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Documenting Pitt: Yearbooks

The Owl was the official yearbook of the Western University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pittsburgh from 1907 to 1980.  In 1981 the yearbook’s name was changed to Panther Prints and continues to bear that name to the present.

The Owl began publication in 1907 as the yearbook of the junior class of the Western University of Pennsylvania. The 1910 issue was the first yearbook for the newly renamed University of Pittsburgh. In 1931 the yearbook staff decided to focus the yearbooks on the senior class instead of the junior class and so published a transition volume dated 1930/31.

The yearbook documents the students and activities of the College (later the College of Arts and Sciences) and most of the Schools. The School of Medicine issues a yearbook called the Hippocratean. During the years that the Hippocratean was published, the students of the School of Medicine were not included in The Owl.

In 1981 the yearbook’s staff decided to change the name to Panther Prints to reflect a new approach to the coverage of campus events that the yearbook would provide.  The yearbook continues to bear this name.

Documenting Pitt contains The Owl yearbooks published from 1907-1980 and Panther Prints from 1981-2011.