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The image collection, amounting to almost two thousand items, includes engravings, lithographs, and photographs on a wide range of subjects. Dating to the 1700s and into the 1800s, the engravings include images of royalty, political leaders, inventors; and religious and military figures, predominantly from the United States and Europe.

Among the images of people, the following list is but a brief example: Marie Antoinette; John James Audubon; Charles II, King of England; Oliver Cromwell; Sir Francis Drake; Elizabeth I, Queen of England; John Forbes; Benjamin Franklin; Robert Fulton; Benjamin Harrison; Andrew Jackson; John Paul Jones; Abraham Lincoln; Louis XIV, King of France; Mary I, Queen of England; Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland; Napoleon; Thomas Paine; William Penn; James Polk; Alexander Pope; William Shakespeare; George Washington; Daniel Webster; and William I, King of England.

The collection also includes images of historic places and events, including: Battle of Champlain; Battle of New Orleans; Plains of Abraham; Fort McHenry; Fort Necessity; Fort Niagara; Fort Ticonderoga; Harper’s Ferry; and scenes from Baltimore, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Providence, and Richmond to name but a few.

In 1852, Mr. Darlington purchased a complete double elephant folio set of Audubon's Birds of America. Since the University Library System is fortunate to own one of these rare sets, considered to be our single most valuable collection, a dedicated Audubon Web site provides access to the 435 hand-colored plates.

The Darlington Family Albums, part of the Historic Pittsburgh Image Collections, include photographs of their home at Guyasuta and the surrounding grounds, as well as pictures taken during trips to Istanbul, Greece, Italy, Egypt, and England.