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Fraleigh, Sondra Horton, 1939- / [c1987] Dance and the lived body: a descriptive aesthetics
Fraleigh, Sondra Horton, 1939- / [c1987] Dance and the lived body: a descriptive aesthetics,
Nagrin, Daniel. / [c1994] Dance and the specific image: improvisation
Morgenroth, Joyce, 1945- / [1987] Dance improvisations
Fraleigh, Sondra Horton, 1939- / [c2004] Dancing identity: metaphysics in motion,
Fraleigh, Sondra Horton, 1939- / [c1999] Dancing into darkness: Butoh, Zen, and Japan
Sajna, Mike. / [c1999] Days on the water: the angling tradition in Pennsylvania
Curran, Daniel J. / [c1993] Dead laws for dead men: the politics of federal coal mine health and safety legislation
Sbragia, Alberta M. / [c1996] Debt wish: entrepreneurial cities, U.S. federalism, and economic development
Mettenheim, Kurt von, 1957- / [c1998] Deepening democracy in Latin America
Sourkes, Barbara M. / [c1982] The deepening shade: psychological aspects of life-threatening illness
Weyland, Kurt Gerhard. / [c1996] Democracy without equity: failures of reform in Brazil
Kingstone, Peter R., 1964- / [c2008] Democratic Brazil revisited,
Kingstone, Peter R., 1964- / [c2000] Democratic Brazil: actors, institutions, and processes
Fosler, R. Scott. / [c1990] Demographic change and the American future
Ward, Harry M. / [1962] The Department of War, 1781-1795
Logan, Michael F., 1950- / [2006] Desert cities: the environmental history of Phoenix and Tucson,
Masoner, Paul H. / [1963] A design for teacher education
Tarr, Joel A. (Joel Arthur), 1934- / [c2003] Devastation and renewal: an environmental history of Pittsburgh and its region,
Cox, Robert Henry. / [c1993] The development of the Dutch welfare state: from workers' insurance to universal entitlement
Krieckhaus, Jonathan Tabor, 1967- / [c2006] Dictating development: how Europe shaped the global periphery,
Jaszczun, Wasyl. / [1967] A dictionary of Russian idioms and colloquialisms: 2,200 expressions with examples
Drescher, Seymour. / [1968] Dilemmas of democracy: Tocqueville and modernization
McCagg, William O. / [c1989] The Disabled in the Soviet Union: past and present, theory and practice
Mezey, Susan Gluck, 1944- / [c2005] Disabling interpretations: the Americans with Disabilities Act in federal court,
Haskew, Laurence D. (Laurence DeFee), 1907- / [1959] The discipline of education and America's future
Gay, Vernon. / [c1983] Discovering Pittsburgh's sculpture
Vacs, Aldo César. / [c1984] Discreet partners: Argentina and the USSR since 1917
Gerbi, Antonello, 1904-1976 / [1973] The dispute of the New World: the history of a polemic, 1750-1900
Soltow, Lee. / [c1989] Distribution of wealth and income in the United States in 1798
Cruz Saco, María Amparo. / [c1998] Do options exist?: the reform of pension and health care systems in Latin America
Zabarenko, Ralph N. / [c1978] The doctor tree: developmental stages in the growth of physicians
Weber, Michael P. / [c1988] Don't call me boss: David L. Lawrence, Pittsburgh's Renaissance mayor
Pratt, Annis. / [1970] Dylan Thomas' early prose: a study in creative mythology
Brachet de Márquez, Viviane. / [c1994] The dynamics of domination: state, class, and social reform in Mexico, 1910-1990
Greenblatt, Milton. / [1971] Dynamics of institutional change: the hospital in transition