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International Arms Control Symposium, Philadelphia, 1971. / [1973] SALT: implications for arms control in the 1970s
Hunt, Percival, 1878-1968 / [1958] Samuel Pepys in the diary
Nutini, Hugo G. / [1968] San Bernardino Contla: marriage and family structure in a Tlaxcalan municipio
Melosi, Martin V., 1947- / [c2008] The sanitary city: environmental services in urban America from colonial times to the present,
Gauri, Varun, 1966- / [c1998] School choice in Chile: two decades of educational reform
Morgan, Joy Elmer, 1889-1986 / [1954] The school that built a nation
Carrier, Martin. / [c2000] Science at century's end: philosophical questions on the progress and limits of science
Douglas, Heather E. / [c2009] Science, policy, and the value-free ideal,
Krips, Henry. / [c1995] Science, reason, and rhetoric
Machamer, Peter K. / [2004] Science, values, and objectivity
Bailer-Jones, Daniela. / [c2009] Scientific models in philosophy of science,
Cummings, Hubertis M. (Hubertis Maurice), 1884-1963 / [c1964] Scots breed and Susquehanna
Osborne, G. S. (Gerald Stanley), 1926- / [1967, c1966] Scottish and English schools: a comparative survey of the past fifty years
Garry, Patrick M. / [c1994] Scrambling for protection: the new media and the First Amendment
Khademian, Anne M., 1961- / [c1992] The SEC and capital market regulation: the politics of expertise
Serbin, Ken. / [c2000] Secret dialogues: church-state relations, torture, and social justice in authoritarian Brazil
Fifield, Barringer. / [c1996] Seeing Pittsburgh
McCormick, Charles H. (Charles Howard), 1932- / [c1997] Seeing Reds: federal surveillance of radicals in the Pittsburgh mill district, 1917-1921
Stevens, Thaddeus, 1792-1868 / [c1997-] The selected papers of Thaddeus Stevens, v.1
Stevens, Thaddeus, 1792-1868 / [c1997-] The selected papers of Thaddeus Stevens, v.2
Franklin, Allan, 1938- / [c2002] Selectivity and discord: two problems of experiment,
Carleton, Gregory. / [c2005] Sexual revolution in Bolshevik Russia
Kleinberg, S. J. / [c1989] The shadow of the mills: working-class families in Pittsburgh, 1870-1907
Masters, Hilary. / [c2005] Shadows on a wall: Juan O'Gorman and the mural in Pátzcuaro,
Mooney, Harry John / [1968] The Shapeless God: essays on modern fiction
Alberts, Robert C. / [c1980] The shaping of the Point: Pittsburgh's Renaissance Park
Lewis, Paul G. / [c1996] Shaping suburbia: how political institutions organize urban development
Fārābī. / [1963] Short commentary on Aristotle's Prior analytics
Woodruff, Stuart C. / [c1964] The short stories of Ambrose Bierce: a study in polarity
Graham, Laurie. / [c1998] Singing the city: the bonds of home in an industrial landscape,
Jacob, Gerald, 1952- / [c1990] Site unseen: the politics of siting a nuclear waste repository
Harris, Dianne Suzette. / [c2007] Sites unseen: landscape and vision,
Scott, Rebecca J. (Rebecca Jarvis), 1950- / [c1985, 2000] Slave emancipation in Cuba: the transition to free labor, 1860-1899
Tang, Wenfang, 1955- / [c2007] Social change in contemporary China: C.K. Yang and the concept of institutional diffusion,
Savage, Gail, 1947- / [c1996] The social construction of expertise: the English civil service and its influence, 1919-1939
Rothstein, Bo, 1954- / [c1996] The social democratic state: the Swedish model and the bureaucratic problem of social reforms
Burton, Julianne. / [c1990] The Social documentary in Latin America
Willis, Benjamin C. / [1967] Social problems in public school administration
Mesa-Lago, Carmelo, 1934- / [c1978] Social security in Latin America: pressure groups, stratification, and inequality
Lubove, Roy. / [c1966] Social welfare in transition: selected English documents, 1834-1909
[c2002] Societies after slavery: a select annotated bibliography of printed sources on Cuba, Brazil, British colonial Africa, South Africa, and the British West Indies
Havighurst, Robert J. (Robert James), 1900-1991 / [1965] Society and education in Brazil
Albrecht, Gary L. / [c1976] The Sociology of physical disability and rehabilitation
Wennerstrom, Jack, 1948- / [c1995] Soldiers Delight journal: exploring a globally rare ecosystem
Buzaglo, Meir, 1959- / [c2002] Solomon Maimon: monism, skepticism, and mathematics
Chaquèri, Cosroe. / [c1995] The Soviet Socialist Republic of Iran, 1920-1921: birth of the trauma
Lorandi, Ana María. / [c2005] Spanish king of the Incas: the epic life of Pedro Bohorques,
Palazzolo, Daniel J., 1961- / [c1992] The Speaker and the budget: leadership in the post-reform House of Representatives
Jones, Mother, 1837-1930 / [c1988] The speeches and writings of Mother Jones
Spencer, Ethel. / [c1983] The Spencers of Amberson Avenue: a turn-of-the century memoir
Pettavino, Paula J. / [c1994] Sport in Cuba: the diamond in the rough
Payne, Matthew J. / [c2001] Stalin's railroad: Turksib and the building of socialism
Holmes, Larry E. (Larry Eugene), 1942- / [c1999] Stalin's school: Moscow's model School No. 25, 1931-1937
Drake, Paul W., 1944- / [c2006] State and society in conflict: comparative perspectives on Andean crises,
Berkman, Michael B., 1960- / [1993] The state roots of national politics: Congress and the tax agenda, 1978-1986
Buchanan, Paul G., 1954- / [c1995] State, labor, capital: democratizing class relations in the Southern Cone
Salmon, Wesley C. / [1971] Statistical explanation & statistical relevance
Hessen, Robert, 1936- / [1975] Steel titan: the life of Charles M. Schwab
Fitch, John A. (John Andrews), 1881-1959 / [c1989] The steel workers
Daley, Anthony. / [c1996] Steel, state, and labor: mobilization and adjustment in France
Eggert, Gerald G. / [c1981] Steelmasters and labor reform, 1886-1923
Bodnar, John E., 1944- / [1990] Steelton: immigration and industrialization, 1870-1940
Nelson, Steve, 1903- / [c1981] Steve Nelson, American radical
Isbester, Katherine. / [c2001] Still fighting: the Nicaraguan women's movement, 1977-2000
Plotnicov, Leonard. / [1967] Strangers to the city: urban man in Jos, Nigeria
Gilmour, John B. / [c1995] Strategic disagreement: stalemate in American politics
Coffey, Joseph I. / [1971] Strategic power and national security
Rescher, Nicholas. / [c1985] The strife of systems: an essay on the grounds and implications of philosophical diversity
Bidwell, Charles Everett, 1923- / [c1969] The structure of Russian in outline
Lubove, Roy. / [c1986] The struggle for social security, 1900-1935
Lucero, Jose Antonio, 1972- / [c2008] Struggles of voice: the politics of indigenous representation in the Andes,
Rescher, Nicholas. / [1967 or 8] Studies in Arabic philosophy
Bass, Lee W., 1921- / [c1977] The style and management of a pediatric practice
Lyu, Claire Chi-ah. / [c2006] A sun within a sun: the power and elegance of poetry,