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Beatty, John D. (John David), b. 1896 / [1934] Occupational changes and relief activities in Allegheny county
Holy Trintiy Church (Moon Run, Pa.) / [1967] Official dedication of Holy Trinity Church: Moon Run, Pa., May 14, 1967
Connelly, Frank. / [1889] Official history of the Johnstown flood
[1908?] Official municipal program of the sesqui-centennial celebration of the City of Pittsburgh: September twenty-seventh to October third and November twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and eight
Campbell, Robert H. / [1960] Official program, Washington sesquicentennial, Washington, Pennsylvania: 150 years, 1810-1960
[1889] Official report of the dedicatory exercises held at the new court house: at the City of Pittsburgh, County of Allegheny, on Monday, September 24, A.D. 1888
Gillelen, F.M.L. / [1864] The oil regions of Pennsylvania: with maps and charts of Oil Creek, Allegheny River, etc
Dahlinger, Charles William, 1858-1935 / [1918] Old Allegheny
Van Voorhis, John S. (John Stogdell), b. 1823 / [1893] The old and new Monongahela
Boucher, John Newton. / [1918] Old and new Westmoreland, Vol. 1
Boucher, John Newton. / [1918] Old and new Westmoreland, Vol. 2
Boucher, John Newton. / [1918] Old and new Westmoreland, Vol. 3
Boucher, John Newton. / [1918] Old and new Westmoreland, Vol. 4
McKnight, Charles, 1826-1881 / [1873] Old Fort Duquesne: or, Captain Jack, the scout. An historical novel with copious notes
Woman's Club of Mercersburg (Mercersburg, Pa.) / [1912] Old Mercersburg
Gormly, Agnes M. Hays, 1847-1908 / [1922] Old Penn Street: the old Fourth Ward
Searight, Thomas B. (Thomas Brownfield) / [1894] The old pike: a history of the national road, with incidents, accidents, and anecdotes thereon
Chapman, T. J. (Thomas Jefferson), 1836-1905 / [1900] Old Pittsburgh days
Smith, Joseph, 1796-1868 / [1854] Old Redstone: or, Historical sketches of western Presbyterianism, its early ministers, its perilous times, and its first records
Nietz, John A. (John Alfred), 1888-1970 / [1961] Old textbooks: spelling, grammar, reading, arithmetic, geography, American history, civil government, physiology, penmanship, art, music, as taught in the common schools from colonial days to 1900
Brown, George Washington, 1828- / [1909] Old times in oildom
Rowe, James Wesley, 1913- / [1934] Old Westmoreland in history: a history of southwestern Pennsylvania during the 18th century
Hassler, Edgar W. (Edgar Wakefield), 1859-1905. / [1900] Old Westmoreland: a history of western Pennsylvania during the Revolution
Craig, Neville B., 1787-1863 / [1876] The Olden time: a monthly publication devoted to the preservation of documents and other authentic information in relation to the early explorations and the settlement and improvement of the country around the head of the Ohio, Vol. 1
Bendot, John A. One hundred and sixteen years of the free common school system in Wilkins Township
Stotz, Charles M. / [1934] One hundred fiftieth tow: Union Barge Line Corporation and maiden voyage of the motorship "Peace" Pittsburgh to New Orleans, 1934
Pittsburgh (Pa.), Council. / [1837] Ordinances passed by the Select and Common Councils of the City of Pittsburgh since the 29th April, 1833, together witht the acts of assembly and judicial decisions relating thereto, up to the 1st January, 1837
Hunter, William, 1811-1877 / [1850] Original sermons
Payton, Jacob Simpson, 1884- / [1938] Our fathers have told us: the story of the founding of Methodism in western Pennsylvania
Dawson, Charles T. / [1889] Our firemen: the history of the Pittsburgh fire department, from the village period until the present time
Hungerford, Cyrus Cotton, 1888- / [1916] Our friends: how we caricature them
Mann, Henry, 1848-1915 / [1889] Our police: a history of the Pittsburgh police force, under the town and city
McKnight, Charles, 1826-1881 / [1875] Our western border: its life, combats, adventures, forays, massacres, captivities, scouts, red chiefs, pioneer women, one hundred years ago