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Documenting Pitt: Press Releases

While the University of Pittsburgh has most likely been issuing statements to the public since its inception, the earliest printed Press Release that we know of was issued on September 5, 1952. It was a release for the “church page” announcing the first weekly vesper service of the school year.

Over the years, the press releases have been called News from the University of Pittsburgh, News Releases, University News, and News from Pitt, but have always been issued from the office that is currently called the Office of Public Affairs. The press releases contain newsworthy announcements of campus events, renowned visitors, and special achievements of students, faculty and staff.

Our collection of over 16,000 press releases was digitized from the microfiche version which will explain why some are very difficult to search and read.

Documenting Pitt hosts all of the press releases from the first one published on September 5, 1952 up until December 20, 2002. Subsequent press releases can be found on the Public Affairs Web site.