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Coleman, Francis X. J. / [1974] The harmony of reason: a study in Kant's aesthetics
Faron, Louis C., 1923- / [1964] Hawks of the sun: Mapuche morality and its ritual attributes
Wasby, Stephen L., 1937- / [c1990] "He shall not pass this way again": the legacy of Justice William O. Douglas
Maynard, Alan. / [1975] Health care in the European community
Schacht, Richard, 1941- / [1975] Hegel and after: studies in continental philosophy between Kant and Sartre
Bobrow, Davis B. / [c2008] Hegemony constrained: evasion, modification, and resistance to American foreign policy,
Parrini, Carl P. / [1969] Heir to empire: United States economic diplomacy, 1916-1923
Baxter, Annette Kar. / [1961] Henry Miller, expatriate
Brandes, Joseph. / [1962] Herbert Hoover and economic diplomacy: Department of Commerce policy 1921-1928
Trimble, William F., 1947- / [c1982] High frontier: a history of aeronautics in Pennsylvania
Schoonmaker, Sara, 1956- / [c2002] High-tech trade wars: U.S.-Brazilian conflicts in the global economy
Huddleston, Mark W. / [c1996] The higher civil service in the United States: quest for reform
McBride, Katharine Elizabeth. / [1972] Higher education and the pace of change
Clark, A. Kim, 1964- / [c2007] Highland Indians and the state in modern Ecuador,
Ashford, Douglas Elliott. / [c1992] History and context in comparative public policy
Hays, Samuel P. / [c2000] A history of environmental politics since 1945
Keller, William W. (William Walton), 1950- / [c2006] Hitting first: preventive force in U.S. security strategy,
Purdy, Strother B., 1932- / [c1977] The hole in the fabric: science, contemporary literature, and Henry James
Weiner, Leonard. / [1968, c1967] Home treatment: spearhead of community psychiatry
Burgoyne, Arthur Gordon, d. 1914 / [c1979] The Homestead strike of 1892
Byington, Margaret F. (Margaret Frances), 1877-1952 / [1974] Homestead: the households of a mill town
Parker, Glenn R., 1946- / [c1986] Homeward bound: explaining changes in congressional behavior
Uribe Uran, Victor. / [c2000] Honorable lives: lawyers, family, and politics in Colombia, 1780-1850
Busch, Andrew. / [c1999] Horses in midstream: U.S. midterm elections and their consequences, 1894-1998
Curry, Richard Orr. / [1964] A house divided: a study of statehood politics and the Copperhead movement in West Virginia
Blasier, Cole, 1925- / [1985] The hovering giant: U.S. responses to revolutionary change in Latin America, 1910-1985
Diesing, Paul. / [c1991] How does social science work?: reflections on practice
Krislov, Samuel. / [c1997] How nations choose product standards and standards change nations
Kaganovsky, Lilya. / [c2008] How the Soviet man was unmade: cultural fantasy and male subjectivity under Stalin,
Brackenridge, H. H. (Hugh Henry), 1748-1816 / [1970] A Hugh Henry Brackenridge reader, 1770-1815
Friman, H. Richard. / [c2007] Human trafficking, human security, and the Balkans,