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Bizzell, Patricia. / [c1992] Academic discourse and critical consciousness
Regens, James L. / [c1988] The acid rain controversy
Rickert, Thomas J. (Thomas Joseph), 1964- / [c2007] Acts of enjoyment: rhetoric, Žižek, and the return of the subject,
Pound, Roscoe, 1870-1964 / [1942] Administrative law: its growth, procedure and significance
Coleman, Francis X. J. / [1971] The aesthetic thought of the French Enlightenment
Taylor, Bron Raymond. / [c1991] Affirmative action at work: law, politics, and ethics
Otten, Terry. / [c1982] After innocence: visions of the Fall in modern literature
Steenson, Gary P., 1944- / [c1991] After Marx, before Lenin: Marxism and socialist working-class parties in Europe, 1884-1914
Uekötter, Frank, 1970- / [c2009] The age of smoke: environmental policy in Germany and the United States, 1880-1970,
Hult, Karen Marie. / [c1987] Agency merger and bureaucratic redesign
Rich, Bennett Milton, 1909- / [c1984] The aging, a guide to public policy
Huber, Evelyne, 1950- / [c1995] Agrarian structure & political power: landlord & peasant in the making of Latin America
Wegren, Stephen K., 1956- / [c1998] Agriculture and the state in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia
Lewis, W. David (Walter David), 1931- / [c1988] The airway to everywhere: a history of All American Aviation, 1937-1953
Rescher, Nicholas. / [1962] Al-Fārābī: an annotated bibliography
Rescher, Nicholas. / [1964] Al-Kindī: an annotated bibliography
Walters, Ray, 1912- / [1969] Albert Gallatin: Jeffersonian financier and diplomat
Schier, Steven E. / [c2009] Ambition and division: legacies of the George W. Bush presidency,
Arnal, Oscar L., 1941- / [c1985] Ambivalent alliance: the Catholic Church and the Action française, 1899-1939
Elections Research Center (Governmental Affairs Institute) / [1965] America at the polls: a handbook of American presidential election statistics, 1920-1964
Walters, Robert S., 1941- / [1970] American & Soviet aid: a comparative analysis
Plotnicov, Leonard. / [c1990] American culture: essays on the familiar and unfamiliar
Tobey, Ronald C. / [1971] The American ideology of national science, 1919-1930
Minkenberg, Michael, 1959- / [c1996] The American impasse: U.S. domestic and foreign policy after the cold war
Stromberg, Ernest. / [c2006] American Indian rhetorics of survivance: word medicine, word magic,
Hays, Samuel P. / [c2009] The American people & the national forests: the first century of the U.S. Forest Service,
Kerr, K. Austin (Kathel Austin) / [1968] American railroad politics, 1914-1920: rates, wages, and efficiency
Warren, Kenneth. / [1988, c1973] The American steel industry, 1850-1970: a geographical interpretation
Green, N. Bayard, 1905- / [c1987] Amphibians and reptiles in West Virginia
Lauria-Santiago, Aldo. / [c1999] An agrarian republic: commercial agriculture and the politics of peasant communities in El Salvador, 1823-1914
Mott, Basil J. F. / [1968] Anatomy of a coordinating council: implications for planning
Coronado, Jorge. / [c2009] The Andes imagined: indigenismo, society, and modernity,
Wayne, Anthony, 1745-1796 / [1959, c1960] Anthony Wayne, a name in arms: soldier, diplomat, defender of expansion westward of a nation; the Wayne-Knox-Pickering-McHenry correspondence
McGlynn, Frank (Frank S.) / [c1991] Anthropological approaches to political behavior
Von Mering, Otto, Ph. D / [1970] Anthropology and the behavioral and health sciences
Rescher, Nicholas. / [2009] Aporetics: rational deliberation in the face of inconsistency,
Staley, Thomas F. / [c1970] Approaches to Ulysses: ten essays
Rylkova, Galina. / [c2007] The archaeology of anxiety: the Russian Silver Age and its legacy,
Stotz, Charles Morse. / [1966] The architectural heritage of early western Pennsylvania: a record of building before 1860
Pérez, Louis A., 1943- / [c2003] The archives of Cuba =: Los archivos de Cuba
Ranis, Peter. / [c1992] Argentine workers: Peronism and contemporary class consciousness
Lefebvre, Jeffrey Alan. / [c1991] Arms for the Horn: U.S. security policy in Ethiopia and Somalia, 1953-1991
Pérez, Louis A., 1943- / [c1976] Army politics in Cuba, 1898-1958
Oberlin Colloquium in Philosophy 1965 : Oberlin College) / [1967] Art, mind, and religion: proceedings
Mesa-Lago, Carmelo, 1934- / [c1989] Ascent to bankruptcy: financing social security in Latin America
Felak, James Ramon, 1957- / [c1994] At the price of the Republic: Hlinka's Slovak People's Party, 1929-1938
Murdock, George Peter, 1897-1985 / [c1981] Atlas of world cultures
Malloy, James M. / [c1977] Authoritarianism and corporatism in Latin America
Kozak, Florence Milnes, 1948- / [c1986] Autistic children: a working diary
Rosenberg, Fernando J. / [c2006] The avant-garde and geopolitics in Latin America,