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Prescott, Daniel Alfred, 1898- / [1958] Factors that influence learning
Straus, Kenneth M., 1952- / [c1997] Factory and community in Stalin's Russia: the making of an industrial working class
Shoumatoff, Elizabeth. / [c1990] FDR'S unfinished portrait: a memoir
Pescatello, Ann M. / [1973] Female and male in Latin America: essays
Phelps, Louise Wetherbee, 1940- / [c1995] Feminine principles and women's experience in American composition and rhetoric
Mooney, Harry John. / [1957] The fiction and criticism of Katherine Anne Porter
Gwynn, Frederick L. (Frederick Landis), 1916-1965 / [1958] The fiction of J.D. Salinger
Hunt, Percival, 1878-1968 / [1962] Fifteenth century England
Johnson, Randal, 1948- / [c1987] The film industry in Brazil: culture and the state
Allen, Richard F. (Richard Francis) / [1971] Fire and iron: critical approaches to Njáls saga
Eblen, Jack Ericson. / [1968] The first and second United States empires: governors and territorial government, 1784-1912
Bibliothèque municipale d'Orléans, Fr. 518. / [1964] The first biography of Joan of Arc: with the chronicle record of a contemporary account
Mort, Paul R., b. 1894 / [1957] Fiscal readiness for the stress of change
Smith, Anne-Marie, 1960- / [c1997] A forced agreement: press acquiescence to censorship in Brazil
Cottam, Richard W. / [c1977] Foreign policy motivation: a general theory and a case study
Miller, Daniel Edward. / [c1999] Forging political compromise: Antonín Švehla and the Czechoslovak Republican Party, 1918-1933
Hoyningen-Huene, Paul, 1946- / [c2004] Formal logic: a philosophical approach,
Miller, Thomas P. / [c1997] The formation of college English: rhetoric and belles lettres in the British cultural provinces
Rishel, Joseph Francis, 1945- / [c1990] Founding families of Pittsburgh: the evolution of a regional elite, 1760-1910
Salmon, Wesley C. / [c1989] Four decades of scientific explanation
Casper, Gretchen, 1958- / [c1995] Fragile democracies: the legacies of authoritarian rule
Elmer, Elizabeth. / [c1977] Fragile families, troubled children: the aftermath of infant trauma
Faigley, Lester, 1947- / [c1992] Fragments of rationality: postmodernity and the subject of composition
Callaghan, Karen (Karen J.) / [c2005] Framing American politics
Keniston, Hayward, b. 1883 / [1960] Francisco de los Cobos, secretary of the Emperor Charles V
Moses, Russell Leigh, 1959- / [c1996] Freeing the hostages: reexamining U.S.-Iranian negotiations and Soviet policy, 1979-1981
Van Cott, Donna Lee. / [c2000] The friendly liquidation of the past: the politics of diversity in Latin America
Halfin, Igal. / [c2000] From darkness to light: class, consciousness, and salvation in revolutionary Russia
Colodny, Robert Garland. / [c1986] From quarks to quasars: philosophical problems of modern physics
Thomas, Clarke M. / [c2005] Front-page Pittsburgh: two hundred years of the Post-gazette,
Colodny, Robert Garland / [1962] Frontiers of science and philosophy
Conaghan, Catherine M. / [c2005] Fujimori's Peru: deception in the public sphere,
Johns, Roe Lyell, 1900- / [1973] Full State funding of education: evolution and implications
Workshop on the Christian Education of Adults (1958 : University of Pittsburgh) / [1959] The future course of Christian adult education: selected addresses and papers