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Union Club of Pittsburgh / [1921] Charter and by-laws of the Union Club of Pittsburg, 1921
Union Club of Pittsburgh / [1908] Charter and by-laws of the Union Club of Pittsburg, 1908
Union savings bank of Pittsburgh / [c1934] The story of Grant's hill--: and its relation to the struggle between the British and French for the possession of a continent-- now the site of the Union savings bank
United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh / [1963] The Jewish community of Pittsburgh: a population study
United Presbyterian Church of North America, Presbytery of Chartiers. / [1876] A centennial pamphlet: containing addresses delivered at Chartiers and North Buffalo, in the U.P. Presbytery of Chartiers, on the third and fourth of November, 1875
United Presbyterian Church of North America, Presbytery of Monongahela. / [1877] History of the Second Associate Reformed Presbytery of Pennsylvania, the Associate Refomed Presbytery of Monongahela, and the United Presbyterian Presbytery of Monongahela: from June 24, 1793, to July 4, 1876
United Sons of Vulcan / [1875] Ritual: opening, initiatory, installation and closing ceremonies of the United Sons of Vulcan of the United States : adopted by the National Convention at Philadelphia, August 7, 1875
United States, Army., Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment, 4th (1861-1865) / [1891] A brief history of the Fourth Pennsylvania Veteran Cavalry: embracing organization, reunions, dedication of monument at Gettysburg and address of General W.E. Doster, Venango County Battalion, reminiscences, etc
United States, Army., Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, 155th (1862-1865) / [1910] Under the Maltese cross, Antietam to Appomattox: the loyal uprising in western Pennsylvania, 1861-1865; campaigns 155th Pennsylvania regiment
United States, Public Health Service. / [1948] Survey report, Department of Public Health, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
University of Pittsburgh, Medical Center. / [1926?] "Lord, that I may receive my sight."
University of Pittsburgh, University Library System., Digital Research Library. / [1904] The history of Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania
Urban League of Pittsburgh / [1968] 50th year, 1918-1968