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Walters, Ray, 1912- / [1969] Albert Gallatin: Jeffersonian financier and diplomat
Walters, Robert S., 1941- / [1970] American & Soviet aid: a comparative analysis
Ward, Harry M. / [1962] The Department of War, 1781-1795
Ward, Matthew C. / [c2003] Breaking the backcountry: the Seven Years' War in Virginia and Pennsylvania, 1754-1765
Warren, Harris Gaylord, 1906- / [c1985] Rebirth of the Paraguayan Republic: the first Colorado era, 1878-1904
Warren, Kenneth. / [c2001] Wealth, waste, and alienation: growth and decline in the Connellsville coke industry
Warren, Kenneth. / [c1996] Triumphant capitalism: Henry Clay Frick and the industrial transformation of America
Warren, Kenneth. / [c2007] Industrial genius: the working life of Charles Michael Schwab,
Warren, Kenneth. / [c2001] Big steel: the first century of the United States Steel Corporation, 1901-2001
Warren, Kenneth. / [1988, c1973] The American steel industry, 1850-1970: a geographical interpretation
Wasby, Stephen L., 1937- / [c1990] "He shall not pass this way again": the legacy of Justice William O. Douglas
Washburn, David E. / [c1981] The peoples of Pennsylvania: an annotated bibliography of resource materials
Waterman, Richard W. / [2004] Bureaucrats, politics, and the environment,
Wayne, Anthony, 1745-1796 / [1959, c1960] Anthony Wayne, a name in arms: soldier, diplomat, defender of expansion westward of a nation; the Wayne-Knox-Pickering-McHenry correspondence
Weber, Michael P. / [c1988] Don't call me boss: David L. Lawrence, Pittsburgh's Renaissance mayor
Wegren, Stephen K., 1956- / [c1998] Agriculture and the state in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia
Weiner, Leonard. / [1968, c1967] Home treatment: spearhead of community psychiatry
Weldon, S. Laurel. / [c2002] Protest, policy, and the problem of violence against women: a cross-national comparison
Wennerstrom, Jack, 1948- / [c1995] Soldiers Delight journal: exploring a globally rare ecosystem
West, Darrell M., 1954- / [c1987] Congress and economic policymaking
Weyland, Kurt Gerhard. / [c1996] Democracy without equity: failures of reform in Brazil
Whelan, Frederick G., 1947- / [c1996] Edmund Burke and India: political morality and empire
Whewell, William, 1794-1866 / [c1968] William Whewell's theory of scientific method
White, David A., 1942- / [c1983] The grand continuum: reflections on Joyce and metaphysics
Wilder, Robert Jay. / [c1998] Listening to the sea: the politics of improving environmental protection
Williams, Philip J., 1959- / [c1989] The Catholic Church and politics in Nicaragua and Costa Rica
Williams, Philip J., 1959- / [c1997] Militarization and demilitarization in El Salvador's transition to democracy
Willie, Charles Vert, 1927- / [c1995] Mental health, racism, and sexism
Willie, Charles Vert, 1927- / [1973] Racism and mental health: essays
Willis, Benjamin C. / [1967] Social problems in public school administration
Wilson, John Harold, 1900- / [1964] Mr. Goodman, the player
Wilson, William Lyne, 1843-1900 / [1962] A borderland Confederate
Wolfe, Thomas, 1900-1938 / [1967] A western journal: a daily log of the great parks trip, June 20 - July 2, 1938
Wolters, Gereon. / [1995] Concepts, theories, and rationality in the biological sciences
Woodruff, Stuart C. / [c1964] The short stories of Ambrose Bierce: a study in polarity
Workshop on the Christian Education of Adults (1958 : University of Pittsburgh) / [1959] The future course of Christian adult education: selected addresses and papers
Wright, J. E. (John Ernest), 1894- / [1940] Pioneer life ... in western Pennsylvania