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The Historic Pittsburgh Image Collections provide online access to over 32,750 images from 73 photographic collections:

Collections from the Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

Name of Collection Images Online Date Range Brief Description of Contents
Aerial Photographs of Pittsburgh 21 1923-1932 Views of the city of Pittsburgh, including Downtown, Mount Washington, North Side, Point State Park, Oakland, and Homestead.
Allegheny Observatory Photographs 327 1895-1935 Observatory instruments, exterior and interior views of the original and second Allegheny Observatory, former directors, and prominent visitors.
Bruce Drisbach - American Steel & Wire Company Photograph Collection 125 1915-1917 Construction of the American Steel and Wire Company building, equipment, worker housing construction, and the Donora environment.
Charles Richardson Photographs 46 1952-1954 Various images of life in Pittsburgh, including Downtown, steel mills, and neighborhoods.
CONSOL Energy Mining Archives Photographs 91 1933-1949 Mines and mining operations, including miners at work, mine construction, views of the interiors of shafts, mine cars, barges carrying coal, and railroad cars filled with coal.
Darlington Family Photographs 155 1885-1888 Photographic albums documenting family, friends, and leisure activities in and around the family home Guyasuta.
Edward J. Shourek Photographs 51 1913-1920 Family and friends, home in Homewood, Central High School, George Westinghouse High School, Syria Mosque, and locations in Ohio and West Virginia.
Irene Kaufmann Settlement Photographs 283 1912-1941 Programs and activities of the Irene Kaufmann Settlement in the Hill District and the Emma Farm Camp.
James R. Cox Photographs 25 1930 Images of Father Cox, the Great Depression, and Jobless party activities.
John Gates Photographs 58 1900-1914 Downtown and Highland Park, including landscape, industrial, and family scenes.
Ken Kobus Photograph Collection 246 1981-2008 Railroad and steel industries in Pennsylvania, including CONRAIL, the LTV Steel Company, Pennsylvania Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad, Amtrak, and Union Switch and Signal companies.
Monongahela Railway Company Photograph Collection 623 1903-1993 Photographs documenting railroad activities, buildings, equipment, and staff, as well as rivers and coal mining. Included are scenes in urban and rural areas of Western Pennsylvania and bordering counties in West Virginia.
Kingsley Association Photographs 181 1900-1956 Programs and activities of the association, including views of the Hill District, East Liberty, Lillian Home, and Kingsley House.
Paul Slantis Photograph Collection 523 1946-1956 Variety of Pittsburgh and regional scenes, including industry, streets, portraits, aerial shots, notable personalities, people and activities, and architecture.
Pennsylvania Railroad Glass Plate Negative Collection 345 1907-1917 Construction and repair projects to the company's lines, both within the city of Pittsburgh, as well as across the Midwest. Featured prominently in the collection is the renovation and construction of the second track for the Ohio Connecting Railway Bridge, located just north of downtown Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Company Photographs 2,055 1886-1971 Travels of the railroad through Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio as seen from branch lines, railroad cars, stations, and urban and rural areas through which it passed.
Pittsburgh City Photographer 14,269 1890-1979 City infrastructure and construction, as well as athletic and mayoral events, hospitals, street scenes, and daily life.
Pittsburgh March on the National Day of Mourning for MLK Jr. 189 April 7, 1968 March in Pittsburgh on the National Day of Mourning three days after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4, 1968.
Pittsburgh Prints from the Collection of Wesley Pickard 43 1843-1923 Variety of Pittsburgh landmarks, including bridges, downtown buildings, commercial and industrial establishments, and civic institutions that show the city before and during the period of industrial development in the nineteenth century.
Progress Photographs: William Penn Hotel 28 1914-1916 Groundbreaking ceremony, excavation process, and construction of the steel-framed hotel. The photographs in the album were taken every two weeks to show construction progress.
Pittsburgh Railways Company Photographs 111 1872-1970 Development and operation of railway cars, stations, and inclines owned by the Pittsburgh Railways Company.
Robert G. Pflaum Slide Collection 373 1910-2000 Streetcar routes through downtown Pittsburgh, its neighborhoods, and surrounding areas, including the South Hills, Dormont, and Castle Shannon.
Russell H. Heffley Photograph Collection 283 1924-1950s Downtown Johnstown, local businesses, advertising, parks, and daily life in this city.
Rust Engineering Company Photographs 70 1905-1968 Views of construction projects, completed facilities, and office personnel, specifically the construction of coke processing facilities and blast furnaces for Central Iron and Coal Company in Holt, Alabama (1917-1918).
Smoke Control Lantern Slides 63 1939-1945 Documents the city of Pittsburgh in the 1940ís and 1950ís before and after smoke control ordinances were passed regulating the burning of coal.
Spencer Family Photographs 169 1889-1911 Prominent middle-class family's daily life and activities in Shadyside.
UE News Photograph Collection 209 1940-1959 Activities, officers, and members of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE).
Union Arcade Building Photographs 85 1915-1916 Construction of the Henry Clay Frick financed Union Arcade Building in Downtown.
Union Switch & Signal Strike Photographs 45 1914 Photographs documenting the June 1914 walkout of over 1,000 workers at the Union Switch & Signal Company plant in Swissvale, Pa.
University of Pittsburgh Historic Photographs 771 1810-present History of the University of Pittsburgh, its buildings, student life, activities, and educators.
Urban League of Pittsburgh Photographs 63 1923-1958 Programs and activities, including conventions and youth conferences, housing and work conditions of African Americans, and Camp Weldon Johnson.
Walter J. Teskey Photograph Collection 130 1936-1938, ca. 1960s Depict the Pittsburgh floods of 1936 and 1937, and images of trains and scale models.
William H. Wolf Photograph Collection 32 1907-1920 Pittsburgh views during the 1907 flood, the 1908 Pittsburgh Sesquicentennial parade celebration, and Pittsburgh's Luna Park.
William J. Gaughan Photographs 560 1886-1970 Industrial images of Homestead Steel Mill, including equipment, workers, strikes, safety and accident concerns, social activities, World War II production, and women in the workforce.

Collections from the Carnegie Museum of Art

Name of Collection Images Online Date Range Brief Description of Contents
Carnegie Museum of Art Collection of Photographs 752 1874-1958 Artistic images of mills, factories, street scenes, and portraits, as well as aerial shots of Downtown.
Teenie Harris Photograph Collection 542 1920-1970 Daily life of black communities, including weddings, funerals, family portraits, church events, street scenes, businessmen, and mill workers.

Collections from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History Archives

Name of Collection Images Online Date Range Brief Description of Contents
Carnegie Museum of Natural History Archives 10 1960-1973 Documentation of bird-banding activities and various landscapes of Powdermill Nature Reserve from the 1960s through the 1970s.

Collections from the Chatham University Archives

Name of Collection Images Online Date Range Brief Description of Contents
Chatham University Archives 592 1869-2001 Chronicles the students, faculty, and university community as academic pursuits, university events, student life and social activities have grown and changed throughout the universityís history.

Collections from the Historical Society of Upper St. Clair

Name of Collection Images Online Date Range Brief Description of Contents
Historical Society of Upper Saint Clair 340 1875-2011 Documents the history of the township of Upper St. Clair, Pa. The images depict residents and families, schools, houses, major roads, local landmarks, and the overall development of the area from an agrarian community to the current day.

Collections from the Library & Archives at the Senator John Heinz History Center

Name of Collection Images Online Date Range Brief Description of Contents
Allegheny Conference on Community Development 1,121 1875-1981 Demolition and construction of buildings and infrastructure in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.
Charles M. Stotz Collection 116 1901-1975 Images documenting the buildings featured in Stotzís 1936 book, The Early Architecture of Western Pennsylvania.
Congregation B'nai Israel Photographs 97 ca. 1920-1992 Many of the images are of confirmation classes, Hebrew school classes, and bar and bat mitzvah students. Other images are of B'nai Israel's religious leaders, congregation events, and the exterior and interior of the synagogue.
Dorsey-Turfley Family Photographs 221 1890-1987 Images document several generations of the Dorsey and Turfley families as well as African American sports teams from the beginning decades of the twentieth century.
F. Theodore Wagner Collection 128 1903-1931 Family, friends, neighbors, and everyday life in several Pittsburgh neighborhoods.
Frederick T. Gretton Collection 35 1881-1908 Scenes of metropolitan Pittsburgh communities and steel mill facilities.
Fuchs Family Papers and Photographs 25 1933-1951 Images primarily depict cadets from St. Joseph's Junior Military School as well as members of the Fuchs family.
H.H. Seiferth Company Photographs 169 1900-1930 Images of outdoor signage created by the H.H. Seiferth Company for the storefronts of Pittsburgh businesses.
H.J. Heinz Company 236 1870-1972 Product images, factory floor views, plant interiors, and female workers.
Hebrew Institute Photographs 27 1915-1984 Classes of students with identifying labels and dates; the laying of the cornerstone; the Hebrew Institute's first school bus.
Irene Kaufmann Settlement Photograph Collection 38 1916-1944 Images illustrating the activities, programs, and physical environment of the settlement.
James Benney III Collection 59 1888-1889 Urban and residential street scenes such as homes, churches, and commercial buildings.
Jewish Sports Hall of Fame of Western Pennsylvania Photographs 100 1911-1989 Primarily basketball teams, but also include baseball, track, swimming, tennis, softball, and fencing from the Irene Kaufmann Settlement, Young Men and Womenís Hebrew Association, Pittsburgh Jewish Community Center, and various organized clubs.
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation 362 1853-1954 Industrial facilities, products, transportation, mills, coal mines, and warehouses.
Lyon, Shorb & Company 72 1860-1867 Male iron workers in work and formal attire.
Mesta Machine Company 164 1906-1920 Manufacturing steel mill equipment and machinery, the construction of facilities.
Montefiore Hospital Photographs 161 1890-1988 Images of hospital buildings, physicians, nurses, interns, and student nurses in both formal groups and work settings.
Otto's Suburban Dairy Photographs 86 1928-1968 Images of buildings, employees, machinery, products, and vehicles; many of the photographs document machines and vehicles that the company was replacing with new models and technology.
Pittsburgh Bureau of Building Inspection Photographs 225 1940-1947 Residences and businesses, many of which show obvious signs of disrepair, that had been inspected by the bureau from 1940 until 1947.
Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne, and Chicago Railway Company Photographs 248 1903-1924 Railroad construction projects; bridges and stations.
Pittsburgh Public Schools 686 1911-1978 School buildings, events, students, teachers, parents, and board members.
Richard E. Rauh Photographs 56 1891-1930s Images primarily depict Bertha Rauh, her family, and her swearing in as Director of Charities, later called the Pittsburgh Department of Public Welfare; others illustrate her efforts to transform Mayview Hospital into a modern psychiatric hospital.
Seder Family Photographs 22 1910-1960s Images of the Frank and Seder clothing store, business associates, and Isaac Seder's family.
Trimble Company 126 1924-1951 Building construction projects.
United Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Photographs 55 1921-1988 Depicts activities of the UJF including the settlement of immigrants during the 1920s through the 1980s; senior services and facilities; employment, adoption and family counseling; Pittsburgh Jewish schools; and dialogue between the Jewish and African American communities of Pittsburgh.
William V. Winans, Jr. Photograph Collection 141 1958-1961 Civic Arena (later known as Mellon Arena) construction photographs.

Collections from the Monroeville Historical Society

Name of Collection Images Online Date Range Brief Description of Contents
Monroeville Historical Society's Photo Archives 249 1849-2007 Depicts street scenes and businesses; people; homes and farms; schools and churches, and community events and activities which have defined the history of Monroeville throughout the years.

Collections from the Northland Public Library

Name of Collection Images Online Date Range Brief Description of Contents
Northland Historical Image Collection 1,363 1899-1989 The construction and upgrades of county roads beginning in 1919 in the North Hills as well as the construction of North Park.

Collections from the Oakmont Carnegie Library

Name of Collection Images Online Date Range Brief Description of Contents
Oakmont Historical Image Collection 1128 1850-2008 Photographs, postcards, and other images that visually document the growth and changing landscape of Oakmont.

Collections from the Pitcairn Historical Society

Name of Collection Images Online Date Range Brief Description of Contents
Pitcairn Historical Society's Photo Archives 176 ca. 1885-2011 Depicts street scenes; businesses and industries (in particular the Pennsylvania Railroad); people; homes; schools and churches; sports, and community organizations, events, and activities throughout the years in the Borough of Pitcairn.

Collections from the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation

Name of Collection Images Online Date Range Brief Description of Contents
Frank B. Fairbanks Rail Transportation Archive 378 1948-1993 Documents train engines and stations in the western Pennsylvania area.

Collections from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Archives

Name of Collection Images Online Date Range Brief Description of Contents
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Posters Collection 15 1944-2009 Documents Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra performances for audiences in Pittsburgh and around the world.

Collections from the Point Park University Archives

Name of Collection Images Online Date Range Brief Description of Contents
Point Park University Archives 98 1975-1984 Represents images illustrating the dynamic life of Point Park University and the surrounding area.

Collections from the Rodef Shalom Congregation

Name of Collection Images Online Date Range Brief Description of Contents
Rodef Shalom Congregation Archives 10 1900-1977 Documents the congregation's historic buildings, rabbis, religious practices, and aspects of congregational life.