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Wagner, Elise Mercur / [1924] Economy of old and Ambridge of today: historical outlines, embracing the settlement and life of Economy of old, together with the vast development in recent years of Ambridge and surroundings on this historic spot
Walker, Charles R. (Charles Rumford), 1893-1974 / [c1922] Steel: the diary of a furnace worker
Walker, J. H. (James Herbert), 1890- / [1922] Rafting days in Pennsylvania
Walker, James Herbert. / [c1889] Johnstown horror, or, Valley of death: being a complete and thrilling account of the awful floods and their appalling ruin
Walkinshaw, Lewis Clark. / [1939] Annals of southwestern Pennsylvania, Vol. 4
Walkinshaw, Lewis Clark. / [1939] Annals of southwestern Pennsylvania, Vol. 3
Walkinshaw, Lewis Clark. / [1939] Annals of southwestern Pennsylvania, Vol. 2
Walkinshaw, Lewis Clark. / [1939] Annals of southwestern Pennsylvania, Vol. 1
Wall, J. Sutton. / [c1884] Report on the coal mines of the Monongahela River region: from the West Virginia state line to Pittsburgh : including the mines on the lower Youghiogheny River : part I, description of the mines
Wallace, David A. / [1961] Report on Pittsburgh: a conceptual critique of the Oakland and Golden Triangle areas
Walton, Joseph Solomon, 1855-1912 / [1900] Conrad Weiser and the Indian policy of colonial Pennsylvania
Washburn, W. S. / [1914] Sketches, serious and otherwise: men of Pittsburgh and vicinity
Washington and Jefferson College (Washington, Pa.) / [1872] General catalogue of Washington and Jefferson College: containing a general catalogue of Jefferson College, of Washington College, and of Washington and Jefferson College : including thus, all the alumni of the present college
Washington College (Washington, Pa.) / [1857] Proceedings and addresses at the semi-centennial celebration of Washington College: held at Washington, Pennsylvania, June 17th, 18th, 19th, 1856
Washington College (Washington, Pa.) / [1851] Catalogue of the officers and students of Washington College, Washington, Penn: 1850-51
Washington County Historical Society (Pa.) / [1881] The centennial celebration of the organization of Washington County, Pennsylvania: proceedings and addresses
Washington Female Seminary (Washington, Pa.) / [1874] Commemorative and farewell reunion of the graduates and teachers of Washington Female Seminary: in honor of Mrs. Sarah R. Hanna, June 25th, 1874
Washington, George, 1732-1799 / [1893] Journal of Colonel George Washington: commanding a detachment of Virginia troops, sent by Robert Dinwiddie, Lieutenant-Governor of Virginia, across the Alleghany Mountains, in 1754, to build forts at the head of the Ohio
Watson, David. / [1846] Report of David Watson, Superintendent of Motive Power, on the Allegheny Portage Railroad: for the financial year ending 30th November, 1845
Watson, Jesse Paul. / [1937] Economic backgrounds of the relief problem
West, Nathaniel, 1794-1864 / [1850] The ark of God--the safe-guard of the nation: A discourse, delivered before the Protestant Association, of the County of Allegheny, in the Fifth Presbyterian Church, city of Pittsburgh, on Tuesday the 10th of September, A.D. 1850
Western Pennsylvania Biographical Association / [1923] Western Pennsylvanians
Western Pennsylvania Exposition Society / [1894] Annual exhibition, 1894
Western Pennsylvania Hospital / [1929] Report of the directors of the Western Pennsylvania Hospital, 1924-1929
Western Pennsylvania Hospital / [1959] Report of progress, 1848-1959
Western Pennsylvania Hospital / [1848] Annual report of the managers of the Western Pennsylvania Hospital, 1848
Western Pennsylvania Humane Society / [1876-] Annual report
Western Pennsylvania Humane Society / [1876-] Annual report
Western Theological Seminary (Pittsburgh, Pa.) / [1928] The Bulletin of the Western Theological Seminary, Centennial Celebration, 1827-1927
Western Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church / [1872] Alumni re-union of the Western Theological Seminary: held April 16-18, 1872
Western University of Pennsylvania, Alumni Association. / [1893] Alumni year book, Vol. 1
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company / [191-?] Trades training with the Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., East Pittsburgh, Pa
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company / [1929] Westinghouse, its organization and operation: a souvenir
Westinghouse Electric Corporation / [1968] Westinghouse at East Pittsburgh
Westmoreland County Historical Society / [1949] The history of Greensburg, 1799-1949
Westmoreland Law Association / [1918?] In memoriam, Judge Lucien W. Doty: resolutions of the Westmoreland Law Association, and addresses made and letters read at memorial meeting of the Westmoreland Bar Association July 29, 1918
Westmoreland Law Association / [1921] In memoriam, Judge Alexander Daniel McConnell: resolutions of the Westmoreland Law Association : addresses made and letters read at a public memorial meeting of the Westmoreland Law Association at Greensburg, Pa., September 12, 1921
White Edward, 1851- / [1903] A century of banking in Pittsburgh
White, Edward, 1851- / [c1907] Pittsburgh the powerful: an interpretation of the commercial, financial and industrial strength of a great city ; permanently recording its achievements and celebrating its corporate union with the city of Allegheny
White, Edward, 1851- / [c1908] 150 years of unparalleled thrift: Pittsburgh Sesqui-centennial chronicling a development from a frontier camp to a mighty city; official history and programme
White, J. W. F. / [1883] The judiciary of Allegheny County
White, Joseph. / [1931] McKees Rocks Bridge, Ohio River Boulevard: souvenir pamphlet commemorating the opening of the twelve million dollar bridge and boulevard project of Allegheny County's which was dedicated to the service of the people, August 19, 1931
White, William Charles, 1874-1947 / [1917] A new basis for social progress
Whitehead, Cortlandt, b. 1842 / [1898?] The capture of Fort Duquesne: an historical discourse before the Society of colonial wars in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, delivered in Christ church, Philadelphia, on the one hundred and fortieth anniversary of the capture of the fort, Sunday, November twenty-seventh, 1898, upon the occasion of the unveiling of a memorial tablet of Brigadier-General John Forbes, commander of His Majesty's troops in the southern provinces of North America
Wiley, Richard T. (Richard Taylor), 1856- / [1912] The whisky insurrection: a general view
Wiley, Richard Taylor, 1856- / [c1937] Monongahela, the river and its region
Williams, Aaron, D. D / [1866] The Harmony Society, at Economy, Penn'a
Williams, Thomas, 1806-1872 / [1865] Eulogy on the life and public services of Abraham Lincoln, late president of the United States: delivered by public request, in Christ M.E. Church, Pittsburgh, Thursday, June 1, 1865
Williams, Thomas, 1806-1872 / [1853] Argument on the validity of acts of assembly: authorizing subscriptions by municipal corporations to the stock of rail road companies
Willis, William Grier, 1909- / [1950] The Pittsburgh manual: a guide to the government of the city of Pittsburgh
Wilson, Erasmus, 1842-1922 / [1898] Standard history of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Wilson, Samuel Jennings, 1828-1883 / [1874] Historical address delivered at the centennial anniversary of the Presbyterian Church of Dunlaps Creek, Fayette County, Penna., on September 17, 1874
Wilson, William Bender, 1839-1919 / [1913] Robert Pitcairn 1836-1909: in memoriam
Withers, Alexander Scott, 1792-1865 / [1895] Chronicles of border warfare: or, a history of the settlement by the whites, of northwestern Virginia, and of the Indian wars and massacres, in that section of the state
WJAS (Radio station : Pittsburgh, Pa.) / [1956?] Your community through the years
Woman's Club of Mercersburg (Mercersburg, Pa.) / [1912] Old Mercersburg
Wrenshall, John, 1761-1821 / [1818] Farewell to Pittsburg and the mountains: remarks on the scenery ; description of the difficulties surmounted by emigrants ; interspersed with reflections political, prudential and moral; and exactly calculated for those whom it may fit ; a poem