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Macartney, Clarence Edward Noble, 1879-1957 / [c1937] Right here in Pittsburgh
Macartney, Clarence Edward Noble, 1879-1957 / [1936] Not far from Pittsburgh: places and personalities in the history of the land beyond the Alleghenies
MacCorkle, William Alexander, 1857-1930 / [1916] "The historical and other relations of Pittsburgh and the Virginias"
Mackintosh-Hemphill Company / [1924] 1803-1924, over one hundred and twenty years of service: pioneering, engineering, building
Mann, Henry, 1848-1915 / [1889] Our police: a history of the Pittsburgh police force, under the town and city
Manufacturer's Association of Beaver County (Pa.) / [1912?] Pymatuning: a conservation necessity
Marsh, Daniel L. (Daniel Lash), 1880-1968 / [1917] The challenge of Pittsburgh
Martens, Frederick Herman, 1874-1932 / [c1925] Foster
Martin, Betsy. / [c1992] The story of Crafton, 1740-1992
Mary S. Brown Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church (Pittsburgh, Pa.) / [1905] In memory of the early settlers of Squirrel Hill and their descendants: especially including many who are interred in the Turner's burial ground, Squirrel Hill
Mason, Harrison D., b. 1855 / [1924] Some Pittsburgh memories: incidents and reminiscences, with a little history intermingled, of seventy years residence in the city at the forks of La Belle Riviere
Mason, Harrison D., b. 1855 / [1921] Archibald Dale Mason: his life, ancestry and descendants
Mason, L. Walter, Mrs / [1940] Early Unitarianism in Pittsburgh and the story of the First Church
Mattis, Michael T. / [1976] Holy Trinity Church diamond jubilee, 1901-1976
Maurey, Edward B. / [1930] Where the West began: a story of Coraopolis and the Ohio Valley
McCafferty, E. D. / [1942, c1923] Henry J. Heinz: a biography
McCandless, Wilson, 1810-1882 / [1873] Allegheny Cemetery: historical account of incidents and events connected with its establishment, charter and supplemental acts of legislation ; reports of 1848 and 1857 ; proceedings of corporators, June 21, 1873 ; rules, regulations, &c. ; list of officers, managers and corporators to date ; remarks on the ornamentation and arrangement of cemeteries ; funeral oration of Wilson McCandless, esq., on Commodore Barney and Lieut. Parker
McClintock, John. / [1876] Centennial historical discourse: commemorative of the planting and progress of New Providence Presbyterian Church
McCook, Henry C., (Henry Christopher), 1837-1911 / [c1897] The Latimers: a tale of the western insurrection of 1794
McCracken, William, Mrs / [1928] Historical sketch of the Pittsburgh and Allegheny Free Kindergarten Association
McKee, W. R. / [1875] Historical sketch of the United Presbyterian Congregation of Robinson, Pa
McKeesport Model Home Association / [1927] The Model home built by The McKeesport Model Home Association in McKeesport, Pennsylvania
McKinney, William Wilson, 1893-1963 / [194-?] The challenge of a heroic past: the story of the establishment of the Western Theological Seminary
McKinney, William Wilson, 1893-1963 / [1938] Early Pittsburgh Presbyterianism: tracing the development of the Presbyterian church, United States of America, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 1758-1839
McKnight, Charles, 1826-1881 / [1873] Old Fort Duquesne: or, Captain Jack, the scout. An historical novel with copious notes
McKnight, Charles, 1826-1881 / [1875] Our western border: its life, combats, adventures, forays, massacres, captivities, scouts, red chiefs, pioneer women, one hundred years ago
McLaughlin, Glenn E. (Glenn Everett). / [c1938] Growth of American manufacturing areas: a comparative analysis with special emphasis on trends in the Pittsburgh district
McLaurin, John J. (John James), b. 1841 / [1896. b] Sketches in crude oil: Some accidents and incidents of the petroleum development in all parts of the globe
McLeod, John Niel, 1806-1874 / [1859] The dying Christian's estimate of heaven: a discourse in memory of the late Rev. Andrew W. Black, D.D., professor in the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, delivered in the First Reformed Presbyterian Church, New York, on Sabbath, Nov. 21st, 1858
McMillan, W. H. (William Harrison), 1837-1911 / [1877] The Second United Presbyterian Church of Allegheny, Pa: a historical sermon preached July 16th and 23rd, 1876
Mellon, Thomas, 1813-1908 / [1885] Thomas Mellon and his times
Mellon, Thomas, b. 1880 / [1920] Army "Y" diary
Mercy Hospital (Pittsburgh, Pa.) / [1947] The Footprints of mercy, 1847-1947
Miller, Annie Clark. / [c1924] Early land marks and names of old Pittsburgh
Miller, Emma Guffey, 1874-1970 / [ca. 1922] The romance of the national pike
Mitchell, Charles Bayard, 1857-1942 / [1888] Manual and directory of Smithfield St. M.E. Church for 1888: containing full account of the centennial celebration of Pittsburgh Methodism, held in the Smithfield St. M.E. Church, Sept. 16-23
Moffat, James D. (James David), 1846-1916 / [1890] Historical sketch of Washington and Jefferson college
Monongahela Connecting Railroad Company / [1923] Rules, instructions and regulations of the Monongahela Connecting Railroad Company for the government of employees of the Operating Department, the movement of trains and the handling of operations: to take effect August 1, 1923
Monongahela Navigation Company Annual report of the Board of Managers of the Monongahela Navigation Company to the stockholders: with accompanying documents
Morneweck, Evelyn Foster. / [1944] Chronicles of Stephen Foster's family, Vol. 1
Morneweck, Evelyn Foster. / [1944] Chronicles of Stephen Foster's family, Vol. 2
Mt. Lebanon School District (Mount Lebanon, Pa.) / [1946?] That we might have a better world: Mount Lebanon