2004 Online
PowerBreakfast Meeting, November 19, 2004 Online
Annual Business Luncheon, December 1, 2004 Online
PowerBreakfast, February 18, 2005 Online
Candidates' Forum, April 21, 2005 Online
Southwest Airlines President, May 12, 2005 Online
Kwame Jackson, May 19, 2005 Online
CCAC President, November 9, 2005 Online
Equitable Resources Chairman, President, and CEO, November 9, 2005 Online
Thomas Usher Entrepeneurial Spirit Program, May 2006 Online
Chairman & CEO of U.S. Steel Corporation, May 12, 2006 Online
PowerBreakfast Meeting, September 15, 2006 Online
Robert Morris University President, October 20, 2006 Online
Pittsburgh School Superintendant, January 10, 2007 Online
Honorable Dennis Yablonsky, February 9, 2007 Online
Mayor Ravenstahl, April 2, 2007 Online
Duquesne Light President and CEO, April 23, 2007 Online
Glen T. Meakem, May 30, 2007 Online
U.S. Commissioner of the EEOC, June 11, 2007 Online
New President & CPO of the United Way of Allegheny County, July 16, 2007 Online
Chief Financial Officer of UPMC, September 19, 2007 Online
Senior Vice President & Chief Economist of PNC FSG, October 10, 2007 Online
President and CEO of UPMC, December 6, 2007 Online
President and CEO of the August Wilson Center, February 7, 2008 Online
President and CEO of Bayer Material Science, LLC, March 3, 2008 Online
CEO of Landmarks Community Capital Corooration of Pittsburgh, April 11, 2008 Online
University of Pittsburgh Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs, May 2, 2008 Online
Stephen Bland, June 12, 2008 Online
President and CEO of KBK Enterprises, July 11, 2008 Online
AACC Tenth Anniversary, October 16, 2008 Online
Chairman and CEO of WESCO Distribution, Inc, November 26, 2008 Online
Allegheny County Chief Executive, January 9, 2009 Online
Obama's Stimulus Package, April 17, 2009 Online
Candidates Forum, April 23, 2009 Online
President and CEO of Highmark, May 12, 2009 Online
FRB of Cleveland Executive Vice President, September 9, 2009 Online
Washington County Commissioner, October 12, 2009 Online
BNY Mellon CEO, November 9, 2009 Online
AACC Seasonal Celebration, October 17, 2009 Online
Candidates' Forum, April 5, 2010 Online
URA Executive Director, April 12, 2010 Online
Pitt Chancellor and CEO, May 2, 2010 Online
FedEx Ground Managing Director, September 15, 2010 Online
iGate Corporation Co-Founder, October 1, 2010 Online
Bayer CEO, November 16, 2010 Online
LANXESS Corporation CEO, January 10, 2011 Online
Marcellus Shale Coalition President and Executive Director, February 4, 2011 Online
Pittsburgh Public School Superintendent, March 14, 2011 Online
Allegheny County Executive and County Controller Candidates' Forum, April 27, 2011 Online
CMU President, April 27, 2011 Online
Diabetes Workshops, May 27, 2011 Online
Jewish Healthcare Foundation, May 27, 2011 Online
Port Authority Transit CEO, June 3, 2011 Online
State Senator Wayne D. Fontana, July 8, 2011 Online
UPMC Family Medicine Chair, August 22, 2011 Online
Pittsburgh Police Chief, October 21, 2011 Online
WQED, November 3, 2011 Online
Carnegie Museums' President, November 8, 2011 Online
NOVA Chemicals CEO, January 11, 2012 Online
Dr. Jerome R. Gloster, February 13, 2012 Online
Michael E. Lamb, February 13, 2012 Online
Allegheny County Chief Executive, March 12, 2012 Online
24th Legislative District Candidates, March 28, 2013 Online
Dollar Bank CEO, April 30, 2012 Online
Dollar Bank CEO, May 4, 2012 Online
Sixth Diabetes Workshop, May 9, 2012 Online
Pennsylvania Auditor General, June 6, 2012 Online
PAT CEO, June 6, 2012 Online
Senator Bob Casey, August 1, 2012 Online
Seventh Diabetes Workshop, September 10, 2012 Online
Warhol Museum's Eric Shiner, September 10, 2012 Online
Diabetes Workshop Grand Finale, November 5, 2012 Online
Allegheny Conference on Community Development CEO, November 26, 2012 Online
ALCOSAN Executive Director, January 7, 2013 Online
Keith B. Key, April 5, 2013 Online
Allegheny County Chief Executive, April 12, 2013 Online
Mayoral Candidates' Forum, April 12, 2013 Online
Highmark President and CEO, April 15, 2013 Online
Daniel D. Fitzpatrick, July 15, 2013 Online
Doris Carson Williams Earns Certified Chamber Executive Certification, August 19, 2013 Online
Green Building Alliance CEO, September 16, 2013 Online
County Executive Rich Fitzgerald of Allegheny County, January 15, 2016 Online
Dennis Davin Secretary for the PA Department of Community and Economic Development, February 19, 2016 Online
Pa House of Representatives, April 7, 2016 Online
Patrick Gallagher Chancellor for the University of Pittsburgh, May 3, 2016 Online
Lorretta Mester President and CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, November 30, 2016 Online

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Series  II. Events 

Scope and Content Notes

The Chamber hosts an average of 35 scheduled activities each year, designed to engage and add value to the membership while increasing awareness about the organization to the general public.

Subseries  1. Annual Business Luncheons 

Every December, the Chamber invites the Chairman or President of a major corporation to speak on what the region needs to do collectively to move from good to great. An average of 350–400 people from business, government, and state and local elected officials attend this annual event.

Subseries  2. Annual Meeting & Luncheon 

Scope and Content Notes

There is a formal certification process Members submit to in order to attend the Annual Meetings. In recent years, the luncheon speaker meets privately with the members and answers their questions. The members then join the speaker to welcome the business representatives and guests for the luncheon.

Ralph Dickerson of United Way of New York City, May 19, 2000 Online
Murry S. Gerber of Equitable Resources, Inc., May 15, 2001 Online
Charles E. Bunch of PPG Industries, May 17, 2002 Online
Ulice Payne, Jr. of Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, May 20, 2003 Online
Senator Arlen Specter of United States Senate, May 10, 2004 Online
Kwame Jackson of Kwame, Inc. and The Apprentice Show, May 19, 2005 Online
John P. Surma, Jr. of United States Steel Corporation, May 12, 2006 Online
Glen T. Meakem of Meakem Becker Venture Capital, May 30, 2007 Online
Robert Hill of the University of Pittsburgh, May 14, 2008 Online
Kenneth R. Melanie of Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, May 12, 2009 Online
Mark Nordenberg of University of Pittsburgh, May 19, 2010 Online
Jared L. Cohon of Carnegie Mellon University, May 13, 2011 Online
Robert P. Oeler of Dollar Bank, May 10, 2012 Online
William Winkenwerder Jr of Highmark Inc., May 1, 2013 Online
William Demchak of PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., May 6, 2014 Online
David Holmberg of Highmark, Inc., May 7, 2015 Online
Patrick Gallagher of University of Pittsburgh, May 3, 2016 Online
Michael McGarry of PPG Industries, May 9, 2017 ("Michael McGarry of PPG Industries," online pending)

Subseries  3. Business Institute 

Scope and Content Notes

Each month the Chamber engages an expert in the field of legal, finance and accounting, information technology, or marketing and communications to provide training, coaching, and strengthening of a firm’s business acumen to help them compete in the global marketplace. An average of 16 programs are held each year.

Ask the Expert Credit Restoration-Flyer, January 30, 2007 Online
Ice Skating Party-Flyer, February 24, 2007 Online
Business Risk Management Workshop-Flyer, March 27, 2007 Online
How to do Business with CCAC-Flyer, April 5, 2007 Online
Candidates' Forum-Flyer, April 11, 2007 Online
Eighth Annual Meeting-Flyer, May 30, 2007 Online
How to do Business with Duquesne Light-Flyer, June 14, 2007 Online
Basics of Brand Development-Flyer, June 21, 2007 Online
Technologically Speaking, You Are Your Brand-Flyer, August 28, 2007 Online
Doing Business through the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board-Flyer, September 20, 2007 Online
How to do Business with the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh-Flyer, October 30, 2007 Online
Kick-Off the Holiday Season-Flyer, November 28, 2007 Online
Business Luncheon Meeting-Flyer, December 6, 2007 Online
Focus GroupTransportation Workshop-Flyer, February 20, 2008 Online
Ice Skating Party-Flyer, February 23, 2008 Online
How to do Business with the Forbes Funds-Flyer, February 26, 2008 Online
Business and Access to Capital Workshop-Flyer, March 20, 2008 Online
Ninth Annual Luncheon-Flyer, May 14, 2008 Online
New Members' Orientation-Flyer, June 24, 2008 Online
Consolidating City of Pittsburgh & Allegheny County Governments-Flyer, July 15, 2008 Online
How to Understand Taxes, Grants, and Loans-Flyer, August 20, 2008 Online
Tenth Anniversary-Flyer, October 28, 2008 Online
Business Luncheon Meeting-Flyer, December 5, 2008 Online
New Members' Orientation-Flyer, January 23, 2009 Online
New Year's Celebration-Flyer, January 29, 2009 Online
Ice Skating Party-Flyer, February 28, 2009 Online
External Commercial Green Building-Flyer, March 9, 2009 Online
Protecting Your Investments in Turbulent Times-Flyer, March 17, 2009 Online
The Future of Green Jobs-Flyer, March 30, 2009 Online
Candidates' Forum-Flyer, April 23, 2009 Online
How IT Relates to Your Business-Flyer, April 29, 2009 Online
Tenth Annual Meeting Luncheon-Flyer, May 12, 2009 Online
Becoming LEED Certified-Flyer, June 8, 2009 Online
Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health-Flyer, June 11, 2009 Online
New Members' Orientation-Flyer, June 23, 2009 Online
Transit Development Plan Workshop-Flyer, July 13, 2009 Online
Highmark Update on Healthcare-Flyer, July 21, 2009 Online
How to do Business with Point Park University-Flyer, August 18, 2009 Online
Sustainability and Green Products-Flyer, September 28, 2009 Online
Geting the Estimate Right-Flyer, October 14, 2009 Online
How to do Business with Rivers Casino-Flyer, October 21, 2009 Online
New Electricity and Natural Gas Pools-Flyer, November 10, 2009 Online
Special Meeting-Mark S. Sniderman-Flyer, November 13, 2009 Online
Seasonal Celebration-Flyer, November 30, 2009 Online
Annual Business Luncheon-Flyer, December 2, 2009 Online
LEED the way to Green Buildings-Flyer, December 8, 2009 Online
Structureing the Sales Call-Flyer, February 3, 2010 Online
New Members' Orientation-Flyer, February 5, 2010 Online
Sickle Cell Disease-Flyer, February 11, 2010 Online
Ice Skating Party-Flyer, February 27, 2010 Online
Discussion on Legal Issues-Flyer, April 20, 2010 Online
Candidates' Forum-Flyer, April 29, 2010 Online
Annual Meeting and Luncheon-Flyer, May 19, 2010 Online
Special Meeting CCAC Turner-Flyer, June 11, 2010 Online
Social Media Workshop-Flyer, June 16, 2010 Online
Members' Orientation-Flyer, July 8, 2010 Online
How to do Business with Allegheny County Economic Development-Flyer, July 14, 2010 Online
Diabetes Series-Flyer, October 2010 Online
Legislative Reception and Briefing-Flyer, October 7, 2010 Online
Time Management Workshop-Flyer, November 15, 2010 Online
Seasonal Celebration-Flyer, November 29, 2010 Online
Annual Business Luncheon-Flyer, December 2, 2010 Online
Discussion on Legal Issues-Flyer, December 15, 2010 Online
Members' Orientation-Flyer, February 4, 2011 Online
SCORE-Flyer, February 10, 2011 Online
Developing a Winning Business Plan-Flyer, February 22, 2011 Online
Ice Skating Party-Flyer, February 26, 2011 Online
Diabetes Self Management of a Chronic Disease-Flyer, March 10, 2011 Online
How to do Business with CCAC-Flyer, March 11, 2011 Online
Small Business Tax Workshop-Flyer, March 15, 2011 Online
A Social Media Workshop-Flyer, April 12, 2011 Online
Candidates' Forum-Flyer, May 9, 2011 Online
An Interactive Social Media Workshop-Flyer, June 14, 2011 Online
Community Partners Concert Boyz II Men-Flyer, June 23, 2011 Online
Diabetes The Silent Killer-Flyer, June 29, 2011 Online
How to do Business with Rivers Casino-Flyer, August 23, 2011 Online
Diabetes The Silent Killer-Flyer, September 8, 2011 Online
Communications Workshop-Flyer, September 13, 2011 Online
Diabetes The Silent Killer-Flyer, November 17, 2011 Online
Seasonal Celebration-Flyer, November 21, 2011 Online
Annual Business Luncheon-Flyer, December 2, 2011 Online
Members' Orientation-Flyer, January 25, 2012 Online
Diabetes The Silent Killer Fitness and Eye Care-Flyer, February 21, 2012 Online
Ice Skating Party-Flyer, February 25, 2012 Online
Special Small Business Tax Workshop-Evaluation Summary, March 13, 2012 Online
Special Small Business Tax Workshop-Flyer, March 13, 2012 Online
Candidates' Forum-Flyer, April 12, 2012 Online
How To Do Business With Allegheny County-Evaluation Results, April 17, 2012 Online
How To Do Business With Allegheny County-Flyer, April 17, 2012 Online
Diabetes The Silent Killer Proper Foot Care-Flyer, May 21, 2012 Online
Members' Orientation-Flyer, June 26, 2012 Online
Digging Out-Cleaning Up-Moving Forward-Flyer, July 12, 2012 Online
Diabetes The Silent Killer-Flyer, September 26, 2012 Online
How To Do Business In The Marcellus Shale-Flyer, October 10, 2012 Online
Diabetes The Silent Killer Grand Finale-Flyer, November 13, 2012 Online
Members' Seasonal Celebration-Flyer2, November 29, 2012 Online
Annual Business Luncheon-Flyer, December 3, 2012 Online
Open House-Flyer, January 22, 2013 Online
Soul Food Junkies-Flyer, January 23, 2013 Online
Power to Prosper Program-Evaluation Results, January 30, 2013 Online
Power to Prosper Program-Flyer, January 30, 2013 Online
The Marcellus Shale-Evaluation Results, January 31, 2013 Online
The Marcellus Shale-Flyer, January 31, 2013 Online
Members' Orientation-Flyer, February 19, 2013 Online
How to do Business with the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh-Flyer, March 12, 2013 Online
The ABC's of Selling Online-Evaluation Summary, March 26, 2013 Online
The ABC's of Selling Online-Flyer, March 26, 2013 Online
Financial Planning Workshop-Evaluation Summary, April 4, 2013 Online
Financial Planning Workshop-Flyer, April 4, 2013 Online
Focus on Business Finances-Evaluation Summary, April 23, 2013 Online
Focus on Business Finances-Flyer, April 23, 2013 Online
Annual Meeting & Luncheon-Flyer, May 1, 2013 Online
Candidates' Forum-Flyer, May 2, 2013 Online
Members' Orientation-Flyer, June 19, 2013 Online
Affordable Care Act Workshop-Evaluation Summary, September 12, 2013 Online
Affordable Care Act Workshop-Flyer, September 12, 2013 Online
How to do Business with the Highmark-Evaluation Summary, October 8, 2013 Online
How to do Business with the Highmark-Flyer, October 8, 2013 Online
Social Media Workshop-Evaluation Summary, October 30, 2013 Online
Social Media Workshop-Flyer, October 30, 2013 Online
Speed Networking-Evaluation Summary, November 20, 2013 Online
Speed Networking-Flyer, November 20, 2013 Online
Strategic Planning Workshop-Evaluation Summary, January 21, 2014 Online
Strategic Planning Workshop-Flyer, January 21, 2014 Online
Members' Orientation-Evaluation Summary, January 28, 2014 Online
Members' Orientation-Flyer, January 28, 2014 Online
How to do Business with Coca-Cola-Evaluation Summary, February 11, 2014 Online
How to do Business with Coca-Cola-Flyer, February 11, 2014 Online
Social Media Workshop-Evaluation Summary, Macrh 12, 2014 Online
Social Media Workshop-Flyer, March 12, 2014 Online
Private Equity Workshop-Evaluation Summary, March 18, 2014 Online
Private Equity Workshop-Flyer, March 18, 2014 Online
Structuring the Sales Call-Evaluation Summary, April 15, 2014 Online
Structuring the Sales Call-Flyer, April 15, 2014 Online
Update on the Affordable Care Act-Evaluation Summary, Online
Update on the Affordable Care Act-Flyer, May 14, 2014 Online
Members' Orientation-Evaluation Summary, June 30, 2014 Online
Members' Orientation-Flyer, June 30, 2014 Online
Opportunities of Small Business in the Marcellus Shale-Evaluation Summary, September 10, 2014 Online
Opportunities of Small Business in the Marcellus Shale-Flyer, September 10, 2014 Online
Accelerating Business Decisions-Evaluation Summary, September 27, 2014 Online
Executing Strategy at the Front Line-Flyer, September 27, 2014 Online
Discussion on Legal Issues-Evaluation Summary, October 15, 2014 Online
Discussion on Legal Issues-Flyer, October 15, 2014 Online
How To Do What You Do Sucessfully-Flyer, October 21, 2014 Online
How To Do What You Do Sucessfully-Evaluation Summary, October 21, 2014 Online

 4. Business Institute Programs 

Structuring a Sales Call, March 11, 2015 Online
Financial Statement Analysis and Budgeting, April 22, 2015 Online
Crucial Business Trends for 2015, June 17, 2015 Online
The Impact of Ozone Regulations on Jobs in our Community, September 2, 2015 Online
Cybersecurity Protecting Your Business, October 7, 2015 Online
Financial Health Workshop, Januray 20, 2016 Online
Access to Capital Workshop, February 23, 2016 Online
Supply Chain Program, February 25, 2016 Online
Understanding Your Credit Report and Credit Score Workshop, March 30, 2016 Online
Talent Issues and Options Workshop, May 18, 2016 Online
Social Media Workshop, May 26, 2016 Online
Changes to Payroll Regulations Workshop, September 23, 2016 Online
Youth Development Workshop, October 19, 2016 Youth Development Workshop,
Strategic Planning Workshop, January 12, 2017 Strategic Planning Workshop,
Top Consumer Trends for 2017, February 15, 2017 ("Top Consumer Trends for 2017, " online pending)
Winning Sales Techniques, March 21, 2017 ("Winning Sales Techniques, " online pending)
Workforce and the American Job Center Workshop, April 27, 2017 ("Workforce and the American Job Center Workshop, " online pending)
Financial Workshop with Maher Duessel, May 11, 2017 ("Financial Workshop with Maher Duessel, " online pending)
Accessing Capital Workshop, June 14, 2017 ("Accessing Capital Workshop, " online pending)

 5. Business Workshops 

How to do Business with Allegheny County Airport Authority, July 22, 2015 Online
How to do Business with Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, November 16, 2015 Online
How to do Business with Allegheny Health Network, April 12, 2016 Online
How to do Business with Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittbsurgh, June 14, 2016 How to do Business with Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittbsurgh,
How to do Business with Highmark Health, September 20, 2016 How to do Business with Highmark Health,
How to do Business with Allegheny County Airport Authority, October 5, 2016 How to do Business with Allegheny County Airport Authority,
How to do Business with Port Authority of Allegheny County, February 28, 2017 ("How to do Business with Port Authority of Allegheny County, " online pending)
How to do Business with ALCOSAN, June 7, 2017 ("How to do Business with ALCOSAN," online pending)

Subseries  6. Candidate Forums 

Scope and Content Notes

Each primary season, the Chamber holds a political forum to ask two basic questions: What have you done to support the growth of African American business owners and professionals. And, if elected what would you do to support the growth of African American business owners and professionals. Each session is moderated by the Managing Editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier. Members and guests are encouraged to write their questions on a panel card found at their seat. The staff of the Chamber collects the cards and gives them to the Moderator to read and tabled with the candidates. The responses are timed by Chamber staff to keep the dialogue moving and to include maximum participation from the audience.

Mayoral Candidates and Superior Court Judicial Candidates, March 21, 2001 Online
Pittsburgh City Council District 9 Candidates, February 18, 2002 Online
Gubernatorial Candidates and PA Senator Candidates and PA State Representative Candidates, April 10, 2002 Online
Allegheny County Chief Executive Candidates, September 11, 2003 Online
PA State Representative Candidates, April 1, 2004 Online
Mayoral Candidates, April 21, 2005 Online
Lieutenant Governor Candidates and PA State Representative Candidates, April 26, 2006 Online
Pittsburgh City Controller Candidates and Pittsburgh City Council Candidates, April 11, 2007 Online
Mayoral Candidates and Pittsburgh City Council Candidates, April 23, 2009 Online
Gubernatorial Candidates and Lieutenant Governor Candidates, April 28, 2010 Online
Allegheny County Chief Executive Candidates and Allegheny County Controller Candidates, May 9, 2011 Online
PA State Representative Candidates, April 11, 2012 Online
Mayoral Candidates, May 2, 2013 Online
Pittsburgh City Council Candidates, April 30, 2015 Online
PA State Representatives Candidates, April 7, 2016 Online
Mayoral, City Council, County Council Candidates, May 3, 2017 ("Mayoral, City Council, County Council Candidates, " online pending)

Subseries  7. Members Orientations 

Scope and Content Notes

Twice a year, the Chamber offers a Members Orientation program to emphasize the value of being part of an organized body and the benefits associated with the membership. The ‘Boxed Luncheon’ programs are open to new and existing members.

New Members' Orientation Flyer, June 24, 2008 Online
New Members' Orientation Flyer, January 23, 2009 Online
New Members' Orientation Flyer, June 23, 2009 Online
New Members' Orientation Flyer, February 5, 2010 Online
Members' Orientation Flyer, July 8, 2010 Online
Members' Orientation Flyer, February 4, 2011 Online
Members' Orientation Flyer, January 25, 2012 Online
Members' Orientation Flyer, June 26, 2012 Online
Members' Orientation Flyer, February 19, 2013 Online
Members' Orientation Flyer, June 19, 2013 Online
Members' Orientation Flyer, January 28, 2014 Online
Members' Orientation Flyer, June 30, 2014 Online
Members' Orientation Flyer, Januray 28, 2015 Online
Members' Orientation Flyer, July 28, 2015 Online
Members' Orientation-Flyer, January 29, 2016 Online
Members' Orientation-Flyer, June 23, 2016 Online
Members' Orientation-Flyer, January 26, 2017 Members' Orientation-Flyer,
Members' Orientation Flyer, June 29, 2017 ("Members' Orientation Flyer, " online pending)

Subseries  8. Members Mixers 

Scope and Content Notes

An offering to the membership that began as a quarterly event, ‘Mixers’ are a way for Chamber Members to develop relationships with one another, exchange business cards, and share information that may be of mutual benefit. In 2004, the program began a monthly event with corporations and non-profits agreeing to serve as the sponsor and host the event.

Manchester Craftsman Guild, January 25, 1998 Online
National Aviary, April 16, 1999 Online
Manchester Craftsman's Guild, September 9, 1999 Online
Dowe's, April 20, 2000 Online
National City Bank, September 28, 2000 Online
One PNC Plaza, January 25, 2001 Online
Dowe's, April 26, 2001 Online
New PNC Park, June 29, 2001 Online
Andy Warhol Museum, September 2001 Online
National City Center, January 31, 2002 Online
Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel, April 30, 2002 Online
Advanced Technology Systems Inc, June 27, 2002 Online
John Heinz History Center, September 30, 2002 Online
National City Center, May 6, 2003 Online
Grace Robinson Insurance Agency Inc, June 26, 2003 Online
Crawford Grill on the Square, November 24, 2003 Online
Manchester Bidwell Corporation, March 29, 2004 Online
Highmark Caring Place, April 29, 2004 Online
One PNC Plaza, June 22, 2004 Online
Crawford Grill on the Square, July 27, 2004 Online
PNC Park, August 13, 2004 Online
ALCOA Corporate Center, September 29, 2004 Online
YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh, October 26, 2004 Online
Fifth Avenue Place, January 26, 2005 Online
Frick Art and Historical Center, March 22, 2005 Online
Ambiance Boutique, March 25, 2005 Online
One Mellon Center, April 25, 2005 Online
Society for Contemporary Craft, June 30, 2005 Online
New Crawford Grill on the Square, September 29, 2005 Online
Kingsley Association Pittsburgh, October 26, 2005 Online
National City Bank of Pennsylvania, January 25, 2006 Online
Carnegie Museum of Art, March 31, 2006 Online
YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh, April 26, 2006 Online
Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, June 27, 2006 Online
Frick Art and Historical Center, September 19, 2006 Online
Fifth Avenue Place, October 26, 2006 Online
One PNC Plaza, January 25, 2007 Online
One PNC Plaza, March 27, 2007 Online
#1 Cochran of Monroeville, April 26, 2007 Online
Northside Urban Pathways, May 23, 2007 Online
Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, June 28, 2007 Online
Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania, September 27, 2007 Online
Fifth Avenue Place, October 25, 2007 Online
Society for Contemporary Craft, January 24, 2008 Online
Regional Enterprise Tower - Lobby, March 27, 2008 Online
One PNC Plaza, April 29, 2008 Online
NEED Warner Center, May 22, 2008 Online
Mount Washington, June 18, 2008 Online
Urban Settlement Services LLC, September 30, 2008 Online
Fifth Avenue Place, October 23, 2008 Online
Heinz Hall, February 27, 2009 Online
Bank of New York Mellon, April 30, 2009 Online
Mattress Factory, May 21, 2009 Online
EQT Plaza, September 30, 2009 Online
Fifth Avenue Place, October 22, 2009 Online
Rivers Casino, January 8, 2010 Online
Three Rivers Youth, March 30, 2010 Online
Engine House Twenty Five, May 25, 2010 Online
Manchester Bidwell Corporation, June 22, 2010 Online
Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel, August 26, 2010 Online
Special Mixer Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel August 26, 2010 Online
Legislative Reception, October 7, 2010 Online
Fifth Avenue Place, October 28, 2010 Online
Renewable Manufacturing Gateway, January 27, 2011 Online
Citizens Bank of PA, March 28, 2011 Online
Savoy Restaurant, April 19, 2011 Online
Larrimor's, May 26, 2011 Online
Mixer Map, June 2011 Online
Carnegie Mellon University, June 22, 2011 Online
Senator John Heinz History Center, September 21, 2011 Online
Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, October 28, 2011 Online
Executive Cigars, LLC, January 31, 2012 Online
Carnegie Museum of Art, March 29, 2012 Online
EQT Building, April 24, 2012 Online
P.J. Dick, Trumbull Corporation, Lindy Paving, April 26, 2012 Online
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Suites Pittsburgh Downtown May 24, 2012 Online
The Children's Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center, June 22, 2012 Online
Rivers Casino, September 27, 2012 Online
Fifth Avenue Place, October 23, 2012 Online
Senator John Heinz History Center, January 29, 2013 Online
Larrimor’s, February 28, 2013 Online
Dollar Bank, March 27, 2013 Online
Allegheny HYP Club, April 24, 2013 Online
PNC Park, June 18, 2013 Online
Consol Energy Center, September 24, 2013 Online
Huntington Bank, October 22, 2013 Online
Frick Art and Historical Center, January 29, 2014 Online
Pittsburgh Community Services Inc, February 18, 2014 Online
Koppers Building, March 26, 2014 Online
Pittsburgh Athletic Association, April 30, 2014 Online
Up Modern Kitchen, May 22, 2014 Online
CCAC, June 5, 2014 Online
Environment and Energy Community Outreach Center, September 30, 2014 Online
Carnegie Museum of Natural History, October 16, 2014 Online
Fifth Avenue Place, January 21, 2015 Online
Caffe Amante, January 21, 2015 Online
East End Cooperative Ministry, February 23, 2015 Online
Le Maison Du Paix, March 31, 2015 Online
Center for Organ Recovery and Education, April 29, 2015 Online
Hosanna House, May 28, 2015 Online
Skyline Terrace, June 25, 2015 Online
Childrens Museum of Pittsburgh, September 29, 2015 Online
Laurel Highlands Council Boy Scouts of America, October 28, 2015 Online
Savoy Restaurant, November 30, 2015 Online
DoubleTree by Hilton Suites Pittsburgh, January 28, 2016 Online
VisitPittsburgh, February 16, 2016 Online
Energy Innovation Center, March 22, 2016 Online
Center for Organ Recovery and Education, April 27, 2016 Online
EQT Corporation, May 25, 2016 Online
Frick Art and Historical Center, June 22, 2016 Online
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Suites, September 21, 2016 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Suites,
University of Pittsburgh, October 25, 2016 University of Pittsburgh,
Citizens Bank, January 19, 2017 Citizens Bank,
Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, February 9, 2017 ("Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce," online pending)
Carnegie Science Center, March 29, 2017 ("Carnegie Science Center," online pending)
Pittsburgh Public Schools, April 27, 2017 ("Pittsburgh Public Schools," online pending)
Joint Mixer Meeting at Highmark Stadium, May 25, 2017 ("Joint Mixer Meeting at Highmark Stadium, " online pending)
Manchester Bidwell Corporation, June 22, 2017 ("Manchester Bidwell Corporation, " online pending)

Subseries  9. PowerBreakfast Meetings 

Scope and Content Notes

The third Friday morning of each month between September and June are designated as the time for Chamber Members to officially meet. A decision maker from government or private industry is invited to present their major business objectives and how Chamber Members can engage in procurement opportunities. Upcoming events and business items are presented along with the introduction of new members since the last PowerBreakfast Meeting.

Mark Roosevelt Superintendent Pittsburgh Public Schools, January 19, 2007 Online
Hon. Dennis Yablonsky Secretary of Community and Economic Development - Commonwealth of PA, February 16, 2007 Online
County Chief Executive Dan Onorato County of Allegheny, March 16, 2007 Online
Morgan O'Brien President & CEO Duquesne Light, April 24, 2007 Online
Christine Griffin Commissioner U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, June 15, 2007 Online
Robert Nelkin New President & CPO United Way of Allegheny County, July 20, 2007 Online
Mr. Robert A. DeMichiei Chief Financial Officer University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, September 21, 2007 Online
Sr. Stuart G. Hoffman Senior VP & Chief Economist PNC Financial Services Group Inc, October 19, 2007 Online
County Chief Executive Dan Onorato County of Allegheny, January 18, 2008 Online
Neil A. Barclay J.D. President & CEO August Wilson Center for African American Culture, February 15, 2008 Online
Gregory S. Babe President & CEO Bayer Material Science LLC, March 14, 2008 Online
Arthur P. Ziegler Jr. President Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation - Howard B. Slaughter Jr. CEO Landmarks Community Capital Corp of Pittsburgh, April 18, 2008 Online
Stephen Bland President and CEO Port Authority of Allegheny County, June 19, 2008 Online
Keith B. Key President and CEO KBK Enterprises LLC, July 18, 2008 Online
Dr. Alex Johnson President Community College of Allegheny County, September 19, 2008 Online
Mayor Luke Ravenstahl City of Pittsburgh, October 17, 2008 Online
County Chief Executive Dan Onorato County of Allegheny, January 16, 2009 Online
John Craig President Pittsburgh Regional Indicators, February 20, 2009 Online
Ellen Kight President Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development, March 20, 2009 Online
State Representative Joseph Preston Jr. District 24 and State Representative Jake Wheatley Jr. District 19, April 17, 2009 Online
Elizabath Schroeder Executive Director Riverlife, June 19, 2009 Online
Dennis Yablonsky CEO Allegheny Conference on Community Development, July 10, 2009 Online
Senator Wayne D. Fontana Pennsylvania Senate, September 18, 2009 Online
Commissioner J. Bracken Burns Sr. Washington County, PA, October 16, 2009 Online
Mark Peterson President Bridgeway Capital, January 15, 2010 Online
Petra Mitchell President and CEO Catalyst Connection, February 19, 2010 Online
Kent D. McElhattan, Chairman & Co-Founder Industrial Scientific Corporation, March 26, 2010 Online
Rob Stephany, Executive Director Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, April 16, 2010 Online
Allen G. Kukovich Executive Director Power of 32 - Regional Visioning Project, June 18, 2010 Online
James Golding Managing Director - Purchasing FEDEX Ground, September 17, 2010 Online
Sunil Wadhwani, Co-Chairman iGate Corporation, October 22, 2010 Online
Randall Dearth President and CEO LANXESS, January 21, 2011 Online
Kathryn Z. Klaber President and Executive Director Marcellus Shale Coalition, February 18, 2011 Online
EQT, April 15, 2011 Online
Dr.Linda Lane, Superintendent Pittsburgh Public Schools, April 25, 2011 Online
Stephen Bland, CEO Port Authority of Allegheny County, June 17, 2011 Online
Senator Wayne D. Fontana PA Senate, July 15, 2011 Online
Robert Morris University, September 16, 2011 Online
Chief Maurita Bryant, Pittsburgh Chapter President National Organization of black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), October 21, 2011 Online
Randy Woelfel CEO NOVA Chemicals, January 20, 2012 Online
Michael Lamb Controller City of Pittsburgh, February 17, 2012 Online
Hon. Richard Fitzerald Chief Executive County of Allegheny, March 16, 2012 Online
Duke Rupert President and CEO West Penn Hospital, April 20, 2012 Online
Hon Jack Wagner Auditor General Commonwealth of PA, July 13, 2012 Online
Stephen Bland CEO Port Authority of Allegheny County, June 15, 2012 Online
The Hon. Robert P. Casey United States Senator Commonwealth of PA, August 24, 2012 Online
Eric C. Shiner The Andy Warhol Museum, September 21, 2012 Online
LaVaughn Henry Ph.D. VP & Senior Regional Officer Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, October 19, 2012 LaVaughn Henry Ph.D. VP & Senior Regional Officer Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland,
Arletta Scott Williams ALCOSAN, January 18, 2013 Online
Neal Binstock, Senior Director, Business Operations Robert Morris University, February 15, 2013 Online
Robert Rubinstein Acting Executive Director Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, March 15, 2013 Online
Hon Richard Fitzgerald, Chief Executive County of Allegheny, April 15, 2013 Online
Scott Miller and Darrell Smalley Ernst and Young, June 14, 2013 Online
Daniel K. Fitzpatrick President and CEO Citizens Bank of PA, July 19, 2013 Online
Mike Schiller LEED Green Associate Green Building Alliance, September 27, 2013 Online
Mekael Teshome Asst VP and Economist PNC, October 18, 2013 Online
Honorable Rich Fitzgerald Chief Executive for the County of Allegheny, January 17, 2014 Online
Paul Harper Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business, February 21, 2014 Online
Mayor William Peduto of the City of Pittsburgh, March 21, 2014 Online
Dewitt Peart President of the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, April 25, 2014 Online
Guhan Venkatu VP and Senior Regional Officer, June 20, 2014 Online
Mike Doyle Congressman of the United States House of Representatives, July 7, 2014 Online
Robert A. DeMichiei Executive VP and CFO for UPMC, September 19, 2014 Online
Dr. Quintin Bullock President of Community College of Allegheny County, October 17, 2014 Online
Honorable Rich Fitzgerald Chief Executive for the County of Allegheny, January 16, 2015 Online
Ellen M. McLean CEO of Port Authority of Allegheny County, February 20, 2015 Online
Mayor William Peduto of the City of Pittsburgh, March 30, 2015 Online
Keith B. Key President and CEO of KBK Enterprises, April 17, 2015 Online
Jo Ellen Parker President and CEO of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, June 19, 2015 Online
Cameron McLay Police Chief for the City of Pittsburgh, July 10, 2015 Online
Frank Coonelly President of the Pittsburgh Pirates, September 18, 2015 Online
Jeremy Waldrup President and CEO of Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, October 16, 2015 Online
Christina Cassotis CEO of Allegheny County Airport Authority, November 20, 2015 Online
Honorable Richard Fitzgerald Chief Executive for Allegheny County, January 15, 2016 Online
Honorable Dennis Davin Secretary for the PA Department of Community and Economic Development, February 19, 2016 Online
Mayor Bill Peduto of the City of Pittsburgh, March 18, 2016 Online
Dana Yealy Managing Director for Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh, April 15, 2016 Online
Richard Hudic Executive Director for Allegheny Regional Asset District, June 17, 2016 Online
Matt Smith President and the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, July 22, 2016 Online
Robin Nicholson Director of The Frick Pittsburgh, September 16, 2016 Online
Christopher Hahn General Director for the Pittsburgh Opera, October 14, 2016 Christopher Hahn General Director for the Pittsburgh Opera,
Honorable Rich Fitzgerald County Executive of Allegheny County, January 20, 2017 Online
Dr. Anthony Hamlet Superintendent for Pittsburgh Public Schools, February 17, 2017 ("Dr. Anthony Hamlet Superintendent for Pittsburgh Public Schools, " online pending)
Mayor Bill Peduto of the City of Pittsburgh, March 17, 2017 ("Mayor Bill Peduto of the City of Pittsburgh," online pending)
Jerry MacCleary President of Covestro, April 21, 2017 ("Jerry MacCleary President of Covestro," online pending)
James McQuade President of Dollar Bank, June 23, 2017 ("James McQuade President of Dollar Bank," online pending)

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Series  III. Financials 

The Chamber is managed by a certified public accounting firm and produces an annual report each year on the continued strength and viability of the organization. All reports and financial information is contained here within.

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Series  IV. Multimedia 

This category features the different forms of media on the events and programs produced by the Chamber. This includes audio, video, still images, all either printed or hand produced.

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