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Peterson, Dale. / [c1982] A Mad people's history of madness
Richards, Yevette. / [c2000] Maida Springer: Pan-Africanist and international labor leader
Reed, Steven R., 1947- / [1993] Making common sense of Japan
Hawkins, Keith. / [c1989] Making regulatory policy
Fisher, Philip, 1941- / [c1981] Making up society: the novels of George Eliot
Geen, Elizabeth, 1903- / [1963] Man and the modern city
Brashear, John A. (John Alfred), 1840-1920 / [c1988] A man who loved the stars: the autobiography of John A. Brashear
Robbins, Sarah. / [c2004] Managing literacy, mothering America: women's narratives on reading and writing in the nineteenth century,
Newmann, William W. / [c2003] Managing national security policy: the president and the process,
Campbell, Colin, 1943- / [c1986] Managing the presidency: Carter, Reagan, and the search for executive harmony
Cohen, Youssef. / [c1989] The manipulation of consent: the state and working-class consciousness in Brazil
Spoehr, Alexander, 1913-1992 / [c1980] Maritime adaptations: essays on contemporary fishing communities
McGlynn, Frank (Frank S.) / [c1992] The Meaning of freedom: economics, politics, and culture after slavery
Shriver, Donald W. / [c1980] Medicine and religion: strategies of care
Durang, John, 1768-1822 / [1966] The memoir of John Durang, American actor, 1785-1816
Willie, Charles Vert, 1927- / [c1995] Mental health, racism, and sexism
Sanjinés C., Javier, 1948- / [c2004] Mestizaje upside-down: aesthetic politics in modern Bolivia,
McCaffery, Larry, 1946- / [c1982] The metafictional muse: the works of Robert Coover, Donald Barthelme, and William H. Gass
Arnold, Denise Y. / [c2006] The metamorphosis of heads: textual struggles, education, and land in the Andes,
Oberlin Colloquium in Philosophy 1964 : Oberlin College) / [1966] Metaphysics and explanation: proceedings
Altman, Isidore. / [1969] Methodology in evaluating the quality of medical care: an annotated selected bibliography, 1955-1968
Grodzins, Morton. / [1958] The metropolitan area as a racial problem
Green, Stanley C. / [c1987] The Mexican Republic: the first decade, 1823-1832
Richardson, William, 1947- / [c1988] Mexico through Russian eyes, 1806-1940
Seymour, Charles, 1912-1977 / [1967] Michelangelo's David: a search for identity
Rosenberg, Alexander, 1946- / [c1976] Microeconomic laws: a philosophical analysis
Williams, Philip J., 1959- / [c1997] Militarization and demilitarization in El Salvador's transition to democracy
Bevis, William W., 1941- / [c1988] Mind of winter: Wallace Stevens, meditation, and literature
Carrier, Martin. / [c1997] Mindscapes: philosophy, science, and the mind
Bernstein, Anya E., 1968- / [c2001] The moderation dilemma: legislative coalitions and the politics of family and medical leave
Blom, Lynne Anne, 1942- / [c1988] The moment of movement: dance improvisation
Gillroy, John Martin, 1954- / [c1992] The Moral dimensions of public policy choice: beyond the market paradigm
Possevino, Antonio, 1533 or 4-1611 / [c1977] The Moscovia of Antonio Possevino, S.J
Seitz, James E., 1958- / [c1999] Motives for metaphor: literacy, curriculum reform, and the teaching of English
Wilson, John Harold, 1900- / [1964] Mr. Goodman, the player
Andrade, Víctor, 1905- / [c1976] My missions for revolutionary Bolivia, 1944-1962
Lasso, Marixa. / [c2007] Myths of harmony: race and republicanism during the age of revolution, Colombia 1795-1831,