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Bruccoli, Matthew J. (Matthew Joseph), 1931-2008 / [1995] The O'Hara concern: a biography of John O'Hara
James, Alfred Procter, b. 1886 / [1959] The Ohio Company: its inner history
Grayson, George W., 1938- / [c1988] Oil and Mexican foreign policy
Nietz, John A. (John Alfred), 1888-1970 / [1961] Old textbooks: spelling, grammar, reading, arithmetic, geography, American history, civil government, physiology, penmanship, art, music, as taught in the common schools from colonial days to 1900
Bennett, Vivienne, 1953- / [2004] Opposing currents: the politics of water and gender in Latin America,
Andermann, Jens. / [c2007] The optic of the state: visuality and power in Argentina and Brazil,
Bailey, John J. / [c2000] Organized crime & democratic governability: Mexico and the U.S.-Mexican borderlands
Kubicek, Paul. / [c2004] Organized labor in postcommunist states: from solidarity to infirmity,
Campbell, Colin, 1943 June 10- / [c1988] Organizing governance, governing organizations
Brereton, John C. / [c1995] The origins of composition studies in the American college, 1875-1925: a documentary history
Agnew, Hugh LeCaine. / [c1993] Origins of the Czech national renascence
Blanchard, Peter, 1946- / [c1982] The origins of the Peruvian labor movement, 1883-1919
Aboul-Ela, Hosam M. / [c2007] Other South: Faulkner, coloniality, and the Mariátegui tradition,
Sigmund, Paul E. / [c1977] The overthrow of Allende and the politics of Chile, 1964-1976