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Deverell, William Francis. / [c2005] Land of sunshine: an environmental history of metropolitan Los Angeles,
Lauria-Santiago, Aldo. / [c2004] Landscapes of struggle: politics, society, and community in El Salvador
Gorzelsky, Gwen. / [c2005] The language of experience: literate practices and social change,
Adjaye, Joseph K., 1940- / [c1997] Language, rhythm, & sound: Black popular cultures into the twenty-first century
Heine, Jorge. / [c1993] The last cacique: leadership and politics in a Puerto Rican city
Vroom, Victor Harold, 1932- / [1973] Leadership and decision-making
Mouritzen, Poul Erik. / [c2002] Leadership at the apex: politicians and administrators in Western local governments
Beale, Walter H. / [2009] Learning from language: symmetry, asymmetry, and literary humanism,
Smith, W. Rand, 1947- / [c1998] The left's dirty job: the politics of industrial restructuring in France and Spain
Young, Arthur M. (Arthur Milton), 1900- / [1958] Legend builders of the West
Rodríguez, Ileana. / [2009] Liberalism at its limits: crime and terror in the Latin American cultural text,
Aron, Joan B. / [c1997] Licensed to kill?: the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Shoreham Power Plant
Stewart, Donald C. (Donald Charles), 1930-1992 / [c1997] The life and legacy of Fred Newton Scott
Collier, Simon. / [c1986] The life, music & times of Carlos Gardel
Lusztig, Michael, 1962- / [c2004] The limits of protectionism: building coalitions for free trade,
Rescher, Nicholas. / [c1999] The limits of science
Wilder, Robert Jay. / [c1998] Listening to the sea: the politics of improving environmental protection
Legras, Horacio. / [c2008] Literature and subjection: the economy of writing and marginality in Latin America,
Kamen, Charles Samuel, 1939- / [c1991] Little common ground: Arab agriculture and Jewish settlement in Palestine, 1920-1948
Donahue, Patricia, 1953- / [c2007] Local histories: reading the archives of composition,
Monroe, Jonathan, 1954- / [c2003] Local knowledges, local practices: writing in the disciplines at Cornell,
Rescher, Nicholas / [1966] The Logic of decision and action
Colodny, Robert Garland. / [c1977] Logic, laws, & life: some philosophical complications
Parrini, Paolo. / [c2003] Logical empiricism: historical & contemporary perspectives
Sultz, Harry A. / [1972] Long-term childhood illness
Pérez, Louis A., 1943- / [c1989] Lords of the mountain: social banditry and peasant protest in Cuba, 1878-1918
Ottmann, Goetz Frank. / [c2002] Lost for words?: Brazilian liberationism in the 1990s
Rescher, Nicholas. / [1995] Luck: the brilliant randomness of everyday life
Zucker, Stanley, 1936-1988 / [1975] Ludwig Bamberger: German liberal politician and social critic, 1823-1899