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Ruin, Olof, 1927- / [c1990] Tage Erlander: serving the welfare state, 1946-1969
Vandevelde, Pol. / [c2005] The task of the interpreter: text, meaning, and negotiation,
Jackson, Philip W. (Philip Wesley), 1928- / [1968] The teacher and the machine
Savoie, Donald J. / [c1994] Thatcher, Reagan, Mulroney: in search of a new bureaucracy
Hoffmann, Charles G. / [c1964] Joyce Cary; the comedy of freedom
Cox, Stephen D., 1948- / [1980] "The stranger within thee": concepts of the self in late-eighteenth-century literature
Freese, Lee, 1942- / [c1980] Theoretical methods in sociology: seven essays
Murdock, George Peter, 1897-1985 / [c1980] Theories of illness: a world survey
Machamer, Peter K. / [c2001] Theory and method in the neurosciences,
Zulawski, Ann. / [c1995] They eat from their labor: work and social change in colonial Bolivia
Machamer, Peter K. / [c2007] Thinking about causes: from Greek philosophy to modern physics,
Gale, Robert L., 1919- / [1964] Thomas Crawford: American sculptor
Mellon, Thomas, 1813-1908 / [c1994] Thomas Mellon and his times
Jacobson, Charles David. / [c2000] Ties that bind: economic and political dilemmas of urban utility networks, 1800-1990,
Forster, Cindy, 1957- / [c2001] The time of freedom: campesino workers in Guatemala's October Revolution
Clancy, William, 1922-1982 / [c1987] Time's covenant: the essays and sermons of William Clancy
Clarfield, Gerard H. / [c1980] Timothy Pickering and the American Republic
Auth, Janice, 1945- / [c1998] To Beijing and beyond: Pittsburgh and the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women
Taylor, Frank (Frank Fonda), 1944- / [c1993] To hell with paradise: a history of the Jamaican tourist industry
Glave, Dianne D. / [c2006] To love the wind and the rain: African Americans and environmental history
Blais, André, 1947- / [c2000] To vote or not to vote?: the merits and limits of rational choice theory
Crowley, Sharon, 1943- / [c2006] Toward a civil discourse: rhetoric and fundamentalism
Buck, Gertrude, 1871-1922 / [c1996] Toward a feminist rhetoric: the writing of Gertrude Buck
Funigiello, Philip J. / [1973] Toward a national power policy: the New Deal and the electric utility industry, 1933-1941
Modell, Judith Schachter, 1941- / [c1998] A town without steel: envisioning Homestead
Royster, Jacqueline Jones. / [c2000] Traces of a stream: literacy and social change among African American women
Pichón, Francisco J. (Francisco Javier) / [c1999] Traditional and modern natural resource management in Latin America
Legge, Jerome S. / [c1991] Traffic safety reform in the United States and Great Britain
Harper, R. Eugene. / [c1991] The transformation of Western Pennsylvania, 1770-1800
Arceneaux, Craig L., 1965- / [2005] Transforming Latin America: the international and domestic origins of change,
Colten, Craig E. / [c2000] Transforming New Orleans and its environs: centuries of change
Orenstein, Mitchell A. (Mitchell Alexander) / [c2008] Transnational actors in Central and East European transitions,
Holzner, Burkart. / [c2006] Transparency in global change: the vanguard of the open society,
Mulkearn, Lois. / [1954 c1953] A traveler's guide to historic western Pennsylvania
Heckewelder, John Gottlieb Ernestus, 1743-1823 / [1985, c1958] The travels of John Heckewelder in frontier America
Warren, Kenneth. / [c1996] Triumphant capitalism: Henry Clay Frick and the industrial transformation of America
Aronson, Irwin Michael, 1942- / [1990] Troubled waters: the origins of the 1881 anti-Jewish pogroms in Russia
Young, Arthur M. (Arthur Milton), 1900- / [1948] Troy and her legend
Robert Herrick Memorial Conference (1974 : University of Michigan--Dearborn) / [c1978] "Trust to good verses": Herrick tercentenary essays
Remington, Thomas F., 1948- / [c1988] The truth of authority: ideology and communication in the Soviet Union
Lubove, Roy. / [c1996] Twentieth-century Pittsburgh, Vol. 1
Lubove, Roy. / [c1996] Twentieth-century Pittsburgh, Vol. 2
Hamilton, Sarah, 1946- / [c1998] The two-headed household: gender and rural development in the Ecuadorean Andes
Krause, George A., 1965- / [c1999] A two-way street: the institutional dynamics of the modern administrative state