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Brown, Lloyd A. (Lloyd Arnold), 1907-1966 / [c1959] Early maps of the Ohio Valley: a selection of maps, plans, and views made by Indians and colonials from 1673 to 1783
Ferguson, Russell J. (Russell Jennings) / [1938] Early western Pennsylvania politics
Schaafsma, David, 1953- / [c1993] Eating on the street: teaching literacy in a multicultural society
Schaafsma, David, 1953- / [c1993] Eating on the street: teaching literacy in a multicultural society,
Young, Arthur M. (Arthur Milton), 1900- / [1964] Echoes of two cultures
Clarke, Harold D. / [c1989] Economic decline and political change: Canada, Great Britain, the United States
Pérez-López, Jorge F. / [c1991] The economics of Cuban sugar
Whelan, Frederick G., 1947- / [c1996] Edmund Burke and India: political morality and empire
Counts, George S. (George Sylvester), 1889-1974 / [1962 i.e. 1963] Education and the foundations of human freedom
Chase, Francis S. (Francis Seabury), 1899- / [1956] Education faces new demands
Huus, Helen, 1913- / [1960] The education of children and youth in Norway
Melby, Ernest Oscar, 1891-1987 / [1955] The education of free men
Melosi, Martin V., 1947- / [c2001] Effluent America: cities, industry, energy, and the environment
Linden, Ronald Haly. / [c1984] Elite studies and Communist politics: essays in memory of Carl Beck
Feinberg, Melissa. / [c2006] Elusive equality: gender, citizenship, and the limits of democracy in Czechoslovakia, 1918-1950,
Friedlander, Peter, 1941- / [1975] The emergence of a UAW local, 1936-1939: a study in class and culture
Grenier, Yvon. / [1999] The emergence of insurgency in El Salvador: ideology and political will
Gitelman, Zvi Y. / [2003] The emergence of modern Jewish politics: Bundism and Zionism in Eastern Europe
Buckingham, Willis J. / [c1989] Emily Dickinson's reception in the 1890s: a documentary history
Flannery, Kathryn T. / [c1995] The emperor's new clothes: literature, literacy, and the ideology of style
Schmidt-Nowara, Christopher, 1966- / [c1999] Empire and antislavery: Spain, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, 1833-1874
Deere, Carmen Diana. / [c2001] Empowering women: land and property rights in Latin America
Rushdy, Ashraf H. A., 1961- / [c1992] The empty garden: the subject of late Milton
Ioffe, G. V. (Grigoriĭ Viktorovich) / [c2006] The end of peasantry?: the disintegration of rural Russia,
Pereira, Anthony W. / [c1997] The end of the peasantry: the rural labor movement in northeast Brazil, 1961-1988
Franklin, Allan, 1938- / [c2008] Ending the Mendel-Fisher controversy,
Buell, Emmett H. / [c2004] Enduring controversies in presidential nominating politics,
Melosi, Martin V., 1947- / [c2007] Energy metropolis: an environmental history of Houston and the Gulf Coast,
Peruzzotti, Enrique. / [c2006] Enforcing the rule of law: social accountability in the new Latin American democracies,
Rajan, Sudhir Chella, 1961- / [c1996] The enigma of automobility: democratic politics and pollution control
Alderfer, E. Gordon (Everett Gordon), 1915- / [c1985] The Ephrata commune: an early American counterculture
Rescher, Nicholas. / [c2005] Epistemic logic: a survey of the logic of knowledge,
Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961 / [1970] Ernest Hemingway, cub reporter: Kansas City Star stories
Plotnicov, Leonard / [1970] Essays in comparative social stratification
Reese, Gustave, 1899-1977 / [1969] Essays in musicology: in honor of Dragan Plamenac on his 70th birthday
Rescher, Nicholas. / [1969] Essays in philosophical analysis
Nutini, Hugo G. / [c1976] Essays on Mexican kinship
Airaksinen, Timo, 1947- / [c1988] Ethics of coercion and authority: a philosophical study of social life
Henning, Brian G. / [c2005] The ethics of creativity: beauty, morality, and nature in a processive cosmos,
Murdock, George Peter, 1897-1985 / [1967] Ethnographic atlas
Bucur, Maria, 1968- / [c2002] Eugenics and modernization in interwar Romania
Campbell, Colin, 1943- / [c1991] Executive leadership in Anglo-American systems
Jolluck, Katherine R. / [2002] Exile and identity: Polish women in the Soviet Union during World War II
Hays, Samuel P. / [c1998] Explorations in environmental history: essays,
Sims, Harold. / [c1990] The expulsion of Mexico's Spaniards, 1821-1836
Franklin, Daniel P. / [c1991] Extraordinary measures: the exercise of prerogative powers in the United States