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Mooney, Harry John. / [1963] James Gould Cozzens: novelist of intellect
Shatz, Marshall. / [c1989] Jan Wacław Machajski: a radical critic of the Russian intelligentsia and socialism
Reed, Steven R., 1947- / [c1986] Japanese prefectures and policymaking
Hayao, Kenji. / [c1993] The Japanese prime minister and public policy
Guthrie, Dwight Raymond, 1902- / [1952] John McMillan, the apostle of Presbyterianism in the West, 1752-1833
Laughlin, Ledlie Irwin. / [1961] Joseph Ledlie and William Moody, early Pittsburgh residents: their background and some of their descendants
Turner, Frederick C. / [c1983] Juan Perón and the reshaping of Argentina