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Hinshaw, Robert E., 1933- / [1975] Panajachel: a Guatemalan town in thirty-year perspective
Morris, Robert, 1734-1806 / [1973-] The papers of Robert Morris, 1781-1784, v.1
Morris, Robert, 1734-1806 / [1973-] The papers of Robert Morris, 1781-1784, v.2
Morris, Robert, 1734-1806 / [1973-] The papers of Robert Morris, 1781-1784, v.3
Morris, Robert, 1734-1806 / [1973-] The papers of Robert Morris, 1781-1784, v.4
Morris, Robert, 1734-1806 / [1973-] The papers of Robert Morris, 1781-1784, v.5
Morris, Robert, 1734-1806 / [1973-] The papers of Robert Morris, 1781-1784, v.6
Morris, Robert, 1734-1806 / [1973] The papers of Robert Morris, 1781-1784, v.7
Morris, Robert, 1734-1806 / [1973-] The papers of Robert Morris, 1781-1784, v.8
Mozur, Joseph P. / [1995] Parables from the past: the prose fiction of Chingiz Aitmatov
Colodny, Robert Garland / [1972] Paradigms & paradoxes: the philosophical challenge of the quantum domain
Hamscher, Albert N. / [c1976] The Parlement of Paris after the Fronde, 1653-1673
Pfaelzer, Jean. / [c1996] Parlor radical: Rebecca Harding Davis and the origins of American social realism
Burgess, Katrina, 1962- / [c2004] Parties and unions in the new global economy
Cotter, Cornelius P. / [c1989] Party organizations in American politics
Ragsdale, Hugh. / [c1979] Paul I: a reassessment of his life and reign
Burds, Jeffrey. / [c1998] Peasant dreams & market politics: labor migration and the Russian village, 1861-1905
Bokovoy, Melissa K. (Melissa Katherine), 1961- / [c1998] Peasants and communists: politics and ideology in the Yugoslav countryside, 1941-1953
Salvatori, Mariolina Rizzi. / [c1996] Pedagogy: disturbing history, 1819-1929
Peterson, Edwin L. (Edwin Lewis) / [1958] Penn's Woods West
Branning, Rosalind L. (Rosalind Lorraine), 1907- / [1960] Pennsylvania constitutional development
Washburn, David E. / [c1981] The peoples of Pennsylvania: an annotated bibliography of resource materials
Herrmann, Richard K., 1952- / [c1985] Perceptions and behavior in Soviet foreign policy
Bukowczyk, John J., 1950- / [c2005] Permeable border: the Great Lakes Basin as transnational region, 1650-1990
Keppel, Francis, 1916-1990 / [1961] Personnel policies for public education
Scheetz, Thomas Edward. / [c1986] Peru and the International Monetary Fund
Bosso, Christopher J. (Christopher John), 1956- / [c1987] Pesticides and politics: the life cycle of a public issue
Earman, John. / [c1993] Philosophical problems of the internal and external worlds: essays on the philosophy of Adolf Grünbaum
Rescher, Nicholas. / [c1994] Philosophical standardism: an empiricist approach to philosophical methodology
Rescher, Nicholas. / [c1994] Philosophical standardism: an empiricist approach to philosophical methodology,
Tucker, Avezier, 1965- / [c2000] The philosophy and politics of Czech dissidence from Patočka to Havel
Radder, Hans. / [c2003] The philosophy of scientific experimentation
Sullivan-González, Douglass, 1956- / [c1998] Piety, power, and politics: religion and nation formation in Guatemala, 1821-1871
Wright, J. E. (John Ernest), 1894- / [1940] Pioneer life ... in western Pennsylvania
Mezey, Susan Gluck, 1944- / [c2000] Pitiful plaintiffs: child welfare litigation and the federal courts
Alberts, Robert C. / [c1986] Pitt: the story of the University of Pittsburgh, 1787-1987
Scarpaci, Joseph L. / [c2006] Pittsburgh and the Appalachians: cultural and natural resources in a postindustrial age,
Newman, Robert P. / [1962] The Pittsburgh code for academic debate
Conner, Lynne. / [c2007] Pittsburgh in stages: two hundred years of theater,
Roberts, Randy, 1951- / [c2000] Pittsburgh sports: stories from the steel city
Greenwald, Maurine Weiner, 1944- / [c1996] Pittsburgh surveyed: social science and social reform in the early twentieth century
Baldwin, Leland D. (Leland Dewitt), 1897-1981 / [1937] Pittsburgh: the story of a city
Perloff, Harvey S. / [1961] Planning and the urban community: essays on urbanism and city planning presented before a seminar sponsored by the Joint Committee on Planning and Urban Development of Carnegie Institute of Technology and University of Pittsburgh
French, R. A. / [c1995] Plans, pragmatism and people: the legacy of Soviet planning for today's cities
Buck, Solon J. (Solon Justus), 1884-1962 / [c1967] The planting of civilization in western Pennsylvania
Baron, Samuel H. / [c1995] Plekhanov in Russian history and Soviet historiography
Goellnicht, Donald C., 1953- / [c1984] The poet-physician: Keats and medical science
Bobrow, Davis B. / [c1987] Policy analysis by design
Sharkansky, Ira. / [c1997] Policy making in Israel: routines for simple problems and coping with the complex
Dombrowski, Peter J., 1963- / [c1996] Policy responses to the globalization of American banking
Bukowczyk, John J., 1950- / [c1996] Polish Americans and their history: community, culture, and politics
Mücke, Ulrich. / [c2004] Political culture in nineteenth-century Peru: the rise of the Partido Civil
Press-Barnathan, Galia, 1967- / [c2009] The political economy of transitions to peace: a comparative perspective,
Mucciaroni, Gary. / [c1990] The political failure of employment policy, 1945-1982
Kellerman, Barbara. / [c1986] Political leadership: a source book
Dunn, Delmer D. / [c1997] Politics and administration at the top: lessons from down under
Burt, Jo-Marie. / [c2004] Politics in the Andes: identity, conflict, reform
Burt, Jo-Marie. / [c2004] Politics in the Andes: identity, conflict, reform,
Kim, Sŏn-hyŏk, 1966- / [c2000] The politics of democratization in Korea: the role of civil society
Luton, Larry S., 1949- / [c1996] The politics of garbage: a community perspective on solid waste policy making
Grayson, George W., 1938- / [c1980] The politics of Mexican oil
Crowley, Gregory J. / [c2005] The politics of place: contentious urban redevelopment in Pittsburgh
Gormley, William T., 1950- / [c1983] The politics of public utility regulation
Soliday, Mary. / [c2002] The politics of remediation: institutional and student needs in higher education
Malloy, James M. / [c1979] The politics of social security in Brazil
Cohen, Jeffrey E. / [c1988] The politics of the U.S. Cabinet: representation in the Executive Branch, 1789-1984
Bennett, Vivienne, 1953- / [c1995] The politics of water: urban protest, gender, and power in Monterrey, Mexico
Schneider, Ben Ross. / [c1991] Politics within the state: elite bureaucrats and industrial policy in authoritarian Brazil
Hall, Van Beck. / [1972] Politics without parties: Massachusetts, 1780-1791
Mencher, Samuel, 1918-1967 / [c1967] Poor law to poverty program: economic security policy in Britain and the United States
Trimbur, John. / [c2001] Popular literacy: studies in cultural practices and poetics
Van Beek, Stephen Dart, 1961- / [c1995] Post-passage politics: bicameral resolution in Congress
Schier, Steven E. / [c2000] The postmodern presidency: Bill Clinton's legacy in U.S. politics
Kittleson, Roger Alan. / [c2006] The practice of politics in postcolonial Brazil: Porto Alegre, 1845-1895
Masters, Thomas M. / [c2004] Practicing writing: the postwar discourse of freshman English,
Vitanza, Victor J. / [1993] Pre/Text: the first decade
Edwards, George C. / [c1985] The presidency and public policy making
Michaels, Judith E., 1948- / [c1997] The president's call: executive leadership from FDR to George Bush
Grundstein, Nathan D. / [1961] Presidential delegation of authority in wartime
Thomas, Maurice J. (Maurice Jacob), 1902-1967 / [1967] Presidential statements on education: excerpts from inaugural and State of the Union messages, 1789-1967
Scarpaci, Joseph L. / [c1988] Primary medical care in Chile: accessibility under military rule
Eaton, Joseph W., 1919- / [1964] Prisons in Israel: a study of policy innovation
Averch, Harvey A. / [c1990] Private markets and public intervention: a primer for policy designers
Teichman, Judith A., 1947- / [c1995] Privatization and political change in Mexico
Rescher, Nicholas. / [c2000] Process philosophy: a survey of basic issues
Aurand, Martin. / [c1994] The progressive architecture of Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr
Lubove, Roy. / [c1962] The progressives and the slums: tenement house reform in New York City, 1890-1917
Israel, Jerry. / [1971] Progressivism and the open door: America and China, 1905-1921
Seib, Kenneth. / [1969, c1968] James Agee; promise and fulfillment
Ingraham, Patricia W. / [c1992] The Promise and paradox of civil service reform
Weldon, S. Laurel. / [c2002] Protest, policy, and the problem of violence against women: a cross-national comparison
Raleigh, Donald J. / [2001] Provincial landscapes: local dimensions of Soviet power, 1917-1953,
Moseley, Edwin M. (Edwin Maurice), 1916-1978 / [1963, c1962] Pseudonyms of Christ in the modern novel: motifs and methods
Budson, Richard D. / [c1978] The psychiatric halfway house: a handbook of theory and practice
Keller, Dorothy Smith. / [1970] A psychiatric record manual for the hospital
Davis, Allison, 1902-1983 / [1960] Psychology of the child in the middle class
Thomas, Maurice J. (Maurice Jacob), 1902-1967 / [1953] Public education and a productive society
Herring, David J. / [c2003] The public family: exploring its role in democratic society,
Symposium on Research Issues in Public Health and Population Change (1964 : Pittsburgh) / [1966, c1965] Public health and population change: current research issues; [papers]
Sloan, John W., 1940- / [c1984] Public policy in Latin America: a comparative survey
Rom, Mark C., 1957- / [c1996] Public spirit in the thrift tragedy
Clark, Truman R. (Truman Ross), 1935- / [1975] Puerto Rico and the United States, 1917-1933
Starzl, Thomas E. (Thomas Earl), 1926- / [c1992] The puzzle people: memoirs of a transplant surgeon