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Prout, Curtis, 1915- / [c1988] Care and punishment: the dilemmas of prison medicine
Bledsoe, Timothy. / [c1993] Careers in city politics: the case for urban democracy
Williams, Philip J., 1959- / [c1989] The Catholic Church and politics in Nicaragua and Costa Rica
Chatterjee, Choi. / [c2002] Celebrating women: gender, festival culture, and Bolshevik ideology, 1910-1939
Carrier, Martin. / [c2008] The challenge of the social and the pressure of practice: science and values revisited
Pescatello, Ann M. / [c1992] Charles Seeger: a life in American music
Vergari, Sandra. / [c2002] The charter school landscape
Foster, Genevieve W. / [c1981] Child care work with emotionally disturbed children
Elmer, Elizabeth. / [1967] Children in jeopardy: a study of abused minors and their families
Keller, William W. (William Walton), 1950- / [c2007] China's rise and the balance of influence in Asia,
Schak, David C. / [c1988] A Chinese beggars' den: poverty and mobility in an underclass community
Camp, Roderic A. / [c2001] Citizen views of democracy in Latin America
Greenberg, Martin Alan. / [c2005] Citizens defending America: from colonial times to the age of terrorism,
Hays, Samuel P. / [c1989] City at the point: essays on the social history of Pittsburgh
Hays, Samuel P. / [c1989] City at the point: essays on the social history of Pittsburgh,
Diefendorf, Jeffry M., 1945- / [c2005] City, country, empire: landscapes in environmental history
Jones, Charles O. / [1975] Clean air: the policies and politics of pollution control
Dain, Norman. / [c1980] Clifford W. Beers, advocate for the insane
Yarrington, Doug, 1961- / [c1997] A coffee frontier: land, society, and politics in Duaca, Venezuela, 1830-1936
Rescher, Nicholas. / [c1989] Cognitive economy: the economic dimension of the theory of knowledge
Rescher, Nicholas. / [c2005] Cognitive harmony: the role of systemic harmony in the constitution of knowledge,
Rescher, Nicholas. / [c2001] Cognitive pragmatism: the theory of knowledge in pragmatic perspective
Dorian, Frederick, 1902-1991 / [1964] Commitment to culture: art patronage in Europe, its significance for America
Lubove, Roy. / [1964, c1963] Community planning in the 1920's: the contribution of the Regional Planning Association of America
Mesa-Lago, Carmelo, 1934- / [1975] Comparative socialist systems: essays on politics and economics
University of Pittsburgh, Administrative Science Center. / [1959] Comparative studies in administration
Schneider, Mark, 1946- / [c1989] The competitive city: the political economy of suburbia
Cottam, Richard W. / [1967] Competitive interference and twentieth century diplomacy
Crowley, Sharon, 1943- / [c1998] Composition in the university: historical and polemical essays
Bruccoli, Matthew J. (Matthew Joseph), 1931-2008 / [1963] The composition of Tender is the night: a study of the manuscripts
Connors, Robert J., 1951- / [c1997] Composition-rhetoric: backgrounds, theory, and pedagogy
Wolters, Gereon. / [1995] Concepts, theories, and rationality in the biological sciences
Baumgartner, Frank R., 1958- / [c1989] Conflict and rhetoric in French policymaking
West, Darrell M., 1954- / [c1987] Congress and economic policymaking
Ogul, Morris S., 1931- / [c1976] Congress oversees the bureaucracy: studies in legislative supervision
Diaz-Briquets, Sergio. / [2000] Conquering nature: the environmental legacy of socialism in Cuba
Schmidt-Nowara, Christopher, 1966- / [c2006] The conquest of history: Spanish colonialism and national histories in the nineteenth century,
Hays, Samuel P. / [1959] Conservation and the gospel of efficiency: the progressive conservation movement, 1890-1920
Jones, Putnam Fennell / [1962 i.e. 1963] The Constitution of the United States, 1787-1962: papers delivered at a symposium commemorating the 175th anniversary of the United States Constitution and the University of Pittsburgh
Arciniegas, Germán, 1900-1999 / [1968] Constructive change in Latin America
Crocetti, Guido M., 1920- / [1974] Contemporary attitudes toward mental illness
Elmer, M. C. (Manuel Conrad), b. 1886 / [1956] Contemporary social thought: contributors and trends
Holden, Matthew, 1931- / [c1996] Continuity and disruption: essays in public administration
Richards, Yevette. / [2004] Conversations with Maida Springer: a personal history of labor, race, and international relations,
Mohr, James C. / [c1982] The Cormany diaries: a Northern family in the Civil War
Ludmer, Josefina. / [2004] The corpus delicti: a manual of Argentine fictions,
Jones, Mother, 1837-1930 / [c1985] The Correspondence of Mother Jones
Blake, Charles H., 1962- / [c2009] Corruption & democracy in Latin America,
Earman, John. / [c1997] The cosmos of science: essays of exploration
Leitinger, Ilse Abshagen. / [c1997] The Costa Rican women's movement: a reader
Downes, Randolph C. (Randolph Chandler), 1901- / [1940] Council fires on the upper Ohio: a narrative of Indian affairs in the upper Ohio Valley until 1795
Hawk, Byron. / [c2007] A counter-history of composition: toward methodologies of complexity,
Cohn, Jan, 1933-2004 / [c1989] Creating America: George Horace Lorimer and the Saturday evening post
Strohmeyer, John, 1924- / [1994] Crisis in Bethlehem: big steel's struggle to survive
Norton, John K. (John Kelley), 1893-1979 / [1965] Critical issues in American public education
Herron, Kerry G. / [c2006] Critical masses and critical choices: evolving public opinion on nuclear weapons, terrorism, and security,
Barry, Herbert, 1930- / [c1980] Cross-cultural samples and codes
Lunsford, Andrea A., 1942- / [c2004] Crossing borderlands: composition and postcolonial studies,
Harpster, John W. / [1986, c1938] Crossroads, descriptions of western Pennsylvania, 1720-1829
Mesa-Lago, Carmelo, 1934- / [c1993] Cuba after the Cold War
Pérez, Louis A., 1943- / [c1983] Cuba between empires, 1878-1902
Blasier, Cole, 1925- / [c1979] Cuba in the world
Pérez, Louis A., 1943- / [c1986] Cuba under the Platt Amendment, 1902-1934
Bonsal, Philip W. (Philip Wilson), 1903-1995 / [1971] Cuba, Castro, and the United States
Ritter, Archibald R. M. / [c2004] The Cuban economy
Haney, Patrick Jude. / [c2005] The Cuban embargo: the domestic politics of an American foreign policy,
Brunner, Heinrich, 1945- / [c1977] Cuban sugar policy from 1963 to 1970
Gesler, Wilbert M., 1941- / [c1991] The cultural geography of health care
Murdock, George Peter, 1897-1985 / [1965] Culture and society: twenty-four essays
Michaels, Paula A., 1966- / [2003] Curative powers: medicine and empire in Stalin's Central Asia,
Escobar, Ticio, 1947- / [c2007] The curse of Nemur: in search of the art, myth, and ritual of the Ishir,